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Michael G. Wickman Elementary School - Chino_Hills, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Michael G. Wickman Elementary School16250 Pinehurst Drive
Chino Hills, CA 91709
(909) 393-3774K-6San BernardinopublicChino Valley Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
23 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic31.782009
Black, non-Hispanic4.042009
Pacific Islander0.312009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Donald Wilson2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/29/2012parentWow, just reading the post from 10-7. This person has no idea what they are talking about. Probably a student that zaps the positive energy from EVERY teacher they have ever had. Not to mention is probably a daily problem! Unbelieveable. Just go to another school and let us all appreciate what Wickamn has to offer!
10/7/2012parentWell, I just spent 2 hours on a Saturday night reteaching or should I say teaching science content to my child. The 6 grade teachers engage the students in mindless lectures and note taking which result in little retention of the information. There is little variety in their instructional approaches. The only concern is to quickly cover the material. There is no depth or attention to mastery of the material. We pay entirely too much in taxes to receive such mediocre services. The only thing that will save our children is the national push to the Common Core standards.
3/12/2012otherSome people say that Wickman's students are cold and unfriendly, but that is certainly not the case. They only seem like that because many of the students have went to Wickman from kindergarten to now so they are bound to have many friends in the school.
1/21/2011parentIt's interesting how different experiences can be from one student to the next! I have been a Wickman parent for several years now (2 children attend) and feel that my children are in an excellent academic environment. The teachers are loving, attentive, educated, motivated and inspiring. They are approachable and create a welcoming and safe feeling throughout the classrooms and the school itself. One thing I read below is that "the best teachers went to OPA (a new charter school)", which is completely false. There is not one teacher who left by choice last year. Parental involvement is exceptional, that is true. I am amazed at the levels parents rise to to help their children at school. But I believe that the education of our children is most definitely, a group effort. Homework, for my children, is what it is intended to be: a reinforcement of concepts taught in the classroom. I feel fortunate that my children have the opportunity to attend such an outstanding academic institution, surrounded by an excellent and loving staff.
8/31/2010parentMy children have been attending Wickman since fall of 2009 & I strongly believe the school's performance is a direct result of the highly motivated parents whos children attend the school - more than anything else. Wickman has lost a significant % of it's highest achieving students & its' highly motivated families to a new local charter school with a strong emphasis on computers & second languages (asian flight). This school year has already started with a serious overcrowding issue & terribly high ratio which will no doubt result in even less instruction time for the students. It appears that the most motivated teachers have already left or are leaving, along with the very short lived vice principle. The school's commitment to academic excellence and over all development seems to be waning in light of it's competition. We'll see how the school year goes, but problems are clearly on the horizon.
12/4/2009parentI love this school!Its api score is about 912 and it has great staff and students.
7/14/2009parentMy children love Wickman! It is a great schools with many opportunities for the children and parents to be involved. I am a little concerned with the amount of homework in the upper grades. My son who is a great student can spend from 4:30 pm until 10:00 pm doing homework/ studying for a test. We have had some amazing teachers and even though I believe the homework is a bit excessive I still appreciate all the work the teacher's and parents put into making it one big family.
5/5/2009parentI am very happy with this school atmosphere and teaching level is very great
5/5/2009parentThe school is great. Teachers are very friendly and parents are well informed of what's going on in their classes/school. There are alot of parents volunteer at school. So far I like the teachers that my kid had/has, love their creative teaching style.
2/22/2009parentAmazing school! Wonderful teachers! Better than Country Springs!
1/31/2009parentI am a new parent to Wickman. It took a while for my child and me to warm up to the school climate. Many parents and children at the school seem a bit cold and unfriendly. Though there are many friendly parents as well. I'm thinking of transferring my child. She is having a hard time finding 'true' friendship at the school.
4/28/2008parentI believe that Wickman has the right idea towards academic success but I feel a lot of it is left in the parent's hands. Homework should be a review of the day's lesson, not a family project. I also feel that preferential treatment is given (to the parents and students of those parents)that volunteer often and not given out equally to all. Awards etc. We'd all love to be stay-at-home parents.
3/7/2008parentGreat teachers.studentsand staff.
11/9/2007parentWickman has excellent funding and resources. I am amazed that the teachers are at a 31:1 ratio of students. I feel the principal and vice principal are mainly interested in out-testing the other school. The staff is extremely rude.
10/15/2007parentAcademic programs are tiered for only the top 10%. The work expected is way beyond other schools and is often left to parents to teach and complete. Limited inclass instruction for 'projects'.Many projects are a competition between parents. Parent involvement is only for the 'elite'. School is overcrowded. Some teachers are great, others should not be teaching. The quality of education depends on the track you are on. If you have children with special needs, run as fast as you can to a different school. It is a nightmare to get services from the majority of the staff, including principal and asst. principal.
9/11/2007parentWe just moved from Washington and my child is doing better and better everyday, I like the fact that this school focuses on academics. The Principal is involved in every aspect of his school, my daughter's teacher is also great! Thank you for been so supportive of my child and the other children at Wickman.
8/13/2007parentThis school has everything you may possibly require for your child to suceed in class and any where else!!!
5/29/2007parentWickman's focus is more on academic success, at any cost. Both students and parents are overwhelmed by homework overload. What I like least is that when the students are off track they are given assignments. This should be like their summer since they are not on a traditional calendar. Students and parents need a little R&R to rejuvenate. Some teachers ignore the students when they have questions or need clarification. How do you expect a child to learn if their questions go unanswered?
5/17/2007parentWe have been at Wickman since it opened. My last child will be graduating from 6th grade next month. The teachers have been great (we'll miss you Mrs. Thies and Mrs. Fredericks), however the office staff and PTA leaves much to be desired. Office staff members are not friendly and can be rude at times. When I call in that my child will be absent, I feel like I have to defend my child for being sick. Several PTA members are rude. I can't wait to get out of there.
3/16/2007parentThe teachers at Wickman are fantastic! My children have excelled in school, especially math and reading, because of the one on one attention they have received. Wickmans' Accelerated Reading program is wonderful. A.R. and the goals set by the teachers in class really help to motivate the kids to read more and read daily. On a negative note, there is definately a lack in the arts. With all of the testing requirements, our teachers have little or no time to expose our children to music and art.
3/13/2007parentI think the homework situation is out of control. I have a fourth grader on the verge of burnout! He has consistently scored above average in all subjects since starting with the school, that is until recently. He has now at 10 years of age, been diagnosed with the onset of a stress related ulcer due to the overwhelming work load from school. There is not enough extracurricular activity for these kids to offset the enormous amount of busy work. I would like to see some more creative curriculum offered at this school and less busy work.
2/24/2006parentQuality of academic prgorams are very good. But not sufficient music,art or extracurricular activies.
1/13/2006parentThis is a great school with excellent leadership, there are some strict guidelines that are sometimes hard for kids, however they do excel at learning.
8/18/2005parentWickman continues to excel as an elementary school! The staff and administration are very professional and caring. They tell it like it is. Students are the number one priority at the school, and it shows.
7/14/2005parentI feel that Wickman Elementary is overcrowded and understaffed. I am very disapointed so far this school year. The staff is unfriendly and at times treats you as if you are the student not the parent.
9/13/2004teacherWickman is an excellent school with caring, well-trained, enthusiastic teachers. The administration is stong and child-centered. Facilities are beautiful and state of the art. Children feel safe and happy at this school and great progress is being made in academic areas.

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