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John C. Fremont Elementary School - Glendale, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
John C. Fremont Elementary School3320 Las Palmas Avenue
Glendale, CA 91208
(818) 249-3241K-6Los AngelespublicGlendale Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
23 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic56.712009
Black, non-Hispanic0.462009
Pacific Islander0.152009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.152009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Christin Walley2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/13/2012parentWe feel very fortunate that our daughter has access to such a great school. Fremont is a special place that offers a wonderful blend of academic and extra curricular activities. We are as engaged as parents in the school (thanks to the strong leadership of or principal) as our daughter is in her studies---due in large part to the great teachers she has had through the years. Each one has treated her as an individual working to bring out her best potential. If you're looking for a excellent academics and a warm, caring environment for your child, Fremont is the place for you. We have been very happy here.
10/12/2012parentThis is an excellent school. The writing program is phenomenal - I was blown away how well my kids could write at the end of kindergarten and am even more impressed at the upper grade level. My children have been nurtured by caring teachers who push them to do their best. In addition to great academics, Fremont is unique in the quality and number of special programs events and technology available to the students and teachers. A computer lab full of brand new Mac computers and computer teacher is visited by all students K-6 each week. The school has an art docent program in every class as well as choral and instrumental music. The school has incredibly active parent organizations, which results not only in great events and programs but a high level of volunteerism in and outside the classroom. There is a strong emphasis on character and ethics. The school has a strong sense of small town community, where the Principal knows the kids names and the kids know the volunteering parents by name. In some grades the teachers work as a team, in others they have individual curriculum. We moved to Sparr Heights because of Fremont and feel incredibly fortunate to have our kids there.
10/12/2012parentFremont has involved parents, and teachers and staff who want to make Fremont better every year. The principal listens to input from the parents and tries to help make Fremont a great school.
6/11/2012parentThis school is a mixed bag. Some of the teachers are excellent with strong curriculums in their classrooms. However, there is no apparent or obvious consistency within the grades. For example, in 4th grade, some of the teachers require the students to read several accepted core curriculum literature, and others maybe read one book. This creates unequal access to education in the school itself and in the district. Also, some teachers are allowed to have the same students in their classroom for two years, say both 1st and 2nd grade - all the same students and same teacher. This sets ups cliques in the school environment and in the community. My child had a teacher that was late to class in the morning the majority of the school year, and was so unorganized that the children ended up losing privileges like P.E. because she didn't remember to get the students out to the field. Yet, other teachers are very dedicated and would never behave in that manner. The supervision at recess is poor and the aggressive students run the roost, and the school lunches are frankly, just sad.
6/5/2011parentThis school is a wonderful school. I am so glad to have my daughter attend here.
4/13/2011parentvery good school. Good teachers and I like the way the teach. Excellent school for the area.
3/29/2011parentI feel so fortunate for my daughter to be a student at Fremont. She has learned and grown so much in the three years she has been attending. The teachers and staff give so much of themselves and it shows! I am constantly in awe how much of their extra time, energy and knowledge they are willing to give to their students. The family/parent involvement is also very apparent and we all benefit from that. It's not called fabulous, friendly Fremont for nothing!
3/24/2011parentI give three years to be one of the worst schools of this area because the kids are only learning how to play. There are good teachers at Fremont and, those are the parents teaching in home, their kids to give good raitings to the school. Or thats what happen on k.
3/30/2010parentI cannot say enough good about this school. The teachers really care. It is an excellent facility with wonderful parent involvement. I send both of my children here and I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful school in my district
11/3/2009parentFrenont is the most fabulous friendly place. Teachers and parents truly work together to make our school a place which openly welcomes and embraces children from all walks ( and wheelchairs of life. We seem to do a lot on our little, flat campus.
10/28/2009parentI commute 90 miles each day to work through Southern California traffic. I hear the schools are great in Orange County where I work. Would I consider a move to make my life easier? No. Fremont cares so my kids care. They love Fremont so they do well in school. So is my sacrifice for me kids worth it? Absolutely. As long as Fremont keeps ups its unparalleled commitment to its students, I will gladly send my children there.
10/22/2009parentBest school in town with the best teachers! Go Fremont!
10/22/2009parentFremont Elementary is very friendly with a strong (and beloved) principal who keeps the teachers happy and motivated. The curriculum is focused on teaching students writing skills that will help them throughout their lives. The student body is nicely diversified. Our PTA and Foundation are highly motivated and support our school, teachers, and students. We are a happy group here at Fremont.
10/14/2009parentI've been part of the Fremont community for 11 years--my youngest is now a 6th grader. I can truly say that it is like a great big family to me and I'll be sorry to leave. The principal is fabulous as are all of the teachers and staff and the parent involvement is incredible!
10/14/2009parentJohn C. Fremont is dedicated to one goal, Students success. Students and staff are working hard to achieve the goal.
