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Encore High For The Performing And Visual Arts School - Hesperia, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Encore High for the Performing and Visual Arts School16955 Lemon Street
Hesperia, CA 92345
(760) 956-26327-12San BernardinocharterHesperia Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic47.412009
Black, non-Hispanic8.572009
Pacific Islander0.22009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.82009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Denise Griffin2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/20/2012parentUnbelievable. I just found out this past week that they let go of my daughters study skills teacher for no reason at all and now class sizes are increased and we were all promised that this school has small class sizes. Also this teacher was one of the kids favorites and was getting my daughter excited about school. Now she just wants to stay home and miss school. Thanks for nothing Encore!
10/16/2012teacherI use to work there and I wish I had not. The dean does not hold a California Admin Credential, instead she gets away with having a private school admin credential. The same credential parochial schools give their deans. She has had no training nor formal education in education. Her husband, who is her assistant only has a teaching credential in teaching food classes. Their director of curriculum hold only a K-8 credential. In fact only one person on staff in the admin building holds a true California admin credential. They have un-credentialed people "teaching" different subjects like PE and study skills. This school has a high turnover rate with staff every year because you dare not speak ill of the school or how it is run. There are many code violations such as, over-occupancy in classrooms, fire hazards, and staff who have not been live scanned. This is not a school its a zoo. Kids are told to go elsewhere if they are struggling and they are in serious violation if IDEA and FAPE for Special Education students. What makes this even worse is that the Hesperia Unified School District continues to allow this to happen. Removal of those in charge needs to happen.
10/12/2012parentEncore is a school that has to 'make-do'. It wasn't built as a Performing Arts School. It must rely on all the parents to help out, and the students too. But in the last 3 years that my son has been there I see constant evolution which is a good thing. The school is a community and while certain aspects of the school have taken priority, I have seen that evolve too. You can't fix everything at once. What does make this school great is the willingness to improve and evolve. If any parent or student sees something missing or lacking it is their responsibility to become part of this community and make it better. I can tell you that my children previously attended a well rated school in Apple Valley that they HATED... and now they both love school, are involved in lots of activities and choose to spend up to 12 hours a day some days at school. Their grades are outstanding and the teachers communicate and keep me informed so I can make sure their grades stay outstanding. And while certain conservatories do tend to stand out, I have seen improvement in all in the past few years and I know that they way to improve them in parent involvement and partnership with instructors.
9/21/2012parentThe "Dean" lacks communication skills! Extremely unproffessional! The students do "P.E" in the parking lot! The " hallways" are overcrowded and not safe! Fire hazard! The classes are hot,stinky, and musty! This is not a normal functioning environment! The "pick up "procedure is "wacky"! I would not let my child step foot in this EX~correctional facility!!!! zero stars!!!
9/20/2012parentMy son recently started at Encore and loves it. It is really nice to see him actually get excited about 1) getting up in the morning 2) being involved in school 3) NOT complaining about the day he had and 4) looking forward to most of his classes! When we went to the orientation, we knew the school was offering performing arts classes as well as academic classes but didnt realize how many they had to offer. My son is actually doing his home work every day (they have a study hall too!) and is getting (so far) very good grades. He said he felt welcomed from the very first day and he fit right in! He likes all of his teachers and is playing guitar and loving it. from everything Ive seen myself, the staff is very caring and courteous to the kids and the parents too! I cant ask for anything better- especially given the choices in the Desert. When we moved here this summer, I heard nothing but terrible things about every school except 2- and Encore was one of them- so we were nervous. Not anymore! I hope the enthusiasm my son has keeps going and I would recommend this school to ALL parents that have kids who have a creative side!
