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Jamul Primary School - Jamul, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Jamul Primary School14567 Lyons Valley Road
Jamul, CA 91935
(619) 669-7800K-3San DiegopublicJamul-Dulzura Union Elementary

Class SizeGradeYear
18 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic63.012009
Black, non-Hispanic2.192009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.312009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Nadine Bennett2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/9/2011parentI take exception to the review declaring that she "...witnesses daily drop off's of over packed vehicles of illegal students, with BC (Mexican) plates..." (sic)......such polarizing and alarmist declarations are a disservice to our children. Jamul is a small, artistic community which fosters visual and musical enrichment in our schools despite the obscene government funding cuts to our education budgets. Jamul is a nurturing environment of community support which includes our schools. Witness the recent (4/8/11) production of Seussical Jr., the musical, which played to a packed house and featured fifteen 4th and 5th graders; nine 1st and 2d graders; and two 7th graders from the Oak Grove Middle School Show Choir "Revolution".
3/29/2011parentMy children have been enrolled in JPS for three years. The other reviews look great, but check the Year posted, as most those wonderful teacher spoken of are long retired. The superintendent Ms. Bennet, acts involved, but when it comes down to taking action, she does nothing. The new Principal Ms Frye, is hash with students and not welcoming to the parents with issues over test scores and our children's needs. She focuses on downfalls and is quick to suspend a child, instead of finding a proactive way to help. The test scores are an obvious statement of the many downfalls of this school. You should also review the school's Accreditation. I bring my children to school ,and witness daily drop off's of over packed vehicles of illegal students, with BC (Mexican) plates, and no one questions them? We have lost at least 8 Children from the second grade, since start of this year. Lots of parent placing their children in Charter's. I plan to pull my children, to ensure they get quality education with children that are legal citizens of the United States. This is our Tax dollars funding these schools, what about our children?
8/10/2010parentthis school is great if your child dosen't speak english! lots of kids in the classrooms and a high teacher to student ratio. the amount of homework sent home leaves one to wonder what is the focus in the classroom.
11/5/2009parentOur school shows great spirit and delivers a quality education.
7/24/2009parentMy son has had a GREAT experience at Jamul Primary School. The teachers there are very experienced and deliver high quality instruction balanced to teach the whole child. I didn't know what to expect when we moved to Jamul, but my son had a chance to attend the Early Admission Kindergarten program and I was blown away by what the teacher, Linda Clark, could accomplish with a group of five year olds. He put together an impressive science journal which he chose to continue at home, began to read, gained positive social skills, etc. In kindergarten we chose the dual language program so our son could be exposed to Spanish at a young age. Again I discovered wonderful teachers who were dedicated to nurturing the children inside and out. There is also music and professional art instruction...could go on....
6/24/2009parentI'm a parent of a 3rd grader and 5th grader. Great school and teachers. They put special attention on kids learning english. Also help kids in other areas of life not only academic. They only need a more organized curriculum.
10/14/2008parentGreat school if your child can be handed a stack of work and sit quietly at their desk and work independently. My child started in K above proficient and is now below in both language arts and math at grade 3. Curriculum seems unorganized with a lot of jumping around subjects and emphasis on test scores instead of real proficiency in basic studies. No additional resources available to bring my child up unless they have a learning disability or are an english learner. A lot of $$ spent on english learner programs with kids being picked up by cars with Baja plates?? Has one of the worst academic records of neighboring public schools but staff unwilling to take any responsibilty for their role in academic performance.
8/12/2008parentMy son attended this school last year. The work didn't seem hard enough. He was bored. Also, after a problem with a teacher, I left a message for the principal that went unanswered. I eventually had to email her. It took months to get my son switched to a new classroom. I guess if you don't run into any problems this would be fine. If you do run into a problem be prepared to jump thru hoops.
6/7/2007parentMy son goes to Jamul elementary school in second grade with Mrs. Crain she is an awesome teacher, who not only teaches subjects, but great values, she plays the guitar and piano every day to her students and lets them play percussion instruments,paint, plant seeds and take care of their plants all year long, it has been a great experience for my 8 year old son, who is in this bilingual program with lots of resources...
4/28/2007parentThis is the 2nd year for my daughter at this school it is the best! Her teachers have been nothing but supportive of her , she loves it and has done nothing but thrived and has helped her attitude in general,she is happy and never wants to miss a day its amazing,I am thankful for schools like this one,thank you!
2/6/2006parentJamul Primary has been a great experience for me, with two children between K-3. Teachers are nuturing, the Principal is outstanding and it feels so safe there. My children are thriving and both advanced proficient in all subjects and above grade level at most. I am happy with the way they teach and what they teach. Could not be happier with JPS!
10/22/2005parentDoes not teach scientifically research based reading methods. Unorganized curriculum. Has some great teachers and then those that are allowed to have bumper stickers in their first grade classroom that states to 'Party Naked' and 'Girls kick ***'.The board is not in unison and has know desire to improve the quality of the curriculum. This school needs change and unity. They are about 5 years behind the times.
9/8/2005parentJamul Primary fosters learning and community between the teachers, parents, and the kids. We have many wonderful programs sponsored by the PTA and Friends of Jamul Foundation. Art, music, theater and after school enrichment programs to name a few. My children have down extremely well in this school.
8/19/2005parentJamul Primary School is a great school for the average child, however children with special needs are overlooked too much of the time. Our principal is nice but we don't feel that she is the best person for the job. Our school district needs to be overhauled. Too many chiefs and not enough indians!
9/22/2004parentThis school is awesome. Not only are our children taught the state standards, but we have multi-age and bi-lingual classes as well as traditional classes. Thanks to the (teachers) educational summit, differentiation is a major focus. Our children have weekly art lessons from Art teachers. We have an excellent Art Docent program as well where we can go in to the classroom and teach Art ourselves. All children are given music lessons. Parent involvement is really good. The school has two educational foundations... Friends of Jamul which raises approx. $50,000 a year as well as the Jamul Arts and Music Council which raises approx. $20,000 A year. The PTA hosts many activities and encourages parent involvement. This school focuses on the 'whole' child and it s evident!
4/28/2004parentA school system that does not strive for high achievement. The board and teachers are complacent.
4/20/2004parentJamul is a very small closeknit community and the elementary schools play a very important role. I wouldn't want my kids anywhere else. The teachers are excellent, the staff is very supportive and the PTA is superb! We also have a foundation that raises funds that go to the library, arts, music and other important areas. With the recent budget cuts, this school has been able to continue on without any negative impacts to the students.
3/5/2004parentThis is a wonderful school filled with highly skilled teachers, principal and superindentant. Due to the outstanding fund-raising and many parent volunteers, this school has more to offer than most- art, music, drama, dual language program, as well as high expections for the academics. It's a close-knit school, and a great environment for kids.
2/26/2004parentGreat school. Small class size allows for individual student needs. Emphasis on positive learning experience. Small town feel. Very nuturing environment for primary students. Newly renovated library and multi-use room. Super supportive staff/administration and board.
8/29/2003parentTeachers and staff are great.The reason this school is failing our children is because the school board can't work together!Personal hatred by one of the board members for other board members comes before the education and welfare of our children at this school.
8/11/2003parentThe education the children receive from this school is very poor. Politics come into play more often than they should!!

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