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Hillcrest Elementary School - Enterprise, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Hillcrest Elementary School400 East Watts Avenue
Enterprise, AL 36330
(334) 347-68581-6CoffeepublicEnterprise City School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic63.17512009
Black, non-Hispanic19.96732009
Asian/Pacific Islander1.145662009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.145662009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Hugh R Williams Jr2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/15/2011parentMy son is in Mrs. Quattlebaum s first grade class and he could not have gotten a more dedicated, loving, and attentive teacher. Just ten weeks in her class and my son has transformed into a little boy who has confidence, likes math, and feels a real sense of belonging. Mr. Williams, the principal, is very hands on from sharing bus route information with parents on open house night to opening car doors to greet the students each morning at the drop off point. The facilities are spotless and the front office staff is inviting. Thank you Hillcrest for being so good to my son!
4/7/2011parentI love Hillcrest and all of it's staff. My daughter has went all the way through and she says she misses it everyday. Our principal is a great man. I love hearing him call each child by their name. That is awesome when you can remember that many names. And it makes the kids love him that much more.:)
2/16/2010parentMy child and 4 great grand kids have atteneded hillcrest and i rate it above average. Being a control freak is a good thing if you are not the kids will run over you in a heart beat. You must be in control if not you don't have answers to what may be ask of you.
1/10/2010parentThe principle is a control freak. Should be in a high school, not an elementary school. Has the potential to be a decent school with someone who realizes they are there for us as parents and tax payers, and for our children...NOT to feed their own needs for power. Teacher is great.
9/15/2009parentPart of the reason why we retired from the Army here was so our son could attend and graduate from the Enterprise School System. We have not been disappointed. Our son has been a student here since the first grade and he is now in the 5ht grade. He iis an honor student and we have had nothing but positive experiences with the principal, staff, teachers and administration. After 23 years of moving around the world, we have been so pleased to feel so at home in this area of Alabama. We look forward to our son graduating from EHS and we believe that the Enterprise School System will serve him well in his pursuit of higher education.
5/4/2009parentWe are truly blessed to have our children attend such a fantastic school. We pulled our children out of private school to attend here and could not be happier. Any issues that we have encountered were handled swiftly by the teachers and they keep the parents informed via e-mail and meetings. The principal, Mr. Williams, knows every child by name and takes a personal interest in their development. He is also there every morning to personally greet them and ensure the children are safe from exiting their vehicles. As a retired military family we have never witnessed this much concern and professionalism from any principal or school until we enrolled our children in Hillcrest.
2/25/2009parentBeing a military family, we move frequently and our children have collectively attended 11 schools in the last 9 years. Hillcrest elementary is by far the worst of the lot. While Hillcrest employs some of the best teachers in the city, several negative experiences with the office staff, and specifically the principal, forced me to remove my honor roll students and enroll them in private school.
6/24/2008parentHillcrest is truly a top notch school. Some others may take issue with the way the teachers and principal speak to the children, but I'm betting these are also the parents of the children who do no wrong. I appreciate that the teachers and staff there keep my children in line! My children adore this school and their teachers. I did a lot of school research before moving to Enterprise, including visiting all the school in the system, and Hillcrest really stood out to me as a place where the teachers love their jobs and love their students. My children were attending Hillcrest during the time of the tornado...thankfully they were not at school when the tornado hit, but I know from talking to many people that the teachers there shielded their students with their own bodies. That, to me, is selfless love. Hillcrest with both teach and LOVE your child!
1/21/2008parentWonderful School! The teachers are excellent and you can tell the entire staff is there for the benefit of the students. I would not want my children anywhere else.
3/19/2007parentThe principal and teachers are great. Mr. Williams is very personable. I do wish they had a gym but after surviving the tornado - any bit of the building left is appreciated.
12/14/2006parentOur experiences with school systems around the country vary and so far Hillcrest has been the worst educational environment we've ever been involved with. In our other schools, we had strong principal leadership and high standards for teacher conduct. Teachers used their own education, creativity and positive reinforcement to run effective and organized classrooms. The opposite is happening at Hillcrest. There is a negative atmosphere. Mr. Williams may be a nice man but his ideas are old fashioned and standards for his staff are low.
9/28/2006parentWith all the bad I'd learned about Alabama schools, I thought when we moved here we could get through anything and we'll just stay positive. Not such an easy thing to do now that we're immersed in this school system. Visit Hillcrest and listen to how the staff talks to the students. The teachers can be very unprofessional. There is no inspiration to become better people or better learners. The academics are way behind, my children are mostly working on things they've learned up to two years ago.
