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Watson Chapel High School - Pine_Bluff, AR

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Watson Chapel High School4000 Camden Rd
Pine Bluff, AR 71603
(870) 879-323010-12JeffersonpublicWatson Chapel School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic32.71282009
Black, non-Hispanic66.48942009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.3989362009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/12/2011otherAs far as the school goes, I do give it a rating of 3, and that is being generous. Curriculum wise, you will not be prepared for college. I graduated with Honors, and was appalled when I got to college and realized I was way behind. I honestly was not even taught how to cite information in a report until I went to college, which in my opinion is frightening. The teachers are like any other school. You have the motivated and the unmotivated. I was lucky. I had wonderful teachers, who truly were passionate about what they were teaching. They are doing the best with what they are provided with from the district. The campus is crowded and old. People who are so consumed with the dress code problem are/were obviously not worried about their education, and focusing more of their attention on what they were not allowed to wear. In my opinion get over it. Having to wear khaki's and a polo didn't effect my learning. The school will always struggle as the surrounding community is not good. In the school you are either living in poverty or making a decent means for the most part. Because of the surrounding economy problems, drug issues, and poor backgrounds the school & students will suffer.
7/21/2011studentIm a student at Watson Chapel Junior High. I have to say from my point of view WCJH is not a very educating school mainly because they are more obssesed with dress code then anything else. I feel that this is the least of our problems, they wonder why our test are going down. The dress code is the reason why one little thing and "Boom!" your sent to the "Box" or Inschool Suspention. And feel that this really unnessisary, I mean we are only kids. And most of the teacher are just there for the check the talk to us anyway they feel and are quick to give us an "F". I had a teacher who told me a few days before Semester Test that I had a "B" in her class and did not have to tke her test. So I didnt come the day of tessting and come to find out when I got my report card I had a "D". So basically this school is not the best choice for a school if you want your child to succed in life.
3/17/2009studentAs a former student of WCHS, I can honestly say this school prepared me for life and beyond. I was in the class of 1988., pre uniforms. As a child of a current teacher in the school, Ithe school has evolved from a racially divided school, from the administration down, to a school that focuses on one thing only--the academic success of its students. As a successful business person, I have watched the curriculum change for the better. As a 9th grader I took honors Alegbra I . Today, I visited a 9th grade Special Education Class-(MLD)--college level Geometry. The students were at the chalkboard without a calculator! I struggled, they laughed. As a parent, I don't focus on clothes. I want results. WCHS does that and more!
12/3/2008otherI am a former student of Watson Chapel. I went there for most of my school career. I recently had to move and change schools. When I did I found out that Watson Chapel, although the best school in Pine Bluff, was missing a lot of things. The teachers, depending on who they were, were okay. Once you got to know them a little bit better, they started caring a little more. As most people feel, the dress code is ridiculous. It seems to me that the school is more aprehensive about the dress code than it is the education that the students are receiving. I think that the school should drop the uniform dress code and just go with an everyday dress code. Allow bluejeans and t-shirts. To all faculty of WC: stop worrying about the uniforms! focus on a higher education.
8/12/2007former studentWC does not prepare students for college! I graduated with honors, but when I got to college and friends told me of their high schools, I was embarrassed to tell them about mine. They had so many more classes to chose from and a lot more variety. There were only maybe 3 AP classes until 04-05 school year. That shows that WC wasn't pushing for their students to elect the harder classes and challenge themselves. The valedictorian can take all general classes and make all A's, while someone else may take all AP classes and make B's. Not fair at all. The students know which teachers they can slack off with and still pass the class. The standardized test scores are probably some of the worst in the state. This school is on a downward spiral and needs help.
1/15/2007parentIf your child enjoys sports they may have some extracurricular activities. There are select teachers who care about learning but many are just going through the motions. Our 'advanced' child learns next to nothing in the 'gifted' classes past elementary school.
11/30/2006parentWatson Chapel is one of the best schools in Arkansas. This school has a strict dress code for the student's safety. This school has a closed campus. This school has 3 administrators and over 60 teachers. The teachers absolutley love students and are there for you and your childs every need. The administrators are nice and do disicipline very well. This school stills administers corporal punishment to students. This is a very good school and if your child has a problem at this school, there is a big chance that your child is doing something wrong...
9/24/2006parentWatson Chapel is 'THE' worst schools in Jefferson County. I am split between 3 districts in my area, and Chapel is it. If I could pull my kid out legally, I would. Some of the teachers are just pulling a pay check. Let your child fail in a credited course and you will find out in 4 1/2 weeks, but be out of dress code. You receive a call in 5 minutes. 'Please come pick your child up from school. My child has missed 6 days since the start of school for dress code violation. (Black or Gold lantern). The hand book dose not recommend any color as long as the lantern is visible. What is Chapel teaching my child?
