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Whitesburg Middle School - Huntsville, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Whitesburg Middle School107 Sanders Rd
Huntsville, AL 35802
(256) 428-77806-8MadisonpublicHuntsville City Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic68.35022009
Black, non-Hispanic22.05392009
Asian/Pacific Islander3.535352009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.33672009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Greg Hicks2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/27/2011parentMy son is having health issues that have yet to be diagnosed. You can imagine how scary as a parent that can be. He is absent alot, and leaves early and comes in late. WHitesburg has bent over backwards to work with me as the parent to deal with his school work. They have put his health before school attendance and school policy. Teachers are working with him and the Administration has been very patient and kind.
9/19/2011parentMy son attends this school and I am so very appreciative of how they have so much access to the activities, projects, and school work your kids are involved in, right at your finger tips. I am very grateful for my transfer and wouldn't have it any other way.
4/28/2010studentI looove this school so much! Its safe, the kids and teachers are nice. Eveerone is very helpful. Even though its old on the outside, the inside is nice. A+!! GO LIONS!
4/18/2010otherI love Whitesburg Middle School because I was a student there, and some of the teachers I had were great.
8/5/2009parentThis school maybe old and run down but we are still great school. My son is on basketball and football and he loves it. I just wish there were more extracurricular activities. Maybe we could add more this year. I would really love to see a talent show at WMS because i know this school has many talented people. This school is also good academic wise. They do alot of hand on activities. A+ school. Go Lions!
5/27/2009parentWMS has been so great for our child. He is special needs and they have done an awesome job helping him succeed this year. We went from low d's in Tx to A's and B's. We (parents and child) loves this school. The faculty there is outstanding in the field.
7/29/2008parentThis school is the best. The teachers do care my child has been after school for extra help. This is the school to go to!
5/28/2008parentThe teachers do not care about the kids that have a hard time with there school work
11/4/2007studentWMS is the best, seriously. (And we just our gym floors redone!) We have really good teachers and lots of options.
11/3/2007studentThis school is soo awesome. We are the lions and we are the best school in Huntsville as a public school!!!
8/30/2007parentWhitesburg MIddle School is an excellent school with regular and advanced classes for children to take. Sports programs in Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer, with Cheerleading and Mascots at the games: school spirit is high for the WMS Lions. Other programs include a choir that regular takes kids to ALL City and ALL State and has a top Show Choir. Academic and Math teams are here as well! A city recreational facility next door regularly used by the children that offers city gyms, fields as well as the schools gym & fields to utilize. I have two children there currently, Homework is not a problem with many kids simply because the school works on a period system and children have the option to have a study hall. The children here are well rounded academically & physically. A++ School
4/3/2007parentas far as i am concerned whitesburg has a great athletic program. both boys and girls went to the finals in basketball this year. my daughter attends the school and she does bring home work to do each nite. i rate it as a very good school.
3/15/2007parentThis place isn't even any good athletic or academic-wise. The few sports that it offers are weak and the are only a couple academic clubs. With the little homework that is given out, almost all of it can be finished in class. It does not compete at anything with other schools around the state. Physically, it is also old and run-down. I stronly advise that this should be a last option for sending kids to.
3/16/2006parentMy child is in the 6th grade and I feel like he is finally being challenged. He sailed thru Jones Valley Elem too easily - Mrs. Puliatti at WMS is the teacher to get if you want your child to learn to be responsible and successful in the future.

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