8/20/2012parentI am a parent of a 11th grader who started encore high her 9th and 10th grade year. I am very disappointed on the feedback that I got back from my daughter when I asked her how she liked Encore-and if she wanted to go back to the school. She declined to return to Encore because she felt like the Principal and his wife did NOT give any of the other kids (that weren't in their Ambassadors special club) and attention or rewarding things to do. My daughter had a 3.6 gpa and was a cheerleader. The teachers there were so incredibly unorganized constantly losing my daughters assignments and making them turn them in 3+ more times. The turn around on the teachers was ridiculous. So many teachers were in and and out-as students were to. slowly buy surely many of the students were leaving encore and gong into other schools that didn't have favoritism. My daughter did so much for that school i.e. drama, cheer, dance and volunteered a ton-and got no recognition from ANYONE. Don't send your child their-they will feel unrecognized and eventually move out to a different school -like many of the kids do. I was so excited for this school-BUT it turned out to be a DISAPPOINTMENT.
8/20/2012otherThis school is horrible. There is to much favortism. If your not in any art programs. They don care about you. I was in karate and. The princibal didn't care about us karate kids. Thye kept moving us from classroom to classroom. And eventually we ended up practicing outside. To them we didn't matter. i really hated this school and now gladly im going to a different school =D.So if your not in any of the arts you will NEVER be reconized.
8/12/2012parentMy son has just finished his first year at Encore School. He is a piano student who is very impressed with the quality and experience of the staff at the Encore School. I am very satisfied with the way the staff and students interact with one another. The teachers really care about their students. The quality of the shows, concerts and plays that were put on at the Encore School are quite simply top notch. For a high school student, who is a preforming arts major this is the place to be for their high school years. The quality of the arts classes is matched by the quality of the academic programs that are offered to the students. For my son to tell me that there is no fighting nor bullying at a high school, I was so happy to hear that . My son is just about to start his second year there and he cannot wait.
6/5/2012parentI do understand that some parents might have concern over a changing faculty, but I for one don't see it the same way. I have a son in another school who spent more than half a year with a teacher that made his school existence miserable and even though I knew of this from previous years of parents I couldn't get him moved until well into the second half of the year. All of the parents I knew with kids in that class had a problem with the teacher too- and that teacher remains and will remain because that is how the system works. Had that school dealt with this teacher several years ago when the problems arose my son wouldn't have had to endure an experience that turned him from a kid who loved school into one who hates it. There is something to be said for a school faculty that gels together, and works together to give the students a great program. So while 'Mom' and 'Pop' might be pulling the strings, they are doing so to have the best program for their kids too, which in the end helps our kids. My older son LOVES this school and it is perfect for kids who have interest in the arts. Unfortunately things are made difficult by kids who are there with NO interest in the Arts.
6/4/2012otherAnother end of the school year with high staff turnover. But what else can be expected of a family business, where "mom" and "pop" lack the ability to objectively evaluate or to retain talent? Of course, some will argue that the teachers they let go every year are "bad teachers" but that excuse only lasts so long. That this business continues testifies to how desperately the people in the area want their kids to be stars, and how desperately the Hesperia School District wants the enrollment across district lines that an "arts charter school" can provide.
1/20/2012parentIts year 4 and I am still very happy! My oldest daughter and several of her fellow class mates have been excepted to to some of the top colleges and university in the country. My youngest daughter loves all her classes and teachers. Keep up the good work Encore!
10/28/2011parentI love how this school is focused on both academics and the fine arts. I was at a "for the arts" high school and we did about 6 performances annually. This school does a bazillion! If a student does not maintain a C minimum in all classes, they get booted from the play or show. The staff is kind and polite. Heck, I have the admin staff on speed dial and all the time they call me back within a few hours. They are dedicated. The teachers will accept no less than their students' very best. And the plays are entertaining. As for school lunches, they are average but sometimes they have a special treat. Last month, the Dean ordered In and Out for the students. My kids were so happy that day! In fact, even though I really don't know The Griffins that well, I want to. I consider them both to be my friend.
10/3/2011parentWe love Encore! My kids are doing better then ever and with all the services that this school offers for their students to succeed, every student can get the help they need. Study hall class everyday to work on homework and tutoring after school with their teachers if they need it. Thank You
9/1/2011parentEncore has the best API in the entire district! Teachers work with students in a smaller setting than other schools, offer tutoring every week, and meet for parent conferences monthly. Dedicated teachers who care about their students is hard to come by. Not an Encore! Students come for the electives; parents love the academic rigor! Parents have opportunities to volunteer, too!
