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Paradise Education Center - Surprise, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Paradise Education Center15533 W. Paradise Ln.
Surprise, AZ 85374
(623) 975-2646K-12Maricopacharter 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic79.2332008
Black, non-Hispanic5.354562008

School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Patrick Schrader2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/17/2012parentWhat I have found about this school leadership starts from the top and the person who is princple there truly lacks that great quality. Unfortunately my children still attend but looking to putting them in another school. Some teachers, school nurse, other staff members truly lack respect & safety concerns for the student. It seems students are more dollar signs then making sure the student gets the education they need.
9/27/2012parentI waited 2 years to get my daughter in this school and I continue to be VERY impressed by the teacher dedication, hard work and push to ensure each child is doing their best. Prior to this my child was part of a school in the local school district and I can tell you, we are NOT going back to that. This school has a big focus on character education and no bullying. For the first time in a long time my daughter is excited each and every day for school. High standards, very respectful kids and some of the most hard working teachers I have ever seen in a school. Not to mention there are things offered in the music programs I haven't seen anywhere else. Between such a hands on learning environment, field trips that none of the other schools around here do, and constant strive to implement new ways of teaching based on most recent studies, lucky is all I can say for my kiddo to go here. I refuse to join the "wagon" and complain about a school that is out performing many schools in the same area with more to offer.
9/23/2012parent This was a great school ten years ago but not now. It has really gone downhill and fast. Alot of great teachers have left for other schools. My kids attend this school and it did not work for them. I placed my children in another charter school close by and they are at the top of the class and are two grade levels about where they to be. There is a lack of trust and respect and lots of problems as well. Lots of my friends have or are going to be taking their kids out next year. These are kids that are well advnace. This school should be taylored for children with learning problems only No challenge whatsoever.
7/17/2012parentI waited two years for my daughter to be able to attend PEC. She's been there since 2nd grade and there is a world of difference from her prior charter school to PEC in regard to management, staff attitute, organization and communication with parents. I appreciate that the school has high standards and a strong anti-bullying policy. My daughter is now heading into middle school and my son just finished Kindergarten, and both of them have exceeded the standards for their respective age groups and feel challenged and empowered by their teachers and peers. My kids love PEC and I love the warm, friendly atmostphere when you walk on campus and see parents everywhere. This is a school where volunteerism is encouraged and an environment of trust exists between teachers, students and parents. I will not move away from Surprise because of this school and Paradise Honors High School. I understand that people are different and perhaps this school does not fit everyone's needs, but it has certainly been a blessing to me and my family.
6/8/2012parentThe first reason for my low rating is for poor classroom manageme.This school has seen a growth of problomatic children in the last years. In all my years that I have been a teaching.I have never come across so many students who have 504 plans for behavior. The upper grades are filled with students who lack respect and authority. With 180 students in each grade it can be overwhelming for the most seasoned teacher. PEC limits entry into its so called upper grades 6-8th. Their program is an all or nothing. You must be accepted into every honors subject to be considered honors. With only 28 spots available. Straight A's are not a garrentee for acceptance. Most students who meet PEC'S criteria for "Out of the box thinkers" and who verbalize are females. The ratio of boys is 4:24 girls in this one and only honors class. PEC really needs to look at this issue. It's a very unbalance method for choosing gender specific. If you're looking for a challenging Chater school. Look up top 100 charter/ free public schools and you'll see that one AZ charter school in specific in the lead with 2 in the top 5. One is closer than you think and class sizes are limited.
3/24/2012parentEverybody thinks because this school has such a high rating it is soo great :-( , well we enrolled our son into kinderg. and of course payed the 150 bucks right away and got all the uniforms just so that a few months into it we where told that our boy realy is not Paradise E Center material because he will be needing an IEP and he just wont be able to keep up. We where so mad we pulled him out of there.Of course we did not even get a partial refund. So unless you have a gifted or well doing child, i defentetly do not recomend that School.
