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St. John The Evangelist - Encinitas, CA

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St. John the Evangelist1003 Encinitas Boulevard
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 944-8227K-8San Diegoprivate 

School Head OfficialYear
Miss Barbara Picco2008

11/4/2012parentIt will be with a very heavy heart that I remove our daughter from Saint Johns school mid year. When the bad outweighs the good; hard decisions have to be made as we accept what we cannot change. Our son attended this school K-8, our daughter preschool, through 3rd grade and now in fourth grade. The girl bullying has caused our girl to suffer so much over the past two years. Exclusion, rude comments, and condescending looks just to name a few. Teachers had no impact on changing the circumstances and suggested counseling for our daughter. Administration is very slow in implementing their new bullying prevention program. The gossip and nouveau riche cliques are what motivates this administration. The girl/mom cliques are the worst I have experienced in my 48 years. The best thing the school could do is ask the church to take it over. It needs a big dose of real truth, community and love.
11/4/2012parentThe comment below made on Oct 2011 is exactly the non-christian attitude that has caused so many of us to leave this school. The reference to "chubby kids" and the principal "working on it" makes me sad and leaves me empty. The principal's response to the inappropriate comment should have been more profound and Christian like. This kind of attitude justifies and encourages kids to make fun and bully others. No wonder. It's difficult to plant apple seeds and expect pear trees.
3/18/2012parentThis school is a travesty. I had one child attend from K-8 grade, and another from K-7; we finally pulled our younger one out in he middle of the 7th grade, a very difficult time to transfer a student. We were desperate. I could go on and on about the array of disappointments with this school, but here is the bottom line: they don't care about your child. I am a public school teacher, and would have been fired immediately for doing just one of the things that these teachers do every day. They are overly-strict, controlling, authoritative, and just plain mean. The student body is unhappy, dejected, and oppressed. It is a very negative environment where children, "should be seen and not heard." Not a healthy situation for kids. Save your money, and your child's happiness-don't enroll them in this school. Additionally, in case you are still considering St. Johns, this 2011-2012 school year, they have lost at least 1/3 of their students, who've left for a better situation AND HAVE NOT COME BACK. Every single one of those long-standing families have discovered that their children are much happier elsewhere. Doesn't that tell you something?
1/25/2012parentWe are so happy with St. John's. We moved here a few years ago, and this school is a perfect fit for our family. Our kids are challenged academically, and have made great friends. They participate in the extracurricular activities, i.e., drama club, athletics, running club, girl scouts. We have made life long friends here and are so thankful for the teachers. They go above and beyond and really care about our children.
10/17/2011parentAcademically strong. Teachers contact parents right sway to inform them if student is not turning in homework or performing in class. Teachers are outstanding. Very dedicated. Even on snack and lunch break they are keeping an eye on my kids. Athletically not so great. Kids walk when they are supposed to run laps. PE is limited. Some chubby kids but principal is working on it. Yes the moms tend to exclude newly arrived moms and act like, if they have been there since kindergarten that they and their children are justified in excluding. I don't mind it because I have seen horrible situations at public school. I did not sign up for a social club but for my kids to get a good education in a safe environment. Can't have everything!
8/10/2011parentMy oldest child attended St John School from Kindergarten through 5th grade. One of my younger children attended preschool at St John's for 2 years. My child had a couple of phenomenal teachers who we will remember fondly, but overall our experience was negative. Academically, my child performed very well - and it showed on my child's report card and the standardized testing. The negative experience came from the administration. There were serious and scary bullying issues that came up toward the end and the administration looked the other way. My child was not the only one targeted by the known bully, yet nothing was done. Into the second year of issues with the same bully who consistently threatened my child (scary, this-child-has-serious-psychiatric-issues threats) and the continued dismissive response by the administration, we pulled our child mid-year and enrolled in a public school. My child is thriving now. I agree with one of the other reviewers, the moms tend to be very catty and it is very clique-ish. I find manners and respect by both the parents and children to be lacking at this school, and that the majority of families have a strong sense of entitlement.
6/16/2011parentMy child has been in St. John School, Encinitas, for 5 years and LOVES it. He loves it so much that all we have to tell him when we think he's going to misbehave is that his punishment would be to get sent to El Camino Creek which is down the street from our house, and he says, "No, Mom, I love St. John's". The teachers are wonderful and we look forward to many more years at St. John.
5/16/2011parentTHank God for Saint John's. I was ready to home school. My kids attended a public school in Olivenhain with all of the latest in technology, but lacking in such basics as manners and respect. The kids not only bullied my kids, taught them bad words, dressed and danced inappropriately, they were openly disrespectful to parent volunteers, virtually laughing in their faces while cheating in front of them. My eldest has needed a year of therapy, and I only just took him off of medication. This school had every material it needed, but it didn't have what St. John's has: caring teachers who actually let you know if your child is not completeing his/her homework, discipline, respect for parents. My stepdaugher went four years at St. Joh's and has a 4.4 GPA at Torrey Pines HIgh The academics are on par with public and when you consider and I am saving money by being at aless superficial school even when paying tuition. The library is fine, and the school is not perfect. I am a picky person who gets annoyed easily ,and I give this school an A+ THANK GOD IT WAS THERE WHEN MY KIDS WAS GETTING BEAT UP AT PUBLIC SCHOOL ( Olivenhain Pioneer)!
3/11/2011parentI found the school to be below my expectations. I was disappointed with the lack of credentials of teachers in the preschool and elementarty programs. The facility is dilapidated, computers are out dated, books are not on the cutting edge. Supplies are limited. The preschool is dirty, bathrooms and washing facilited inept. Teachers less then warm and fuzzy. Elementary school is behind the times and classrooms show little effort . The front office is no very t friendly, I felt like when I had cocnerns they were put out. I was horrified by the gossip, click like feeling of families; It was worse then high school. The mommies groups are mean spriited and often talk behind one anothers backs. The elementary school has had bully problems, it no surprise, with mommies like I was exposed it certainly could be a learned behavior. Adminstration is referred to as "Ostriches." Preschool director hides out in the preschool office with little answers to any quesitons. It was a big disappointment. Hard to beleive this is Catholic school. It costs alot of money, not much educational bang for my buck.
10/6/2010parentPreschool was such a disappointment. It was a revolving door with staff and some of the children struggled with the inconsistency. When parents complained to the Director she was quick to suggest that it may be an issue with the individual child instead of recognizing there was an issue with all the changes. My concerns as a parent were never acknowledged. I was constantly told that all the issues would be resolved by the next school year. How was that going to help my child who was presently in preschool? I heard that Kindergarten was much better but after the terrible preschool experience, I wasn t willing to risk enrolling him and end up disappointed again.
2/15/2010parentNoticed that someone posted that there were problems in the middle school and that the school does not prepare students for local high schools. I was quite surprised by this. I found that the school does an excellent job of preparing its students for high school and works hard to shape their moral character as well as their academic abilities. I found the middle school teachers, as well as the rest of the faculty and staff, to be very involved, caring, and nurturing. They worked long hours and were wonderful about communicating with parents and students. I think sometimes people forget that they have more than just 30 or so students per teacher in the middle school. St. John school was a wonderful place for my children.
2/24/2009parentWe really love this school, it was a great choice for my child.
6/18/2008parentDoes not prepare students for local high schools. Many problems with middle school.
1/27/2006teacherGreat teachers and a very caring school community. I would send me children here!

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