8/19/2011parentThis is the best school my son has ever attended. He has always struggled in school, but Encore is different. The teacher's care about every one of their students. They want them all to succeed. My son scored advanced on state tests at Encore when he has never scored higher than below basic at any other school.
6/22/2011studentThis school is bad, really bad. The people in charge are horrible, the counselor is rarely available. Its an unfair school, some electives are put at the bottom and they shouldn't add sports to there program if there not even going to fund it properly. I was a student there and its not a great school like some people say
6/10/2011parentI love this school. My little one has attended there since it's opening. She has increased in knowledge and her conservatory so much. The shows they put on there are amazing. The staff there -they are TRUE EDUCATORS that care, put hours and hourse of time in tutoring after school to help students succeed. Academics are amazing. Teachers are amazing. The couple running it ARE AMAZING....Have you seen Jungle Book? THANK YOU Encore & Staff. This family truly appreciates you.
6/7/2011studentEncore High School teaches students to not only improve in academics but in the conservatory you choose to mayjor in. Many people believe that there is alot of faoritism at encore, i dont believe this is true. The deans "favorites" are people that work very hard and deserve everything they recieve. Those students work at a professional level and are very talented. Encore gives students oppurtunities that alot of people would not be able to expierence. I love this school and i dont see how anyone could disagree.
4/7/2011studentI've been a student since this school's opening and to be honest, I love it very much. I've never been strong in math and science, and since attending these schools, I am actually able to comprehend what they are teaching. I have had the opportunity to try countless different things I would not have been able to do at any other school. Before coming to Encore, I was bullied, yet have encountered little problems with students here, and when there was any issue, the dean took care of it. I feel confident in all the teachers, and have witnessed that when there is a teacher who is not up to par the school dismisses them and brings in someone who can actually teach the subject. Although many people complain about the dean's and their favoritism, I don't feel its true. They focused on the performance aspect of the school in the beginning because those were students whom they knew. Now that the school has become more establish, I feel there is equal love towards all conservatories. I think if someone wants to have a good experience at Encore, they have to realize it is still a school. Yes, it is exceptional and better than most but it still comes with bumps on the road. I recommend Encore
1/9/2011parentWe had a brief experience with this school. Had to move on, academics are subpar, in the bottom third of similar schools state wide, according to the state. And there are better arts programs elsewhere. The couple in charge is clueless.
12/9/2010parentThis is my child's first year as a 7th grader. I chose this school because she wants to be involved in performing arts and the school where she would normally go to has a bad reputation. At the start of the year, she was assigned a lot of homework but they are changing that now. She said at this school, kids don't pick on other kids as much as her other school, and I've heard this from other kids as well. The shows are outstanding. We are really lucky to even have a school like this in the High Desert.
10/22/2010studentthis school is very bad Ive changed my schedule like a billion time but it hasn't changed I am very disappointed
10/9/2010parentOnce again the instrumental music program had an amazing performance this past week, and once again received NO recognition! No announcement was made about the upcoming concert, no administration members attended, and they didn't even get a "good job" on the weekly all call update. I guess for this school to give you any importance you must be in dance or theater.Sad.
10/8/2010studentBoth my parents and I are very disappointed.They have changed my schedule 9 times .On the sign up sheet, they show electives that aren't offered at this school at all.The teachers are rude and the parents will agree.Everyday there are parents and students that complain in the front office .They just do not care.Students have no say in what go's on at this school.ASB and kids in a group called dean's list control the events along with the founders of the school.It is sad. Our autatorium has a stage a foot high that seats 150 people standing. We have no football field,Track,soccer field,baseball field or any grass at our school.All we have is two basketball poles in the middle of the parking lot.For P.E. we run around the parking lot and the golf kids play in dirt.No lockers and every classroom has plywood running threw it because it was a juvenilehall.
