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New Hope Elementary School - New_Hope, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
New Hope Elementary School5300 Main Dr
New Hope, AL 35760
(256) 723-8879PK-8MadisonpublicMadison County Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic86.56292009
Black, non-Hispanic1.98022009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.2828852009
Native American or Native Alaskan8.910892009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Donnie Andrew Caves2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

1/6/2011parentMy 2 children began attending NHES in August. My daughter went to a large city school before and our main reason for moving to New Hope was to get in to a smaller county school. The teachers in New Hope are much more responsive . My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD and his teacher was beyond helpful during the process (it required her to do alot of extra work) and she never complained, she responded to every email I have sent, and was very helpful in providing me with the information the doctor needed. Had I still been at the larger city school I would have never gotten that much cooperation. My daughter has ALWAYS been a student, and now in the 4th grade her grades are holding strong at all A's and she is in the gifted program (which is also wonderful). My ONLY "concern" is it is an "everyone knows everyone" kind of community and new people to the community are definately not as warmly welcomed as the people that have been there for generations. Over all great school and we have no plans to leave.
10/6/2010parentPlease help our school, we have a great staff and community and we could use the money to help our school
10/4/2010parentThe teachers and wonderful and love the kids as if they are their own. My daughter has learned so much wince she started
10/4/2010parentI love New Hope Elementary School because my family has a history of attending this school for the past 2 generations and now 1 current generation. This is just my imidiate family, there are also lots of cousins that have attended this particular school some are still attending. So there is a lot of heritage here. It's great to hear how well the elementary school is doing and how far the credentials have come since I was in school. Go New Hope!
10/3/2010parentThe Office Staff & other Personnel are very friendly and helpful. The teachers are very interested and concerned with the children's education and their learning abilities. Have you ever been to a football game? You must go not only to watch the games and how hard our team plays but you must sit near the cheering section. This school has the best cheering section in the country and is full of school and team spirit whether they win or lose. Altogether the teachers, staff, parents and students are one big happy close-nit family. We are very excited to have Mr. Aycock as our new band director ultimately adding to the school's spirit amongst the students! Go INDIANS!
10/1/2010otherNew Hope Elementary School has a very close, caring, friendly, student oriented atmosphere. There is no doubt that the students and their educational needs are top priority!
10/1/2010parentWonderful teachers who encourage parental involvement
10/1/2010parentsmall school with caring teachers
9/30/2010parentThe teachers there do a wonderful job at helping the children.
9/30/2010parentNew Hope may be a small town but we have awesome teachers and principals. It's extremely apparent that they care about the students as well as our little community! The students can dream "BIG" and the teachers support our kids all the way!
9/30/2010parentGreat school. The teachers really care about all the kids!
9/30/2010parentMy child is getting the best education. She loves the school and the teachers.
9/30/2010parentGreat teachers, great programs!!!
9/30/2010parentNew Hope is an awesome school they have programs that have helped my children tremendously and I have never lived in a community that was so involved in the school and all the activities.
9/30/2010parentNew Hope is a school with talented teachers and administration. Being a small school is a benefit to the students and parents because it allows for a closer realtionship for all. I feel very lucky to have my children in such a wonderful learning atmosphere.
9/30/2010parentNew Hope School is small and personable. Teachers are very helpful and willing to work with parents to make the most of our childrens' educations
9/30/2010parentI love New Hope Elementary school for several reasons. I believe New Hope Elementary has some of the best most intellegent and loving teachers who stay until they retire. My children go to New Hope Elementary and has had some of the same teachers I had when I went there. I graduated New Hope High school in 1995 and went to New Hope my entire life. I hope my children will also be graduates of New Hope High School where they are very well prepared for high school thanks to the facility at New Hope Elementary! New Hope Elementary is Awesome.
9/30/2010parentNew Hope Elementary is an awesome school with caring teachers and faculty.
9/28/2010parentI love New Hope because it is a small school where the faculty helps every student achieve their goals!
12/10/2009parentWe have only been in the area since the Spring (about 6 months), but came from a big 6A school (Oxford) to New Hope (a small 3A school). We love the parent / student ratio, the teachers and those we have met in administration. My third grade child has just been placed in the gifted program, and is doing exceedingly well in all his subjects. I don't know what the gripes in the past have been about the extracuricular activities of the school, but I can say the third grade classes have gone on field trips and have many more planned. I think those who have reviewed this school on this page need to realize we're talking about a rural elementary school and not a big High School. Naturally, the extracuricular activities are not going to be the same.
11/4/2006parentI have a very low opinion of New Hope Elementary School. My child is attending public school for the first time, & it has been the worst mistake I have ever made. My children have always attended private school or homeschool and have been ahead of grade level. When my child's grades started to fall, I called the teacher to request a conference. I have called 2-3 times per week for the past 12 weeks and I still can't get an appointment with the teacher. I have been told that my child is doing great, but the first report card showed an F & D in her best subjects. I encourage all that live in the New Hope, AL area to either home school or send them to a private school.
5/14/2006parentI myself moved back to this area for my child to go to New Hope. It is a good schools. For the most part, the teachers are good. You have some teachers who need to be more invovled with their students. There is not much extracurricular activities for the the children. I think it would help the children socially if there were some.
9/29/2005parentNo real extracurricuar activities available. We really need music and art and a better p.e. program. I think most teachers work hard and care about the students, but parent cooperation is non-existent, although most times the parents have to work, just like the teachers, and can't be available during school time. They really need to broaden the childrens minds outside of the school as well. e.g. educational field trips
4/12/2005studentNew Hope Elementary is a very good school the teachers except for some are very friendly and are willing to help a student out with any question. The principal is great but not to strict which is good. The dress code pretty much is enforced. I'm a student at New Hope and and I love going to New Hope!-ABD

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