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Chandler Scholastic Academy - Chandler, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Chandler Scholastic Academy2716 North Dobson Road
Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 782-1082K-6Maricopacharter 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic54.77712008
Black, non-Hispanic12.10192008

School Head OfficialYear
Michael Ruffalo2010


6/19/2011othercsa is the best school I've ever been to the staff is awsome and the students are all very disiplined
8/7/2010parentExcellent School! Very Good Teachers And Director! The New Director Mr. Ruffalo Is Awesome! The Staff Are Caring And Always Available.
5/24/2010parentMy daughter started this school in kindergarden with Mrs.Thomas who is FANTASTIC! 1st grade was a disaster and second grade Mrs.Ganesan is incredible, but after 4 different principals and no dicipline whatsoever we had to go with a school more structured. But i do really miss the close-nit feeling you have with most of the staff and teachers. I really feel bad for them, this could be a fantastic school if it would enforce their rules...
1/21/2010otherThis school will do fine with the leadership of Dr. Hudsen,just give him time. Good teachers,and students,can only lead to a good school...think about it!!...friend
1/18/2010parentMy daughter has been going to Chandler Scholastic Academy since kindergarten, she's in 6th grade now. The 6 garde teacher is very involved with the teaching and the classes are very 'hands on'. The D.A.R.E program was a life lesson for my daughter. You should look into this school and think about enrolling.
12/29/2009parentthis school has poorly disipline actions, parents choose your schools wisely.
9/25/2009parentMy daughters are 6th graders at CSA and have attended since Kindergarten. There have been many ups and downs, losses and gains. Thankfully, with the appointment of Dr. Paul Hudson as Principal, CSA is finally turning around and getting back on track. Please give this school a chance. The teachers are first rate and the staff is wonderful. Academics are back on track and it's fun to be at school again. I highly recommend giving the school a look. You won't be disappointed. I'm so glad we held out and held on.
6/29/2009parentMy kids and I are really looking forward to the next school year. A lot of positive changes have been made thanks to all the effort from the students, school staff, and parents. Everyone seemed to cometogether as a team.
6/16/2009parentWow, What a difference a year makes. Last year the school was underperforming but postive changes have been made. A new director and staff and the school is now performing plus. Our son is currently entering the 3rd grade and we are very excited about the upcoming school year. The school provides a safe and nurturing environment in addition to a challenging curriculum. The Smart Lab is a must to see. In addition, the small ckasses are a great alternative to the public schools.
5/4/2009otherI used to be employed as a teacher at Solon. I was there only one year due to the organzation skills and all the changes that took place within the year. We went through 2 director or principals as I call them. Then I was planning to start another year they had another director. I felt sorry for that guy all his teachers were leaving and he had no idea why. As for Mrs. Thorpe she was a pleasing teacher, but did not have a teaching degree. I have a problem with schools hiring people that do not have a degree in education and the backing that goes with it. I agree! Check else where before sending your children there. I know 1st hand!
2/9/2009parentDr. Hudson, the new principal, makes this school warm and inviting. Every morning and afternoon he is out front greeting children and parents, giving the kids high 5's. The kids seem to love him. I think the parents that have been disappointed with previous principals will be happy with Dr. Hudson. The front office staff is personable and warm, all the kids and parents love them. The staff is getting better and starting to come together as a team instead of fighting against each other. You will never find another school with the families so close knit. Class sizes are small. Teacher aides are available to help out. They take fun field trips and parents can be as involved as they choose to be. Solon is on its way back to being a great school.We need to stop being negative and start doing good for our kids.
2/4/2009parentI had to move my child from this school after two years. I was at first delighted with it. The teachers my child had were dedicated and positive. Unfortunately they cut some programs at the beginning of the year including PE. The principal (who was later dismissed) did not want to continue to move my child forward in her classes, as she was advanced in some subjects. I was given the option to have her skip a grade but I did not agree with that. At the last minute she agreed to my terms, but it was too late and I had made my decision. She is happy at the new school and I feel it's a better school, but I miss the close-knit community of Solon with teachers who truly knew my child.
8/29/2008parentSolon has been a big disappointment, just when things were beginning to move in a positive direction the director who made it happen leaves. Mrs. Thorpe's vision for the school, was great, she accomplished tremendous things in a short time. A few people didn't like her leadership, but she brought in the computer lab and a new curriculum, she was wonderful with the students and as parents we have great respect for her leadership. Now that she is gone we have concerns about the change not only in leadership but in philosophy and do not feel comfortable keeping our children there any longer.
