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Juarez (Benito) Elementary School - Anaheim, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Juarez (Benito) Elementary School841 South Sunkist Street
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 517-8923K-6OrangepublicAnaheim City

Class SizeGradeYear
25 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic9.092009
Black, non-Hispanic1.392009
Pacific Islander0.882009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Roberto Baeza2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

6/26/2012parentMy daughter just finished her Kindergarten year at Juarez. The principle is a wonderful leader and holds high standards for the teachers. The school staff is welcoming and very friendly. We are part of the Dual Immersion program and have met wonderful families that care about their children's education and are very involved. My daughter can't wait to start her 1st grade year!
6/8/2012parentMy children love coming to school at Juarez. This school has raised test scores from low 700's to 816! This was all under the direction of the new principal, Mr. Baeza. I know my children will be prepared for the future. Besides raising test scores, he has started new activities such as Lunch with a Loved One and Family Friday. This has helped connect the school with the families. I know everyone at Juarez cares about my children.
6/7/2012parentOur principal, Mr Baeza has shown great leadership and involvement in the education of our kids. I'm very encouraged by him and all our teachers as they challenged our kids to reach a higher goal. Parent involvement is essential if our aim is to teach more than just the standards. Parents, get involve!! Get to know your teachers & administrators!!! YOU are part of your children's education!!
4/4/2011parent I couldn't be happier with the level of education that my children are receiving/have received. I feel the school offers a challenging curriculum with many after school activities. I am pleased with the leadership and feel that the principal cares about the students. The teachers are helpful, caring, and truly wants what is best for my child. All in all, this is a great school and I would suggest it to any parent.
2/16/2011teacherI would not mind speaking with you about the mix-up with the honor sign that we give to STAR Honor students. This review (message) is being submitted by Mr. Baeza, the school principal. Please stop by to speak with me or make an appointment to ensure that I am available. I can also be found around campus. I hope we can speak about what happened with your child and somehow make it right. I can't undo the hurt feelings but I would like an opportunity to hear out what may have happenened. Thank you!
2/4/2011parentMy two kids go to this school. I specifically choose this school for them because all I saw were nothing but great reviews. But they have really disappointed me this time!!!!! My daughter who just got a "honor student award" sign at a assembly was just asked to return it because they made a mistake and she didn't deserve it. I understand if you made a mistake but do you really have to ruin the child's hopes this way? She is extremely sad and all I can tell her is you did a great job!!! All I can say is where is this schools remorse?
7/15/2010otherI am a former "Beaver". All my former teachers were and still are great! Trust me, if and when you enroll your child to Benito Juarez he/she will sure to love it!
11/1/2009parentMy son went through all grades K-6 and every teacher was great. My dauther is currently in G-5 and doing great. Her teachers have been great as well.
8/16/2009parentI feel this school worrys more about money than a child learning.
7/13/2009parentI love this school my daughter who will be in 3rd grade GATE program loves to go to school and has had a wonderful experience so far I was not keen on the idea of a public school I was leaning toward private school, but I find that the entire staff truly cares about the Students, i do wish that they had music my daughter loves to sing, but they do have a running club and the clue me in club maybe soon they will have choir, they did have a end of school talent show.
4/30/2009parentI love this school! I had my child in a school that had a rating of 9 and was completely underwhelmed! The staff is totally amazing. The teachers couldn't be better. I expect that Juarez will be rated higher and higher every year. The teachers care about the students and it shows every time I am on campus. My child loves learning, and that is the best I could ever expect. This school totally outshines the 'blue ribbon' school my child was in.
4/26/2009parentThis school is a great one. They have caring and helpful teachers and also a wide variety of after school programs for students. The school atmosphere in this school is very nice and appropriate. If any parent lives in Anaheim, i suggest them this school for their young child to attend.
12/16/2008parentI have to agree that there are too few enrichment opportunities at Juarez. The focus is primarily on reading but both my kids are proficient readers. The schools scores have increased, the teachers are great and the new principal is outstanding (the VP too) Hopefully, the budget will improve and the extra-curriculars will increase. They also need to improve math instruction. (A few great teachers, but also a few who hate math and are not very good at it)
12/9/2008teacherI love this school its clean nice theres great students and wonderful teachers!!
1/8/2008parent I have had some disappointments with them, but I m sure that is true with all schools! I did decide to leave my girls there mainly because of the redistricting they have done! Most of the kids now that go there live in the neighborhood. I ve been told they expect a big jump in their scores this year! I really hope so, my children really love it there, and all the staff have been very helpful!
9/9/2007otherBenito Juarez has gone through major improvements over the years. As a former student myself, I must say that the school is starting to get more serious about education and raising test scores. This school is one of the best schools in the district with a helpful teachers and caring adminstrators. Also a brand new and beutiful campus. The GATE program here is also made wonderful changes over the year with higher cirriculum and also offering grades 3-6 for GATE and not require GATE students to transfer.
8/20/2007parentMy experience with the school was very negative. I had a terrible time trying to get services for my ADHD/ADD children (have two) Hope you parents out there have better luck.
7/31/2007parentWithin city of Anaheim. Benito Juarez is a great school, great teachers, helpfull office staff and great organization & best of all 'It's brand-new'
9/1/2006parentThis is my sons second year at Benito Juarez, and I'm already looking around for a better school. The staff is grate but the score, of a 2 given by the state is what has me looking. I want my son to get the best education possible, and with doing that he will have the opportunity to have a successful life with less struggle in his way. If there was a solution to reduce class size, our children would be learning more. How sad and disappointing it is when schools lack extracurricular activities. Children need to develop their large motor skills in order to master their small motor skills. The whole year around schedule also does very much interfere with all camps, which leads the children to lack social development. There has to be rapid changes made for the kids in Anaheim, we hold their future in our hands.
7/25/2005parentBoth of my sons have attended Juarez and are currently in their third year. I am exteremly disappointed with the over-crowding and high percentage of ESL learners in the mainstream classes. Parental involvement is low and they do not offer music, art, field trips, or plays for the children. The teacher staff and administrators are wonderful and most are highly qualified (White, Brynt, and Hoffman are excellent), but the program is not working as it should (thus the score of '2' by the state). I will say that at the start of this school year I saw a big difference in the 'standards' for both children and parents that administation is trying to set. Unfortunatly it is too little too late for my family and I; for we are selling our home and moving specifically to be a part of a better school district.
4/10/2005parentPositive - outside programs (Walk thru California, Religious Release, Field Trips), Gate Program, You can do it Awards. Negative - Not enough music appreciation (no band, orchestra, musical instruments, choir), Security and Student Drop off and Pick up rules (Car) not enforced, Schedule for Track B for Gate Classes ( children are not allowed to participate in any summer camps due to the scheduling of classes in June, July, and August, which helps the child to be well rounded - sports, camping, art, summer festivals).

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