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Sundance Elementary School - Buckeye, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Sundance Elementary School23800 West Hadley
Buckeye, AZ 85326
(623) 847-8531K-8MaricopapublicBuckeye Elementary District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic36.01692008
Black, non-Hispanic10.9112008
American Indian/Alaskan Native1.165252008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Tracy Casey2009


Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/17/2012parentI absolutely Hate this school! I have never had this many problems with a school before. The principal never returns calls, the front desk lady is extremely rude, and the outdoor recess people will not protect your children. They need new staff if they want to make this school a success. I am ready to take my child elsewhere.
4/10/2011teacherI believe Sundance has the best teachers and staff that always go beyond what is expected to meet the needs of all kids. The special education team at this school is on the ball! They contact you immediately to ensure that your child's needs are being met. I have yet to see that at any other school. We are happy and know that all kids are loved at Sundance.
1/20/2011parentThe problem with this and other schools in this district ( my kids attended Sundance and Jasinski) is systemic. The tone and attitude set by the district is where a lot of the problems stem from. My daughter was entitled to gifted programming per state law and all she got was harder spelling words that she had to pick out of the dictionary herself. I tried to work with the state, but didn't get much support from them. Honestly, based on the gifted scope and sequence that was filed with the state by the district, I don't know how it wasn't fraud- taking money for programming they never provided. After three years of banging my head against the wall I moved my kids to Verrado elementary and middle school. I'm so glad I did.
11/21/2010parentteachers are nice principal is verry good i just like the school like everybody especialy my little girls teacher Mis.Gollihare she is jus good really good teacher she knows how to deal with the kids And principal too dont know how enybody cant say something bad about her .She is really good Principal and she putt kids first lady knows what she is doing .I hear from somebody that principal before her was nothing no good for nothing but sinc she come school is better and better love it she is so sweet lady and teachers really do theach the kids of corse paremt need to help to to work with the kids at home .
7/14/2010parentI actually feel bad for the staff. I have never been in a neighborhood where there were more disrespectful kids and parents. Its shocking to say the least! I have volunteered in both my sons classrooms where the students are cussing at the teacher or making faces at her or flipping the bird. Mind you I am talking about 1st and 3rd graders!! My children have been attending this school for 5 years... we have had some horrible teachers and some incredible teachers. There is obvious racism. My kids have been bullied for being white. The staff seems overwhelmed with the amount of students in each room,25 students to 1 teacher is ridiculous. Little supervision on playground or in classrooms. The PTO or PTA is non existent. You are NEVER notified of meetings, staff has no clue when they are. You are better off homeschooling!
10/18/2009teacherI am a second grade teacher at Sundace and I would hope that if one of my parents was that unhappy with the education their child was receiving, that they would come speak with me. Sundance is filled with caring teachers looking to make a difference in children's lives. I love my career and I hope my students love coming to school! :)
9/28/2009parenthorrible school!!!! very behind. I have a second grader and they are learning what she learned in first grade. Can't wait to take my child out of this school ASAP.
1/21/2009parentThis is my first year in this school district. I have a 2nd and 3rd grader attending this school. I have classed and spoke with the teachers, principal assistant prinicipal. We get a one sheet print out of paper for reports cards which hardly tells you anything. I am told they got a superintendant and maybe next year they will switch to standardized report cards where you can actually see which part of a certain subject they may or may not be having problems in. As a Parent i feel I am under informed on how my child in doing academicly and behavior in school. I am frustrated that there homework is being sent home in cursive and they are not learning cursive because the teachers words are there is just to many other things to learn and i just don't have time.
10/8/2008parentThe teachers and staff are nice, however, there is almost no homework for my 2nd grader, and my first grader gets a packet that he completes in 2-3 days. Parents are not really involved and the PTO does not advertise when the meetings are so that the parents can attend. As for the gifted and talented program, students spend their lunch hour going over additional activities to keep them stimulated. My children's needs are not seen to....(they both perform above grade level). The PTO does not readily accept outside ideas to help fundraise for the school.
10/2/2008parentI am also going to have to agree with the last parents comment. As far as text books are concerned, I strongly agree that they are needed. I am very much involved in my daughters schoolwork and it is hard for me to see how classroom curriculum is being taught? I'd like to stay on the same page as the teacher's rahter then showing my child my way of understanding. It causes confusion and fustration for both parent and child. Text books would be a vitale instrument in there daily learning!
