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Creative Connections Arts Academy - North_Highlands, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Creative Connections Arts Academy7201 Arutas Drive
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 566-1870K-8SacramentocharterTwin Rivers Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic53.572009
Black, non-Hispanic10.122009
Pacific Islander0.32009

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Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/23/2011otherIm in 7th grade here and have been here since 4th grade. I want to go back to my old school because i dont like this school and the kids are rude and the rules are loose but tight too :(
8/23/2011parenti'm a parent of a high school student i feel that high school students tend to be left off. Events are geared at the K-8th. There is a major lack of communciation to the parents. Being the 2nd yr for H.S i would have execpted to see some improvements but instead its the same as last year. I can not comment on the teachers as all of them but 1 is new and i have not had a chance to meet and gather my opionion. the prinicipal needs to understand that there are WORKING PARENTS and needs to paln things accordingly. Principal great idea but if there is no answers to the questions are parents to know what is happening. E-mails are sent out the last second, the website is not upate with current teacher info, buit the elem website is update and current. My child enjoys the school and wants to continue attending but there really needs to be some attention paid to the High School so it can continue to grow. Maybe listening to the kids and stopping meetings during they day and events, Us working parents would like to voice our opionions and enjoy the shows as well.//
4/29/2011parentI don't understand why so many of the negative reviews for the CCAA jr/sr high school are on the CCAA elementary site. Last time I checked they were 2 different schools. This is their 1st year as a jr/sr high school so I'd expect growing pains & there is plenty of time to look into other schools before then. As for CCAA as an elementary.... they are the best!!! My son loves his school and will continue to attend next year. We love that he is exposed to art, music & dance!
3/6/2011parentCCAA is going through growing pains. They have an amazing award winning drama program. They have some fabulous teachers. They do have new teacher who don t fit the criteria of the school who don t seem to have an art form. I believe this was a problem with the district. However I will agree with several of the post in other ways, the principal has not been on his A game this year. Yes, we have tried to talk to him, sent emails, called and have received no replies Maybe a new leader is needed to get the school back in line. We are not notified of changes, when I ask my daughter s teacher she often seems surprised.At 1st I thought her teacher was not prepared. When I ask my son s teacher who is very together and she doesn't know either then that means there is a problem with communication. Shouldn t leadership come from the principal?He is a nice man but the school is suffering.People say they are leaving this saddens me since we had such a wonderful school and program there; it seems ashamed that the district just couldn t leave it alone. Over all I would give the teachers high marks but the principal and the cleanliness a failing grade.
3/5/2011parentI find this school is far from Utopia when more than half of the jr high and high school students are failing, yikes! with facts like that any parent would find it offensive for the staff to cover up the truth like the last post, knowing they are in desparation for a body count to stay open for next year. As a parent I am very concern that this school has wasted my time and my childrens time and the damage to their education with the lack of commitment and the lack of communication from the teachers and principal. It looked very promising with all the reviews that I read and with talking to parents, we all are seeing the light fade into darkness for my childrens educational future.
3/1/2011parentOh my! I'm very sorry to hear that some people aren't happy at CCAA. Though not perfect, it is the closest to Utopia that our family has found. I love the creativity and exploration of subjects and even more, I love that my kids are treated as individuals by caring staff. CCAA has had a lot of growing pains this year and have been met with commitment to the program. There are still further obstacles and will be met by staff and parents alike to be sure that the vision continues to come to life. If this school isn't for you, and it isn't for everyone, I wish you luck finding what you are looking for. I would also hope that your concerns have been directed to the administration and not just posted online.
3/1/2011parentI'm so sad about this since the school was so great for my oldest. But the school has gone down hill. I have several children at the school and this year the fairytale museum is not being performed at night. I work and so does my husband we were notified about this just yesterday and when I asked the teachers they said the principal decided to cancil it. It seems to me that he has become very anti-working-parent. He allows the stay at home parents to gossip out in front of the office making it uncomfortable for other parents who have questions. He has tea's only at times working parents can't come. Now he is cutting out our opportunity to see our children perform or even ask for the day off of work do to the short notice. Also the sixth grade teachers leave there students alone in the classroom alot. This didn't happen when my oldest was in sixth there. My oldest in in jr. high and I can tell you the quality of education has gone down. There are a few great teachers there who give up lots of there time for the students but I don't see the same commitment this year from the principal.
