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Clarksville, TN
Seeking more information.
Posted On: 5/3/2007 12:02:51 PM
I am considering moving to Clarksville in a few years. I've been checking out the job market, particularly with Tenneessee State government. The wages seem rather low, in some cases comparable to the minimum wage. Is this par for the course in Clarkesville or are there other well paying organizations in the area for college graduates.

York, PA
A small town with potential.
Posted On: 5/3/2007 11:51:02 AM
York City and the surrounding areas provide a fine quality of life. Close to the Maryland line, the area is also close to larger Metropolitan areas such as Baltimore (50 miles) and Washington D.C. (96). Food prices are reasonable. However, housing and gas are average. Good jobs can be located with a thorough search. There are excellent school systems, but few cultural events. Winters can be harsh, but the Spring and Summers offset this. This is also an area where many Pennsylvania Dutch residents live.


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York, PA