12/16/2011otherPEC is totally awesome. i remeber moving down to arizona in '08 and i was worried that my school and kids wouldn't fully accept me. This school has made sure that i have awesome frinds and awesome teachers.
10/10/2011parentPEC is an excellent school and my girls love it. The special education program is brilliant. PEC may not be perfect school but they do the best they can to meet the needs of the whole school. I am so glad that my girls are apart of this great school.
10/9/2011teacherStaff and administration work as a team and support each other to facilitate the best possible education and experience for students. The vast majority of students and parents care about education and conduct themselves with integrity and high moral standards.
8/2/2011parentMy kids have been attending PEC as long as it's been opened. It is a great school. My youngest just started kindergarten this year, and I'm more and more impressed every year with the teachers and the staff.
7/13/2011otherThis school is very good. It provides a safe enviroment but i would not recommend this school for children who are excelling, they do not challenge.
4/21/2011parentI took my kid to PEC because I teach in the public school system. I know first hand how much of a mess it is. Over the last year I have seen much of the same behaviors starting to happen at PEC and I am affraid that they are starting to give into the parents.This is the best school around and I hate to see these changes happen. This is a school of choice, with a waiting list to get in, and they need to get rid of the bad behaviors and let some new kids in that are good.
4/20/2011parentWe have 3 kids at PEC and are very happy with the school and staff. PEC has a higher standard for the students behaviors which has created a fun, safe environment for the kids. Big difference in the students when compared to a public school. Parents are involved, children seem to have good values. I'm sure it could be better academically, my kids are straight A students and not being challanged enough. Some teachers are amazing at creating fun,interesting projects and some just focus on test scores. It all depends. Overall, we are all very happy at PEC and we will most likely be putting the kids in their high school. :)
5/17/2010parentWas a great school until a couple of years ago. Scores have been dropping and there are too many students in this school. Principle favor certain parents and lokks down on several children. Not mine at all but I see it done to others
4/26/2010parentMy daughter is excelling. They look at her strong point and weeks points make sure she stays balanced and interested. She loves it there.
3/15/2010studentI LOVE PEC!!!!! It's my first year @ PEC and Im in 6th grade. The learning is great and I cant wait till the Medevil Festival. Each class seems to be like a puzzle and they allfit together. Like last week, we were studying debates and persuasive techniques, every class seemed to have debating incorperated in it! I cant wait until seventh grade! PEC has GREAT school spirit and curriculum!
1/28/2010parent I am a parent of 3 who all attend at PEC. We moved from out of state 2 years ago were the educational standards were set high. My children came out of private schooling. At first out of no choice of our own placed them in the Dysart district. We quickly found this district to be well below the nation and began looking for the best option. We asked around and PEC kept coming up. So far we are happy with the staff, they seem caring and a willingness to listen and work with parents. The only thing that bothers me is that honor program here. Too me it's not challenging enough and I have found that these so called honors classes aren't really honors. They do exactly the same work as the regular classes. I'm also a little dissapointed with some assignments that seem below level work
12/28/2009parentThis school is clearly the best in the Surprise/El Mirage area (and most of Arizona!) Teachers, staff, curriculum, & even the field trips are awesome!! My guess is the parents that are commenting that the school only cares about test scores is that their child doesn't even go to this school, or has never been drawn to get in! In order to be an excelling school, obviously the kids are learning!!! Look at half of the dysart district...most are underperforming or just meeting the standard. This school is right on track & has been planned carefully. No budget cuts, & no taking specials from our kids. They have a specials class everyday rotating PE, spanish, technology, & music.
11/5/2009parentAll this school cares about it test scores. They do not care at all about anything else.
11/3/2009parentWe are thrilled with PEC. The teachers and staff are so attentive and caring that it is actually a joy to drop our child off in the morning, knowing he will learn, have fun, and be championed in the process.
10/8/2009studentIm a student at p.e.c. and I absolutely love it. Im entering 8th grade and I think that this school is all about the kids and nothing else!! Teachers are great!!!!
8/31/2009parentVery large school with caring staff, by my child seems to be getting lost. Too many students per class and not enough adminstrative personnel to properly give each child the attention they need.
