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Maricopa Elementary School - Maricopa, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Maricopa Elementary School45012 W. Honeycutt Ave.
Maricopa, AZ 85239
(520) 568-6101K-5PinalpublicMaricopa Unified School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic39.02912008
Black, non-Hispanic7.184472008
American Indian/Alaskan Native15.92232008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Bonnie Gibson2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/29/2012parentNow that Reese is leaving and morale will be better next year and those of you who keep your kids there will hopefully see them come home happier because they aren't so bored anymore - simple things like recess and creativity may get be part of the school day again.
1/12/2012teacherI am new to this school and therefore can only speak to what I've seen for the past few months. Reading the previous reviews I was struck by the thought "what a difference a year can make!" I am happy to report that I have seen teachers who are passionate about their profession, teachers who display professionalism and dedication, and teachers who really care about the success of each student. The character traits that are being taught to the students are modeled by the teachers. I'm excited that parent involvement is on the rise and am even more excited to be part of the positive changes that are taking place with the overall culture of the school. But don't just take my word for it, get involved, take part, and facilitate the advancement of our students and community and you'll be able to see for yourselves!
9/1/2011parentDO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL. My son went to this school and they lost him. Didn't call me and tell until he was missing for over 30 minutes. So of the teacher are good at this school but how the school in ran makes this school a bad school. So if your child safety is important to you don't send them to this school. If I could give them no stars I would!!!!
8/3/2011teacherThere is misinformation that I need to make sure gets corrected. I am a teacher at this school and our scores did not go down. I am not sure where this parent got this information from. Indeed our scores were amazing!!!!! For the first time EVER MES made AYP!!! (Adequate Yearly Progress). The sour grapes (teachers) that were keeping our climate down, are finally gone and it already feels great. For the first time in the 5 years that i have worked here I am PROUD to be a part of this school. I now feel like I belong to a team and I can brag about being a good teacher. GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!!
5/11/2011teacher Fact#4- Our school has never had a traditional art program; however it is up to each individual teacher to incorporate art into meaningful lessons that are tied in with state standards. My students recently finished creating dioramas that were related to a book that we read, and they loved every minute of it. If you can t be creative and learn to make these art lessons meaningful for students than maybe you need to reevaluate yourself as a teacher and as a parent you need to be asking yourself what am I really sending my students to school for? If you d like to see us in action, just stop by. On May 12th our students will get to watch a play, May 13th we ll be receiving a special visit from a famous author, our Character Counts assembly is on May 18th, Academic awards assembly is May 19th, Talent Show,Water Day is May 23rd log onto an check out the special visit that we had from the FOX Whirlybird!
4/18/2011parentWhat has happened at MES this year? These are some of my observations. Students are not being allowed to socialize @ lunch, very little science /social studies/art instruction, administration openly scolding students in front of their peers. The students/staff appear to be following rules based on fear and intimidation instead of learning to making positive choices. As a parent I feel communication is lacking. I hear of events only through sheer luck, & most of the time after the event. And the latest, rewarding students who did well on a test to have a dress fee day, the students who did not succeed were easily identified by their uniform clothing that day. Isn t this discriminatory? Next year, many parents I know will be moving their children to other schools & districts. They, like me, are witnessing a change in culture on this campus, one that is not favorable. Warm, caring & loving teachers are leaving because they too are unhappy, this is a travesty.
4/13/2011teacherI am proud to be a teacher at Maricopa Elementary School. Our teachers and administration have been working long hours to strengthen our test scores. We have been zealous in implementing a character program. We are using data to drive our instruction. Our scores are improving and we celebrate our success!
4/12/2011parentMy wife and I enrolled our son in MES to support our local school. And this year has been eye opening, the school really has some challenges and obstacles to tackle. We have been actively involved in his education with volunteering 1 to 2 times per week. And although we do not agree with everything going on at the school, we can attest that our child has grown this year with math and reading comprehension. We are encouraged that with continued participation, that our son's education will blossom, and we will continue to help with anything we can.
4/9/2011teacherOur elementary school has indeed had many changes this year however they were necessary changes. We were not meeting our adequate yearly progress. So do we continue on with what was obviously NOT working? I think NOT!! Character Counts has been thoroughly implemented and our students are embracing it! Our building has been transformed and is now inviting and clearly exemplifies what we say in our pledge each and every day -- We are MES building character for success!!! We are motivied by our leadership each day. For each and every negative post or comment out there there are at least 10 positive ones to replace it. However in these times it seems that the naysayers are the only ones being heard because that's what the media focuses on. Our students are making progress and we are moving forward in the right direction. It takes time and dedication and we are doing it. If we would stop the negativity and really focus on the positives we could really move mountains. I am proud to be a part of MES and absolutely thrilled with the changes that have been made!!!!!! Keep up the hard work MES staff. WE CAN DO IT!!!