8/28/2008parentHow can any parent give this school more than one star. There are great teachers and there are not so great teachers. The teachers expect these kids to write every thing down take homework home but yet they have no text books to help them learn and retain the information better. I find this school to be very poorly due to not having any textbooks to rely on. How do you know what your child is learning if there are not any textbooks. Parent involvment are not without text books you dont really know what your child is learning. What you have to look at their notebooks and read what they written from the teachers board and the printed out papers that the teachers give them. Again I strongly believe and alot of other parents too Believe without textbooks your child isnt learning or retaining the information as they should!
5/23/2008parentMy two oldest children attend Sundance Elementary and, with the exception of one teacher who insists on bringing her religious beliefs into the classroom, I like their teachers very much. That being said, I have to say that the school's gifted program is pretty much non-existent. The district needs to look into starting a self-contained gifted program instead of asking teachers who have little or no experience working with gifted students to just give gifted students additional/harder work. I also had to remind the administrators and the teachers that although my children will learn from occasionally helping others, they should not be used as teaching assistants. The biggest problem that the district has is that there is so much focus on the AIMS tests that the teachers don't have time to teach anything else. My son took a French elective for six weeks and didn't learn a word of French.
5/15/2008parentI am a parent of three children that attend Sundance. I feel like my children have not learned anything being at this school. There are some great teachers but no help or support for them. They have no direction. Ms. Casey is not doing a good job, she is never there. They dont tell us parents anything. Yesterday was there last award assembly and they did not tell any of the parents.
4/19/2008parentI too am concerned about this school. The principal is very hard to get ahold of. The teachers are spending hours on curriculum. Kudos to the district for adopting a reading curriculum, but how about writing, grammer, social studies, and a math program that acutally shows results. Our children are going into middle and high school with no basic math skills. And yes, you can go to the PTA meeting, only to find the teachers on the board and a limited amount of caring parents. There are alot of excellent teachers at sundance whose own teaching philosophys have been shadowed by one single minded philosphy that may not work for everyone.
4/18/2008parentThe previous comment sounds like a disgruntled parent that needs to find something else to do with their time. If she/he would attend board meetings or PTA meetings she/he may be aware that Buckeye School District do have curriculum and will also add a reading series to the curriculum next year. Ms. Casey is doing a great job along with her team of teachers and student dean. If you're so unhappy maybe you should consider a different school. The principal has always returned my phone calls in a timely manner and follows up. Mr. Kemmer is also great with the students at Sundance.
4/17/2008parentI am very concerned about the acedemic progress of my children at Sundance Elementary school. Not only is the curriculum non-exsistent, but so is the principal. Maybe if the district saw fit to put in an assistant principal it would free up the administration to spend some time with the students and parents instead of whatever it is they do that keeps them locked away all day. I fell like I am trying to get ahold of a celeberty each time I try to get in touch with the principal. Also what is it with not having any curriculum for our children. Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn't teachers have support in the classroom. I can not fathom the amount on time that the teachers must spend picking up the slack for a district that cares so little for the children parents and staff.
3/12/2008parentI would like to add to my previous review by adding they are trying and going through 'growing pains'. And I hope it all works out. As a parent, I, we, have the responsibility to give our children the best chance's we can and to sacrafice for them. Then it is their responsibilty to hopefully utilize the tools they are given. I wish everyone at Sundance the best of luck.
3/5/2008parentMy children have attended this school from the moment the doors opened and the growing pains have been difficult. I am beginning to see a wonderful improvement in the teaching staff especially the ones who have gone through so many transistions in this school. Their dedication to our children goes above and beyond what is expected of them. The curriculm does seem to be on a lower level than what other districts teach and their isn't much of an honor program. Our children need text books for the basics, one teacher stated that books don't work, then tell me why colleges use them to teach the next generation of doctors, lawyers and teachers! Many parents and teachers will agree, they do work.
2/15/2008parentI have been in this community since the school opened. What they went through the first two years was an absolute joke. The district did not support the teachers or administration and the state was defunct of any fairness in building a school fast enough to help the growth issues. I have heard people place blame on the past administrators and praise the new principal as though she has done miracles. Well, I guess when your student population goes from nearly 1500 to only 900, I could look like a miracle worker too if I were in those shoes. We will see if the principal is doing as well as all of the other 'parents' claim when the test scores come out. I wonder, are all of those wonderful reviews from parents who are in the principal's back pocket? Are they staged to make the school look good. Hum???
12/14/2007teacherTERC is a program developed by teachers which truly understood what was missing in the classroom. They discovered that rote math was not valuable and did not support critical thinking in the least. The curriculum is supported by TERC. The real problem is the lack of support to teachers to implement the program correctly. Traditional text book teaching has never worked and will never work.. but 10% of children are auditory learners... TERC is a visual approach that supports all students.