9/29/2010parentMy daughter is in the 9th grade, she started with Encore in the 7th grade (their first year) and they still have not gotton their act together. Even though they send out a sheet for your child to pick their classes for the next year each year my daughter's classe have been wrong, not one of the three years has she gotten her requested classes ,the first year her classes were picked in orrientation... and yes.. the comment about the dean/owner.. he is very rude.. and needs to hire someone to be the dean that has background in that position. I also agree efforts and time are placed on dance and theater but not as much enphasis on music and arts.... and they cant seem to get the busses right, bus drivers quit my kid is left at the stop and they are all far and spread out just bad...
9/27/2010parentso far everything that we were told in orientation is false!! I've only heard from one teacher out of my daughters 9 classes and they don't update their homework and grades on the website like we were told. There are bullies there and even though we've notified the school several times nothing has been done about it. My daughter has told me that she is not doing so well in a class but do you think I've heard from that teacher?? The drop off/pick up is VERY unorganized and the principal/Dean/founder is very rude. We have to pay lab fees and volunteer our time for this school and my child seems to not be benefiting academically or theatrically. This school has until the end of the semester to shape up or I will pull my child out and make sure everyone who reads the paper know of their faults.
9/20/2010otherPrior to sending your child here - look at the percentages of the students who are actually passing (look at the tabs above). Beware of this school
9/20/2010teacherI love Encore High School because the teachers care about their student. They care about where they are at now and where they want to go. Although academics are the most important, we look at the whole student and help them achieve in every area. Parents bring students for the academics and the students stay for the Arts.
8/26/2010studentI wish my mom would have brought me here in seventh grade, instead of waiting till ninth grade. Even with riding the bus to school which I have never had to do before. I love it here thanks Mom.
8/26/2010parentSo far so good... everthing I was told during their welcome meeting to new students is true. My daughter wants to come to this school now as well. Her sister is in the school and loves it. Caring teachers and excellent organization and communication with parents through and through. The enrollment guy is really a help. He has answered all my questions honestly and with care. Except for the bussing situation which rreally isn't their fault, I am very pleased. LOTS of homework YES, but the kids have a study period to do their work there. That is a really good thing. I wish I had a school like this when I was in school in the 1980's!!!!! So far so good.
8/20/2010otherThis is partly a response to the previous reviewer. First, do you know what "respected dance resumes" are? Apparently not. FYI, attending a school of a professional company is not the same thing as being a dancer for that company. The real artists in the faculty are gone- fired because they didn't kiss up to the owners (yes, let's call them that, because that is their attitude!) or quit. A while back the Dean of this school was so disturbed by a negative review here that she "requested"(ordered?) faculty and parents to flood this board with "positive" reviews, so as to bury the sincere, if negative review that so offended her. Finally, how sad that anyone is impressed by an API of seven forty something. Are standards that low in the high desert? Rating: administration: 1, faculty 3, students 3 (for enthusiasm if not talent or discipline). Average: 2.33
8/16/2010parentI can't wait for the new school year. Not only did they hire the best of the best in the vocal department with a huge background in show choir for this year, they also hired an actual lead from a ten year run on one of the biggest Broadway shows of all time. The dance teachers are all professionals with respected resumes and the yearbook started winning awards in their first year. they had nine major productions last year with close to 100 performers in every show. Each of the shows over the last two years has had different leading roles and there are so many opportunities for the students to get involved. Did I mention that the theater is dinner theater. Also, they do field trips to places like the Richard Nixon Library and the Long Beach Aquarium. They do overnight science field trips. It is such a great school.
8/16/2010teacherWell first, I have never met such a great teaching staff as I have at this school. They are amazing! So passionate and caring. The administration is extremely supportive and is leading this school to greatness...just look at the 743 API score. They have a great academic program, which includes Honors classes. And, the school performances are so amazing, you sometimes forget and think you are watching a Broadway musical. Simply amazing...I challenge anyone to come check it out for yourself, don't just take my word for it. Best school in the High Desert! Why settle for less?
