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Walker Junior High School - La_Palma, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Walker Junior High School8132 Walker Street
La Palma, CA 90623
(714) 220-40517-8OrangepublicAnaheim Union High

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic25.652009
Black, non-Hispanic4.892009
Pacific Islander0.552009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.472009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Daphne Hammer2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

7/7/2012otheras a incoming 8th grader to walker Jr high School, i can say that this school has its flaws. The class rooms are always SO loud that not even the teachers can handle it.(as if they really care if the students talk) i am a student who is passionate about learning, and i can say that these classrooms are NOT the place to learn. and on top of that, the teachers and staff are just REALLY unapproachable. They just dont respect students with the respect they deserve.(ex: a teacher would ignore or yell at a student for asking a simple question. how do i know? 2 of my teachers did that to me) The rules that are enforced at walker are REALLY unreasonable. There are rules that they dont emphasize that are SO much more important then the ones they do now. i give this school 2 stars because it does have a lot of choices for students. For the art class they allow students to use clay and provide CORE class (a mixture of history and English class). other than that...this school is a mess.
1/19/2012parenteverybody who has kids in this school should be aware that theire policy of being bullied and picked on is not to fight back and let the bullie keep hitting you(the student). so talk to your kids if they currently are in walker jr high.
11/5/2010parentMy 7th grade child comes stressed out because of an old honor science teacher, He expects his students to learn on their own. He does not seem to care to teach them about the subject. He speaks in a very low volume which the students cannot hear his lecture. Anytime a student asks for clarification, he states,"I just explained that." You can tell he is there just to clock in and out. He does not display any effective teaching methods and approach. Among his approach, he announces the test to his class a day before, he loses students' papers and mark them "0" on their assignments. You can tell he does not plan ahead nor knows how to teach the subject. I am very disappointed at Walker Junior High for allowing a teacher like him to be in a classroom. The school should do a secret
4/4/2010studentthis school doesnt care about what the students want and the teachers expect us to do so well when they barely teach us things. There is few teachers and such big classes. they make us have 2 separate lunches when there arent even alot of students!
3/17/2009parentNon responsive to parents request for an appointment-do not push kids or seem to care about their education
9/19/2007parentI think that this school has a lot to offer, My child seems to enjoy this School and she doesn't know anybody there. This school has great communication with the parents and the layout of the school is easy to follow. The only thing that I wish that would change is the Lunch time, it seems that the students don't have enough time to eat lunch since the lines are really long, but other than that I'm really happy with the school. Walker Jr. High Rock On!!
1/16/2006parentThis school has a few great teachers and few that don't care about your child's success. Class sizes are too large for individual attention to students.
12/19/2005studentVery educational and fun learning a lot of extracurricular activities, but the only turn down is there are a lot of 'gangsters' not involved with real gangs however!
11/6/2005parentI recommend Walker, as I was pleased with our experience at Walker. We came mid-year and the staff did an excellent job helping my son to adjust to the changes. Prior to attending Walker my son went to school but he was not involved in school. At Walker my son not only continued to excel in his studies, but he was also on the school volleyball team and in ASB. The high school is directly across the street and it has made my sons transition into high school very smooth. It is also helpful for carpooling if you have a high schooler and a jr. higher.
4/10/2004studentWalker Jr. High is an amazing school. It has a very welcoming and friendly environment. The administration is fantastic. The teachers and staff know how to work with kids, and the students represent good leadership character inteligence and enthusiasm in everything they do, in or out of the classroom and on or off campus. Walker is incedible school I give a thumbs way way way up. The Viking students and teachers are outstanding examples and Walker Jr. High is an outstanding school. Justine Scanlon a proud student at Walker.
11/22/2003parentMy experience is that my child is learning some things in 8th grade that she had learned in 6th grade. Teachers need to give help when it is asked for by the students.The punishments for vulgarity and physical harm need to be harsher. The left hand need to know what the right hand is doing.

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