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Booker Arts Magnet Elementary School - Little_Rock, AR

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Booker Arts Magnet Elementary School2016 Barber St
Little Rock, AR 72206
(501) 447-3800K-5PulaskipublicLittle Rock School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic36.14862009
Black, non-Hispanic56.41892009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.3378382009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.6756762009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/16/2011parentBooker is such a unique school. You will not see it highly advertised and you'll ask around about it, and start to find that many people in Little Rock have had wonderful experiences with it. Booker is easily THE best elementary school in the Central Arkansas area, and if you really want your children to succeed, come visit the school. Ask their amazing office staff if you could tour and learn more about it. How often do you find schools were the teachers actually communicate about the well being of the students, and help plan placement to best fit the children's individual needs. Pick a great and then a teacher at random, you won't find a bad one. Battles, Jeffries, Fair, Morris, Hollum, Keogh, Sheard, Thompson, Summer, are all remarkable educators, and this is just a short list of the wonderful educators you'll see at Booker. If you are considering making a move to a school that truly puts the children's education first, this is the school you want to look at. The PTA offers a wide range of free activities, and you won't feel pressured to buy 14lbs of cookie dough from those folks. Booker was also one of only two schools in LR last year to get the VIPS 60+ award!
5/28/2010parentMy child has been going to Booker Arts Magnet for 5 years. Even though most of his teachers have been great, there is a real problem with bullying at this school. Not only are students bullied by other students, but they are bullied by cafeteria aides and playground aides as well. There are a few teachers that will not go the extra mile to help your child be successful, but the majority of the teachers are great and truly care about their students.
4/19/2010teacherBooker is a fantastic school. Every teacher cares about every child. The academics are the focus and the arts add richness to the students' learning and lives.
9/17/2009teacherIt's a school that loves children and wants all children to learn.
8/26/2009parentMy daughter is in first grade, having attended Booker last year for kindergarten. The teachers I've met, including her classroom teachers, have all been wonderful. The principal, Dr. Carson, is a class act, as is the vice principal. They concentrate on a solid academic curriculum with the arts in a supplementary role, as it should be. Their behavior incentive programs seem to work (important in a school twice the size of some of the other elementary schools in town). The school isn't as well-equipped with the latest technology as some of the other schools, and this is an area they're hoping to receive enough funding to improve on. The PTA has been very active in past years but not so much last year; we're hoping to bounce back this year. Go Jaguars!
10/2/2008parentMy son went to Booker from 1st through 5th grade. My daughter went to Booker from K through 3rd grade. We loved Booker!!! The teachers were extremely loving, and helpful. The Principal, Dr. Carson, and the Asst. Principal, Ms. Willingham, were always so sweet to us, whether we were at school or we ran into them away from school. Even after my son graduated from Elementary school, they still inquired as to how he was doing. They genuinely love their students! I wish all schools were like Booker! My kids have transfered to Private school now. I would have left my daughter at Booker, but with my son in a school across town, I moved them both to make it easier.
1/27/2008parentI have 2 sons that attend Booker. Their teachers are the best! My children score in the 95% on the state exams. I put Booker teachers up against any elementary school. They not only challenge each students but also care about the emotional concerns by creating a warm and caring environment. They teach in small groups not whole class to address the academic needs. No, not all students are scoring at the top of the exams,, but I think parents should hold some responsibility.
8/7/2007parentI took my kids out of a nearby private school to send them to Booker it was the best thing I ever did. they attended there for 2 yrs. My daughter did 1st and 2nd Grade my son with special needs did 5th and 6th Grade. My son had wonderful teachers and they were so kind and encouraging to him and me. they loved the school. Last year we returned to Ireland. My daughter entered 3rd Grade here and was away ahead in reading and the same in Math. I was told the irish system is so advanced that she would be 2 yrs catching up! What they learnt at booker besides Acedemics was respect and manners and it shows. Dr Carson runs a wonderful school.
6/28/2007parentWe are now on our second child and 7th year at Booker. Out of those years we only had one poor teacher, as to be expected at any school. I love that my kids are learning to play instruments at such a young age and also learning to speak in public. My 7th grader still emails his fourth grade teacher and has nothing but positive things to say about his experience. I would recommend Booker.
1/25/2006parentI am very dissatisfied with the education my son has received the past 3 yrs at Booker. His kindergarten teacher Ms. Jefferies was awesome, but since then on I feel he has not excelled in his studies nor learned enough to be tested on a Benchmark. I have been working with him at home on the released itmes. Overall, the classroom setting offering education on a day to day bases is poor. These are my sons most important years of education and I am very upset that he is not on a good education level he should be on.
9/14/2005parentMy children went to a different school in the same school district last year and all we had were problems. My children hated going to school and would play sick just to get to stay home. Booker has been the best thing to happen to my children. The teachers care about teaching. The office staff is very helpful and always willing to go that extra mile for everyone. I met the principal when I went to the school for check-in and I have great reviews about her. I love the fact that my children get to play instruments not just sing. This school gets high marks all across the board from me and my family.
5/6/2004parentMy daughter enjoys her school. She is learning how to read well compared to the beginning of the year. The office staff always contact the parents if there is any problems at all. The nurse always writes notes if they are hurt. This is the first school that has done this for my daughter. I love Booker Arts Magnet.
8/30/2003former studentI attended Booker from K-6th grade. The teachers there gave me a wonderful foundation in all areas of education. I went on to graduate valedictorian of my high school with a 4.0. I owe much of that to the great start I got at Booker. I am now attending a university on a full ride and am majoring in elementary education because I want to give students the same wonderful classroom experience I had. Thanks Booker Arts Magnet!
7/15/2003parent My daughters attended this school for 2 years. It was a mistake to keep them there that long. There were several children in the 4th and 5th grade classsrooms on a 1st grade reading level (I got that information from teachers). Both of my daughters excelled (having come from private school) and had to work on their own along with a few other children while the teachers focused on the children that were so far behind. The majority of the teacher's time was spent helping the slower children. The children who are working on the grade level they are supposed to be in are in the minority, not the other way around. When the state testing was taking place, several 'slower' children were allowed more time on a timed test, and teachers also helped those children along. The better the test scores, the more money the state gives the figure it out. I did.
5/13/2003 I used to attend Booker Arts Magnet. It influenced my life in a good way. I am now in high school and doing well in the arts program

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