8/15/2010parentO.K. so the teachers are great. The staff and the favorites are not so great. So you want to send your kids there well when you go to sign them up ask for the list of plays they have done and pay close attion to the lead roles and notice that the favorites are the leads all the time. The daughters have had leads in everything and they don't even act that well. Next notice the dirt, the place is dirty, Ask about computers only in one class and this is the generation of computers, Next ask about field trips, well they spend tons of time going to American Idiol but if your kids not a favorite they won't be able to go. Oh and ask about a.p. courses, don't have... Oh then ask about testing why some kids go out of the class to test? dont send your kids here
8/12/2010parentUnprofessional administration,, plays favorites with students and faculty. Principal has own kids in starring roles. All of the talented arts teachers are gone. Could have been something special, with better leadership.
5/17/2010parentMy kids LOVE this school. Great academic programs with great teachers . Kids are ACTIVE in so many programs and that keeps them involved. I love the SMALL class sizes. NO GANGS OR BULLIES! YAY! The Principals really care and it shows. This is a school where kids WANT to go... not forced to go. So far, so good! My Kids are LEARNING! We are (with what we've seen) very happy. Our only complaint ? The Campus... NEEDS A FACELIFT... but, I cant say my old High school from 19XX was much better. But, it doesnt matter as long as my children are succeeding. Thank you.
5/13/2010parentThis is a school of choice. Kids that come here want to and do their best to stay here. (Staying out of trouble and getting good grades) Kids who do not do well at this school have issues before they get here. I have 2 children that go here. My daughter is in 8th grade and holds a GPA of 5.0 and my son who is in 10th grade holds a 4.0. Just to let you know my daughter is in all honors classes. Academically speaking, this school is great. My kids did not have issue's before coming to Encore and they have fitted in perfectly. They have not been in or around any fights. Fights are not a bad issue on this campus. If a fight breaks out or a rumor of one, it is dealt with ASAP. I trust the staff here at Encore with my childrens education.
4/27/2010otherMy nephew goes to Encore High School and he really likes it there. He has gone to his local neighborhood school, alternative schools, and he prefers Encore over them all. I don't know of any other public school that offers piano, guitar, and dance classes all at the same site. I wish they had a school like Encore when I was in high school.
4/23/2010teacherEncore is not about numbers. If a student is caught breaking a school rule, they are dismissed from our school. The comment that fights break out is also misleading... Kids are known for horseplay, and if it gets out of hand, there are consequences. We have several proctors to ensure the safety of our students. 'High turnover'? If a teacher is not fulfilling their duties and serving the students, why should they stay? We employ highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers. Other schools wait until the spring to hand out pink slips, and if the teacher is tenured, the chance of getting rid of a bad teacher is slim to none. We care about the students enough to bring on the best instructors. Why would you want your kids to have anything less? This school is the best option in the high desert for any parent and student who wishes to succeed.
4/23/2010parentMy son has struggled through school since second grade. He has gotten Fs in every core subject since then. His 3rd quarter report card at Encore had all As and Bs. It's the first school where the teachers actually helped him, despite his learning disability. He also loved playing golf at Encore. I can't say enough great things about this school!
4/23/2010teacherThe students at Encore are awesome. I have taught at 2 other public High Schools, and the student body here is far superior to either school. The students care about their school and their education! We are a College Prep school and I can attest that these kids are being held to a higher academic standard than any other HS in this area. Our 743 API score should answer all questions about the academics at Encore. Yes, our kids are very talented and the arts programs are important, but the kids have to be academically eligible to participate in the productions! Every school has it's issues, but this school has FAR LESS than any other public school in the High Desert. Great school!
4/23/2010otherI live in Apple Valley and recently spoke at the Apple Valley School Board when they made the decision to dump staff next year. I spoke of how the decision affected the Town of Apple Valley's motto, 'A Better Way of Life'. I emphasized to parents that they have a choice! Take your children out of overcrowded, understaffed (teachers & classified) AV schools, under the direction of a Board who feels it is more important to spend $12m on solar panels that will pay for themselves in 8 years rather than on the immediate need of our children...bring your students to Encore where they are proud of their API scores and are NOT on the bottom of the State of California's list of schools (as are Apple Middle and Vista Campana). Encore has kids that are excited to be in this school with a great academic and elective choice.