8/20/2009parentThis school is one of the best schools in AZ. My boys did exceptional well at this school. I highly recommend it. They would still be here if they offered. High School Football.
8/12/2009parentThis is the best school! The staff is great! The curriculum is perfect! I also love how they get parents involved and incorporate school with home. Because a child's education shouldn't stop when they're not in school.
7/29/2009parentI am a parent of PEC with a 4th and 8th grade students this is our 3th year in here, it was a very good year for both of them. They been in 3 different schools here in Surprise and finally we all were very happy in this school, academically speaking, safety, etc, all teachers were amazing!!
7/28/2009studentI am a student at PEC and absolutely LOVE my school!! I have attended it since kindergarten and am now attending my 8th year at Paradise! The staff is wonderful and I really learn a lot! The students are amazing and are very friendly! :)
5/26/2009parentMy daughter is in Mrs. Barajas' 1st grade class and loves it! We both love her teacher...she goes above and beyond and is very attentive and caring towards the children. My daughter loves going to school everyday and is doing very well. The class is very organized and doing something new and exciting everyday. We couldn't be happier with her progress or her wonderful teacher this year!
1/30/2009parentI have nothing but good things to say about this school. I enjoy the fact that they are able to step outside of the box for their teaching. My son is doing fantastic at this school. They do focus alot on test scores in the higher grade levels, which unfortunatley is how they get their government money to keep this wonderful school open. You will find all schools focus on tests when it is time for those. For heavens sake think back to when you were in school, did you not take practice tests before the actual tests were done? They start at young grade levels helping students who are struggling. They ignore this in public schools. I plan on keeping my child in this school, and putting my younger ones in as well. I recommend this school to anyone!!
1/29/2009otherAll they care about are test scores! The children are not learning, but the scores are high. Anyone can pass a test if coached over and over. Ridiculous!
11/24/2008parentI have three kids here and they take a hands on approach with weekly updates, daily if needed. I highly recomment this school over any of the Dysart District schools.
11/20/2008studentI've been at PEC K-9, planning on being one of the first K-12 to come out. I will say this from a student perspective, as I am one. The staff are very nice, and in 9th grade, they have personality that everyone thrives off of. The classroom is a comfortable learning environment. The teachers may not always explain something right the first time, but they usually find someone who can explain the concept to you better. The students are very...'tight' (for lack of a better word) with each other and the classroom is a community. This is one of the better places to be, not like Dysart schools (where I hear that one of my friends got offered weed three time within the first week of her freshman year. Yikes!) I look forward to the opportunities this school will provide me in my near future.
8/31/2008parentAfter a very traumatic experience at Carden Traditional school due to the poor principal leadership and teacher quality, we are extremely happy at PEC. My son's teacher, Mrs. Hoogervorst, is wonderful and my son is excited to go to school again. Because of her superior teaching ability, she is able to instruct children who are above average like my son as well as children who may need a little more help. No one gets bored and no one is made to feel like a failure, like Carden! That school should be shut down. I am so glad we were able to get into this school. It was the best thing that happened to us.
7/19/2008parentWe have three kids attending Paradise, and we have found it to be an outstanding school for the average to above average learner. We also had a child attend there who has special needs, but found that she was not given the attention or specifically designed instruction that her IEP mandated for all of her classes. The junior high administration was not as supportive as the elementary administration was. However, I can say, sadly, that is typically the way Arizona schools treat our special education students.
5/30/2008parentMy 3rd grader attends Paradise and absolutely loves it. This is her first year there after trying 2 other area schools since we got to AZ in 06. Her teacher is very thorough and involved with the students, she goes way outside of the box in an effort to make learning interesting and fun. My only gripe is that the school has a 'no sibling' policy. As a military family (that doesn't know/trust many people in the area) and a stay at home mom it's very difficult for me to be involved in any of my daughters activities there at the school. To go into the classroom to watch my daughter deliver a 5-7 min presentation requires a sitter. It's ridiculous. I understand field trips and the fact that siblings can be a distraction but to totally ban siblings from any activities at the school is non-sense.
