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Lisa Academy - Little_Rock, AR

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Lisa Academy21 Corporate Hill Dr
Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 227-49426-8PulaskicharterLisa Academy Charter

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic35.64012009
Black, non-Hispanic27.33562009
Asian/Pacific Islander31.48792009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/27/2012parentI no longer recommend LISA Academy to anyone. Their scheduling is a joke and student academic support this year (2012-2013) for my 8th grade daughter is non-existent. There are textbooks in class, but none for the students' use and no other resources readily available for most classes for students to use at home. On scheduling, my daughter has 5 different classes that she has only once a week each. How exactly do the students learn anything going only once a week? Why is PE only once a week? Students need more physical activity than that. I will be pulling my daughter out of LISA as soon as possible, and not looking back.
3/9/2012otherI was a former student at LISA. I attended for 5 years. It was a superb experience and deeply formative. The teachers care about students. I won't deny that there were administrative organization issues, but those couldn't possibly overshadow the success the school has clearly been having. Don't believe for a second that a student wouldn't excel because of a language barrier at this school. I can assure all parents that I was never taught by a teacher who didn't have full fluency. All of my teachers were clear in their vocabulary and had easily discernible accents. Most students would use this excuse if they were failing the class, because it is an easy excuse. Anyone who claims that admins or teachers are sexist or racist are also misleading you. Never before have I seen teachers with such a joy for teaching. It is very different from the apathy many students are used to seeing in public schools these days. Anyone who claims there is no community or that your student will be "socially awkward" as a result of attending LISA is also misleading you. I met my closest friends at LISA, and I'm a pretty sociable guy. If I had kids, they'd be at LISA Academy.
1/18/2012parentI am relieved to say I am a former parent. Although I loved the diversity and quality of the student body (and by the way, start with bright high achieving students and your test scores had better be good--no need to start three hour practice benchmarks in August as Lisa does), the school has many problems. In addition to an apparently sexist, unresponsive administration (I could not get either an email response from nor an appointment with the principal), many of the teachers my child had seemed to range from "boring but nice" to "boring and mean." Only one teacher of a core subject seemed to engage my child. Yes, it is a safe school, but also mindlessly rigid about discipline, and extremely test-driven. Do not even consider it if your child is interested in arts, creativity, or subjects in the humanities.
8/29/2011parentLots of problems at Lisa, starting with the traffic problems. Teachers seem to change at a faster than normal rate, also teaching important subjects when English is not well spoken and cannot be understood. No control of the students in or out of the classrooms. Some very good elements, clubs and toutoring, some need a lot of work. Visit the school a few times and you will get a good feel how the school operates. Several teachers excellent. New high school is good.
7/5/2011other...worksheets as classwork and I feel as if I have wasted science classes the past few years. Biology and Human Anatomy are the only classes I can remember anything from. The Admin usually changes every 2 years, but I feel as if they don't really listen to students. If I were to take every AP course available, I know I would really see LISA at it's worth, but if you get stuck with most of the foreign teachers who teach the basic courses, it's almost a lost cause because you have to teach yourself from the book. Now, I don't want to say that LISA's downfalls are due to the Turkish teachers and admin, but I blame it on the cultural difference as to how to run a high school. I have learned a lot, but I know that the school could be so much more if they would just make a few changes. The atmosphere is wonderful, there is a real sense of community, and the History and English departments are sub-par. The Math is on the right track, and the Science department just needs to start fresh. We are building a new 3 story building, and we have a practice gym and soccer practice field. Take a chance while your student is early in their school career to see if it works for you. You may love it.
3/24/2011parentA real school for learning that teaches the kids not only academics but character ed and proper behavior. No room for bullying, drugs and behaviors that stop or interupts learning. Extra curricular clubs offer sports, music, maths, languages, geography etc. Programmes also for expanding knowledge and voluntary work. For those kids struggling in any subject they provide free tutoring. They have the friendliest, most caring staff. Your child will come away from this school well educated and with an appreciation and respect for their future. More opportunities ahead for college and a good career.
3/23/2011otherI am a student at LISA. Im going to be honest. While the academics ARE really good, socially, the school is horrible. I do not like the fact the 1) you stay in one particular group and go from class to class with the same kids. We as young, developing children need balance. Its MAINLY about grades, but what help will grades be if we're scared of the outside world. This isnt a place someone would want to spend their senior year if they wanted to get a real senior year experience. I have faced racist teachers that won't admit to being racist but show it through everything they do. 2) LISA is really small. It's REALLLLLYYYY small. I go to LISA West, but i was first accepted into LISA North, they are both small. It's very boring and they rarely do anything fun that doesnt get canceled bc of lack of funds. Its crazy and ridiculous. i hate it. We rejoice when we have an assembly that lasts 52 minutes (length of classes). LISA is absurd and a horrible excuse for a school. Do NOT send your child there unless you want them to be socially awkward and experience culture shock from the lack of... culture. BYE!
