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Gavilan Peak Elementary School - Anthem, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Gavilan Peak Elementary School2701 W. Memorial Dr.
Anthem, AZ 85086
(623) 445-7400K-8MaricopapublicDeer Valley Unified District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic87.79732008
Black, non-Hispanic1.344362008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Mai-Lon Wong2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/30/2012parentLove the school, hate the fact that non of the teachers besides the Sage teacher seem to post assignments/ testst etc for students to keep better track or parents to follow up with them, Parents are asked to hold students accountable for assignments by the teachers but can't because we have no idea of knowing the assignments. Such potential. Would probably get higher testing grades if this information was provided.
8/27/2012parentAnother great year at GP! The teachers are so amazing-personally & academically. They are always striving to do more. The Mandarin Immersion is such an awesome program for the students. We couldn't be happier!
5/26/2011parentWe are so pleased with our experience at Gavilan Peak. My children have excelled academically, socially and with sports. I have found the teachers and administration to be proactive and responsive.
4/20/2011parentWe love Gavilan Peak School! My daughter attends and she is thriving here! She attends via "Open Enrollment". Her teacher is an absolute dream, what every teacher should aspire to be, an A+ example. Dr. Wong is doing things just right, she expects a lot and wants the children to be ready to compete the a global market. They earn the "Excelling" rating year after year. I have nothing negative to say.
4/9/2010otherGavilan Peak is a school that pride's itself in excellence. The staff, though often overworked, are very caring and strive to support students to be their very best in character and academics, Teachers are expected to challenge themselves beyond their comfort level, which leads them to stronger, more effective practices in the classroom. Leadership is strong where teacher training and academic excellence is concerned, somewhat weak in useful evaluative feedback to teachers, and needs work with consistency and follow through of campus/district rules where those few disruptive student/parent behaviors are concerned. Most parents are amazingly supportive, respectful and understanding of what it truly takes to run a classroom of 20+ students from diverse upbringings. However, be wary of the 'gossipy' ones (generally hanging out in the front well before/after school). They appear kind upon first meeting but can be very destructive and unkind in their objectives and to your spirit.
2/18/2010parentI have sent my children to school at Gavilan Peak on open enrollment. I have been very pleased with the teachers, administration and academics. I am a teacher myself and I have seen my children blossom at Gavilan. They are both great readers and love to go to school. I would highly recommend this school.
8/12/2009parentMy son has been attending this school for 5 years. I have enjoyed watching him grow academically. Yes the school has gone through growing pains--but the principal expects excellence and it takes time to achieve that--the time is here. This is an outstanding school. Other schools in the community hold Gavilan Peak as a measuring stick for a high achieving school. The middle school teachers are a cohesive team that challenges students and my son is ready to meet their challenge.
8/12/2009teacherI'm proud to be a teacher at Gavilan Peak School! What a fabulous staff and outstanding administration we have at this school!
2/5/2009parentGavilan Peak is way too crowded as are most public schools in AZ. Amazed at the lack luster curriculum!! Are 3 days of PE really needed when there are no foreign languages at all?? C'mon!! Coming from the east coast, we are very disappointed. The teachers do the best they can with what they have to work with. My son has 32 students in his 6th grade classes!! Yes, 32. We have spent 2 years at GPS with my son making honor roll each quarter. He has very little if none... homework daily. The over crowding is unacceptable and therefore after years of being supportive, proponents of the public education system, we are forced to go private next year and for as long as we will be educating our children in the state of AZ. The new VP is a bit odd to boot, adding unnecessary policies.
10/5/2008parentour children's teachers - great admin - unfriendly dr. wong - we've seen her 5 times in 4 years on campus new vp - doesn't have the greatest reputation the teachers are really giving it their best, if it wasn't for them, my children definitly wouldn't be going there.
8/4/2008parentGood communication among teachers. Office staff is helpful and principal is very involved and enthusiastic. My children are thriving at Gavilan Peak. A great school.