5/17/2008parentMy kids are in 5th and 7th grade and love this school. They have made Honor roll and Principal's list throughout the year. The teachers are outstanding and the school is well organized.
5/12/2008parentMy son is in kindergarten and loves this school. He has an excellent teacher, Mrs.Nowell, and has learned a great deal. It is nice to see that there is still a school that has structure and teaches the importance of self discipline.
4/22/2008parentMy daughter has attended PEC for the last two years. Her first year was in fourth grade. Previously she was enrolled at one of the Dysart Elem schools. She was struggling. We asked for help at the public school and received none. Our first month at PEC my daughter started to recieve the help she needs. This year (5th grade) has been a little more struggle. The teacher does not comunicate well. with the parents. But My daughter still loves the school. I will be keeping my daughter at PEC and looking forward to 6th grade.
12/13/2007parentThis Is one of the BEST schools in the West Valley! We have 4 attending, & we could not be more pleased! All are on Principals Honor Roll,& in advanced classes & are all achieving well beyond their grade levels. I can not even begin to say enough of the staff---ALL are well educated,very caring & nice & always,always on top of things! Can't get any better! This school Is most comparable to that of private schools--- Thank-You to Dr. Schrader, Ms. Butler,Mr. Gonzales & Staff! Now--All just anxiously awaiting a High school!
12/10/2007parentThe school itself is great, but we have had very bad luck with the past 2 teachers we have had. The office staff and aides are great.
10/19/2007parentRegarding comments 1) School not having special needs programs My oldest child started kindergarten fours years above grade level. There is a gifted program, first few years the school focuses on the child being able to function well in a school setting. There are plenty of opportunities for your gifted child and are expanding. There are resources for those who are behind like my youngest child who is now working at grade level 2) Limiting your ability to volunteer to your ability to pay. The school has sent at least 2 notices this year any parent help. Only thing the school requires is if you will be working in the classroom you need to be fingerprinted. That makes sense to me. I love PEC they are a good solid academic school and have a heart for the children otherwise we would be sending our children to private schools.
10/18/2007parentWe love PEC! I have a 1st grader and 6th grader in the school. My 6th grader did not attend PEC previously and came from a top school in Arizona and we have found that the curriculum is very equal. There is alot of homework that needs to be done every night.(6th grade) I think that the agenda the students were told to purchase needs to be used. It should be encouraged that the students use them every day. Only 1 teacher requests they use it. I know there is the web pages, but I don't think that the students should have to use them, it should be for the parents to verfiy what the students are doing. Overall I am very happy with the school and think it is great!
9/26/2007parentThe specials are actually relevant and exceptionally taught. The teachers are strict and the students know it and act accordingly. We're at PEC to stay!
9/22/2007parentI would not recommend this school for a child with special needs. They do not have the programs or resources to help exceptional students(special needs children)succeed. You will receive a better education and experience for your exceptional student in the Dysart District.
9/20/2007parentMy child has only been at Paradise for a couple of months now. I think Paradise may be a shining star when compared to Dysart schools, but is still far behind, academically speaking, when compared to schools in other areas. Even many half-day programs have children learning more. If your child is reading before kindergarten, expect to be disappointed as your child will continue slowly while the others play catch-up. Also, most schools are hurting for volunteers, and children benefit from having parents who are actively involved at their schools, but at Paradise your ability to volunteer is based upon your ability to pay. Also, requesting gifted testing for a child is like pulling teeth, and teachers aren't made aware of the program's availability.
8/31/2007parentI am extremely impressed with this school. Two of my kids have been there for 4 years, and a third will start next year. We are definately and Eagles family. Great Staff and administration. I highly reccomend this school!
8/8/2007parentThis is an awesome school. You get extra help in what's needed and has awesome teachers. Highly recommend this school.
7/24/2007parentMy son has been going to Paradise for two years this will be his 3rd year. His very happy. The teachers are great. I have seen my son progress every year. I really recommend this school to everyone.
