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Candeo Schools - Peoria, AZ

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Candeo Schools9965 W Calle Lejos
Peoria, AZ 85383
(623) 979-6500K-6Maricopacharter 

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Stephanie Musser, MA. Ed.2013


8/9/2012parentOMG... All the fourth Grade teachers "moved on to other opportunities" this summer. I now see why. Kids actually failed their AIMS tests. How is that possible in a Charter School that prides itself in having an "Excelling" status. The lower grades may offer a great education, but when you get to 3rd and above, monitor your child and teacher closely. After four years they still don't have there stuff together.
4/27/2012parentI just attended the Parent Info Meetings at Basis and asked about the readiness of the Candeo students. To my surprise I was told that they are struggling in Math because Candeo uses Singapore Math and they use Saxon, and that the jump from very little if any homework to the rigorous coursework at Basis has had an impact on the Candeo students success. So now where do I send my student since Candeo did not prepare them to move on to the next level, back to public school? That defeats the purpose of sending them to Candeo to begin with. I hope that the Candeo Administration takes a hard look at themselves and steps it up for the sake of the future students. In the meantime my student will have to struggle to catch up. Thanks for nothing Candeo!
4/17/2012parentThis school is incredible. The staff is so caring and nurturing and they have a great curriculum. So happy to be a part of this school.
3/16/2012parentI want to be careful to not say anything to have my post disappear. 3 years here. Candeo has excellent teachers. I still give the school the lowest rating possible.
3/14/2012parentI can't say enough wonderful things about this school. We have been at this school since the first year they opened. I feel blessed to be a part of this school. One thing I really love is how individualized they make it for each kid. I have seen it with reading groups, spelling words, and math. I think that its a very important part of learning and very helpful for each child. I have never heard of Singapore math until coming to Candeo. Now that my child is older its so neat to see how Sigapore math really works. I love seeing her do mental math problem without writing them down. Its so nice to have to have so many teacher really love what they are doing and how that reflects on my child loving to go to school everyday. I will be honest and say everyone is looking for something different in a school and what works for one person might not work for another. I am so happy to be here and can't say enough wonderful things about this school:)
11/30/2011parentI am shocked.. Shopping around close charter school I had called Candeo school and spoke to administrator whom spoke quit harsh as there is no possible room to be put on a wait list 2012 since the # is already 99 people waiting for kinder next year. I told her bluntly i didn't appreciate her discouragement & that reason for call was a tour of the school. I explained I would NEVER enroll my child into a school that I never toured. The audacity of some people..and lack of professionalism.. shocking, just shocking :(
10/28/2011parentThis is our third year at Candeo and we love it! The teachers have all been excellent and I feel like they really care about my kids. I have a couple of children in the gifted program, which I agree could have a bigger push. However, I feel like they are getting so much more in the regular classroom than what we experienced at a public school that there is not as big of a need for a separate "gifted" class. My kids all love it and come home excited about what they are learning. When learning is fun, it keeps the kids excited and I think that may even be more important that a tough academic curriculum. I feel like there is a good balance of academics and fun.
10/14/2011parentWe are also an Anthem family who drives everyday to a school that our children absolutely love. We realize that there are many schools between our home and Candeo, and we have made the choice to continue sending our children to Candeo for a number of reasons: we feel that our children are getting an excelllent education, are a part of a learning community that accepts, encourages and inspires and that our children are being challenged academically without hindering their natural need to just be kids. There is not a perfect school and not everyone will find their "home" at Candeo. But for this Anthem family, we are behind Candeo 100%.
10/7/2011parentThis is our third year at Candeo and we are very pleased with it. We drive from Anthem everyday because it is worth the extra effort to have my children at a school where they are safe, loved, and learning everyday. We have tried several public and charter schools in North Phoenix and were disappointed with many of them. Candeo does not have as challenging of a curriculum as some other charter schools (and not as much homework), but my children are learning every second of every day and they learn at a mastery level in every subject. Their homework is meaningful and not just busy work. They excel because the teachers truly do use a variety of strategies to reach all learning styles. One of my children is a very tactile/kinesthetic learner. I worried about him in a typical classroom, but Candeo has reached his learning style beautifully since Kindergarten. However, they have also been able to keep my very gifted, audio/visual learner engaged as well. I feel they could do more with their gifted program, but overall, we have been VERY pleased with our experiences at Candeo.