2/9/2011parentIn response to the previous comment - we shouldn't be commenting on a principal's vacation and where he goes, what he does, what he eats, etc. That's so irrelevant. What I do find relevant and neat is that he even cared to update the school children about his adventure. Very cool since it makes it more real to the kids, assuming many haven't been that far before. And, if you see a classroom is filthy - well, aren't you technically responsible too, being a parent volunteer?? I went to the new parent conference yesterday, and have to say that I am impressed to say the least. It is run by parents. How great is that? And the simple fact that both sides of the brain are utilized and stimulated! I'm excited. I am looking forward to both my children attending this school. Oh - also - to comment on the previous statement regarding the constant replacement of kindergarten teachers...who's to say that's a BAD thing? What if they're just picky about who they keep on? There could be many other reasons also. Don't always assume it's the schools fault.
2/7/2011otherI am very impressed with CCAA. Working in the classrooms, I see the kids just thriving. Not only do they get a sound education, but also a warm nurturing environment to learn in. The programs are always fantastic! The children and teachers work hard, yet have a blast creating the programs! How lucky to have the visual and performing arts incorperated into their schooling. With the way the world is today.. forcing kids to grow up too fast, CCAA lets kids just be kids. As parents and volunteers, we could always have a field study day school clean up in the classrooms if it's possible. Thank you to all the teachers and staff members at CCAA for guiding our children through their educational journey. Every one of you brings a new, fresh prospective to the table and I appreciate that. I hope my grandchildren can attend this school when the time comes.
2/1/2011parentI am very disappointed in this school. I attended the orientation and it was mandatory that the students meet certain social and academic standards in order to attend. My child did but there are several that need extra assistance and now my child is not getting the education that was promised. She is told that it isn't important if she spells a word correctly and that because she is smart, the teacher expects excellence from her which has caused emotional and physical stress. This is also the 4th teacher that her AM kinder class has had this year. I am actively looking for another school. The principal is too distracted with the new junior high/high school to care about the elementary school which is very very sad for the kids.
5/13/2010parentMy grandchildren are experiencing a quality education with all the perks of drama, dance, music and creative arts! Great School, superior program and awesome teachers! Every child should be so lucky!
5/7/2010otherExcellent school for arts education as well as parent involvement. Dedicated staff and families make the difference at this school. I highly recommend this school.
5/7/2010parentIt offers an outstanding and challenging curriculum and the extra curricula activities are excellent; Music, Art, Drama classes and Debate Club to name a few.
5/3/2010parentThe staff and teachers are top notch and the curriculum is designed so that our children can achieve academic excellence and have fun doing it.
5/3/2010parentI love that my children still have the arts at school!
5/2/2010parentCCAA has a staff that is caring and willing to go any distance to help our children learn at their fullest potential. They provide music, art, drama, dance and so much more in the special interest classes and exploratory classes. It is a high achieving academic school. My child loves going to school everyday because it is at CCAA.
4/30/2010parentSimply it is a wonderful schhol.It gives my children wonderful oppurtunities.
4/30/2010parentI love creative connections arts academy because they offer children a way to learn that incorporates the childrens' interests and talents.
4/30/2010parentThe teachers are excelent and good with the kids.
4/30/2010parentThe staff is GREAT! They always think of what's best for the kids.
4/30/2010parentI see my Nephew thriving in an alternate learning environment. It allows him to learn in a manner that fits him. I also like the community service the parent and child are required to do. I haven't seen a lot of anybody enjoying that aspect - too far between doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do - to - I have to put my hours in and blah, blah, blah.
4/29/2010otherIt is essential to keep creative arts thriving to make well rounded adults for the worlds future
4/29/2010otherThe teachers and students work together to have a school that is focused on both student achievement and development of the student as a person. They have kept the arts alive and are flourishing.
4/29/2010parentCCAA provides an excellent opportunity for young people to experience visual and performing arts, which, unfortunately, are not offered anymore at many schools.