8/28/2006parentAbsolutely horrible! If administrators would spend more time on education and less time on dress code violations, children might be able to learn something. The administrators absolutely refuse to work with parents, and most times won't even interact with parents.
8/28/2006parentThis is probably the worst school I've sent my kids to in the state of Arkansas. Original thought is discouraged, the learning environment is hostile, and the only thing administrators are concerned with are dress code violations. Try and send your children elsewhere if at all possible.
4/27/2006parentWatson Chapel is like other schools; it has its ups and its downs. The teachers, if you choose wisely, are excellent, caring individuals who will genuinely love your child. The teachers are extremely serious about being allowed to teach and not train your child. They will send your child to the office if he/she acts up.
4/12/2006former studentThis school is just plain horrible. Don't expect to be prepared for college, because most of everything that you'll learn here, is obsolete. School is supposed to be fair for everyone, but I guess they don't really care about their students. This school is so judgemental of everyone. That's why I'd have to say that whoever enrolls at this school, would just be wasting their time.
3/1/2006parentThis school is a terrific school. All i can say is that it is time for a bigger school. This school district is very large. I attended this school and my children and family attend this school. It has lots of extra curricular activities and the teachers are wonderful. The principals are very nice and ahave great leadership. They are extremly strict about the dress code. This school is one of the only schools that still do corpal punishment. This school will spank all students who disrupt the learning enviorment. Send your child to Watson Chapel you want be disapointed.
10/13/2005studentI am a former student at Watson Chapel High School. I have to say that this school is probably one of the worst i have ever attended. The principals are horrible and find any excuse possible to find something wrong with the students uniforms. It seems as if, the uniforms count for more then the education counts for, which i personally think is very wrong. We are not allowed to wear pants with labels, yet we are allowed to wear jackets with brand names on them. Fights break out in the hallways pretty much everyday, which just makes it harder to get to class, considering the hallways are already extremely packed with students. The curriculum is extremely easy, yet students manage to fail a grade every year. I do not advise any parent to send their students to Watson Chapel, for it would only be a mistake.
12/22/2004parentIt's the best school that pine bluff have to offer but unfortunately it's not worth more than a 3. The teachers are okay, but the principals are actually ignorant. I'm a 2003 graduate and the campus is small, hallways are crowded. you have just about no orginality, and you have no good electives. Extracurricular activites needs to be broader. Like I said it's the best in the city but it's in need of a lot of help.
10/28/2004former studentThis school is the worst school i've ever been enrolled in. The principals / teachers are too strict on the dress code, and it gets in the way of the learning process. The school curriculum is ridiculously too easy, but students still seem to fail. Get rid of the uniforms.
9/30/2004parentMy daughter graduated from WCHS. She had excellent teachers there. The only thing that I didn't like about the shcool was one of the co-principals. The administrators seemed more concerned with what the stundents wore to school than what they were learning in the classroom.
9/28/2004former studentI was a 1999 graduate from Watson Chapel, I really enjoyed my time there. I recieved a great education to prepare me for the future. I really want to thank all the staff at Watson Chapel for preparing me for the bright future I have put in front of me.
9/10/2004former studentI am a 2004 graduate from the school, and I would have to say that, while I did get a pretty good education compared to some, I can't help but feeling that I was a little unprepared for college. The sciences especially made me feel a little unprepared, mostly due to the loss of Mr. Berry. I think that the school is improving, judging by the latest course offerings, but I still can't help but feel a little cheated. Activities especially seemed a little lacking, though that is mostly because of a lack of enthusiasm on the behalf of the students. In the defense of Chapel, the faculty is very good, and you feel as if you can talk to them, that they care about you. If the science department could be put on par with the other departments, it would put Chapel in the upper tier of Arkansas school.
6/9/2004parentI think Watson Chapel is an awesome school!! My husband and I both graduated from there and now have children at the Jr. High and Sr. High. I have been very pleased with the education they have received. They are involved in AP classes, different organizations, and sports. Keep up the good work!!
4/26/2004parentMy daughter was a 2003 graduate and my son attends WCJHS. After 14 years of experience with the district I have been very pleased with their educational experience. The teachers are dedicated to making sure that each child is prepared for the next grade. The self contained GATE program is wonderful. My daughter is doing extremely well in college thanks to her eduational experience at WCHS.
8/26/2003parentMy daughter graduated in 2003. She was well prepared for college. Teachers were very interested in her and I was very impressed with the content of information that she was presented with in her studies.

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