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Mcadory High School - Mccalla, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
McAdory High School4800 McAdory School Rd
McCalla, AL 35111
(205) 379-47009-12TuscaloosapublicJefferson County School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic51.71362009
Black, non-Hispanic43.88012009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.1835992009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.1223992009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Samuel K Staggs2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/4/2011parentWhat is Jefferson Co doing with all the funds to improve education I can't help but wonder? I have literally watched the rating of this school decline year after year. A three? A three out of a possible ten is simply pathetic folks. Both my husband and myself are EXTREMELY involved in our child's academics. When this school dropped down to a four, we started thinking private schools or the IB school in Irondale. We realize that the teachers cannot force education on their students, that parental involvement is a key element, however, to say that this "3" is al based on the students performance "alone" is a false statement. How low do these test scores have to go before something is done to turn things around? ( 2 or 1? ) I wonder how many parents even understand this rating? A 3 is basically stating that out out of a possible ten-which is the best- McAdory H.S. received only a 3 in comparison to other H.S. test scores in our state. I don't know about you, but this is VERY alarming! Sure, the county spent money on a new middle school-great-but what happens on the "inside" is what really matters most and so far we haven't been impressed.
11/23/2010parentMcAdory is an "Out of Control School!" The class sizes are too large, the students are disrespectful and disruptive, teachers are unprofessional and rude, and administration is weak. It is one of the "wildest" schools I've ever been inside. Most of the teachers have given up hope of being able to control their classrooms, yet they try to control the students instead of teaching the content material. Administration will not discipline the students for their behaviors, so teachers think why even send them to the office. When they do send them to the office, It's more of a slap in the face to the teacher because nothing is done. When a student brings a gun to school, and administration "plays it off," I feel that there is a HUGE problem there. This is endangering the lives of students and teachers alike! From both an educator and a parent's perspective, I would hope that anyone new to the community would explore all school options available for their children before having to enroll them at McAdory. I would only use this school as an absolute last resort.
8/11/2010otherI am a graduate of McAdory and a published author. My observations have led me to the conclusion that the child you send to school is the one that comes out. And the success of the student is dependent on the parents and their values. I am not an educator, but I know in this age of entitlement it is not suprising to read the comments listed on the blog. What people do yo you is their karma, how you react to it is yours - education starts at home!
7/19/2010parentMy children attended this school.They made a lot of friends but were unprepared in their classes when they move to a new school. Too much playing around, it's more like a social club and the class arrangements are too stressful for the students and teachers. I agree with the previous comments. I am glad my students moved on.
5/11/2010studentThis school is poor all around. They don't have enough copies to last the year, the students don't care about anything at all unless it directly involves them, and even then they will let opportunity walk itself out the door. Almost none of them care about their grades, classes are a joke, especially electives. Getting a diploma from there would mean nothing. With the no child left behind laws now taking its toll, the teachers are required to dumb everything down so everyone in the class understands it, but what happens when the person doing the worst doesn't do anything no matter how easy the work? It is absolutely rediculous and nothing would be better than to restaff most teachers the school and students.
1/12/2010parentMcadory overall is a decent school for parents that want their kids to be playing all day instead of learning and getting a great education! Too many students in classes, average around 35 per room!
9/5/2009parentit is a awsome school and i think the way they put the grades together is great
7/8/2009parentMcAdory can be a great school. Discipline of students is a real troublesome area. There are disruptive students in the AP/Honors classes now that my daughter is taking trying to escape some of the mishaps in the regular classes. Dress policy and lack of respect for anyone is a real problem. Students rule the roost and some of the teachers have given up on asking for assistance with problem kids because no one steps in to assist. Some teachers are better than others in controlling the classroom and hallways. However, normal activity shouldn't be students running and screaming as they leave a classroom. Most quieten down when asked, but some keep doing their own thing having no regard for anyone but themselves. The Band of Gold is picking up in numbers. The FFA regularly wins district competitions and places at the state level. Good school, could improve!
7/1/2009studentMcadory is a good school, its not always under control though. Some teachers don't know how to handle middle school and high school kids. Also, the block schedule is hard to be able to pay attention for that long. But i wouldn't leave it for the world:)
6/23/2009parentI agree with other parents that the dress code is not enforced, it makes it really hard to make my child dress correctly, when others do not. Also my child has had several great teachers, has also had several not so good teachers, I do recommend that students take the AP classes, seems to have better control in those classes, the 11th and 12th greade principal seems to be very concerned about the students. It really concerns me that the students are not encourged more,with a school as large has McAdory it should have a very large band, I am not sure what is going on in this area, I did not attend McAdory as a student, but the school I attended would play football against McAdory, I was amazed at how large the band was. It is really sad at how small the band is now.