10/6/2011parentThis is our third year at Candeo and we are extremely pleased! I love that parent volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. It truly is a community where they take the time to know the entire family. My children are challenged and nutured! While no school can be all things to all students, this is truly the best choice for our family.
10/3/2011otherDid you know that Candeo Schools has had two complaints and one lawsuit filed against it in the last two years? The Peoria USD is making great progress at increasing the opportunities available to its students, as noted in the 9/17 post, you may want to check out the new programs they are offering before making a decision about where to send your student.
10/3/2011parentI was reading through some of the reviews and agree that the content and teachers are awesome. I found that my student was not being challenged though. Although the curriculum is said to be rigorous my student never had more than 15 minutes of homework a night, I was disappointed. I am trying to prepare my student for the middle/high school years. Now I am hearing from parents that have moved on to feeder schools that the students are not prepared for the real rigor they face and are struggling. The whole point of putting my student in Candeo was to be held to a higher standard and prepare them for the next level. That has not happened. :(
9/17/2011parentI am ready to give up on Candeo! I am tired of the lip service I get from the administration. I just visited the new Traditional School that the Peoria district just opened around the corner from our campus. I was very impressed with what I found. I found it to be everything I ever wanted Candeo to be and much, much more. The students in their uniforms seemed very happy to be there. I spend a long time talking to one of the teachers after school. She said their school has a rigorous curriculum that includes Singapore math. What impressed me the most was when she showed me the student code of conduct. They are very serious about teaching the whole child. She said that bullying, teasing and sarcasm are not tolerated at all. She said children are taught about manners and courtesy daily. She said parents are true partners in their mission. It does have a private school feel but she assured me that it is a Peoria district school and it is totally free. When I was leaving a young student held the door open for me and smiled as she said to have a nice day. It seemed so organized. I am enrolling my daughter on Monday.
9/3/2011parentCandeo Peoria is a great example of a school that focuses heavily on the needs of the child. It is a small school with a mission to educate our children using methods I have not seen at any other school. These methods (love & logic, core knowledge, singapore math) may not fit EVERY child. I would think that being told that a child may not "fit" the curriculum and should not attend is far better than allowing a child to either be shoved into a curriculum they may fail in -or- a school altering their curriculum to the general population. That is what public schools are for! I also do not feel that sports is needed as part of a curriculum. There are plenty of city & local private alternatives for parents to enroll their children in. As long as the school provides a physical education program (and Candeo does) I actually prefer to enroll my children in local sports & activities through the city or private organizations. And for all the "Armchair Principals/Directors" out there, understand that this is a school in its fourth year with a fraction of the funding that local public schools receive. Once people get past their selfish expectations they will realize this is a great school!
8/22/2011parentWe wanted to thank the staff, new PTO, and parent volunteers for the amazing new year! Thanks to everyone pulling together positively and proactively we are looking forward to a safe and smooth pickup and drop off routine. We are greeted with a smile at the gate or in the office every day. After 3 years, we are still privileged to have the right teacher at the right time and doing the job they can do best in place every year as a result of excellent hiring and placement. While the academics are top-notch- we even have French beginning this year for K-3!- our school COMMUNITY is what makes the LONG drive worth the investment every day. If we could be there every day to participate in all that is happening this year (and there is a ton), we would do so. For now, we settle for knowing our child has the best fit we could find within 50 miles of our home. And look forward to the day our youngest can attend this amazing place of learning. Thank you, Candeo! Brilliance begets brilliance:)
8/18/2011parentI must say I'm shocked at the negativity in some of these reviews. Our two youngest sons have attended Candeo since the middle of the first year Candeo opened. We drive 30 minutes from Surprise for our children to attend this school. As a self professed "school snob" ... our expectation bar was set very high as our oldest son began his education at the best private school in Las Vegas (The Meadows School.) Moving to AZ was quite eye opening about and we have been through a few private and charter schools here and hands down Candeo is the BEST. Not only are our boys receiving a phenomenal education, they are spending the bulk of their waking hours in a loving, nurturing environment. We are not "one of the masses" at this school, rather we are greeted by name by all of the staff and faculty. Last year our 3rd grader was beyond lucky to be in the classroom of Michelle Hudak, AZ Charter School Teacher of the Year. Of course there are going to be kinks to work out in every school new or old...but how many schools out there receive an "Excelling" ranking their first year and have a waiting list long enough to fill another school? We love love love Candeo!!!