4/27/2007parentI love this school! The teachers seem to be great and happy to be there! My son loves it as well. There is a great community atmosphere.
2/10/2007parentMy kids have been at Paradise for five years. In that time, I've seen their class sizes increase by one or two students, hardly a comparison to the unmanageable behemoth of district school classes. True, they haven't had an art program in the past couple of years, but the students have regular PE, music, and technology classes. The teachers work together, especially at the 7th/8th grade level. If a parent doesn't know what's going on with a child at this school, then it's because the parent isn't paying attention. Regular progress reports, weekly paper communication, and updated teacher websites are the norm here. Academic achievements and test scores are up, and more extracurricular activities are added every year. PEC's biggest problem is having to turn away kids because of lack of space. Sorry, can't have my kids' spaces; there's no way mine are going back to district schools.
1/30/2007parentI was upset (and so was my daughter) to leave this school when we moved out of state. The teachers and staff at PEC were excellent. She had the best experience while she attended this school for a little over 6 months. I highly recommend this school.
12/12/2006parentI love this school . My daughter has been going to PEC for two in half years she went from Peoria Elementary and was getting F & D . She is now making A & B. She loves school now . Now my son is now going to PEC He is so happy to go here at Peoria school he was at the point of being scared to ask to go to the rest room . I think my children will excel with this school. PEC works with the students I don't give this school a ten I give it a twelve.
12/9/2006parentI absolutely love this school. The public schools in our area are horrid, so I was thrilled to get my daughter into this school. Teachers are great, staff is great, completely happy with this school and the quality education my daughter is getting. I highly recommend it!
6/8/2006parentI have three students who go to this school. I have a second, seventh and eighth grade. They have been attending for three years. My oldest was failing at another local public school but finished on the honor roll at this school. The teacher's are concerned about the academics being taught and work in teams to teach the students. I think this teamwork among teachers help give my children the best curriculum to learn and grow. My children seem happy at this school, get good grades and have many friends. The staff and parents are involved and friendly. I feel that my opinion is valued and my children's education is a top priority. The only minus is that there isn't enough specials to choose for the 7th and 8th graders. Overall it's a great school.
5/20/2006parentPEC staff are always willing to listen and they make a genuine effort to listen and try to help. They strive to improve the learning environment. Sure they have had some teachers I have had problems but nothing major and they work very hard at trying to resolve your concerns.
5/6/2006parentI love PEC. My oldest has been there for 4 years now and my youngest will going into 3rd grade. I agree that the school is getting bigger but, I don't feel that my sons' education has diminished at all. I look forward to the high school getting established. If those who aren't happy with PEC think that it is better in the Dysart School District be my guest and go. Just remember when you give your place up...there is a good probability that you won't be able to come back. There are hundreds of families who are desperate to get out of the district. When in doubt, compare all the overall testing standards. PEC blows away the public school system. We are a PEC family and proud of it!
3/6/2006staffThis is a wonderful school, but becoming very large. One positive about charters is the ability to give students more attention. This is being lost in the numbers.
3/1/2006parentThis school is very nice. They have a great variety of programs both, academically and extracurricular activities.
1/12/2006parentI feel PEC has excellent parent involvement. My wife assist in the classroom about once a month. My son has ADHD and they have helped him through evaluation and a specific education program. The teachers have been consistent in the discipline program and we have instituted the same program at home. We receive weekly updates via homework and are free to talk to the teacher or administration at any time. When we have talked to them they have treated us with respect and cordially. The principal is very friendly and truly is concerned for the children. The class sizes are smaller than at the public schools. And even with the swift growth, they have added classes and hired qualified teachers. They have even quickly got rid of teachers who were not following the standards. I do not believe my children would receive higher quality at a public school than here.
1/10/2006parentWe love this school...from a 3rd grader in a gifted program to a child receiving special needs help. Spanish, technology, PE 4days a week and music. teachers that are teaching in the area they trained in... teachers happy, kids happy parents happy!
