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Vanguard Preparatory School - Apple_Valley, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Vanguard Preparatory School12951 Mesquite Road
Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 961-1066K-8San BernardinopublicApple Valley Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
29 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic60.732009
Black, non-Hispanic4.092009
Pacific Islander0.262009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.512009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Brian Goodrow2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

7/1/2012otheri love this school so much. i improved in my grades alot i went from c'[s d's and b's from a's and b's my teacher mrs.boyd is a great teacher she helped me a lot when i needed the help. there are some mean people though who spread rumors and lie about me. other than that i love this school :)
10/21/2010parentVangaurd is an excellent school and my family feels very blessed that we have been allowed to enroll my son there. The teachers are very good and the school policies are very good as well. The organization shown on a daily basis far exceeds other schools in the district. We look forward to going through my son's eighth grade year.
9/17/2010parentExcellent school, attentive the to children and promotes parent involvement, no "daycare" setting like some schools tend to promote.
1/20/2010parentThis schools is the best in the high desert. It is well organized, the staff is sooo kind and respectful not only to the parents but most importantly to the students. I recommend this school 100%.
10/22/2009otherI am a former student from vanguard preparatory and me in high school looking back at the 4 yrs i spent there...It was allll worth it... My 5th grade teacher mrs.Bankson was the best teacher i have had or would probabaly ever have i havent had a teacher that believed in my as much as she did..=] My middle school yrs i played basketball, volleyball,and track... I loved it alot the p.E teachers are great..And the sports progaram is awesome as well.. Mr.Mobley is one of the most caring, compassionate, forgiving, and most hard working principal that i think i would ever have.!!! =] I love this school with all my heart and i wish the best for the addminstration, students, parents and teachers...=] Go falcons!!!
7/26/2009studentThis is an awesome school i have been going there ever since it started and i graduated as the class of 2009 and now moving on to Apple valley high school and hoping to graduate with a 4.0 GPA
7/13/2009parentMy kids just finished their first year at Vanguard after having been at another Apple Valley elementary prior to this year. I can't say enough good things about Vanguard, it's staff and it's administration. The office staff is very friendly and helpful, the principal and assistant principal are very involved in the daily ongoing events at the school and are easily accessible if you have a problem or need to discuss something with them. The teachers are so enthusiastic about teaching that it really flows into the students and gets them excited as well. The stricter rules and regulations at this school are the reason for it's high success. The staff and administration also do a great job of balancing fun and academics.
6/28/2009studenti hate this school sooo much you get into troble for every little thing!
4/16/2009studentvanguard prepatory is a wonderfull school.It has wonderful teachers,that devote their time and patience to their students i would just like say that i have been here since vanguard started and i will be here until 8thgrade and i will pass this school on to my kids and the rest of my family so keep it up vanguard
8/8/2008studenti do like this shcool because all of my friends go there ,but some left to sitting bull [i hate that shcool] the teachers r cool and so r the staff the people who dont like this school r just haters. so yes this is a great school and almost the best.
5/22/2008parentwonders accomplisjed this year,,,,,,great job vangaurd
1/31/2008parentI could not be happier with Vanguard. My daughter is in her 2nd year of middle school and neither of us could be happier! The teachers have been wonderful, the principal is great, and the extra curricular activities are as good, or better than the much bigger schools. My child feels safer here. She has NEVER seen a fight on campus and it sure beats the problems we would see at the Junior High my older child attended. I pay tuition to make sure that my older child is as safe, happy and well educated as my daughter is at Vanguard Prep. Way to go Mr. Mobley and staff!
1/1/2008parentI love this school. The faculity is friendly and willing to help whenever it is requested. I have had meetings with the principal and vice-principal and have always left with the feeling that they cared about and believed in my child's future. I have 2 in Jr. High and I can't think of anything bad to say about Vanguard.
12/20/2007studentI hate this school! I want my mom to move me. There is too much homework because other kids disturb the classes and the teachers dont have time to teach. Kids are constanly fighting and the principal and procters dont do anything about it. I do like my algebra class an teacher but I hate everything else.
