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Littlerock High School - Littlerock, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Littlerock High School10833 East Avenue R
Littlerock, CA 93543
(661) 944-52099-12Los AngelespublicAntelope Valley Union High

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic24.312009
Black, non-Hispanic10.112009
Pacific Islander0.222009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.652009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Karen Parker2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

1/29/2012studentI graduated Littlerock High in 2011; I have to say it was a good four years. When I started as a freshmen I have to say that lunches were horrible because of the A and B lunches; either A lunch was to empty and B lunch was too packed. The system they were using was really not helpful but after they changed that and just gave us all one lunch and more time it seemed much better and opened more food carts. The teachers are pretty good, they have more life then I thought they would have. They would teach us what we would have to learn and still have fun and joke around with us. Most of my classes were fun to be in, yes I did have friends in my classes but I didn t slack off. I did my work when I needed too, the teachers did their jobs, if the student had a bad grade it was not really because of the teacher it was because of the student not turning in work or missing class. Littlerock was a overall good school, we rarely had any fights and when we did the security would stop them right away. Littlerock is a safe school and the teachers are great.
8/18/2011otherThe teachers don't give enough of a challenge for the students, nor does what they teach have any significant meaning; if it's even correct. The assignments are easy to do in a fraction of the given time, and don't require all that is given for the small papers.
1/28/2011studentTHIS SCHOOL ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!!! The teachers are great and the studint are are school is safe everyday all the time...
11/6/2009parenti love littlerock highschool but theres alot of damaged things thats it hard for us to work if theres so many damaged books, computers so if we win this it would help out our school big time
11/6/2009studentit has tutoring after school and the teachers really help you out with any you need.
11/5/2009studentI love Littlerock High School because it is an overall safe school to be at. The teachers are very helpful and repectful. I dont imagine myself in any other school.
11/5/2009parentLittlerock high school is a very unique school from its students to where it is located. Not only are we the safest school but our students are also very polite.
11/4/2009studentYou can do a lot of fun things and they have many activities.
11/4/2009teacherGreat school atmoshpere with caring teachers. Admin is extremely supportive. Students are courteous and helpful.
11/4/2009otherWonderful caring teachers
11/4/2009teacherLittlerock High School has the most polite and enthusiastic students in the Antelope Valley. The staff helps to create an atmosphere conducive to academic and social growth. Our mascot is the LOBO (Wolf) and Littlerock conitinues to be LOBOtastic.
11/4/2009parentI love Littlerock High because it has a wonderful, caring staff that are ready and willing to help each other and the students. It is a great place to work!!
11/4/2009otherI've worked here at Littlerock HS for the past 15yrs & it's a great place to work. The staff is friendly & we all strive for the sucess of our students & there well being here at Littlerock.
11/4/2009parentIt is the best place to work, students and staff are #1.
11/4/2009parentIt is a great place to work and the students are awesome!
11/4/2009parentThe best staff members you ever work with...Students love school we are a big family.
11/4/2009parentLittlerock has everything a commuinty needs GREAT kids,Wonderful teachers and FANTASTIC parents.
11/4/2009parentWe are a small school in the District but we have been told that we are the Best Kept Secret out there. Even with being in a remote area, our students continue to excell and our Ag. Department brings home the Blue Ribbons from the A.V. Fair every year. Our Teachers are outstanding, dedicated and concerned educators, and quite a few are Littlerock Alumni who have come home to teach and provide an encouraging rainbow for our students to aim for !
11/4/2009parentThe student body is diverse and very interesting. Many strive to achieve their best despite the odds that they face in their every day lives.
11/4/2009otherEverything, I've been working here for 19 years and we are the best kept secret in the district.
11/4/2009otherLittlerock High School Lobos rock! We have staff that go the extra mile to open the doors of opportunity to allow students be creative and to be successful in the classroom and on the athletic fields and courts. Our students step up to the challenge and continue to amaze us!
11/4/2009studentwell what can i say this school is a great school they serve okay food.theirs not a lot of drama there.the teachers are nice especially if you get on there good side.
11/4/2009parentEven though we are out in the desert , we shine with our students and faculty .
11/4/2009studentWe have awsome teachers that take their time to help us out.
11/4/2009otherLittlerock teachers and staff work together to help our students reach their fullest potential.
11/4/2009parentLittlerock HS is the most incredible school in the Antelope Valley. Four of my five children have graduated and went on to attend wonderful universities!!!!!!! (USC,UC Davis, Southern Utah U, UC and Riverside). :) Can you see I'm a little proud?!
11/4/2009otherThis is my second year at LHS and I have to say it is really a great school. The staff are very friendly and helpful.