12/9/2007parentAlthough the teachers are great people, they are not given a proper curriculum to teach the children. The math program, if you can call it that, is horrible. I dare anyone to find something written about TERC math that wasn't written by the institute that created the program. The children in this district do not stand a chance when it comes to math. Something needs to be done about this and the district needs to realize that it's a supplemental program, at best. Also, when are the children going to get real textbooks that they can bring home and do homework with? I understand that learning can be hands-on but not all children are kinesthetic learners, some need written information. Unfortunately, there is a great staff that is being hindered by district policies.
11/21/2007parentI have visited Sundance and have a most subperb learning institute that I have ever seen. The principal and her staff are absolutely awesome. Very much on task; I love it.
10/7/2007teacherThe parent that commented previously must not be familiar with the PE program or the teachers that teach it! There is an actual PE curriculum. The PE teachers are highly qualified! PE class isn't simply teaching about sports, rather how to educate students on how to stay healthly and active their entire lives. Sports along with many other skills are being taught. Mrs. Sears and Mr. Marcello are dedicated teachers that are trying to make a difference. Looking at surrounding districts, most have went away from a sports center approach and are now focused more on lifetime activities. I'm a little disappointed to see that a parent would make such a hurtful comment (especially against two of the best PE teachers in the district) without obviously knowing anything about the program.
9/22/2007parentThere is no set curriculum, the P.E. program is a joke (they don't teach sports) and a good portion of the teachers are only subs thrown in a full time teaching position.
9/19/2007parentMy son is in his third year at Sundance I believe the school has come along way in there inprovements and they seem to really care for the students. Thank you!
9/6/2007teacherI have been a teacher at Sundance since it opened and am absolutely thrilled to be part of the teaching staff this year. We have an outstanding principal who puts the students needs first. The teachers are dedicated and care about student's learning. I know the past reviews haven't been great for Sundance, but if you look at the postings from this year and this year alone, you can see the difference and see why teaching at Sundance brings a smile to my face. Sundance Mustangs XX XXX
8/19/2007parentMy daughter's a first grader in this wonderful school, and there's absolutely nothing I would change. The difference from last year is so evident, it seems as though it's not the same school. Wonderful staff, wonderful leadership and excellent implementation of the curriculm. Wonderful!
8/18/2007parentGO MUSTANGS!! The new principal has really changed things around and I am very pleased to have my child in second grade. Their teachers this year are providing academic excellence for my child. Thank You Sundance teachers for making the start to this school year a success.
7/16/2007parentI think Sundance is doing a great job. I loved my child's teacher. The overall atmosphere was good, too. My only problem was the traffic before and after school.
7/13/2007parentI am very disappointed in this school.The principal and the teachers had very little leadership, they wanted to implement a very rigid standard but did not know how tio have control of it. The facilities in the school are poorly rated. It's too bad being a new school in the district.
6/4/2007parentMy daughter started her school days in Scottsdale for Kindergarten thru Second grade and I noticed a huge difference this year. She was in the third grade this year at Sundance. Her teacher was OK, but the curriculum is far behind Scottsdale, by about 2 years. She will not go to this school next year. She was not challenge at all, except for the redundant homework. In one year, they have managed to burn her out, and she is losing her enthusiasm. That upsets me quite a bit. She still got all A s but does not love it as much as she use to. She loves to write stories and such,and they did not encourage her or the other students at all. The classes are large, also.
5/29/2007parentFor Sundance being a relatively new school and having recently changed principals within the past year the staff has had a tremendous amount of responsibility to efficiently run the school, which I feel has been outstanding. The new principal has perservered in the continued sucess of Sundance's astounding growing number of students. When a parent comes to a school with a student problem it is hard for them to follow the same rule we try to teach our children; you need to be patient and wait your turn.
2/28/2007parentI'm very disappointed with the school I think the teachers and principal have poor leadership skills and do not respond to parents concerns. I have talked to the principal a few times with concerns of my child and yet to have resolution or response I will be taking my child to a new school.
12/11/2006parentI am very disappointed in this school!. They are very disorganized and if it wasn't for my son having such a good teacher I would have pulled him out a long time ago. I have had trouble with this school from the start and though I hope it gets better for the sake of the kids I don't think I will be sending my son to this school next year.
11/22/2006parentSchool is very disorganized. Not much into after school programs or sports programs. Teachers are great but school needs to come together and create some school pride and spirit.
8/13/2006parentI have been greatly disappointed for the 2nd year in a row with this school. I sure hope things get better.

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