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Wynne High School - Wynne, AR

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Wynne High School1300 North Falls Blvd
Wynne, AR 72396
(870) 238-50019-12CrosspublicWynne School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic65.74592009
Black, non-Hispanic32.15472009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.4419892009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.2209942009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/31/2009studentI totally disagree with a lot of the statements below! Sure, Wynne has some students who do not like to accept others. However, this is not true of the entire student body, and you will find this problem in any school no matter where it is. Our sports teams may not be as good as they used to be, but the community support for the teams (ranging from football to tennis to baseball) is exceptional! Just this year, the school's musical brought a profit of $1400 dollars, paying off the debts of past musicals. Also, the band had one student to make All State. The choir had four students make All State, including a girl who made first chair mixed choir. The top alto in the state! That, I have to say, is pretty exceptional for a public school in a town as small as Wynne.
10/13/2007former studentI went to Wynne school. there are school that might be better then Wynne or fine art maybe better then Wynne or sport maybe better then Wynne But for all around school you can get better then Wynne Public School ex: well you might have kids who excel in one class we get kids who excelled all class EX: we have kids who all state football player and all state choir singer all state drama person or kids who all state band and choir is top student for class or sport player who top student in school. we also have coach teaching Top class like chemistries, advance Classes top line class like that. Wynne most alround school in the state of arkansas.
8/17/2006former studentyes i agree with a few others wynne and also the town has its cliques. if your not rich or have a name your a nobody. if i had it to do over again my kids wouldnt go to wynne schools .
8/25/2005parentI don't know alot about Wynne schools but what I do know is that no matter what they do the school is not set up with enough of the right classes. That will be credited to help them acheive any GPA above 4.5. For some this is probably good but for the one's that want more like my 9th grader this was a very hard blow. We have family that Graduated with 4.7's and he wanted to be the first to Graduate with a 5.0. So as that said I guess we will be looking for a better High School for hime to attend the next 3 years and hope that this year will not hurt him too much. Like in another review the athetic department is great what a shame everyone isnt playing Football. Just like most schools if you don't play football then you are nobody.
4/15/2005parentWynne has an excellent school system. I attended Wynne from kindergarten to graduation. My daughter is now a freshman here. She loves it! Wynne expects nothing but the best from students, teachers & administration. College courses are offered beginning in 10th grade (which makes less college I have to pay for). Athletics are big in Wynne. The entire town supports the schools athletic program. We even have a graduate that will be joining the NFL next year! Teachers are expected to help all students. Teachers are encouraged to receive a masters degree in education (salaries reflect this). Parent involvement is encouraged however only a few are actually active. Wynne is very strict. Students are expected to respect themselves and others School rules reflect this. Students are taught how to succeed in the working world Race is not an issue. Students are treated as equals Overall Wynne schools are an excellent
3/14/2005studentWynne is a very good school. Educationally you can expect your children to excel here. The principal leadership, however could really use some working on. Wynne is also a very strict school, perhaps a little too strict. As a student I feel as though I couldn't make things right if I wanted to, but I guess that you could expect that from a school that expects nothing less than excellence. Also Wynne is very clique-ish. If you come from another area than you can expect them to look down on you and they will have no trouble making it harder on you. Overall educationally Wynne is a very good school, but socially, Wynne is a very bad school.

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