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The median home value in Everett, Washington, is $289,300. Home appreciation is 8.46% over the last year. The median age of Everett, Washington, real estate is 35 years.

Everett, Washington Apartments and Rentals

Renters make up 51.06% of the Everett, Washington, population. 6.95% of houses and apartments in Everett, Washington, are unoccupied (vacancy rate).

  HOUSINGEverett, WashingtonUnited States
  Median Home Age  3537
  Median Home Cost  $289,300$185,800
  Home Appr. Last 12 months  7.82%3.74%
  Home Appr. Last 5 yrs.  13.20%16.02%
  Home Appr. Last 10 yrs.  8.46%-0.68%
  Property Tax Rate  $10.16$11.80
  Homes Owned  41.99%56.34%
  Housing Vacant  6.95%12.45%
  Homes Rented  51.06%31.21%
  Studio Apartment  $830$712
  1 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $936$825
  2 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $1,148$1,027
  3 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $1,674$1,379
  4 Bedroom Home or Apartment  $1,994$1,601
  Vacant For Rent  2.64%2.34%
  Vacant Rented  0.79%0.46%
  Vacant For Sale  0.59%1.20%
  Vacant Sold  0.03%0.46%
  Vacant Vacation  0.69%3.97%
  Vacant Other  2.21%4.02%
  Less Than $20,000  3.82%4.57%
  $20,000 to $39,999  1.41%3.37%
  $40,000 to $59,999  0.73%4.19%
  $60,000 to $79,999  1.77%5.74%
  $80,000 to $99,999  2.57%6.79%
  $100,000 to $149,999  9.26%15.19%
  $150,000 to $199,999  17.10%14.69%
  $200,000 to $299,999  36.19%18.15%
  $300,000 to $399,999  17.56%10.43%
  $400,000 to $499,999  4.23%5.70%
  $500,000 to $749,999  4.13%6.39%
  $750,000 to $999,999  0.19%2.41%
  $1,000,000 or more  1.05%2.39%
  2010 and newer  1.97%2.03%
  2000 to 2009  12.20%14.63%
  1990 to 1999  17.89%14.01%
  1980 to 1989  14.88%13.70%
  1970 to 1979  15.06%15.66%
  1960 to 1969  17.89%14.01%
  1950 to 1959  8.36%10.63%
  1940 to 1949  5.62%5.25%
  1939 or Earlier  15.23%13.09%


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Housing with a view
We are residents of Everett since 1995. Living in three different homes during that time, within a few miles of each other. We are within walking distance of Howarth... (read more)
Overpriced real estate...
Having lived and worked in Everett for over 30-years it amazes me how expensive property has become. Searching for investment property recently I have found only a few... (read more)
Dream to by house
I do not like the whether and working for 30 ml from my place. Transportation is very bad if you are out of Seattle. Also I do not have chance to by house because of... (read more)
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Good city
Moved here to start a family and so far so good. It rains, though we had a great summer last year and are off to a great start this spring. Lovely city, view of the... (read more)
WAY better option than Seattle
k. First I'll start off by saying I do love Seattle, but the prices there are out of control. Everett is more affordable and offers plenty to do in terms of outdoors,... (read more)
Good place to live overall
I've been here for a good while and all I can say that it is a pretty decent place to live overall. No place is perfect, of course. It rains here (like everywhere else... (read more)
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