11/2/2005parentMy kids have only been there about six weeks. They don't follow the Handbook, they make up the rules as they go along. We came from an excellent school district in Illinois and I'm applaud of what has gone on within the last six weeks. I would not recomment this Charter School at all. Paradise Education Center, Surprise, AZ
10/30/2005parentGreat leadership! 2 Assistant Principals and 2 curriculum directors really support the teachers ablility to TEACH. Jr high classes available for advanced and honors students. Apex classes for gifted younger students. Overall excellent quality!
10/18/2005parentExcellent academic program Music, Sports, Technology, Spanish, and afterschool programs. Good parent involvement.
8/24/2005parentGreat School!! Me and my kids are very happy here. The teachers we have had have been unbelievable and they have definitely went out of their way to help my children. I believe it is one of the BEST schools in the area. About the only thing that I would like to see more of is social activities. Hopefully, we will see this as the school grows.
7/19/2005parentAcademic programs have been challenging for my children thus far. I do wish the kids could have art class - they do have art masterpiece once a month or so. Parent invovlement is very prevelant in this campus which helps make the school such a success.
7/15/2005parentI am very happy with this school. My children are beginning their third year here and the atmosphere and drive toward excellence are always improving. It doesn't feel like they are just 'managing' the children. There are specific goals and from the top down there is a level of respect and expectations for all teachers and students. They have an expanded PE program-4 days a week, but are missing an art program.
7/14/2005parentMy daughter attended kindergarten here in 2004-2005. I was very happy with the program. She learned so much more than the children of my friends who attended other schools. The school welcomes parent volunteers. We are looking forward to next year.
5/20/2005parentMy 2 nephews attend this school, and their mother just loves it. She feels it is better than a public one.
4/11/2005parentThis school has been a small disappointment for our two children. They came from a different district ranked higher in testing. I was told that this school was the best in the area above all other charters and public schools within the district. However, I have seen first hand children slipping through the curriculum without completing work for themselves. This concerns me. The school does not have an art program, yet it continues to raise money throughout the year almost monthly fundraisers. Playgrounds are under staffed with aids and this concerns me as far as safety goes. On a positive note, the principal is very nice and the parent involvement is excellent. Some aims and standford 9 are above the average for the district, but the district is below the state average or slightly over in some subjects. Overall, could be better staffed, organized, and much less candy rewards.
4/6/2005parentMy child has attended this school for one year and entered Paradise Education Center as a kindergartner. We chose this school because it has a good reputation in regards to overall performance when compared to our other local public schools. As a family new to this school I am unable to comment on the academic programs, but I am able to comment on the quality of kindergarten teachers and teacher's assistants. They are amazing. They are really patient and caring and are very encouraging when helping the children make the right choices of behavior. My child did have the opportunity to get involved in the schools karate club which she greatly enjoyed and was a great value for the length and quality of the class. We love this school and plan to keep our my child at this school thru 8th grade.
4/1/2005parentThe quality of your child's education will exceed the education given at all the public schools in Dysart School District. One major benefit is art, music and physical education which allow the children to have a balance. There are extracurricular activities such as karate and basketball. They have very strict rules; however, as long as the children follow the rules there should not be a problem.
2/28/2005parentMy son has been going here for over a year and this is a fantastic school! The teachers are well educated and informed. They keep the parents updated on your child's progress and I am very confident in their ability to give my son a great education. He prevoiusly went to a private school, then we moved here and put him in a public school. It was disasterous. The teachers were overburdened having at least 35 kids in each class and not able to control them. At Paradise, it feels just like the private school without the $ 500.00 a month tuition. He feels safe, confident, and is earning all E's for excellent in his 5th grade class.
1/31/2005parentGoing downhill fast. Administration is a joke.
12/16/2004parentThis used to be a good school, but I can no longer with good conscious recommend it. The teachers grade emotionally and judgementally.