8/25/2006parentWe moved to Enterprise last year and my son attended HIllcrest for 4th grade and now he is there for 5th. Also my daughter just started there for Kindergarten this year. We are a military family and will probably be moving on in a couple of years. I've had 2 other kids in schools all over the place and as far as we are concerned Hillcrest is the best we've seen. Mr Williams is totally supportive of our situation. When my husband was deployed for a year in Iraq, he and his staff took special care in making sure that my son was handling the adjustment and any special needs he might face. I've seen Mr Williams interact with the children in his school, and the kids seem to really like him. I think he and his staff are great! D. Scullion
4/3/2006parentMy kids attended Hillcrest Elementary for a 1.5 years and I was also a substitute teacher. I would recommend this school. Mr. Williams and his staff are wonderful and very courteous. I was very pleased that my daughter came out of kindergarten learning to read. I now live in Arizona and if we ever return to Alabama I would definately have my kids return to Hillcrest Elementary.
9/12/2005staffI would strongly advise looking at other schools before choosing this one. This school says it would like parental involvement but if there is an issue with your child and the teacher they are assigned, the principal will not help you. While some of the teachers at this school are caring and dedicated to the students there are many that are not. Parents have no rights at Hillcrest Elementary.
3/31/2005former studentSuperb school. Was the first school in Alabama to be SACS accredited 41 years ago and still one of the best elementary schools in the country. A parent who is dissatisfied with Hillcrest will never be satisfied anywhere.
3/14/2005parentHillcrest Elementary School is by far one of the best school in Enterprise. Mr. Williams, the principal, was going to retire two years ago, but was talked into staying. Hillcrest is the only school in Enterprise that has a Developmental Preschool in its midst. Mr. Williams, even with his misgivings, was the only principal with the courage to take a chance. Mr. Williams maybe old-fashioned but he is willing to learn. But better than that he truly cares for the children and their well-being. The teachers are dynamic and the support staff is supportive. The extracurriclular are there but the parents have to be involved. The only reason my daughter is not attending Hillcrest is because we are in its zone. If you happen, to live or move into the Hillcrest district, you are truly blessed.
2/16/2005teacherI am a mother of two as well as a teacher. I am offended at the generalized statements that have been made in previous reviews. There will always be someone who is not happy or someone who has an issue with a particular person. That's OK. Please don't make such harsh assumptions and accusations towards everyone (ie. staff) I am extremely concerned about the safety, education, and overall wellness of our students. Believe me, I did not go into teaching for the money, but for the children. All children are different, they learn in different ways, they live different lifestyles. As a whole we strive to make certain that every child receives a quality education. For those parents who are looking for an elementary school. Come visit us anytime. For those who have issues with certain individuals, please do not insult all of us.
2/16/2005parentMy daughter attended Hillcrest and I, as a parent could not be more pleased. Starting with the Principal, the entire staff is caring and student centered. The teachers do a great job with a diverse student body and I believe my daughter left there fully prepared to be successful at the next level. Good job Hillcrest. Thank you for what you do!
2/16/2005former studentI am currently a graduate student at a prestigious university, and having attended Hillcrest Elementary from kindergarten through to sixth grade, I can accurately testify to the high quality education and supportive atmosphere of this school. The superior educational foundation that can be garnered at Hillcrest allows students to succeed in all of their future endeavors. Furthermore, the teachers and principal at Hillcrest are kind, exceptional instructors that generously devote hours upon hours of their time to students helping them to learn academically and to develop personal skills necessarily for life outside the classroom.
2/14/2005parentMy last child of three is going compeltely through Hillcrest (K-6)so I can speak from years of experience.I know personally numerous parents who have rented a home while renting out their own home just to have their child(ren) come to Hillcrest. Even when my oldest made bad decisions and got caught, I respected whatever punishment the principal dealt out, and my son never did it again. Punsihment must have been appropriate. As far as the class size, these negative parents need to realize that that is an issue to be taken up at the State Department level. Extracurrlular act? The City of Enterprise offers so much in that respect, I'd rather the school focus on education. I love Hillcrest and hope one day that my grandchildren will be fortunate enough to attend! I've always been as involved as I wanted to be.
2/14/2005parentMy child attended K-6 at Hillcrest. I could not be more pleased with this school. I was quite hesitant about sending my child to public school until I met the principal and teachers. I became involved - volunteering my time - not always in my child's classroom. There were many levels of opportunity to participate. I was pleased that my child received a great education by some of the best educators in the state. I was also very pleased with the security of the school. If you want your children safe, well-educated, and loved, Hillcrest is an A+ school.