8/22/2008parentThe problems with Solon started with the current administration. As a parent the director drags you in circles with no clear answers to any of your questions. The curriculum is substandard when compared with that of neighboring schools. Test scores are down. The small class sizes are now no more as they are getting rid of staff meaning class sizes are similar if not larger than those in a public school setting. Discipline is another issue with students getting chance after chance endangering the safety and learning of others.
7/22/2008parentSolon Junior Academy has been revitalized under Mrs. Thorpe's leadership. The curriculum has been updated, student behavior has improved greatly, the uniform policy is enforced, parental involvement has increased and everyone is welcomed, there is now a culture of excellence and accountability, the staff is certified and very professional. I highly recommend this school if you want peace of mind in the knowledge that you are providing your child with the best education and are willing invest your time and energy to be a part of it!
7/10/2008parentHorrible, horrible, horrible. This school has went from being one of the best to one of the worst in the valley. My son was at Solon during Mr. Sieling s reign and the academics were rigorous and after school activities plentiful. No more, we were told no extended care this year and dance a joke. My child did not get the math curriculum till October. And let s not get started on how impossible it is to talk to the principal, leave messages and emails good luck. You will have to corner Mrs. Thorpe in the school to get an answer. Do yourself and child a favor find a different school.
1/25/2008parentI have been very happy with this charter school. The teachers are phenominal. My daughter loves her kindergarten teacher so much that she hates summer and winter break! She learned to read 2 months after enrollment and had no preschool education. The educations is very advanced. The student to teacher rate is low and the principle is compassionate and very involved.
10/15/2007parentSolon Academy's principal just up and left last year with no prior notice, which was very unprofessional. Fortunately the new principal Mrs. Thorpe is wonderful. I have met with her a few times and she is always available and receptive to my ideas for my child's education. My child is very happy there. The emotional environment is wonderful and the academics are good, too. I like the new Saxon Math program, the PE program, the art teacher, and the science club. My daughter is also in scouts which meets after school. When she was out sick for 3 days, the teacher had the class write get well cards for her to send home with her homework. When she broke her arm, Miss Deb, the admin, called to find out how she was doing. I can't say enough good things about this special school.
8/4/2007parentWe were a part of SJA for 2 years - RUN! Fast! Not a good learning environment for ANY child. I can't belive this school is still open. With so many options out there, I urge you to keep looking! Parent involvement? NOT! Parents are not involved and those that WERE are now at other schools.
12/19/2006parentMy daughter has attended Solon Junior Academy since kindergarten. She is now in 2nd grade and we are at our wits end with this school. Every year she has at least 2 teachers, of low quality mind you. They cannot keep or even hire quality teachers to work here, every teacher quits mid-year it seems. And their after-school program is a joke. The only reason she has even remained as long as she has is that the before and after care program is more affordable. But we cannot put value above our childs education and are going to pull her out at Christmas break to attend a better public school. I advise all parents considering Solon Junior Academy to think twice before enrolling your student in this school.
11/18/2006parentOur first year at Solon was outstanding. The Kindergarten teacher was amazing. Our child had improved test scores by the end of the years. The principle and several favorite teachers have recently left the school. The amount of homework compared to what is done in the classroom seems disproportionate. We are watching to see if things improve.
7/12/2006parentAs a parent of two students with IEP's I feel that this school has given both of my children an opportunity to succeed. My daughter has achieved well in MRS. UDA's class and can do Kindergarten math while in Pre-K, she was more than ready for this years Kindergarten. My son has shown great improvement in behavior and academics in the last three years that he has been at this school. I am looking forward to another wonderful year at the Junior Academy.
12/13/2005parentWe are very unhappy with this school. There is no participation from the teachers at the PTA meetings, poor supervision for before & after care and the administration communicates poorly with the parents.
11/2/2005parentThis is our first year at Solon Junior academy and I have a son in Pre-K and daugther in K. I have to say that I have been very impressed with the Pre-K teacher Mrs. Uda she is absolutely amazing with the kids. My son has learned so much in the last couple months that I am confident that he will be ahead when he starts kindergarten next year. My kids also love the music, art and Spanish programs offered as part of the curriculum. Parent involvement is also welcomed and the PTA tries to keep everyone involved. I would definitely recommend the Pre-k program to everyone and will see how my daughter does in K.