8/15/2011parentThanks to those who are willing to post their comments here and on other websites like candeopeoria changes are finally happening at Candeo. It took three years and lots of complaints for them to make a change. Let's hope it is for the better. For those looking for a quality school with programs for the gifted and those that need extra support, wait a few years before trying this school. They still have a lot of work to do. Thanks again to those parents willing to stand up for what they believe in, without you the changes would never have come.
8/15/2011parentThis school has potential with a solid curriculum and great teachers but the turnover in staff and constant changes says much about the leadership. For it being in it's fourth year, there is still so much lacking. Charter schools can be wonderful but for all of the extra you pay to attend, you expect the school to have their act together.
7/29/2011parentLots of changes this school year... Lets hope they can pull the teachers and administration together. The constant turn over of staff and teachers makes it hard to have a cohesive program that allows for student growth.
6/17/2011parentCandeo has some great teachers, but they are unable to be stellar at there jobs because there hands are tied by a poor director. Get rid of the director and Candeo could have a great future. They are working through the growing pains of a new school, but have a few years to go before they are a really good school.
5/23/2011parentThis was our third year at Candeo. I have to admit the front office has some major wrinkles to iron out. The education my children are getting here are better than what they would get at the local district schools. I talk to neighbors and friends with kids in our district schools, and they're not challenged at all. I see the work (math included) my child's friend is doing at our neighborhood school in 2nd grade. They are two grades behind where Candeo is. The lack of parking and playground really doesn't bother me. If I had a child with a learning disability I would go to a district school, they have better funding for that. There are positives and negatives to every school. In my opinion the education is worth staying here.
5/22/2011parentMy child will be entering third grade next year and started kindergarten at Candeo in its first year of operation. Alot of these reviews are tough to read. Candeo has some very amazing teachers who go above and beyond for these kids everyday. I volunteer on a regular basis and see the dedication firsthand. Maybe they do not have the largest playground or the best parking and the line at pick up is long and frustrating but you had to have known these things when you chose this school. My child has learned so many amazing things and he loves this school. He is comfortable there and everyone knows our family and we feel a great sense of community. Maybe the administration is lacking in alot of areas but the educational content is not. My child is challenged every day and that is what is important to us.
5/21/2011parentMy child attended two years at this school. And here is my feedback. 1. After two years of Singapore math, my child is playing catch-up to the Peoria School District math program. 2. Class sizes were not smaller at Candeo vs. the Peoria School District. 3. There is no qualified teachers for children with disabilities or that are gifted. 4. NO PARKING. Brilliant! Do your child a favor and stay far away from this school. There are many PSD schools that EXCEL and do it while following State and Federal requirements.
5/19/2011parentThe teachers, parents and students at Candeo are outstanding! Our children love this school and are learning a lot. The ED of the school has great vision and deserves praise for successfully opening a public charter school during an economic downturn. Hopefully, the finances are solid and Candeo will continue to thrive as an excelling school. The ED hires well and greets the students every morning with a hug. The only thing we feel that is missing is a principal or an administrator in a leadership role who can navigate through parent concerns without coming from a place of insecurity, defensiveness and control. Currently, when concerns are expressed that challenge school policy, questions are raised about the specialized academic programs or concerns are shared about the way classroom situations are handled, the typical response is "If you don't like it leave. We can fill your spot with a child on the wait list or a teacher who wants a job." This attitude only alienates parents and teachers and creates unhealthy relationships at school. Again, we love Candeo. It's a great public charter school. We know that in time these "growing pains" will be worked out.