2/14/2005parentMy son attended Hillcrest from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. He enjoyed his classes, his teachers, and all of the extracurricular activities he was involved in. He continues to stay in contact with former teachers, as well as friends he made while at Hillcrest. He is now a thriving student at UAB. From these positive experiences at Hillcrest, I decided to pursue a teaching degree and began teaching at Hillcrest when my son was in 5th grade. From having the vantage point of seeing the school from both a Parent's perspective as well as a Teacher's perspective, I believe Hillcrest to be the best elementary school in Enterprise. The faculty is willing to go above and beyond for each individual student (ex: IEP meetings, out-of-pocket purchases for individual students as well as the entire class, after-school tutoring, etc.). If more parents were involved, others would be able to have similiar experiences.
2/14/2005parentMy daughter currently attends Hillcrest Elementary School and I feel that the teachers and the staff are very concerned about student achievement and do not deny parental involvement. Parental involvement is the parent's resposibility, not that of the school. My child has attended other school systems and Hillcrest is by far the best. Hillcrest is even ahead of the last school that she attended. The faculty and staff is well educated and always looks out for the well-being of the students that attend. If at all possible I would like my child to attend Hillcrest Elementary through sixth grade. I am, as a parent, VERY SATISFIED with Hillcrest and would recommend this elementary school to any parent that is moving into this area.
2/10/2005teacherThis school is lacking in education. The classrooms are crowded. The principal has been there to long and needs to be replaced. He is a believer in spare the rod spoil the child. The school is behind in academics, music, or any extracurricular activities. Parents are not encouraged to participate. I believe if you can afford it try Enterprise Prep Academy
1/15/2005parentWe had a problem with the philosophy. It appeared that 'discipline' was the main outlook. The school also told parents to basically 'stay away'.. I did not personally like the environment.The staff seemed very critical and not concerned with their own downfalls. I thought the ratios were way too high and the classroom too small.I would look for lower ratios. -Concerned Parent
1/4/2005former studentUnprofessional staff. Would not recommend. I would try out other schools in the area first.
12/15/2004parentMy son previously attended Hillcrest for a couple of years, arriving and leaving in the middle of school years and our experience was amazing. I consistantly saw the teachers trying to attend to the individual needs of each student. I have only heard complaints about one teacher in the 2 years that he attended. The principal is an amazingly kind man who was always willing to listen to us. I would not allow my child to attend any other elementary school in Enterprise.
12/9/2004parentMy son attended for grades K-2. I would not advise anyone to send their children here. His self-esteem suffered tremendously. He is very bright and social. The principal does not support the parents. Instead, he will support ineffectiveand unprofessional teachers who do not care for children.
11/28/2004parentI had two kids to attend this school and the experiences were twofold. My daughter did really well and attended from grades K-6. My son on the other hand came in went from grades 5-6. He had some difficulty and one teacher in particular said he was lazy. This teacher in my opinion taught on a college level. Her expectations were very high. My son barely passed the 6th grade and went on to graduate and is now attending college. I think in my sons case the teacher was out of touch and unable to connect with him. He was tested for ADD but the test showed no sign of any problem. He is actually very smart and has to be mentally challenged. This was his problem but to the teacher he was lazy. I feel that there is nothing in place in this school to address this problem. Joyce
11/17/2004parentI've had five kids go to Hillcrest and I think it's a great school. The principal and staff are truly concerned for the kids, and it shows. The children are well behaved, and get a great education. Mine run the spectrum from gifted to LD, and the Hillcrest staff has been wonderful. I live where I live so my kids can go to this school. I have not been disappointed. By the way, I've lived one of the best school districts in the country (Fairfax County, VA) and would rather have my children educated here than anywhere.
10/24/2004parentIt is hard to get this school to change anything. I know I was having difficuly with my son about two years ago here and the principal would not work with our situation. We are now stationed in Texas and love it! My son has had teachers work with him from day one. Just think about attending here. I would check out the other schools first.
9/3/2004parentPersonally ,i think that this school is in dire need of reform. They have no idea who the individual child is, rather it is the institution that is more important. As far as the no child left behind act...They are lacking in providing parents with paperwork on how kids make the kindergarten transition. They were not effective collaborators in my opinion, choosing to ignore all inquiry from the parent by not working with the parent. If you want a military style atmosphere, then this is your school. I would not advise anyone to attend here.

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