12/20/2007parentThis school leaves a lot to be desired. Much of the staff are unfriendly to students and parents. This school lacks orginization in both the elemntry and Jr. high campuses. A change in administration would be a saving grace and the only chance of improvement.
12/11/2007parentVanguard Prep is a parent choice/magnet school in Apple Valley, that opened in 8/05 in what was Mesquite Elementary. As a magnet school, parents supply to and from transportation and transportation to most sporting events, etc. My 15 year old daughter attended Vanguard for her 8 th grade year. She begged to get out of her regular public school and even accepted wearing uniforms to do so. She loved Vanguard Prep and has since moved on to the local high school GHHS. My 10 year old has attended since 11/05, when she was in 3rd grade. We transferred her from a local AV elementary school I have been and am very happy with the school Teachers are caring, the staff is attentive and the administration shows their love of the students daily in their actions. Wonderful school!
8/23/2007parentthis is the first year that my son has gone to this school. he absoultly loves it there is no more fighting to get him up in the morning
8/15/2007parentmy son has been going to this school for 5 years now. the staff is wonderful and the teachers are great. the ptso president needs to go but other than that it is a great place to send your child for a great education. they really do care.
7/28/2007parentI think this school is somewhat an okay school,but certainly not a great one. They have lack of discipline and I think that the school is overcrowded!
6/19/2007parentThis school is going down hill fast! The higher academics, safety policies, and parent evolvement are spoken of nicely but are truly not there. Sadly, this is the first time our daughter has ever hated school and as a fourth grader has asked that we please change schools or even home school her so she doesn't have to go back. Our family is very disappointed. The worst part of this school is absolutely the unapproachable, unfriendly, and often rude administration.
6/19/2007parentMr. Mobley and his staff go the extra mile for their students education and emotional well being. I have had the pleasure of working volunteer positions with many staff members and have learned that they sincerely care about the children. The 20 community service hours asked of each student and their families is easily obtained through many functions the school offers. It is a joy being involved with such dedicated individuals.
5/21/2007parentThis is my son s second year at Vanguard and we couldn't be more displeased! The no tolerance policy is non existent. My son has seen more acts of violence, vandalism/graffiti, bullying, stealing, and cheating than at any other school he has attended. It also does not help that the school has sent home material of a sexual nature on two separate occasions. My son s first teacher let his personal life and personal problems interfere with his teaching and class room management. Two other teachers are regularly intimidating and overpowering to the point of belittling and scaring students. There is a significant lack of administration/parent communication and many rules such as dress code are open to interpretation and enforcement depending on staffs whims and moods. Although, there are very some really good teachers, the negatives far outweigh the positives, and my child will absolutely not attend Vanguard next year.
4/27/2007studentI love this school! Since my daughters have been here they have come out of their shells and started enjoying school like they should. They love their homework and the activities that they are given just impress me. I feel that this school cares about the students and the parents and that makes all the difference in the educational system.
9/1/2006parentWhat a great experience this has been! This is our second year and having come out of a private school environment, I could not be happier with the education and structure that is provided to my children. It is an honor and pleasure to be part of such a great growing atmosphere. I have even gotten used to the traffic at drop off and pick up times, it is worth the wait!
1/15/2006parentVanguard has gotten off to a good start. My children participate in an awesome GATE program, and the AVID program is emerging. The leadership of the school is professional and conscientious. The only negative is that there are so many construction delays, so it is still almost 2 years until the site is entirely complete. Despite this, the school is working hard to overcome these challenges. It will be interesting to see which new teachers they hire this year.
1/10/2006parentMy son attends 6th grade at Vanguard. The teachers are professional and caring. It is a safe learning environment. The principal is wonderful, energetic, enthusiastic.
10/31/2005parentOur children have had 3 good years now at this school. A truly Great principal, most teachers are dedicated, overall good staff from when this school *was* known as Mesquite Elementary. However this New Vanguard Prep is still Under Construction, literally! The traffic is atrocious during drop-off and pick-up. Though still a 'public' school, Vanguard has a number of quirks that parents may or may not like such as: mandatory dress code, students (and parents!) must perform 20 hours of community service.

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