5/9/2011principalHello, wonderful Candeo community. It is my pleasure to be able to respond to any comment on this site for the benefit of our readers. We, like any school should, appreciate constructive feedback and thrive on the opportunity to improve and love to hear of our successes. We mainly do this internally, but this site offers some access to limited perspectives, for good and for bad. For those investigating schools for a possible fit, I invite you to come visit our school and contact members of our community for answers to your questions. This site represents only a limited portion of Candeo experiences and are usually incited by specific instances that are not generalized or do not, of course, contain all the information needed to make an informed determination of our school. Thank you for your readership. I look forward to hearing from you.
4/27/2011parentUnfortunately I have found I can get the same quality education at my local public school with the added benefits of a playground, sports program, music program and gifted program. The school has some great teachers that are wonderful! As long as you don't have to deal with the administration (director) you will like Candeo. If you have a child that is gifted or requires special attention (like mine) this is NOT the school for you, and you will be told so by the director if you confront her. I was a very involved parent and I made the choice to leave. I believe it was the best choice for my child's academic success.
4/13/2011parentI am so happy this year! Last year my child was at Pinnacle Pointe Academy and I had alot of problems with the Principal being wishy-washy with inappropriate behaviors. This year my child had a wonderful learning year at Candeo! Thank God, the 1st grade grade teacher knows how to deal with behavior problems ! I just can't say enought about this wonderful school!
4/13/2011otherFeb 5ths post was most likely posted by a staff member of the school. I agree with Oct 18th statements. The teachers are the back bone of this school and are magnificent! I cant say that it is the administration that is at fault but the leader. Until she puts some in her position that has a business/management background the staff, students, and volunteers will continue to turn. As far as a waiting list that will change quickly several other great schools have open since Candeo started. I give 10 stars to the staff and 5 for putting a great program together but a -10 to the leadership.
4/12/2011parentI grew up on the East Coast and lived in an area where the public schools were very good. When we moved to AZ and I learned that the state is 50th in school funding I realized I needed to be careful about where my children went to school. We are extremely happy with Candeo. We've have excellent teachers that challenge my children. We've also had great experiences with the other families at Candeo. I think because you have to make an effort to drive your kids back & forth and because of the amount of volunteering that is standard the children who attend Candeo come from families who place a priority on quality education. This allows the teachers to set high expectations and challenge the kids. When I talk with my friends and family back East about what my kids are learning - at the schools that I was trying to make sure our AZ school lived up to - I repeatedly hear surprise at the depth of information that is being taught. Most importantly, my kids enjoy school so they come home and share details of what they learned almost daily!
2/5/2011parentMy son loves going to school everyday. The teachers are highly qualified, implement a challenging and research-backed Core Knowledge curriculum flawlessly, and are supported daily by a principal who is dedicated the school's mission of nurturing in and every child. I have spoken with multiple teachers who feel the environment created by the principal is what makes Candeo so successful and why there is a waiting list of 400 students.
1/25/2011parentThe main reason I chose this school was how they picked their curriculum. But I was impressed but all the other aspects of the school: Peaceful Playgrounds, Love and Logic discipline, uniforms, healthy lunches and above all the teachers. I have yet to be disappointed with this school in almost three years.
10/18/2010parentI agree with many of the other posts. The teachers are the ONLY reason this school gets any stars. All of the teachers we've interacted with are terrific. It is very sad to see that they pick up so much of the slack which the administration leaves behind. So many teachers seem to get burnt out which is why we believe the turnover rate is so high. There is a complete failure on the part of the administration in terms of communication and effective management. This could be a great school if it only had solid leadership. It seems like while the administration is open to listening and receptive to feedback, there is little to no follow through.
9/10/2010parentWow!!! This is our first year at Candeo and I am more than impressed w/ Administration, teachers and parent involvement... My son loves his teachers and enjoys getting up everyday to go to school. Administration and teachers have been nothing but professional and understanding of my concerns... LOVE CANDEO :)
8/26/2010parentThank goodness our girls go hear now. We were used to our girls teaching the classes at other schools, it's a joy to actually have them learn something new. Latin is a gateway language and they have other languages offered in the afternoon. I love the Principal &I know she truly loves each and every person in the school.