7/11/2010parentI was very impressed with the schools curriculum so I enrolled my son in LISA North Middle School. BIG MISTAKE! First: The students are "grouped" A,B,C. They go to EVERY class with their "group" ALL YEAR, Homeroom - 6th period. No info on what determines which group your child will be in. You later learn from the student that it's based on performance. You know what that leads to from peers. Second: Too rigorous! 13 courses all year! This I wasn't warned about. Also I discovered at the end of the year, after hounding my son about his GPA, they had something going on with how they calculate GPA that they can not explain how it's calculated and no one on the staff can recalculate. Third: They are nonresponsive to emails to the account they have on their website to contact them.
12/13/2009parentlisa is great high school they take care of our children with their great friendship,nobody does this before
11/18/2009parentLISA is an excellent school in providing our children with a solid foundation for their continued education. It's a very safe enviornment which fosters a good atomosphere for learning. There are several systems in place that we are not too fond of, such as the amount of time for lunch and downtime for the children. But, it's something we will live with, as the benefits far outweigh the negative. It's good to know that our son is in a safe school, receiving a great education. LISA is a great school and the test scores prove that educating our children is the top priority
6/15/2009parentI have 3 kids at Lisa schools 1 west 2 north, if you want your kids to have the best possible foundation for higher learning and life this the place! my boys have won many awards and honors on the local and international level in the science fairs, and my daughter couldn't be a happier honor role student!!!! If you want the best here it is come and get it!!!
4/6/2009teacherWhat can I say? Where do I begin? Since my first day of walking through the doors at LISA Academy North, I have been speechless. For a school in its very beginning stages, I feel as though we have made great strides! The staff is available from 7:30 in the morning with many not leaving until 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening. 'Why?' you ask...because not only do we provide a proper educational experience for all children, but we also include after-school clubs and CARE...for free, mind you. Throughout the week, as well as on weekends, you can see cars in the parking lot of dedicated employees still putting in long hours at nine and ten o'clock at night. Every school has its highs and lows, pros and cons, etc. But it is the smile of the children that prove to me that we're doing something worth being apart of!
4/4/2009parentWe heard much about Lisa Academy, this year we enrolled our child there. The school is academically challenging for the students. They have very strict discipline rules and are well enforced. Emphasis is definitely on science and math. The teachers are well versed in their fields, they are very good with the students - although some are extremely difficult to understand due to their accents. Extra help for students is always available. Unfortunately, they have no area, inside or out, for PE class. The back parking lot is used and can be dangerous at times either from traffic or the gravel/pavement they play on. Overall we are happy with academics here, we will be back next year. Remember, this is not a school with athletics, purely science, math, and computers. It is a safe environment with discipline that is well enforced. The only real issue we have is why learn Turkish?
4/1/2009parentThis school is not very child oriented. As the student said, there is no gym, pe is 2hrs and no place to exercise, especially if the weather is bad. The teachers come and go. Sometimes don't show up or call in. They expect respect and responsibility from the students, but the teachers are neither responsibile nor respectful. Their grammar is bad, but require the ap students to take....Turkish.
9/25/2008parentOne of the best schools I have ever seen. Thank you.
6/24/2008parentit is very wonderful how my child learned so much at this school.She loves it, I love it.what more can I say?
3/31/2008parentYou cannot understand the teachers. They are not kind and patient. But you can learn a lot in this school. It is a math and science school. It doesn't have very many extracurricular progams. Your child has to be pretty smart to go here.
3/1/2008studentIn my opinion Lisa Academy is is not a very good school. I go that school and I find it very hard to understand the teachers since most of them do not know english very well and have very heavy accents. I find it very hard to take any of the teachers seriously which sometimes affects my school work. They focus all of their attention on learning math and science and a little on none on the fun stuff which is what us kids need. We have no gym so we have P.E. class in our parking lot. Our P.E. class can get interupted by cars coming in the parking lot. It is not only a disturbance but a danger to have children playing in a place where they could get hit by a car. That is what I think about Lisa Academy.
11/1/2007parentThis is a really nice school, although it is very new. There are a lot of academic opportunities and classes are arranged to encourage academic achievement. Parent involvement is also encouraged by the numerous activities done. There are a lot of extracurricular clubs such as Mathcounts, Quizbowl, Basketball, Guitar club, etc.
8/5/2007studentThis is a great school where we learn a lot of stuff. The teachers are nice and friendly, and the atmosphere in the school is awesome!
7/9/2007teacherLisa Academy is a model school. Besides the extraordinary commitment of teachers, staff and administration, what I like best is the tier system. Students are placed in classrooms with other students of similar academic ability. In my opinion, having children in classrooms with other children of similar academic ability makes Lisa Academy a much better place for our child to go to school.

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