6/22/2009studentMcadory is the best place to send your kids. i have no problems with the school.
4/21/2009parentI have no complaints with McAdory. My child is in all AP classes and it has been tough but still makes straight A's. As a parent you have to be involved with what is going with your child. Communicate is the most important thing. I think McAdory is a very good school, I believe the kids learn alot as long as they want to learn and the parents get more involved with their child's life.
7/7/2008studentthe punishment are a little hard and the classes are a little wild sometimes but overall i think they have good principles and teachers
4/12/2008otherI am an alumni in college at UAB. i attended mcadory for the past 13 years k-12. i took all honors all the way through. i suggest get involved things i have noticed from the outside. 1) science department is lacking. chemistry is the better area. 2) English dept has some amazing teachers. although grammar lacks. 3) math is the best, although it has its bad classes. 4) history; take cooper/hughes if possible. don't take a coach generally. take all honors it's the only way to actually learn anything, and it isn't too much harder than general.
2/14/2008parentI feel that the school doesn't do enough to communicate with the parents regarding where the student is lacking. They call you when it is too late to help out. Classes that my son take are never up to standards with some other schools. Something is wrong with the computers and my child is taking business tech essentials, but is not able to use the computer. This is a great disadvantage to him. If he can't utilize the computer why is he still taking the class. I am displeased also that I can call the school and the teacher will not call me back. I have to call several times then finally they will give me a return call, even the counselors do not respond timely.
11/28/2007parentI feel that McAdory is an overall good school. The administration and staff do there best to maintain high standards and a good education. There does however need to be more parental involvement within the school. A few cannot do it all. However alot of parents tend to want to be asked for help whereas if they would offer it is generally accepted, due to the fact it is always needed in a school.
11/28/2007parentAfter reading the reviews, I wonder what school some were attending because it dosnt sound like Mcadory. The school my kids attend is a great place for an education if u want one. I saw several reviews from parents and students stating that they didnt learn anything for an entire year in school. Why did you not figure out a problem from the first 9 weeks. My children have ran into issues several times over the last 11 years at mcadory. Anytime there was a problem it was fixed upon my request. Whether it was changing teachers or needing extra assistance. I have had teachers send home their home numbers and private emails so that kids could contact them at night if need be. I have had teachers stay over late to tutor or just give a more indepth instruction. The economic or racial aspect of the school may not compare to some others but the real world is more like McAdory in diversity than most schools anywhere.
10/30/2007parentGetting better. The new 11th/12th grade counselor and principal seems to care and want to help. Need much more of the same.
10/28/2007studentI think that this school is a good school at times.We need better teachers though,I have been numerously reported for 'skipping' school and classes when I was out of school.I think we need teachers who give the students better respect,the classes need to be shorter they're by far boring and long.If you're not advanced your not learning aything,I think this school is falling apart peice by peice.
6/21/2007parentMy experience with McAdory. If your child is not in advanced classes they will not learn anything because they are in a class with children who are disruptive. These disruptive kids take up the teaching time for the teachers. I believe the 'no child left behind' law has hurt the other children. I understand teachers are suppose to be teachers and leaders, but I do not feel they should be probation officers as well.
6/18/2007student Luckily, I am now in Jefferson County International Baccalaureate High School. If your child is intelligent enough, i encourage him or her to apply to the school. It costs nothing, but gives you everything you need to succeed in life. Last year, our seniors got about 10 million or more in scholarships.
9/19/2006parentIt seems the academic programs conflict with each other every semester and students cannot take required subjects. Students need extracurricular activities and mcadory sponors are trying to delete some of these activities. For instance-the band. We need more band members. Wish there was a way to increase it's members. Parent involvement-'know it all parents' deter other parents from getting involved.
7/28/2006parentI would like to respond to the comment on the counselors at McAdory. My experience has been just the opposite! I have found the counselors to be concerned and helpful. I do think they have an enormous job and are too often saddled down with more administrative than counseling duties. I hope that they keep up the good work and stick with us! Most of my experience has been with the middle school counselor but if she is an example of what is to come in the high school I have no worries!