4/23/2010parentAs a parent, I am naturally concerned about what is happening at my child's school. I want a balance of strong academics, talented and caring teachers and staff. Encore has a wonderful balance. The staff and students are great, they support one another, they have common interests and goals and it is the safest public school around. I am confident that any drug issues, violence, or other inappropriate behavior is not tolerated and is dealt with right away. I appreciate all that the staff do to work together to make Encore a great school!!!
4/16/2010parentWell things started off well when they opened up but now I think it's all about numbers. Students are found having sex, fights are breaking out and where is the supervision. There is beginning to be a high turnover. The focus is on arts not academics. Just do your homework before you enroll. We have already pulled our children out.
2/12/2010teacherI am proud to work at Encore. We have some of the greatest students in the High Desert and some of the most Rigorous Academics. Visit any other campus and you will not see so many smiling faces happy to be at school and learning. Encore is not for everyone, but if you are a high academic achiever, and have a passion for or interest in the arts Encore is a great choice.
10/15/2009parentStudents are there because they really care about their education. It's not like the public schools where they have to attend because of the state laws. The deans do every thing possible to support the students. Students and teachers look happy to be at Encore. My daughter's grades are A+'s, she happy and she doesn't complain about other girls bullying her or anyone else.
10/14/2009studentits a great school there are so many great activates to keep me busy
10/13/2009studentThis is a school that ranges from 7th to 12th grade and all the upper grades treat the younger grades like brothers and sisters. We look out for each other. Not only are the kids great here, the teachers are awesome. I love coming to school. My gpa is 4.5 so we get a great education at Encore. The performing art and art classes, well come down and see for yourself, they are awesome!!
10/8/2009parentthat even though they are a arts school the emphasis is on a college prep education.
10/6/2009studentI love Encore because it not only has great electives that we pick but it also has amazing teachers for academics and electives. There are not as many fights as other schools have. We have study hall so we do not have to do homework at home. The first friday of every month we have babysitting night so parents can enjoy Encore as much as the kids do.
10/6/2009parentEncore API score us great. Plus there's great edjucation and electives I absolutly love encore!!!!!
10/5/2009parentThey require academic excellence, as well as performing arts excellence, from the students. My daughters love going to school.
10/2/2009parentNot only does Encore High School have a great API Score it offers a unique blend of teaching academics and the arts that is beneficial to all students including my son who is autistic. He absolutely loves Encore High School. Everyone has gone out of their way to insure that he is receiving the best modified education while also stimulating his love and interests in the arts. Kudos to this school!
10/1/2009studenti love the dance classes that they have instead of running p.e.
9/30/2009studentGreat API score! The awesome combination of the arts and academics makes going to school not boring. This school is new but already is off with a bang. I definitely recommend this school for those who are interested in any type of visual and performing arts
9/28/2009parentI love that my daughter has an equal opportunity to get an education with the availability of teachers that have time and truly care. I love that she doesnt have to be in fear just to attend school! Thank you Encore
9/28/2009studentEncore lets me be myself everyday. At Encore, I feel safe going to school. I feel it will help me reach the goals I would like to achive in life.
9/27/2009studentI love encore because its a well orginized performing and visual arts school. Thanks to encore, Ive progessed in my art, I can dance [who knew?] , and I can piano and the claranet.
9/26/2009parentEncore is a great school.....i was at encore last year for seventh grade and again this year for eighth grade and it has been nothing but FUN. the teachers are amazing. The academics are excellent but thats not all there is singing,dancing,arts,musical instruments,karate,cheer and much more. LAST YEAR there were many plays :cats,hunchback,beatles,spring ballet,annie, and way more i would tell you but i forgot because there are sooooooo many.