8/12/2010parentWOW, I am a little shocked at some of the reviews that I have read. I think some reviews are due to personal issues that have occured and not on what Candeo stands for as a whole. There is something to be said when your child skips to school in the morning with a smile on her face and greets you at pick up the same. More importantly, the wealth of knowledge I hear the entire drive home that makes it even more clear that we made the right choice . My child is in her 2nd year at Candeo and my husband and I are more than impressed with the curriculum, teachers and the administration. I have always had a very positive experience whether it was volunteering, walking into the office or with anyone that I come across. We LOVE Candeo! And you will too!
8/10/2010parentI think Candeo has one of the most incredible gifted programs in all of the state! The gifted program there no only met all of my expcetations ... it exceeded them. As expected her strenghts were made stronger but the expansion of her areas where she wasn't naturally "gifted" is what amazed me about the program. Not everyone can participate in the gifted're child must pass the test that is given about mid-year. The teaching staff and administration are the best, my child is in the top percentiles in the country is all academic areas and she is HAPPY! What more could I ask for as a parent!
8/9/2010parentJust an update for those people on the fence and basing their judgement on the lack of parking and no sports field. The lot to the West of the school is now being converted into a sports field and parking, scheduled to be complete by Fall Break 2010.
8/9/2010parentGreat school! My children are challenged and also happy. The teachers are encouraging, supportive, and approachable. The principal is very friendly and truly cares about the students. We love Candeo!
7/29/2010parentThis is a good school for those who fit under the bell curve. If your child is gifted or has any special needs challenges, it is an uphill battle all the way. This is not just my experience but also that of several parents with whom I have spoken to about this. We have tried very hard to work with the administrator and teachers to try and create a diffrentiated program for our child but to no avail. It a lot of talk and no action. I would say it is an absolute joke but my child's education is not a joke. My chil's love of learning has progressively declined. We have resulted to doing more stimulating educational programs after school and on the weekends. I dislike this because that is what school is for. After school time should be for other activities (outside of homework).
7/28/2010parentCandeo is a very good example of needing to look beyond the surface. Most people focus on the curriculum and the teachers, some focus on the parent groups. But what you really should be looking at here is the administration...the director and the out-sourced business manager. The "slight" front office changes one review mentioned were not so slight. Teachers, specialists, managers, support staff, even lunch room staff has all changed...and not for the better. Beloved Candeo staff is gone and I would say it most definately affects the way the school operates. Even my children felt and noticed the disruptions. But investigate for yourself. Look around, ask questions (but not at board meetings, parents are not welcome) and you"ll see that Candeo's perfection is a facade.
7/28/2010parentIf I had to sum Candeo up in one sentence, it would have the idea that they make a lot of promises and rarely follow through. The gifted programming continually got less effective from the first year through their second year. They have some excellent teachers, especially the 3rd grade team, but they have some real mediocre teachers who fail to control their classrooms. Core Knowledge and Singapore Math are excellent curriculums. However, a little research will help you find other schools offering them. If you're looking for real gifted education, I suggest you look elsewhere.
7/28/2010parentDon't listen to the bitter parent reviews. Candeo is a wonderful school, great staff and caring involved parents. Just because it isn't a good fit for you, doesn't mean this school doesn't put others to shame! Yes they are having some growing pains, but are addressing each issue as it arises. My son is entering 1st grade this year. He could name the presidents on Mt. Rushmore at the end of last year, Can You? His art teacher is an artist with professional representation...what other schools can offer that. Many staff have their Masters. Don't pick this school if you don't have intent or time to be actively involved in your child's education. Volunteering is considered customary. I will say that the principal is a lot of talk and no action, there is little parking, no sports field, and she back peddles from comments previously made. POLITICS of School People!
5/28/2010parentI am a mother of two children who just finished their first year at Candeo. Both of my children were straight A students coming from district public schools. However, I knew that they weren't being challenged. The move I made to Candeo was absolutely the right move for our family. I think what I love most about Candeo is that my children come home every day and talk about what they are learning. Though neither of them are straight A students here because of the academic rigor, they have something better than As...they have passion for learning. The teaching staff works hard to ensure that not only are the students learning, but that learning in and of itself is meaningful. Imagine...a passionate, self directed learner as early as 3rd grade. I didn't think that places like Candeo existed in AZ. How lucky for us!