7/15/2006parentWhile I think the new construction is great, I still feel like so much more is needed and deserved for our students. To be the biggest school in Jefferson County, we have the least. It would be nice if all students had books to bring home! It would be great if High School students didn't have classes in our Middle School. With all the new growth in the community, McAdory should resolve the problems the school has that doesn't involve construction;like books for everyone. Maybe the kids would have better attitudes if they had something to be proud of. I think the counselors could do a better job at helping the kids. They fuss at the kids when they try to talk to them and send them back to class, and forget about them trying to help your kid find scholarships, they don't care.
5/9/2006parentMcAdory is a vey friendly school. The students are average american kids, we have a good mix of backgrounds and personalities. The main problems we have at McAdory is dress codes not being inforced. Some teachers that are coaches first then maybe teachers. Many teachers do not challenge the students enough, and then the student suffer when it comes time to take ACT test and college classes. My children have attended McAdory after being in other schools, cleanliness definatly not a priority here.
1/29/2006studentI am a freshman at McAdory. I've been there since the elementary school first opened. Honestly, I don't think that the school by itself is the problem. I have been academically successful and I have not strugled at all. I think that the students and their will to learn is the main problem. McAdory is starting to become a racially segregated school and the interest of the teachers is dropping. I feel that if the students were serious about their work, the school would improve. I do admit that some teachers show a lack of care, but there are many other things that are holding the school back. My older brother attended McAdory and graduated with one full scholarship and four partial scholarships. He was just like any other student, but he cared about his grades. If all of the students felt the same way, McAdory would be alot better.
11/5/2005former studentAs a former student at Mcadory High I would like to say that all though its not the nicest school on the outside, it is a wonderful place on the inside. At this school I learned how to be myself, and I must say that the theatre program is by far the greatest I've ever beeen to. Ms.Lisa Papadakos is one of the GREATEST teachers ive ever had and I've learned everything I need to know from her. True, some of the teachers are not the greatest, but if I had to choose, I would be right back there instead of at Hueytown.
9/27/2005teacherAs a teacher here at McAdory, I'd like to thank the parents that realize that many of us here work very hard to teach our students, all our students. Personally, I try hard to make my class fun and eductional. I often fail...some material isn't fun. Some kids don't want to learn, but I'd be willing to bet that at some point I get each and every one of my students involved. Teaching is often a war between what we try to offer and what may be lacking at home or in the communtiy. We have many wonderful parents here who do everything they can (thank you), but many are also never heard from or seen. However, a school is more than test scores and buildings (although, we are working hard to improve both). The spirit of family and friendliness is an element I'd challange any school to surpass.
9/20/2005parentMy husband and I attend McAdory. Our 2 daughters now attend. Our son graduated in May. This is a great school with leadership from the administrators. As fas as discipline, this starts at home not at school. I see how the administrators are taking action against those students who can not obey rules. My children have received an excellent education. As far as parental involvement goes, that is a parent choice. If you are not involved, don't complain. As far as the dress code, parent's buy their clothes, check before they leave home and don't get angry when they are sent home to change. I am not ashamed of our school. Show your pride and get involved and stop complaining.
8/26/2005former studentMy husband and I both graduated from McAdory. Our oldest child started McAdory Elementary. We learned quickly that this is not the best place for our child. We moved our family to Hoover for the school system. Hoover is far above McAdory in every aspect. Academics take priority at Hoover. Parent involvement is tremendous at Hoover, where it never seemed to be a priority at McAdory. McAdory does not offer nearly as many opportunities to childern as they can get at Hoover. In McAdory elementary, there were around 30 kids in class with me. I'm not sure what McAdory Elemntary's class size is today, but it is less than 20 at Hoover Elementary. My oldest child will start Hoover High next year. McAdory High was okay for me, but there is no way I will send my child there when I can give her a school like Hoover.
8/15/2005parentMcAdory High School is not the worst high school, yet they could compete with other schools better if they maintained control. It seems to me that the teachers do not have a desire to reach their students potential. (Underpaid?) My child has attended two years and I have never received a phone call or letter from a teacher concerning my childs education. I do however receive an endless amount of form letters requesting or demanding funding above and beyond. You only have to compare McAdory High with McAdory elementary to see where the former is lacking. The High School students are without a doubt the worst dressed and groomed students in the county. For the most part, the H.S. students are rude, disrespectful to parents and authority figures. (I can only imagine how they treat the teachers!) Control should be the main goal to improve the school. The grades will follow.