5/17/2008parentI love Gavilan Peak . I send my son here on open enrollment. He entered in the midst of 1st grade and is about to start the 5th grade. Eevry teacher he has had has ben truly enrolled in my sons success. I love the staff and Dr Wong Is awesome . She is always on campus mingling in the classrooms. When I asked for her help with my child she was sure to get involved and followed upto make sure that I was taken care of.
3/13/2008parentI have to say I wqs very disapointed in this school. From day one it was apparent that my child's education was not the top priority. If you want to talk to someone nice in the office ask for Monica other wise you will be talking to apaththetic, crisp and cold office personnel. At Christmas the teacher would not allow the children to celebrate the holiday not even say the word Christmas. I was appalled. Why should some teacher who practices atheism ruin the holiday for children! My impression was very political envirnment and NOT for the Best interest of my child. I am happy to say that my child is doing 100% better in the new school.
1/30/2008otherI have been very pleased with the teachers and front office staff of Gavilan Peak. They are very hard working and helpful people. I am also very impressed with their knowledge and ability help kids.
1/30/2008parent I am pleased with how my children are being challenged and succeeding at Gavilan Peak. The administration and staff have high integrity and welcome participation from parents.
1/3/2008studentGP is an excellent school
9/16/2007parentI have 2nd and 5th grader attending GP and they are doing very well. They could have more homework though eventhough they would not agree. Not crazy about using class time to do homework. That time should be spent teaching. However overall program is very good.
9/15/2007parentMy son is in kinder at GP for 2007 and so far I am very impressed. The principal is top notch, extremely enthusiastic about creating the Best School in Anthem! My son is really taking the 'Pillars of Character' to heart, and his teacher is Super Organized! They also have a very supportive PTA!
8/8/2007parenti like this school my daughter attends this school, however i would like other parents to know that the front office staff is extremely rude
8/7/2007parentOur son just finished the 8th grade and we are extremely pleased with the 2.5 years he attended GP. The principal is first rate...She puts education first. All of the teachers we dealt with were caring and motivated to do the right thing for their students. Sports programs were good, too. We highly recommend GP.
8/7/2007parentvery good ,school priciple is great, school has improved over last several years.
4/27/2007teacherI taught at Gavilan Peak School for 3 years and I have to say that it is a great school. Teachers are committed to meeting individual student needs and the parental support is amazing. I feel that GP has come a long way and continues to try to improve in all areas. I would definitely send my child to GP and fully trust the teachers who strive to make learning engaging and meaningful.
11/30/2006parentCongratulations Gavilan Peak! My child has received high level of education at this school! Keep up the good work!
10/19/2006parentRidiculous in many aspects. Way too overcrowded. The way the staff handles issues of any kind is unacceptable. Would never recommend this school.
8/1/2006parentTwo of my children have attended this school. We have been a part of this school since it opened its doors. Being a teacher myself, I have been extremely disappointed with Gavilan Peak. The principal and assistant principal are both very inconsistant when it comes to discipline. Major incidents are often times ignored while minor things are blown out of proportion. The administration claims to promote parental involvement, but I have found the opposite to be true. The only time they want you to be involved is when you are willing to volunteer your time to lighten the teacher's load or you want to help raise money for the school. Administration backs the teacher 100% even when the teacher is obviously wrong. I will not be sending my child back to GP!
5/5/2006parentThe flex grouping that they do at this school works very well for the teaching of kids working at different levels. The draw back to this is that you sometimes don't get much feedback from the other teachers involved in your childs education. The teachers I have worked with over the last 3 years are very dedicated to teaching children and give quality education to their children. The principal seems to be more hands off, but overall, this school has been great for my child.
3/2/2006parentQuality of academic programs is pretty good, comparable to other schools in the Deer Valley School district. My elementary school child has had an ongoing problem with being bullied, however. The school administration hands out 'character slips,' but little else is done. Disciplinary practices at the school seem to be poor - little or no follow-through. There is no after-school 'homework club'.
2/23/2006parentThe teachers are caring and take pride in what they teach. The children are happy and are challenged at their own learning level based on their flexible grouping program.
2/19/2006parentNot much homework, expectations standard, not very high.