9/25/2009parentAll my teachers are my favorite, I love Mr. Castro, he is a great teacher, and so is Ms. Mccue, Miss Crawford, and many more encore helps me love each and every second of my life!! wooo Encore!!!!!! I love this school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
9/23/2009parentThey are very hard working staff and always friendly.
9/23/2009studentmy school is amazing! All of the teachers are cool. its like we live in highschool musical or something. everyone is always active in amazing arts. the standers are great there it is hard not to get As. great environment, and last year just saying we took field trips to see American idol live now that is cool and it was the first year last year .
9/22/2009parentNot only are talents of the arts nurtured, but much attention is given to the provision of successful studies. There are so many diverse opportunities that no youth can fail, nor have idle hands. Dance, instruments of all kinds including piano, Drama, voice coaching, golf, as well as mandatory study hall(with help standing by at all times), mentor classes, Honors classes, college prepraration and sooooo much more. When my youth come home, they are satisfied. My girls do not want to go anywhere else until they move on to college and this will indeed be hard to top!
9/21/2009teacherEncore offers academic & arts to its students like no other school!
9/18/2009teacherIt's home for me and the students are like my own kids. The students and staff are all family to me. I love being at Encore each and every day.
9/18/2009parentMost of the teachers are great. The administration is the worst I have seen and for that reason I pulled my child out of the school. The Dean has no communication skills and very rarely speaks with parents. I did not know she was the Dean when I enrolled my child last year and I only dealt with other staff members on serious matters because the Dean ignored my requests to speak with her. Parents need to look into the level of education and experience of the entire administration staff. Also, the high turn over with their employees.
9/18/2009otherThe teachers and staff are the greatest. They care about the students and the families.
9/18/2009parentWe have the most supportive staff, wonderfully talented, and amazing students.
9/17/2009studentI personally love the school. You really get a lot of oppotunities to perform. Since its a new school its a little rough around the edges, but I think it agreat school
9/17/2009parentWe have it all! Awesome arts departments and outstanding academics. Students today, stars tomorrow!
9/17/2009teacherWhile every other school is cutting their arts programs, we are increasing student choices. Our API goal was 720, and we achieved a 743. That was just our first year of being open. Our staff nurtures our students. We have the best staff, administration and students in the whole High Desert. All we need is a little more financial help to make this school the best-equipped and really give the students the opportunity to soar to new heights.
9/17/2009parentI'm a student at Encore High School of the Performing and Visual Art. This school is great, it allows you to show the real you through the arts. There isn't just a singled out spectrum of art that gets the most focus at our school, all art is embraced and displayed.
9/5/2009parentI like to be very involved in my children's education, and I won't settle for anything but the very best. This school is the greatest. And when I discovered that my child could take dance, piano, and karate without costing hundreds of dollars a month and spending all of my time as a chauffeur, I was thrilled. Definitely the best choice around.
7/21/2009parentI pulled my kids from University Prepartory. I was nervous at first, but Encore was a fantastic choice. There are some wrinkles, being a new school, but my kids are safe and are finding the academics more strict than U.P. The ballet and tap cost over a hundred a month at a studio, and my kids are learning at no cost. If you want your kids to be well rounded, than this is the school for you.

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Encore_High_For_The_Performing_And_Visual_Arts_School - Hesperia, California
Stanton_Elementary_School - Castro_Valley, California
Ryegate, Montana
Northeast_Ithaca, New_York
Homer_Dr_Elementary_School - Beaumont, Texas
Iola_Elementary_School - Iola, Texas
Premier_High_School_Of_Abilene - Abilene, Texas
St._Davids_School, New_York
William_S._Talbot_Elementary_School - Gainesville, Florida
Lake_Gibson_Senior_High_School - Lakeland, Florida
Jack_E_Singley_Academy - Irving, Texas
Fulton, Maryland
Angleton, Texas
Kendrick_Elementary_School - Waco, Texas
Chandler_Township_Huron_Cnty, Michigan
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Washington_Township_(Owen_County), Indiana
Charles_Herbert_Flowers_High_School - Springdale, Maryland
Knightstown, Indiana
Cherry_Creek_Elementary_School - Marquette, Michigan