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Austin, TX
The lustre has worn off
Posted On: 8/19/2016 10:47:53 AM
Lived here for 8 years from '06-'14. Loved it the first 3 years then it became just okay. I survived the Great Recession here relatively unscathed, so for that I am grateful to this city and it's thriving business culture. I don't know what it was like in the '70s or 80s (the supposed hey-day) - right now it's just an American city, much like others in midwest. Okay, maybe better than some of those.

It's a very social city so if you like that this is your place. It's not as laid back as the reputation, in fact, it's very fast paced and always buzzing. Though the people are generally cool and friendly.

Everything that was good about the city is being stripped away but that is what happens when the governing body does their job and attracts businesses. Although there is probably more diversity than there once was. Culture is mainly Longhorns football, drinking/bars/drugs, live shows, BBQ, swimming holes, fitness, and DUIs. If you like the real outdoors, you will grow very tired of this place. Big Bend is six hours away. Mountains - nowhere. There is a coastline but it's nothing like the East or West coast.

You could do worse. You could also do a lot better.


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