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Harding Elementary School - El_Centro, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Harding Elementary School950 South Seventh Street
El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 352-4791K-6ImperialpublicEl Centro Elementary

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic4.862009
Black, non-Hispanic1.622009
Pacific Islander0.22009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Claudia Montano2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/9/2011parentI love Harding School, my kids love going there. What I like the most is their caring people. They are willing to help at all times. They go the extra mile to get to know your children.
5/13/2010parentHarding elementary is an excellent school just like the teachers and staff. They make you feel welcome.
5/13/2010parentMy granddaughter, Abby, has had wonderful teachers in her first four years of school, and she is doing great and learning so much.
5/5/2010parentI love Harding Elementary because all the staff is very involved with there students. They never give up on there children, they try there best to provide extra education programs for them to excell in there education. All the staff is friendly and very easy to talk to. Not only are they teachers to our students, they have become friends. Harding staff truely belive in their children.
5/5/2010parentHading School has very well prepared staff, friendly and enjoy working with kids. My kids love going to Harding School.
5/5/2010parentEveryone is awesome!!!! (W/out giving names) Mrs. Principal, Mrs. Mr. Miss. Ms. Teachers, Mr. Miss. Ms. Mrs. Rest of staff, Volunteers, and of course students make this school the best. It s absolutely an enjoyable, fantastic, great, entertainig, genial (and all other cool words) experience for my son.
5/4/2010parentMy son and two daughters have attended Harding school and all they have is good memories!
5/4/2010parentI really like this school... teachers there are friendly and very professional...
5/4/2010teacherWe honestly do have a wonderful staff!!! I love everyone here!!! & the parents are great!!!!
5/4/2010parentI went to harding when I was a child, loved harding back then and now that my kids attend Harding, I love it even more. The teacher's are great, eager to teach our kids. **Harding is the best**
5/4/2010otheri like the school very much it was very educational!
5/4/2010parentHarding is an absolutely wonderful school!!
5/1/2010parentThey are very helpful and are always in touch with parents.
5/1/2010parentHarding has very good staff, they are well prepared and friendly
4/30/2010parentI love its neatness and the teachers.Also thier very helpfull
4/29/2010parentMy little son going to Harding School and we love the teachers and pricipal :)
4/29/2010otherMy nephew is a student at Harding Elementary and he loves his school.
4/29/2010parentI like the school because my child learns and the teachers are patience.
4/29/2010parentMy kids love the school, teachers and staff. Thanks for all your help
4/29/2010parentI like Harding school because my child learns and enjoys attending.
4/29/2010parentI love Harding, because it's a great School and have awesome teachers!
4/28/2010parent I love the outstanding hard working and very professional staff. After I moved my family from Mexico, I enrolled my forth child at Harding Elem. school, my daughter's first language was Spanish a year and half ago, just last week El Centro School District, reclassified my daughter from English Learner to English Only. Her kindergarten teacher( Miss Gradillas) nominated her as Student of the Year (and student of the month at least once). In first grade (where she's attending with Ms. Jorgenson) earned Student of the Month again. Believe it or Not
4/28/2010parentThis is a great school because all the staff members & students work hard to make the school a better and safer place for students to be in.
4/28/2010parentThis school has worked very hard so our children can have a better future and reach their goals!
4/28/2010parentmy children feel safe around teachers and staff mr.miramon mrs. montano and office secretary
4/28/2010parentI like harding because it has goood and nice teachers. They have really good standars
4/28/2010parentmy daughter has attended to harding since 2006,and very proud to say that my kid attend to this school because everybody are very kind people starting with mrs.monta o,all the teachers, the staff in the office,and also the teachers that help in the after school program.That program is very helpful for the kids because it has many activites so they can learn how to be more respectful,self defense,sports,dance and many more activities.... THANKS TO ALL THE STAFF for help our kids to be successful and make them feel part of the big family that you're. 'Thanks'
4/28/2010parentteachers haved help my kids learn and speak english really good and have maintained me and my wife informed of any issues, changes, decisions, events and other stuff going on in the school. staff is courteous and respectful. it gives you great pleasure to go drop off your kids and know that they are being taken care off really good.
4/26/2010otherhard working staff and an awesome principal who cares about students
4/26/2010parentTeachers care about students and want their students to be successful!
3/24/2009parentMy child says harding rocks plus they help him learn
10/25/2005parentMy family and I attended Harding Elementary School. I now have a son in the 3rd grade. He feels really good about his school. The teachers have always worked very hard to bring out the best in every student. Thank you for bringing out the encouragement and confidence in us.

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