7/5/2005parentMy oldest daughter went to this school for her Kindergarten year, but we had to move after that. We have not been as happy since leaving Solon. I am in the process of seeing how we can work it out so that both of my kids can go back to Solon. The only complaint I had when she went was that they needed more extracurricular activities.
6/19/2005parentThis School Is great. My son has a I.E.P. Plan and the teachers went out of thier way to make sure he was getting all the help he needed.
7/28/2004parentDisappointed that there is no music program and the computers that are mentioned on greatnet are not used.
7/22/2004parentMy Child attended Solon for one year. I was very impressed with the teaching and office staff. The teachers are committed to the children's educational success and the direct instruction is a good method for most students. Special Ed. Dept was extremly accomodating. If parent involvement is important to your family, known that you will not find it at Solon. A handful of wonderfully dedicated and overworked parents participate in supporting the school and it ends there. You can count the number of parent attendees at the PTA meetings on one hand. These meetings were held at night with babysitting offered. I would recommend the school for academics only, there are no music programs, no sports, and no clubs offered at the Junior Academy.
7/12/2004parentThis school does direct instruction, and has a good reading program. However, I am looking at a different school for my child because I want a school that more strongly emphasizes the basic academics.
5/31/2004parentThis school needs to have extracurricular activities, sports are important for kid growth. Also, more days in the school year or a summer school program.
5/27/2004parentMy children love attending Solon Junior Academy! Mr. Sieling is wonderful with all of the children! My twin boys are very excited about attending kindergarten at the same school with their older brother in August and write notes to their teacher for next year all of the time. I love volunteering in the classroom because it lets me see the day to day workings of what goes on behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly in the classroom each day! I really must salute everyone there! All in all, my children love Solon and I will have all 5 of my children attending Solon in August! The staff really love the children as if they were their own. I feel very blessed knowing that my children are as well taken care of as they are on a day to day basis while at school! Sincerely, Kris Denfip
5/6/2004parentMy children have attended SJA since the inception of the school and we love it. They have made great strides academically and socially. The class sizes are small and the teachers get to know each student individually. I would strongly recommend this school to anyone.
9/8/2003parentMy son has been attending the Junior Academy for two years now, starting from kindergarten. Prior to him starting kindergarten, I was very stressed out with the fact that he would be disruptive, unwilling to learn and a handful in the classroom. Traditional preschools did not offer a defined schedule or curriculum and I feared for his educational well being. Well, for the first 6 weeks, he was out of control. His teacher, Mrs. Michelle Lulf, was amazing with him. She worked with him on a day to day basis, and together, he has really excelled. This school offers more one on one teaching, low student teacher ratio, and is academically enhanced. My son has become a totally different person and I owe this all to them. He has learned to appreciate school, and is so much more advanced compared to students his age attending public schools. I highly recommend this school, more importantly, I highly recommend the teachers. They sculpt these children into students worthy to attend such a fine academy.
5/30/2003 I am very satisfied with the curriculum at this school. The academic standards are unprecedented! The only complaints I have are there are no extracurricular activities! And the school operations are a bit unorganized. But for the most part, it is a good school. The teachers are wonderful! My child has learned a great deal!
5/4/2003 I have two children in the Solon Schools - 1 at the Jr Academy and 1 at the Sr. Academy. In the three years that the school has been in place, they have had three Directors (principals) at the Jr Academy and at the Senior Academy (which is only two years old) they have had two directors. The teachers also turn each year - mostly at the Jr level - With the current staffing at both schools, should the teachers return for another year, the schools may just have the winning formula - The curriculum is bar none one of the best that I have experienced - Direct Instruction - the mothodology of teaching is the way to go-each student can work and excel at their pace - I recommend this school - As a working family, we utilize the before and after school program. These schools are definately a check-out!
4/29/2003 The teachers and staff are great. I think a liitle more one-on-one is needed for students who need it. Example: My child is shy, but is very smart when it comes to home work. Maybe a little one-on-one, or other activities is needed to help her., as well as others.
10/15/2002 I love this school. We have been going here for three years. It's improved tremendously over that time. I definitely recommend checking out this school. The Sr. Academy is the best!!!!!

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