5/21/2010parentWe have finished our first year at Candeo. The entire year has been a positive experience for our family. The curriculum is wonderful offering Core Knowledge and Singapore Math. The school is awesome on communicating with parents and always looking for ways to improve the school. There has been a slight change to the front office staff but nothing major that would effect how the school is managed. I have never known of a school that doesn't make changes every year. Yes, the PTO has various events throughout the year to help raise money for the school, but what school doesn't do that. Yes, parents have to pay for consumable fees, which varies based on grade. Regardless where kids attend school items will need to be purchased. I feel at Candeo my child is getting a private education without the high cost of a tuition plus the cost of books.
5/17/2010parentI am very disappointed in the administration of Candeo. It's a shame because for the most part the teachers are great and they really care about the kids. There is no playground/field for the kids....they have to share a very small area. Money was given for a field, but no field is on the horizon. It's a shame. The front office staff has changed so much and things are not very consistent. Also, be prepared to open up your wallet/checkbook for every little thing!! They charge $35 for a pack of books that the students will read during the year and then they don't even get to keep them. So why do we have to pay for them??? Seems a little sketchy to me.....
5/16/2010parentWe are finishing up our second year at Candeo and cannot say enough good things about this school. Having experienced an "excelling" AZ public school and seeing our gifted son's love of learning be squashed down by the teacher, we found Candeo after a year of homeschooling. Both of our children have thrived in the Candeo community. The staff and teachers are incredibly caring and the curriculum & instruction are challenging enough to keep our gifted 3rd grader learning and engaged. I truly do not understand the negative comments that have been left except to say that not every learning environment is right for each child and no school is perfect. Candeo is a new school that has suffered some growing pains but the staff and administration has consistently kept the students as their focus during this time.
5/5/2010parentI had trouble assigning a rating. When it says 'below average,' what are you comparing it to? Other horrible AZ schools, or the ideal school? An accurate rating would be 'Average -- no better or worse than any of the other awful alternatives here in AZ.' But I settled on unsatisfactory, because it is not a satisfactory choice, in my opinion. My kids deserve better. I had caring teachers and loved the Core Knowledge. The school is brand new, so it is clean, but inadequate (no playground, no parking, etc.) Ultimately, the school was unable to offer sufficient differentiation for accelerated learning (which had been promised) and the staff turnover and leadership is abysmal. We have met some wonderful teachers and families, but have decided to move on and keep looking for academic quality.
4/30/2010parentCandeo School is a great school! I love the teachers and the Core Knowledge curriculum . Having been involved with other schools I am very impressed with how clean and well maintained the school is. That speaks of the high calibur of people who work at Candeo on every level.
4/27/2010parentThere is way too much turnover in the staff and administration at this school. I pulled my child out because they could not cover the math topics in full for the year. Other children are half a year behind and have to go to summer school. I've noticed a lack of solid leadership from the admin department.
4/7/2010parentI am very surprised with the number of negative reviews about this school. While no school is perfect, especailly in AZ, it amazes me how many people are willing to critize without knowing all the facts. Yes, there are problems with pick up but it's not the schools fault in it's design. City of Peoria had told them, the parking lot had to be that way. The teachers are wonderful and very understanding and easy to talk with. If you are not happy, talk to your child's teacher and let them know of your concerns. You need to work with them and not against them. I too am disappointed they do not have a gifted program and a Latin program. However, compared to my other choices of where to send my children, so far Candeo is th best unless I want to pay for private school.
3/12/2010parentThe core knowlege in good in theory, but my child did not learn how to tell time or the value of money. Glad we moved on...
3/10/2010parentWe have had a fabulous experience at Candeo this year! The teachers have been wonderful and very supportive. They have ample opportunities for parent involvement and they really seem to care about my kids. I highly recommend this school to anyone! The Core Knowledge curriculum is a fabulous curriculum. I've talked to several family members who are educators themselves and they were amazed at the things my kids were learning! Look at the kids standardized test scores.... if the curriculum is so bad as other reviewers have mentioned, the school wouldn't have gotten rated 10 of 10 by
11/12/2009parentDon't fall for the beautiful speeches and presentations as I did. This school does not deliever on what they say they are doing. It was my experience that many of the teachers rarely do anything beyond what is required. The curriculum could be and may some day be wonderful - but with the present administration this school will not succeed. If you do decide to attend open your wallet and close your mouth. You will regularly be harrassed for money, don't question anything or you will be asked to leave. There is no accountability for the actions of the administration. You should also prepare yourself to deal with inconsistent policies and procedures regarding discipline and many others.