11/4/2009studenti like how diverse it is
11/4/2009studentIts awesome!!!! No school os better than this school. This a very diverse and interesting school.
11/4/2009studentThis school is cool, we have alot of activities and alot of people love it here
11/4/2009parentbecause we have great teachers and staff members and our band and JROTC program is the best in the antelope vally
11/4/2009parentI think that this school is neat. The teachers make even the hardest subjects easy to follow, everyone gets along with each other, and security does a great job in keeping each student safe.
11/4/2009studentThe teachers here are the greatest! They really take the time to go over the material in class. The other faculty and staff members are great people too. They all do their best to ensure that we get the education and support we need to be successful later in life. It's the middle of my Junior year here, and I wouldn't go to any other school.
11/4/2009parentBecause it is so exciting. Has very excelent teachers. Different clubs that represent for example the latino lobos. Represents us latinos. I help out the special ed it really helps you to know differemnt situations. Lil rock non like pother schools have bus transportation. We as student come from different heritages and cultures but we all reunite as one at school. So littlerock is the best school;..Peace and love...
11/4/2009studentLittlerock High Shool is the best school in the Antelope Valley. Our teachers are very kind and caring. They are very helpfull when needed. They actually care about the students. They have so many activities. J.R.O.T.C. is my favorite program here in Littlerock. It has taught me a lot. We are the best.
11/4/2009studentI like some of the food they give at lunch, thats about it, some of the teachers are cool but some are....well you know......
11/4/2009studentbecause we have great teachers and activities
11/4/2009parentthe teachers are wonderful!! My son has a learning disability and receives all the support necessary to allow him to be successful. He is now moving towards a higher education and is planning on attending college. Thanks LIttlerock High !!
11/4/2009parentLittlerock High is a small school that offers student and teachers the opportunity to know each other well. It is also a great learning environment.
11/4/2009parentI am a parent of a graduate and staff(teacher) I love LHS because our kid's are 'real':)
11/4/2009parentLittlerock has a wonderful staff and faculty that really care about the kids. We are a unified group of life-long learners!
11/3/2009teacherThe staff is friendly and works together as a unit, striving for student success and overall well being.
9/4/2009studentI graduated from Littlerock High School and I absolutely loved it. I was involved in sports, student government and AP classes. The best part about the school was through my 4 years there I was never surrounded by drama nor academic problems. The teachers are great and I truly believe the people that go there are so polite and well educated. I got in to the university I wanted. If you think your child is too good for this school your going to let them miss out on a great high school.
7/11/2009studentI went to LHS for three years before transfering to a more 'elite' school called Serrano. I will say that wen i went to LHS i learned more than i did at Serrano and i had a lot more fun. When i changed schools i had to repeat classes i took the year before because i toped out my classes in LHS. I laugh at all you bickering parents because you don't realize how good the school is. You should have your kids come spend some time in an Iraqi school then you would think that LHS is made of gold. Oh yeah one more thing i am an officer in the United States Army and i am only 21 you do the math.
8/17/2007parentMy daugher graduated from this LHS. She attended the last two years at this high school. She had transferred from AVHS. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this school. We did notice there was more drama there than at AVHS. She adored and respected all of her teachers. They all prepared her for her AP tests for the next year, and prepared her more for college than she would have gotten at AVHS. The security was great. I believe all of the teacher's who taught my daughter were absolutely wonderful. However, I did feel that the teachers ran the school better than the principal.
7/3/2007teacherI have had the distinct pleasure of teaching at LHS for three years now. The students are by far the most polite teenagers you will find in any public HS in the Antelope Valley. This is partly due to the caring disposition the teachers display on a consistant basis. I do believe that the students would benefit from more AP prep courses as oppose to reading and math intervention classes. If we set a higher standard by preparing our students to take AP classes instead of putting them in intervention classes then I truly believe we would see more graduates and matriculated students. But then again we are under the District's thumb and can only fund what they allow LHS to. Now, administration has received a bad wrap in all the previous reviews. I know first hand that each administrator wants the very best for the students, staff and school.
3/16/2007parentStaff no more mature than students. Staff is misinformed ,unprofesional and no one is accountable for thier actions. Teachers do as they please. The problems are district wide, they juggle principals and pass the buck. Worst high school district.
3/9/2007parentMy child will graduate from LHS this June. When the bar is set at the lowest level, that is where most children will aim. I have control over my children and the quality of their work at home,but not when they are at school. To attend a school site meeting,where so few parents/teachers are in attendance(as I did recently)just breaks my heart. If parents and teachers don't care enough to try and improve this school,what message are we sending these children? What kind of adults will they be? I frankly am ashamed to call myself a member of a community where people are willing to complain, but not willing to help make a change.
3/7/2007studentI'm curently A littlerock High School student. C/o 2007. I have been at Littlerock for four years. And I have wacthed it change drastically. Four years ago I did not feel safe on campus, it was horrible. But now (lthough I do not like the secuirty gaurds,)I will have to admit that they have stepped up there game. I no loner feel scared. Although the safety is good the education is not. I do not feel pepared at all for the AP tests or College. All new counslers but they aren't to bad. The school is not overcrowded. Facilities lack matinece in some areas. Lack of parent/teacher Dedication. Erin T
9/7/2006parentOk first thing is first. Parents are the people responsible for the children first and always. People can not put the finger on the school when it is the parents fault for their children's failures. Ok LittleRock H.S isn't the best school in the world grant you that. But Me as a parent make sure that My kids are on track. I may be the naggiest mother at the school to the admin. But I am there making sure my son is getting the classes and the education he needs. And he is an RSP student.Blame everything on everyone else? Nope I learned that early on as a mother of 5. Any H.S is what you make of it. I have my admins that I don't agree with but I don't sit there complaining about it I am there going admin hopping getting things done for my son.
4/24/2006parentParents aren't always there to see what their kids are into, but the lack of communication from lrhs makes it even harder. would not recommend this school.
2/2/2006former studentI must say that Littlerock High School is one of the worst institutions currently around. As a former student and current USC undergraduate, I can say with certainty that it horribly prepared me for college. The school is a joke. Administration cares nothing at all for the students, particularly because the students there have no future. Unreasonable and unskilled as they are, Littlerock's administration does a poor job to try to increase graduation rates, and the number of students that matriculate to the college level. The teachers at Littlerock are lazy and do nothing to challenge their students. They dumb down the curriculum to the level of the below-average student so that the few motivated students suffer. I would not recommend that you send your children to this school, but rather get them as far away from this school as possible.
1/16/2006parentPrincipal spends too much money on non-classroom items. Teacher moral is very very low. Many long time teachers at Littlerock have put in transfers or are retiring after this school year because the administrators are doing such a poor job.
1/12/2006parentThe problems at Littlerock High School start at the top. Reorganize the leadership and it would be a better school.
10/2/2004studentAs a student at Littlerock High School I can tell you that its not that bad. This school has so may opportunities for the willing student, and for the most part teachers are great. Their are definitly racial problems but what do you expect in a multicultural society. Most people exaggerate the problems but in my view Littlerock is my foundation to an excellent future.
6/23/2004parentI have had Two children go to Littlerock H.S. and have found it to be, in my opinion, just average. In the last couple of years the school has had problems with Gangs and violence on campus. The school is over crowded and lacks adequate supplies. It would seem that the only priority is to push the students out the door! At this time I am actually happy my child will be moving to another school for his last two years of High School.
5/19/2004parentLHS is one of the saddest public schools my children could attend. This shool is highly overcrowded, and the administration spends more time trying to look good, than actually doing their job. There are some good teachers, but they're few and far between. Some good counsolers. AP classes are there, but the get eliminated quickly. When my child graduated, he could not wait to get his diploma, so he would never have to go back. I will never send another one of my kids to LHS, I'd rather drive over 30 minutes to get to a better school. My child went to college, but it's a miracle given the inspiration he got at LHS. This school is busier rewarding troubled kids, the pay little to no attention to the hard workers who actually deserve it. Thats LHS.
5/4/2004parentLittlerock is like any other public school. You get the education that you strive for out of it. If you work hard, you will succeed. If you don't want an education, you will not get one. There are plenty of AP classes and I have found they try to accomodate anyone who wants to learn.
4/13/2004parentAfter sending two children through L.R. HS, we will not send our third child there. The bragging rights by the school administration used to announce 'we are now a Title One School' is not comforting to any parent and the racism is out ragous. They do not hesitate to drop AP classes for the kids that want to learn stating 'we so not have enough kids (out of the over 3 thousand going there) to fill one of these classes. I could go on forever.
3/10/2004otherLittlerock High School is a great local high school for our children. Sure, the overall average test rankings aren't very high, but that's just on average, not specifically meaning that every student is incapable of doing well there. Many extra-curricular activities and sports are offered to the students at LHS.
8/19/2003parentAnother over-crowded AV District school with a very large transient population. The constant influx and out-go make for difficult teaching and force test scores to be lower. A large ESL and integrated Special Education population. The majority of teachers are truly dedicated, as well as the counseling and classified staff.

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