8/1/2005studentMcAdory is a pretty good school with a few problems. The academics only challenge you if you want to be challenged. Usually a student will get a teacher that tries really hard to teach you or is just really apathetic and for the most part it's because the teachers aren't paid enough causing them to constantly leave at the end of the year. And a little too much emphasis is put on sports and not academics. I would send my future children to McAdory because of the life lessons you learn there. The biggest problems however is there isn't enough principles and only a few of us students agree on that. I'd say Mcadory teaches you more about being a person than literary knowledge, but enough literary knowledge to graduate and go to college.
7/24/2005parentThis is a horrible school, which is very sad. In the beginning it was an excellent school. It is NOTHING more than a teenage daycare center provided by the state. Educationally, my child is lacking and it makes my child angry that they learned NOTHING during the school year 2004-2005. This is sad because so many nice neighborhoods are developing, but who in their right mind would put there child in such a substandard school system.
5/3/2005parentAgain, this school is not a converted old jail. I dont know where that comes from, but rumors abound about alot of different things. Oh yes, there are ghosts of children that roam the hallways at night too! Watch out! I am a parent of a 10th grade student. She has been attending McAdory since kindergarten. I believe she's gotten as good, if not better education than other schools in our area. The teachers are very good, even though there does seem to be more emphasis on sports than other extracurricular things. I dont think that's different from other high schools. Doesnt mean I have to agree with it, it's just the way it is. I also dont think you should judge a school based on standarized testing. My son went to McAdory and scored the highest score for a 6th grade student on the college board SATS.
12/21/2004studentI am a junior at this school and even though it may not look great on the outside, on the inside is where all the fun is. The students there for the most part have grown up with each other. And even if you did not attend the same elem. school you might never know it. Class of 2006
11/5/2004parentMy husband and I both attended McAdory and now have a son in the sixth grade. I am very proud of the way the school runs, I have no complaints except that the outside is very run down. Does anyone know why construction has completely stopped? Other than that, I am very pleased with my sons learning and happiness after being a sixth grader.
9/2/2004former studentAs a former McAdory School student and going into the military, I saw that the actions taken upon a misunderstood child was infact the right thing to do, I now understand the importance of a high school to suspend or even expell you from school. I was sent into a program for fighting, at that time it only made me angry to even been in that situation, almost 2 years later I'm fighting to defend a country and protect my family. Not as I was in school fighting over gangs or girls or even he/she looked at me wrong. The teachers there are wonderful, the facilities that McAdory gave me I wouldn't be a sucessful man I am today. The safeness of this school is better than most schools all because the staff there interacts with all students. Thanks to all there for the help! Special thanks to Coach Logan, Rhodes, Powell, Mr. Hill.
4/30/2004former studentMy husband and I both attended McAdory and now are honored that our son and daughter are now attending McAdory and doing quite well. Family and community mean a lot and I am proud to say that I grew up in the McCalla/McAdory tradition. The faculty at this school is second to none and parents are encouraged to visit and stay directly involved in their childs school experiences. Thanks to the educators both past and present for making a difference in so many lives. Member of the Class of 1987.
4/10/2004studentMcAdory is a secure and greatly well kept environment to put your child in. As the parent said before me about the school being converted from a jail is a lie. Many people have different myths on what was there before because the school has been there for many years. I know one thing that is true about it, that we have some great teachers there, that does their best to teach the students,with the portion that wants to learn, they do a great job with them. Even though our SAT scores are low that doesn't mean the school isn't good, because when you are in high school taking a standardized test thats not going to effect your grade, you really don't care about the answers you mark on the paper.. I am not a parent but a senior student at McAdory.
3/19/2004studentI would like to say that some of what the parent before me said is not entirely true. McAdory is a good school and just needs a little refor. The school was not a former jail contrary to popular belief. I did research on the school myself. It does have some culture. Students from all different parts of the country attend this school. It has a pretty much 50% black white ratio. McAdory is getting a grant this summer to renevate the old portion of the school. I think McAdory is a good school and has serious potential to become even better.
9/10/2003parentThe school shows very little if any culture/class. There are very frequent visits from the sheriff's department and drug dogs. Dress codes are not obeyed. If you're sending you child to school for an education, look somewhere else as our SAT scores are in the 27% range. The school is very old (a converted jail) and in need of much updating and new equipment. The parent support is ruled by a select few that make the decisions as well as the boosters. oh yes, we just got a new set of concrete bleachers for the visitors on the football field. Sports are the main emphasis. I saw no other improvements over the summer as we started back to school this fall.

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