4/29/2010parentThe school is great, they are very hands on and teach the kids so many aspects of the Arts. The kids are exposed to so many wonderful things that they wouldn't otherwise know about if it wasn't for the classes offered at CCAA. They incorporate their academics with the arts, which makes it a more fun learning environment. They have an awesome parental support system, which contributes to the academic success of the kids and the programs offered at CCAA. I recomend CCAA to everyone I know.
4/29/2010otherIt provided a wonderful learning environment for my granddaughter.
4/29/2010parentCCAA is a wonderful school. Every single day my daughter is happy to go to this school. This school helps my child to discover new talents. Thanks to CCAA my daughter became more self-confident.
4/29/2010teacher CCAA considers every child as their own. We, as teachers, strive to make each individual successful by infusing art into our curriculum, creating students who are confident problem-solvers with a deeper understanding of the subject matter we teach.
4/29/2010parentWith so many school programs eliminating arts from their programs. CCAA uses arts to teach the fundamentals. How CCAA 7th graders give a bibliography book report:
4/29/2010parentWe love CCAA! Where else could my children get math, reading, writing, science, etc., and still have a well-rounded arts education? Dance, singing, band, graphic design, textile arts.... Fantastic.
4/29/2010parentWhat a difference the arts make in our lives. A place for my children to grow and learn!
4/29/2010parentThey use art to teach standards based lessons that get kids attention and inspire them to learn!
4/29/2010parentThey have great one on one teaching with the students. They care and make learning fun!
4/29/2010parentis good school. don't have too much money. the school need money for everything they teach. all the students have great grades and the school is very old.
4/27/2010parentGreat opportunites for my children to learn more than just the 'basics'!
4/26/2010parentThis is such a great school. It creates a great learning envirnoment for my three kids to grow and thrive using the arts!
4/26/2010parentThey provide a very positive experience for both my grandsons. I love the art projects they do and the performances the children give for each other and parents and friends. The three Rs are covered in detail as well. I feel they are both receiving a very quality education.
4/26/2010parentI want to vote this school the best school in the area. Creative Connections Arts can make a huge differents in the development of our youth with the right guidance...
4/26/2010parentat CCAA students not only are always involved with projects. I like how students are always challenged with new assignments and work to do. not forgetting the community service they are involved in.
4/26/2010parentThis school incorporates arts into the curriculum and the student body is racially diverse. My two children love to go to school every day!
4/26/2010parentThe dynamic staff who are not only creative and fun but a staff that have high expectations for their students.
4/26/2010otherchalenges the students to be the best they can be
4/25/2010parentI value the involvement of parents participating in there childrens education and I understand the programs are very good.
4/25/2010parentThe special programs give our kids knowledge and experience that they would not find at any other school.
4/25/2010parentI love Creative Connection Arts Academy! It is a diamond in the middle of a district of failing schools. My daughter finished up her second trimester of kindergarten at CCAA this year with a running reading level of 2. She is blooming with confidence and has a true understanding of the fundamentals that will carry her throughout her learning career. She is not only meeting the state standards already for academics but is receiving the benefits of music and dance 4 days out of every school week. Her class has put on three showcases already this year. CCAA puts an amazing effort in keeping the arts programs alive and well they put up art projects from all the classes in their gallery instilling a pride in workmanship in the students. Through the efforts of a caring teacher that incorporates all available resource's at hand and goes above and beyond what is considered a great teacher. Mrs. Scott utilizes parent help in the classroom on a daily basis so she is able to work in smaller groups to meet the needs of all the children so the ratio ends up being 8 children to 1 adult. She makes learning fun and frequently uses both the performing and visual arts to teach, keeping the children engaged in what their learning. the school staff is kind and caring and addresses any concerns and ideas you might have. The principal holds weekly teas to keep parents in the loop as well as attain great ideas the parents might have on subjects such as fundraising, implementing new programs, and ideas for field study days. The environment that the school maintains, leaves the parent feeling their children are safe and in a creative learning environment. The schools policy of volunteer hours for the children instill good moral values in our students so they will become caring and productive members of our society in the future.
4/25/2010otherMy granddaughter is thriving at the school because its curriculum and faculty pique her curiosity, challenge her, and tap into her imagination.
4/25/2010parentGreat students, great parents, great teachers, great custodians, great administrators.
