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David Starr Jordan Middle School - Burbank, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
David Starr Jordan Middle School420 South Mariposa St.
Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 558-46226-8Los AngelespublicBurbank Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic40.772009
Black, non-Hispanic2.842009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.082009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Sharon Cuseo2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/23/2012parentThis school is absolutely fabulous. They stay in touch with parents, offer wonderful classes and even better teachers. The administrative staff is the best I have seen. They welcome the kids in the AM in front of the school and are around during breaks and lunch. Most importantly the kids can see Mrs Cashman anytime they need her. She is very accessible. Can't say enough good things about this school.
9/14/2012parentWe are very happy with the middle school. There was a bullying issue that was taken care of rapidly and successfully by Mrs. Cashman and Mr. Tarca, the principal and vice principal of the school.
8/20/2012parentMrs. Cashman, the principal and her team, Mr. Tarca, Mr. Senar and the rest of the admin staff and teachers are so SO good. Mr. Tarca started the STOP IT anti-bullying campaign that is being adopted by the STATE! Wow. I'm so happy my kids are enrolled here. Great school, great parent involvement, PTA, teachers. I'm very happy with this school.
2/22/2012parentWhen my daughter started 6th grade here in 2010 is was a good school but since they hired a new principal Stacy Cashman, who started at the beginning of the 2011-12 year, in just one semester she has transformed this school into the most amazing place. And that's in just one semester!! I can't wait to see what she can do given some time! It is incredibly gratifying to see what can happen when you have strong leadership, especially in a middle school where kids can stray so easily. Mrs. Cashman loves kids and her door is always open to students, parents, staff, you name it. The teachers here have always been good, but under her direction they have become even better. I'm very excited to have my younger daughter start at Jordan next year. And the new, re-energized PTA here is a great place to stay informed and involved. I highly recommend this school. Lunch on campus with my kid on Friday. Yay!
2/21/2012parentMy Son attends Jordan and our experience has been wonderful, caring teachers and caring parents plus an awesome staff make it a joy to drop him off on a daily basis
4/17/2011parentI really like this school. My son likes this school too and that's what matters. He is getting a top notch education from caring and involved teachers. He hasn't had any problems that have required much interaction with the administration, so I can't say anything about that, but then I hope I never have to. Al the schools in the Burbank Unified School district are top notch and the only thing holding them back from doing more is the budget disaster the state is facing.
11/19/2010otheri love this school this is the most amazing school i reccomend this school to everyone!!! The staff is great and they really pay attention to the students needs!! ilove it
5/25/2010parentI agree that the methods of dealing with problems is draconian and doesn't lead to positive empowerment. The school seems to only support families that have the luxury of being able to volunteer and donate on a regular basis. There is simply nothing special or extraordinary about this school.
4/7/2010parentThe administration is poor at addressing the individual needs of its students, minimizing any special needs a child might have. There is a big problem with bullying and theft at the school. Discipline is draconian, with policies that punish both the perpetrator and the victim. There are some good teachers, but there are also a few that take delight in wearing down the self esteem of the students. Do your research, and consider alternatives if your child is in Special Education, or is twice exceptional (gifted and special ed)
4/1/2010parentGreat interactive teaching. Love the parent portal website so we are always aware of the work kids are doing, and what they need to do if they are missing anything. EXCELLANT administrative staff.
9/21/2009parentawesome teachers and they offer superb classes. They care about the students
5/18/2009parentThis is a wonderful middle school located in Burbank, California! It definitely has a family feel to it and one of the most outstanding young persons' choirs of all time!
5/22/2008parentThis school seems extremely focused on disipline, instead of helping the child to learn. The teachers need some extra training for the 'special needs' students as they tend to send them to the office for the smallest of offenses. Some of the rules when it comes to their 'no tolerance' policy are ridiculous. They over exaggerate the 'crime' of the student and seem to suspend too often. If your child had issues in Elementary, your child won't do well at this school. You're better off sending them to a private school, which is what I wish I could do.
2/27/2008studentThis school is the best school in the entire universe. I am in the 8th grade and I am in the Gate program. It is a great experience to go through.
10/23/2007parentExcellent learning environment. The GATE program is perfect for teaching kids in preparation for college. My son is in 8th grade and is well prepared for high school and beyond.
10/1/2007parentThis has been a great school for my daughter. She is entering 8th grade. She is a member of Cheer and in the band. She has been on honor roll every semester. The teachers were excellent in keeping me posted on what is going on and I really like 'My grade' web site now being used.
5/25/2006teacherMy son is in his 1st year at Jordan, in the 6th grade. It has been a great all around experience. The academic program is great. Any time we had a problem the AP Tom Kissinger was right on it. I could not have asked for a better place for my son to go to school.
5/6/2006parentToo focused on discipline. Administration is often rude to students. Not an environment where a child can flourish unless they 'fit the profile'. There are other deep rooted issues with this institution. Is a very self important school. If you can afford, consider sending your child to private school.
4/4/2006parentJordan is a strong school to enroll your children. What I mean by strong is, the school truly focuses on all of the important elements in education. (academics, sports, discipline and teachers that care). I would higly recommend this school to any parent in need of a good public school, in lieu of spending thousands of dollars on a private education.
2/1/2006parentThe schools seems to have some good programs in place however there is a definite break down in communication between the faculty and the office. The teachers refer students to the office for discipline, for offences as small as forgeting a book, it is then up to an asst principal to dole out punishment without ever conversing with the teacher. Several times I have had to intervene and request that the asst principal speak with my son's teacher in order to smooth out an over zealous asst principal who seems to take pleasure in exacting discipline. I have also observed that the teachers and staff are often rude and disrespectful of students issueing commands and speaking to them in a harsh threatening way rather than taking an interest in them and getting to know them.
1/5/2006parentUnder the expert leadership of Principal Mary Margret Kljunak, Jordan provides a place where students are challenged to excel in academics, citizenship and the arts. An award-winning choir program which includes hundreds of student voices, a fabulous band program, and a unique '7th period' class which gives students a choice of electives as diverse as Drama and Urban Naturalist to test the waters in fields which they may have poreviously never thought of exploring.
10/1/2005parentSo far Jordan have proven to be have a very high quality academic program. My daughter has enjoyed her teachers and after meeting them myself agree. They are very attentive and focused on the success of each student in their class. The administration seem to have the school mission at the core and it shows.
6/14/2005former studentWhoa! I am quite pleased of the great music program this school has to offer. I wish I had such a wonderful music instrumental program in my middle school days. These music students have true talent with a great teacher!
2/22/2005parentOur son graduated from Jordan in June of 2004. The teachers are wonderful. A real down to earth atmosphere.
3/20/2004studentI go to JMS and am in the 8th grade. I am apart of an award winning choir conducted by Mrs. Chris Demore. Every year we go to Disney Land and take home either 1st or second place, usualy 1st. My history teacher is Mr. Wilkins. He has been teaching there for like a billion years and is the greatest teacher ever. I really love my school but cant wait to go to burroghs!

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