10/7/2009parentI am so happy to have found Candeo. The teachers and staff are wonderfully upbeat and happy. You can not walk down a hall without someone smiling and saying hello. The teachers give the kids the personal attention that they need to thrive as successful students and make them happy to be where they are. The curriculum is definitely accelerated, but the kids love what they are learning. I agree with a previous post that Mrs. Hudak is a phenomenal teacher.
10/3/2009parentFabulous curriculum, top notch faculty, loving, caring, calm environment, children are respected and held to high standards. Private school quality tuition free education. We Love Candeo!
9/8/2009parentBeware of Candeo-they have doubled their student population this year, but NOT their campus size. It is apparent that admin nor staff was prepared for the increase. Students are the ones who are suffering. They are literally falling thru the cracks. Also, be sure to check out drop off and pick up lines before you decide to put your child there...not an ordeal to be taken lightly twice a day. The admin is unresponsive at best....
9/7/2009parentExcellent school.... The teachers are incredible and no other curriculum even comes close to the Core Knowledge curriculum. I am floored at the things my second grader has learned since attending this school... and the best part... he loves it! The teachers make learning interactive and interesting and the kids are soaking it all up! There is ample opportunity for parent involvement. Whether it's volunteering in the classroom, helping out at various school events or doing projects at home for their child's class... This school is a blessing...
8/27/2009parentThis school is amazing! My son who is in third grade at Candeo and came from a very strong charter school (he scored in the 98th percentile on the Tera Nova exam last year in 2nd grade) consistantly comments that this is the first time that 'his brain is tired' at the end of the school day. Mrs. Hudak is a wonderful teacher who responds quickly to my questions and concerns. My son is not only loving his new school but is excelling in an environment where he is the focus not how well he does on exams. The staff is happy and really seem to love being at work. There is a strong PTO organization so that parents really feel involved with the school. I am so grateful that we made the switch to this wonderful school!
8/2/2009otherThe school staff tell parents what they think we want to hear, not the truth about what is actually happening. Curriculum is based on what sounds good not on what will benefit the children. This school is all about making things 'look good' and not about educating our children. Sad....
5/27/2009parentAs a parent who has 'experienced' Az public schools, I felt as if I won the 'school lottery' after finding Candeo Peoria! What a great group of people from the exceptional front office staff, brilliant principal, nice lunch ladies to the talented teachers, this school has what everyone else is missing...heart & soul! Not to mention an excelling cirriculum to boot! Never been happier with a school.
5/21/2009parentArizona public schools are some of the worse in the country. Parents have very little to chose from, for a quality education for their children. Candeo is an oasis in a desert of quality schools; we have been very happy sending our child to this school. The front office staff is kind and respectful and 99.9% of the teachers are top quality. The parent/teacher group needs alot of work, but with more parent participation they should improve. If you are looking for a quality education, send your child to Candeo.
4/24/2009parentI have found them to have wondeful teachers and admisistrators that are more than willing to tell you what you want to hear. I have been extremely dissappointed with the lack of discipline and respect on a student to student basis as well as to teachers. We were told that they would have a gifted or excelling programs, which never materialized. I am sure that one day this may become a reality. Based om my child's experience, I would find it very difficult to recommend this school. That is unless your child has has difficulties with acceptable social behavior, then by all mens this would be a great school for you.
3/31/2009parentThis school has been incredible! They teach the Core Knowledge curriculum and my child in the first grade has learned so much! Mrs. Nuzzy and Mrs. Armstrong, the first grade teachers, are amazing teachers. The administration was right on when they chose them to educate our kids. I'm sure the other teachers are just as fabulous! The front office staff are very friendly, always willing to go the extra mile for you. The teachers and staff really care about each of the kids. And the healthy food policy is a stroke of genius. We couldn't be happier about sending our child to Candeo.
3/8/2009parentWe now love this school! It was a bit tough in the begining of the year but now it is a wonderufl place. I have 2 kids that attend here and we love it most of the teacher are great. LOVE IT!

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