2/16/2006parentThis is a pretty good school for Arizona, considering Arizona is ranked 50th in the country for education. The teachers are great, most are very well educated and keep up with the latest educational training. This is one of the best schools in Anthem, with a real emphasis on academics, particularly reading. We have one of the best reading programs I have seen anywhere! Our PTA and parent volunteers are dedicated to our children, with a strong core of volunteers. The school admin welcomes strong parent involvement. This is a new school (3 yrs old) so had a few 'bugs' to work out the first two years, but is growing into a high quality school with dedicated teachers, admin, and parents.
10/27/2005parentWe have been here for 3 years. We, too, are from the east coast with very high standards. This school is so far behind. Our kids are going backwards and it is scary. Unfortunately, the quality of the teachers are only the result of what they are paid. I was shocked to hear that the kids had a week to practice/prepare for the state-wide test. Had they taught what was required, they wouldn't have to prepare so hard. As for extra cirricular activities, there isn't any unless, of course, you are related or friend/neighbor of the coaches choosing the players. The same kids make the team every year ... It is sad for those with great potential who just didn't know the right people. We fear our children's education (or lack of) and have considered private or additional tutoring just to keep them up to par with the east.
8/21/2005parentJust as bad habits are difficult to break, bad leadership will not change if the leader is not replaced. I have never witnessed a campus with some teachers and office staff so uncaring. Gavilan Peak is known as the other school in town. How can you be blocks away....yet so different from the other two schools in Anthem. Something is wrong!
8/21/2005parentI moved here from the east coast with very high standards and when I started at GP 2 years ago, I was so very disapointed with the school. From the way the academic program ran to the principal. I did not understand the flexible grouping at all and now that I have seen such improvements in my kids, I belive it to be a wonderful program. Where the students all gain from achieving their personal goals in their own time. Now, I sing a new song, the school has shown such growth and commitment to both students and parents. I have three kids their now and can't say enough about the school. I had many concerns as we all do, and with trial and error the school is trying very hard to overcome the problems we once had. Dr. Wong along with Mr. O are doing an awsome job.
8/21/2005parentI am thrilled that my children are students at this school. The have had nothing but positive experiences, and have excelled in all areas of their studies. This school is filled with top notch teachers, wonderful parents and a dedicated principal and vice-principal.
8/14/2005teacherI am honored to work with an incredible and supportive staff, and great students. With all of us working together, we will continue to create a great and nurturing environment for our children. J Hughes, GP teacher
4/18/2005parentHuge improvements in this school in the last year. Great teachers and most kids are challenged, struggling kids get the xtra help needed. Teachers/administration are getting blamed for parents who aren't doing their job. Drive the neighborhoods afterschool and there are unsupervised kids all over the place. The bad attitudes and behaviors kids are picking up while being unsupervised after school carry over into school and the school is getting blamed for the discipline problems and lack of ability of kids to focus and perform. Parents, parent your children! Talk to them about what respect for authority and others is. All kids need supervision- Our kids are doing fabulously at Gavilan. I wouldn't send them anywhere else.
7/10/2004parentInexperienced teachers and lax curriculum. Gifted program not up to par.
1/24/2004parentMany of the teachers are brand new to teaching. Very few, if any, have an advanced degree. Academics are incredibly slow, even in advanced programs, and up to two years behind schools in other states. Children are bored and are becoming disinterested in learning as a result. Absolutely no sporting or extracurricular activities (except band/choir) offered for children in k-6. A very disorganized school that is focused more on fundraising/money than on a quality, superior, education for our children.
1/22/2004parentThis school is overcrowded and communication is extremely poor. Classrooms are being pushed to the limit and I fear that the good teachers will jump ship if support from district and administration does not happen soon. Parents and the community alike a very frustrated with the direction of this school.
3/29/2003  This is a new school not even one year old, my experience is that the teachers are wonderful and even with classes at 28 or so they teach very well. I find the teachers care about the kids and parents readily help out. I would recommend this school to anyone moving here. Schools can always get better and better with parent volunteers to help with the work load.

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