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Chapman Elementary School - Huntsville, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Chapman Elementary School2006 Reuben Dr
Huntsville, AL 35811
(256) 428-7080PK-5MadisonpublicHuntsville City Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic64.68532009
Black, non-Hispanic30.76922009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.6993012009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.748252009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mrs Peggy Harris2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/21/2012parentFortunately, my son had a great teachers for K and 1st. His teacher is out on leave and the substitute that took her place finds it necessary to bully children into good behavior. My son has never had issues or problems with behavior and the reports I get from her about him just don't add up. When I discussed it which another teacher about how to handle it she suggested I speak with the principal. The very next day she called me FROM CLASS to tell me that if I had a problem with my son in her class I needed to talk to her and no one else. I told her I thought it was inappropriate to address me with that manner and it was not her business who I chose to speak with about my son. I'm really sprurpised at the nerve she had. My issue is not with the school as much as it is with Huntsville City and their teacher hires. Since my son is so uncomfortable we are switching him to another school to finish 1st grade. I find it hard to believe what my son is telling me isn't true when she adressed me in the same manner that he was so specific about. I never thought this would happen to him, to us. I feel so bad for him.
3/6/2011parentBoth of my children have attended this school since Kindergarten. The staff is excellent, very caring and knowledgeable. I feel each child receives a lot of individual attention and the faculty really get to know not only the student but the entire family as well. I find the principal to be a little distant and not as hands on, but the rest of the staff to be outstanding. I think the small class size really gives my children an advantage over other city schools. Both of my children were reading within the first semester of kindergarten. I think sometimes the school focuses too much on AR/reading and not enough time is addressed to math and especially not to science or social studies. I am very pleased with my experiences at this school. There is little parental involvement and those few that do volunteer end up shouldering all the weight for all PTA/room helper duties.
4/7/2010parentOverall good school but communication this year seems to be an issue. Sadly, most of these kids will not continue on to the same middle school because Chapman Middle is not up to standards---any standards! Kids must get on a bus to be transported between 3 or 4 schools of their choice. The middle school needs to be better and reflect the neighborhood.
6/13/2009parentMost teachers at this school have their Master's Degree and several are National Board Certified. I do believe they offer a well-rounded education. The learning is very hands-on and each grade takes several field trips throughout the year to enforce subject matter. The kindergarten is especially wonderful--the best in Huntsville--and is a model kindergarten for the state. The teachers are innovative and caring and do a great job, especially considering all the state-mandated 'fluff' that teachers are required to cover nowadays. The parent involvement is not strong, but the handful of parents who do volunteer are very appreciated.
9/20/2008parentChapman Elementary is the best kept secret in Huntsville. I like having my kids in a smaller school where they get more individual attention. The teachers are wonderful but I would like to see more participation from the other parents!
4/1/2008parentThis is great elementary school. My son has attended since kindagarten and loves it. The new principle is outstanding, and has made many changes to the school and shows genuine care and concern for the school and students.
3/29/2008parentTeachers are great! Principal is wonderful! Office staff friendly and helpful! HOWEVER most of these kids are not well rounded. Children are excelling in one subject and completely failing in others. This does not mean well rounded to me and my family. I believe the teachers here should focus more on academics and making sure their children are indeed ready for the next grade. Parents should be informed well in advance if there seems to be a problem with the child so the parents can be more involved.
4/1/2007parentExcellent school. Teachers are great! Principal is wonderful! Office staff friendly and helpful! The children are well rounded. They are offered art and music as part of the curriculum, which is very important to me and my family. My child has excelled at this school.

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