10/14/2009parentJohn C. Fremont is a welcoming learning environment. This is a school where teachers love to teach and help every single student with their specific needs, goals and further enrichment. Along with a great support system on campus and in the community, we are all moving towards a better future for our young children!
10/14/2009parentFremont has a great computer lab, funded entirely by community support. It has fantastic teachers that are willing to do anything that helps our kids learn and inspires them to be the best kids they can be. The principal fosters a positive learning environment and encourages all to take part in the education of our kids.
10/8/2009parentBesides caring and involved teachers, JC Freemont fosters a community of strong parental involvement, which makes rasing our kids feel like a team effort-- which it is!
10/7/2009parentVery caring teachers & staff
9/7/2009parentWe loved this school. We transferred here from a snobby school with higher scores and I was worried, however the parental and administrative support is fabulous and we could not have chosen a better fit for my son. Mr Card is a fantastic leader for the school.
8/21/2009parentGood school with disappointing test scores.
8/21/2009parentFremont is an overall good school, however if your child is gifted or advanced you may consider home schooling or an academy, my daughter was not being challenged by the gifted program at Fremont.
7/9/2009parentThe motto of the school, Fabulous, Friendly Fremont is so deserving of this school. We came from a private school and were welcomed with open arms. What a difference a great principal makes! Congratulation Dr. Livingston for your leadership and involvement, it seems that you are everywhere at the same time! The teachers are just fantastic with their dedication and creativity. We are so blessed to be part of this wonderful educational center, we regret not attending earlier, it has been our loss. The kids just love the school and the 6th grade teachers have been the most wonderful caring teachers we have ran into in the last 8 years.
4/24/2009parent Fremont was SO good to my child that even though we left the school last year I am moving back so my daughter can attend. Wonderful staff and teachers.. I would recommend this school to parents. Also the special education department is phenomenal!
3/31/2009parentFremont has a wonderful environment and a wonderful 1st grade teacher
9/18/2008parentFremont is an amazing school to attend. The staff is caring, the academics are rigorous, and the overall atmosphere is wonderful. We love it here!
9/6/2008parentFremont is an amazing place for kids! Parents walk their children down tree lined streets to a place where children thrive and grow every day. The teachers welcome their students with open arms and hearts of gold. Every staff member puts the children first and gives them the finest instructional program possible. How proud we are to be a part of fabulous friendly Fremont!
7/24/2008parentFremont is the greatest school ever! We received such a warm welcome by the office staff when we first arrived. Our daughter has many special needs and the special education team relieved our fears. The general education teachers care so deeply and our principal knows every single student's name. We feel so blessed to live in such a caring school community where parents are active and welcome partners in their child's education!
7/4/2008parentThe office staff and Dr Livingston are the BEST. You can tell by thier love and devotion how much the students mean to them. It would be nice if the special education was included more, in school programs. Overall, this is a fabulous school.
8/21/2007parentWhat a great thing to have a school require so much parental involvement that it is a problem for some parents. I personally think we are so blessed with our sixth grade teachers. Their dedication to the academic preparation of our children is gold in its purest form.
7/7/2007parentFremont is a good school with a fantastic principal and many very good and a few great teachers. The office staff is charming, warm, caring and competent. The 6th grade teachers are uncaring and harsh. There is so much parental involvement that it is actually a problem for some of the teachers and students.
6/11/2007parentBest school ever! My kids are so incredibly happy there. The teachers give their heart and soul to the children. The parents work so hard to support the staff and their kids through art and music programs. Our principal connects with all of the children and obviously loves her work.
1/19/2007parentMy twin girls love this school. The teachers are great and the principal, Dr. Livingston, is very caring. My girls wish they could go to school at Fremont for a very long time. Thank you to the parents for all their involvement. The after school program has also been helpful to working parents. Congratulations Fremont! We look forward to a great 2007.
9/6/2006parentWe are very happy with Fremont, as the teachers are excellent, there are many parent volunteers in the classroom, and the principal is dynamic and very involved with the school. It is now a California Distinguished School, and we are proud to be a part of the Fremont family.
9/15/2005teacherGreat school with good parent support.
4/21/2005parentThis is our 3rd year at Fremont. We are very happy. The office staff is efficient and effective. The Principal is highly motivated, listens to new ideas, allows parents to provide input, rolls up her sleeves and works along side PTA and foundation members, knows the children (name, grade and teacher), and sets high standards for the teachers and kids that are shared. The teachers genuinely care about the kids (e.g., give hugs goodbye at the end of the day). There are clubs, parent-lead art docent lessons, professional chorale/orchestra, and (for a fee)extracurricular activies. Daily, there are parents in the classrooms. Parents lead a strong PTA and successful foundation.
11/3/2003parentThis school is the best school my son ever went to. I love the safety and the discipline and the principal leadership and teacher quality and extracurricular activities. It is the best and the most disciplined school in the Glandale area.

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