12/8/2004parentI'm disappointed in the fact that there were so many positive reviews before this school year. I've been set on having my kids attend this school because of all the great things I've heard in the past! What I can say at the present time is that I am pleased with the education my son has received thus far, but don't have much to compare it with since this is my oldest child, and his first year in school. From my observations, the 'light' system is used in the classroom with consistency, but the written discipline is not always in line with what is outlined. (We were told a yellow light meant lunch detention - but the enforcement is sporadic.) I am pleased overall with the school and hope it is not less now, than it was in the years previous! Would love to see others comments too!
9/24/2004parentI agree that performance at the school seems to have gone down. The school is growing way too fast and the small teacher/student ratio that was so attractive, is now too high. Stll, I feel better sending my children here rather than the Dysart schools.
8/17/2004parentI've had my kids in this school for 3 years now and I have watched it go down hill from something exciting to something frustraiting. They are growing way too fast and the administration seems more pre-occupied by changes, growth and the future than the education of the students currently attending. It's very sad, it was an excellent school - hopefully they won't continue the downward trend.
8/15/2004parentThis school does not provide quality education. Their discipline methods are questionable. Teachers are not motivated to teach students at their level.
6/1/2004parentBest school in the district, hands down. I would like to see a closer teacher / parent relationship though. I'd like to know what my 7th and 6th grader are working. They also need more extracurricular activities like a sports program. Right now, they aren't able to play other schools in the district.
5/19/2004parentI feel my children are getting an excellent education at PEC. I only wish it had a bus/transportation system and more sports/extracurricular activities for the children to do after school.
5/12/2004parentWe have heard nothing but great comments about Paradise Education Center. We are in the process of searching for a school for our child and hope she will be able to go there.
4/3/2004parentI feel that Paradise Education Center has the best learning enviorment for students in the Surprise area. The teachers seem to have a good relationship with the administration which helps them perform to the best of their ability. The music program is improving but could use another teacher to handle the class load. The school is building a new cafeteria. This is a great addition as the PE teachers will now have a gym to teach in instead of constantly teaching outside! I don't have anything to say about the 7th and 8th grades as I have no students in those grades.
3/5/2004parentMy daughter has only been at PEC for two years, but I have been impressed with the quality of her teachers and the school programs. The students and their progress come first. I would highly recommend this school to any parent!
11/24/2003otherI go to this school. Its awesome. The teachers are wonderful. I am in 7th grade. They have great curriculum. The teachers make learning fun and easy. They have a great sports, choir, and band systems. I love this school. It the best one I have ever been too.
4/19/2003 The school has an outstanding very capable principal, that really cares about each child and parent.
4/6/2003 This school has a great principal that has been increasing the role that parents play in the education of their children. She provides excellent leadership for an excellent school.
3/29/2003  I'd like to yell at the top of my lungs to all the parents out there to 'Stop looking' this school has it all, excellent teachers, who care for the children they teach, safety like no other school, discipline ! thats right, no talking back here! Children are taught to accept responsibility for their actions,and not blame others. As to the leadership, they are the example by which the rest follows..Treat others as you wish to be treated- With respect !
3/28/2003  Paradise is a wonderful school and I am thankful everyday that I dont have to send my kids to school in the Dysart system.
2/28/2003 I think Paradise Education Center excels at trying to meet all the individual needs of the students. They continue to grow each year, which increases the family environment they have established on campus.
10/15/2002 This is a great school with small class sizes.

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Calypso_Elementary_School - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Altamont_Creek_Elementary_School - Livermore, California
Montessori_School_Of_Westfield - Westfield, Indiana
Eagle_School - Fitchburg, Wisconsin
P.S._253 - Brooklyn, New_York
Elmira_High_School - Elmira, Oregon
North_New_Hyde_Park, New_York
Founders_Hall_School - Mckeesport, Pennsylvania
Granby, Massachusetts
Ferndale_High_School - Ferndale, Michigan
Minnechaug_Regional_High_School - Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Cardinal_Wing_School - Quarryville, Pennsylvania
Colleyville_Elementary_School - Colleyville, Texas
Mae_Hensley_Junior_High_School - Ceres, California
Discovery_Charter_School - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania