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Montclair High School - Montclair, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Montclair High School4725 Benito Street
Montclair, CA 91763
(909) 621-67819-12San BernardinopublicChaffey Joint Union High

Class SizeGradeYear
30 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic6.792009
Black, non-Hispanic3.592009
Pacific Islander0.222009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.422009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Michael Hook2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

6/6/2011parentIs not the best, but they are getting better, also is an AVID National Demonstration School, they are guiding the students to a 4 year University. I'll enroll my child for sure in that school. The only problem is they need more parent involvement.
4/3/2011studentThis school is horrible. Everyone there, including the teachers have a low-level of thinking and the education is middle-school level. Im learning absolutely nothing and i wish i could transfer schools. The material in a 10th grade honors english class is that of an 8th grader in a non-honors class. All the books we have been reading, I have already read in 8th grade. This school is also overcrowded and the administration babies the students too much. Hopefully this school will improve in the future for our fellow young ones, but right now, this nightmare is getting nowhere but downhill. Whatever you do, don't send your child here, it will be a mistake that you will regret.
4/12/2010parentMontclair High is diffidently the worst out of the whole Chaffey-Joint Union High School District. It has so much to improve on. Its just this huge throw-up in the cafeteria and the janitor ist there to clean it up.
3/24/2010studentAs a current student, I feel that our school has much to improve on. Our campus is filthy and overcrowded. I also feel that the money is managed very poorly, even though we know there are all these budget cuts. On the plus side, the staff is very caring and we have tutoring everyday of the week; however, I agree with that student down there that there is not much academic progress. Yes we have an excellent Honors/AP program, but that only involves the gifted/talented students, a category which the majority of our campus does not fall under. In general, I would not want my child attending this school when there are better choices out there.
12/21/2009studentAs a student, my second year at Montclair has been at a satisfactory level. The teachers are caring, but there is not much academic progress. The school is very crowded, and the only changes that occur is the appearance! The school overall, is not the best choice for your child.
10/23/2009studentI am a current student at MHS and I disagree with most parents rating because they haven't had the experience we have had. Our school has a caring staff, but our procters nt so much. It has a family feeling to it and you can express yourself with no one judging you.
10/9/2008teacherI am very proud to be a teacher at MHS! I feel that we have made outstanding strides in acedemic achievement for all students. Our campus is clean and safe. We have tutoring everyday of the week. Teachers, staff and administration truely care about our students. Any student who wants to learn will definitely benifit from attending Montclair High School.
8/20/2008parentGreat school, have had to brings an issue to the staffs attention & it was handled. Daughter is doing great, looking forward to my 2nd daughter attending this year.
5/29/2008parentThis is the best school my child has ever attended.The staff is just wonderful.The most wonderful thing about the school is that the principal cares about the students.He attend all the meetings and all the school activities.
1/18/2008other As a former president of the drama dept. I know that there was little support there, to me it seemed if it wasnt a sport it didnt matter. The teachers didnt really get involved with the school work they were teaching. Mr. Douglas was one of a few that actually cared.
10/31/2007studentIm a Montclair High alumni. This school is amazing! All the teachers are dedicated to teaching, and it's pretty much obvious. The school has an excellent honors/AP program.
3/6/2007studentGreat courses and faculty.
1/22/2007former studentAs an alumni of Montclair High School, I look back on my high school experience with nothing but good memories. The teachers in the honors and AP programs are absolutely amazing! All the teachers genuinely care about their students and do their best to help them succeed. Of course the school, just as any other, has it's flaws. I will admit that I was not too fond of the administration; but what student is? The point is that Montclair High is an excellent school with excellent teachers and programs. I should also mention that it's one of the best schools in the district. Overall I think that mohi rocks! ~r. castillo
12/10/2006studentAs a student of montclair high school, I have to simply say, money is managed poorly. Despite this, there are excellent teachers in general, but espicially in the AP and Honors programs.
9/22/2006studentHey mhs is a nice school, some awesome teachers such as Mrs. ryanheart. It's over crowded. But everything else is cool.
3/31/2006parentMy daughter is a Jr. at Montclair High and I have only positive to say about this school. She has been involved in many quality classes where she has learned to think and challenge her beliefs as well as question those of others to better understand them. The activities at this school are there to help build the student's character as well as their abilities and confidence. My child has gone from a shy introverted person to one who is outgoing and involved in her school and with her classmates. I've seen a lot of parent involvement in this school. Just recently there was a program called Every 15 mins. I was surprised at the number of parents who showed up for the support meeting and for their children. Thank you Montclair High school for being a great part of my daughter's life.
3/30/2006former studentOver the past few years the school has undergone many changes, however most were simply cosmetic. One of the greatest problems the school faces is the large number of students. Financially, the school has made poor decisions and has overlooked its academic goals.
1/18/2006former studentTrash. Bad education no care for students. Staff is irresponsible.
9/7/2005former studentAs a former student involved in clubs, I can say that parent involvement was low. The school's office staff is very caring and usually they know many students by first name. The school need to work on school spirit, which is slowly rising thanks to printed sweatshirts and caps. The kids need to learn why they should be proud of their school. Have great teachers in the language and art programs. Very clean school, always improving.
8/25/2005parentThe quality of academic programs was poor. The availability of music etc was fair. I was not pleased with the level of integrity or professionalism of the staff.Including the principals. Classrooms sizes are about average but, teachers did not appear to be very student oriented with the purpose of helping students acheive their basic academic goals.
7/15/2005parentmontclair is a small and overpopulated school. its quite diverse but doesnt hAVE everything to make a great high school experience.
6/2/2005former studentThe honors program at Montclair High School is excellent. The AP program is an excellent preparation for college.
4/2/2005parentGreat teachers, good district, & exceptional people.
1/13/2005studentI was a student at Montclair high school my opinion on this school is not good because I personally didn't like it very much they don't really have a good learning system. Parents are always involved in this school but I personally didn't like the way the teachers taught at this school because they wouldn't give enough homework and extra work to gain the credits required to graduate there fore I wouldn't really recommend a parent to enroll their kids in this school. That is why I changed schools because now I get the credits required and am doing good but it is a good school but just not to learn very much but their are alot of extra curricular programs in this school. Except that the teachers don't really teach their work right and you don't really understant it because they don't really explain in the form where the student will understand it.
5/4/2004studentI think this is such a great school. Each year the school improves so much. I love this school so, so much. I am very proud of being a Cavalier. Once I graduate, I will remember this school for the rest of me life!
5/3/2004studentI feel that in the past four years in which my daughter has attended Montclair High School there has been an all time low in the administration, taking away from what the students love because of certain budget cuts. The way the school chooses to 'budget cut' is not only rediculous but outragious. I, and possibly a dozen others would agree that montclairs at an all time low, in caring about the students.
4/25/2004parentI am very disapointed with this school. Not only are they taking away from my child's learning experience, they are discriminating against certain extra curricular activities. Drama being the one I know about.
8/11/2003otherAs a present student of Montclair High I think that it all depends on the students not on the teachers I also think that Montclair High is a great school to be at. I came from a really bad school and I like being at a school where the staff cares about the students

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