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Brantley High School - Brantley, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Brantley High School8879 North Main Street
Brantley, AL 36009
(334) 527-8879PK-12CrenshawpublicCrenshaw County Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic65.82492009
Black, non-Hispanic31.98652009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mrs Ashley O. Catrett2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/17/2010studentbrantley is by far the best school in the county and one of the top schools in the state. we have just won a football and baseball 1-A state championship and hoping to have a basketball championship as well this year. i am a student and have been going to brantley all my life. we are very proud of our sports and academics. i am currently in the 9th grade and i have the best teachers anyone could ask for! they are very nice, meet your needs, and make learning fun! i can promise you if you bring your child here, you will be the happiest you have ever been! when i am grown this is where i will be sending my kids. just stop by the campus and take a look, you won't regret it!
1/28/2008parent Before our oldest started school we researched the schools within Crenshaw County. We decided to move to the Brantley area. We were told the horror stories about the 'bats', about sports being the only priority and since we weren't from there we wouldn't 'fit in'. I'm proud to say we have been here 8 yrs, have 2 children at BHS, joined a wonderful church and are very happy in the town of Brantley. What initally drew us here was the community involvement. There are very few places left in America where the community and school are so intregal to one another. As for the fairness of the school I've never found that a problem. Actually I think BHS is one of the few schools where you as a parent can be directly involved. I'm very proud to be both a Brantley resident and a BHS parent.
8/21/2007studentBrantley High School is by far the the best school in Crenshaw County and south alabama.Brantley has the highest test scores in crenshaw county,and has a group of teachers that really care and strive to help prepare you not only for academic goals but also for life.brantley also has on of the best football teams in the state.I am currently a student at brantley and have great pride and love for my town and school.Anyone who thins differently of Brantley High School should visit our beautiful campus and speak with our wonderful principal,and then you would realize what a great school Brantley is. GO BULLDOGS! ,T.DRIGGERS
8/1/2007parentI am a proud graduate of Brantley. My child is currently enrolled in Brantley, and I have 2 more on their way to becoming 'Bulldogs'. There are things at Brantley that could be improved, however, small schools are limited to what can be done with a small budget. Things are looking up in Brantley; new buildings, better programs, and more efficient educators. Brantley is a very diverse school, children find a 'Home' in Brantley. Brantley is very proud of their sports programs, and because of this, several under-privileged kids have received scholarships to major universities. If parents were involved in their child's education, they would realize that the school and staff consider the best interests of the kids at all times. At Brantley, they know my child's name, what she likes, and they make my baby feel at 'Home'. 'It's great to be a Brantley Bulldog!
1/4/2007parentMy daughter came from Florida school, I have to say I am very disappointted in Brantley High School. It seems all they care about is sports, not education. The school is so far behind in Brantley , we had to put our daughter in advanced classes. Very poor school as far as learning.
1/29/2006parentMy son attended this school for half a year. He was an A and B student before, during, and after he left that school. This school is all about sports and money. If you have little to no money you don't matter. And if your child doesn't play sports he or she doesn't matter, despite their grades. The teachers are snobs and treat children differnet on social levels. They treat their special needs children even worse. My sister was in 6th grade and couldn't tell time or count money and give change. They are not a great school, in fact they are not even close. My kids will never go back.
1/24/2006parentBrantley High Faults/Problems 1. They had bats in old elementary building and refused to do anything about it regardless of student s health. 2. When it was torn down the person responsible was attacked verbally and threatened. 3. 6 grade sex perverts last year retuned to school with a slap on the wrist for exposing private parts 4. Staff discretions against poor people and mentally challenged 5. Refuse to punish a boy who inappropriately touches young girls 6. Care to much about academics and not enough about education. 7. Lunchroom food has been known to have hair, fingernails, and mold on/ in it. 8. Bees are in the snack area and staff refuses to do anything about it regardless of student s health. 9. Staff members verbally abuse the children and nothing is done to stop them. 10. School has roaches and rats 11. Could add more but limited to 150 words
10/15/2004parentBrantley is the best school in Crenshaw County. We have the higher test scores than the other schools. Brantley may be the smallest in the county but it is one of the strongest academically and sports. We have the best principal in the south. He really cares about the kids and takes time to listen. He even still looks after them when the go to college. Brantley is the best!
7/8/2004former studentBrantley School is the best school in Crenshaw County. BHS excels highly in academics, athletics, and leadership. That is the facts. BHS has better standardized test scores than any other school in Crenshaw County. The faculty and staff and BHS are truly 'one-of-a-kind'. BHS has proven that lack of money is not an excuse for poor academics. Brantley High School is known for it's 'Tradition of Excellence'. The Principal is one of the best in this state. If you don't believe me stop by and visit him. If you are looking for a great place to send your kids this is the place to send them. Believe me I know, I graduated from there and went there all of my life.

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