4/8/2011teacherYes, it is true that there have many changes this school year (2010-2011), but the district would not have made these changes if they were not necessary. If you have done your research, you would know that prior to this school year, our scores were in the dump. The admin that was brought in, by committee, sees the weaknesses that are here, and have taken them out. The students are learning, they are engaged. No, there is no art, but we have never had an art program as the other schools in the district have. Yes, I do believe that is wrong to be sending kids to middle school not knowing their primary colors, but in order to keep our school out of corrective action, there are steps that had to be made by admin. I do believe both of the administrators who were brought in are very qualified for the job, both of whom have been in education for over ten years each, and held assistant principal ships in the past. They are not nice, but in this situation, I wouldn't be either. Their reputations are on the line, and they know what needs to be done in order to succeed.
4/8/2011teacherThe few negatives from this year is just that, a few. There are so many more positive parents, teachers and staff members this year than last year. We have lost awesome teachers in the past four years because of lack of follow through with discipline, now that is not a problem. I applaud all of my fellow staff members for their hard work. I realize that our careers will carry us to new schools next year, bu the hard work this year has shown through in our scores, and parent involvement.
4/5/2011parentMy child has been attending MES since Kindergarten and has loved every minute up until this year. With all of the changes that have been made, most have been negative due to the administration's lack of experience. They bully their staff and their students and instead of running the school like a team and working together, they are running the morale straight into the ground. My child no longer wants to attend MES and is willing to leave behind all of his/her friends because of what is going on. Not to mention that the school is going to lose a lot of really GREAT teachers because they didn't "conform" to what the gustapo feels is the "right way" to teach.
8/1/2010parentThat is funny, the parents in this review mention that the PTO was a joke. Really? Not having my kids start there until this year. I have one quesiton to them. Were you even involved? Did you do any thing for the school? or better yet to the kids that went to that school during 2007 or 2008? If not please don't make comments here saying the PTO was a Joke, when I'm sure they tried their best with or "without" any parent involvement. PTO should be about the KIDS and not about the ADULTS ego. Which it sounds like from you. So instead of making comments maybe you should have helped MORE. Keep up the good work MES and the PTO, Future parent of MES
11/7/2008parentThis school is getting way better then when it started. Both my kids are in the 4th grade and have been on honor roll and perfect attendance because they are motivated to go to school. There skill levels in all classes meet that of other schools in the Kyrene district and Southern California.
7/31/2008parentThis school is horrible run dont walk somewhere else if you value your childs safety and education! The PTO is a complete joke my children have attended since the school re-opened in the new facility I hoped it was going to mark some major difference with the new principal and new staff but was sorely wrong. If you truely value your childs safey and education you will go elsewhere
6/18/2007parentPlease do not send your child to this school. It is the worst school ever. My daughter who was in 2nd grade there this year, learned nothing. She is advanced due to coming from the Kyrene District so this school was really a joke. The teachers are horrible! The school activities are minimal at the most. The worst thing about this school is lack of parent involvement and the worst PTO ever! The school was also under-performing this year.
12/14/2005parentI feel that the quality of the entire school is substandard. The primary focus is on math and reading - everyday, all day. My child is in second grade and has only done three art projects, two science projects, and two history projects in an entire semester. They alternate one activity each week doing PE, library, and computers.
10/15/2004parentNeely Traditional Campus in Gilbert is one of the best schools around. The staff all really appear to enjoy their jobs and the children enjoy being there. I would recommend taking the extra step to transport your child to this location for school if you can.
9/1/2004parentThis school district seems to be living in the past and not wanting to grow. I feel that the ciriculum is behind and that the school board is more intrested in money.
4/9/2004parentDiscipline seems to be lacking from the administrative level. The school has good academic programs in place.
2/10/2004parentI really like the school. Unfortunately my son's teacher has changed twice in one school year. Of no fault to the school. It is just hard for my son to adjust to so many changes in one year.
1/13/2004parentIf you have special needs children this is the place for them to learn and grow. I am blessed with two children with two different special needs. This school has been able to incorporate both disabilitys without separating them from the general popluation of 'normal' children. Thank you Mrs. Done for all of your help and understanding you give everyday.
4/2/2003 Discipline on the administrative level needs improvement, but if you can get your kid into Mrs. Sturr's 4th and 5th grade classes, you'll be just fine.
3/30/2003 I think this school needs a lot of improvement. I don't think some of the teachers here know how to teach.
10/15/2002 Maricopa Elementary is a well rounded school working with an incredibly diverse population of children and accomplishing some amazing goals! It is a great place for children to attend school.

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