4/24/2010parentOur children love CCAA. What more could you ask for academic success and the arts all in one.
4/24/2010parentDedicated teachers and students that want to learn!
4/24/2010parentThe art programs are wonderful and the teachers take special effort to gear them towards the students' grade level.
4/24/2010parentIt's a wonderful school full of opportunities that wouldn't be available elsewhere.
4/24/2010otherIt's a great school with wonderful opportunities for kids of all ages.
4/24/2010parentmy son attends and just loves being a student there. the programs they offer are great
4/24/2010parentI love this school!! It is giving these kids a great opportunity and starting them off young!!! Please keep this school going!!!!
4/24/2010parentThe fact that it has parents who stand behind thier students. Also, the fact that they still have music and dance programs.
4/23/2010parentIt is an unique school that offers so much more than the regular public schools. It challenges the children to go above and beyond and explore different avenues.
4/23/2010parentI love Creative Conections Art Academy because the students get to learn all aspects of the arts. They get to dance, sing,play instruments,draw, paint write and even make movies. This school offers so much that it is hard to list them all here. This school is fun and you can tell that the students love being there.
4/23/2010parentI like the growth I have seen in my grandson since he has been at Creative Connections Arts Academy. It's always agood sign when you see a child that loves his school.
4/23/2010parentCreative and inventive curriculum. Parents are extremley happy with the success of there students. :)
4/23/2010parentBecause CCAA makes learning fun for the kids! My daughter looks forward to going to school!
4/23/2010otherI love that my niece has blossomed from a shy girl to an enthusiastic and outgoing girl who loves to participate in the various performing arts. I think the academic growth and personal confidence she has gained while attending CCAA is fantastic!
4/23/2010parentI love the environment, the family atmosphere they have created and the enthusiasm that my granddaughter shows!! She loves attending her school!
4/23/2010otherGreat school with great opportunities for the kids to grow.
4/23/2010parentI am so impressed with the esprit de corps of this student body and staff. It is an oasis of higher education not only on academic levels but in the creative, social and developmental stages as well. Bravo for CCAA!
4/23/2010parentIt is a very creative and inspiring school,lots of activity,there is always something creative for both the students and parents to participate in.The staff and teachers are always willing to help.
4/23/2010otherMy brother and sister both go to this school and they love the school.
4/23/2010parentI believe students will achieve higher in school if you offer something their interested in along with normal classes. The best is they can work and practice on the things they most enjoy so they will succeed.
4/23/2010parentThe parents are conneted to the school and with the kids on all levels such as school work, activities, the parents are not in the dark about what goes on in the school. The atmosphere is positive to all parents kids and teachers. The kids get alot out of the schools creativity. They are thrilled to learn new things.
4/23/2010parentOur granddaughter has had extremely great experiences at the Creative Connections Art Academy. We love this school!
4/23/2010parentNot only do the children grow academically, but CCAA also allows them to nurture their creative sides.
4/23/2010parentgreat minds evolve from educating children in such an academically achieving environment!
4/22/2010parentThis school is an excellent oppurtunity for children who are artistic. 'regular' schools don't afford these kind of children the freedom to be there arsty selves. I love how this school takes time to work with the children in areas that they love and expand their cache of knowledge with other art forms. I would have loved to go to a school Like Creative Connections Arts Academy. Who knows, Jennifer Hudson could have been the next me.
4/22/2010parentI am really impressed with the extra time the teachers spend on the productions and special events that take place during the year. I am also impressed with the selection of classes the students can choose from like Culinary Arts, Chess, Choir, Dance, etc. I am glad my son had the opportunity to go to such a great school.
4/22/2010parentMy children can't wait to get up and go to school. There is so much to say about CCAA. Every day is an exciting day at CCAA!!
4/22/2010parentThis school not only keeps up with the regular school curriculum but goes beyond and give many different ways to express creativity through arts. This school understands that parent involvement is so substantial to kids and creates a basis to help that along. I am thrilled that they are now considering a High School. I can't wait to see what is offered in the next few years and am looking forward to my younger kids attending as well
4/22/2010parentCreative Connections Arts Academy offers students opportunities most schools do not. My daughter is thriving there - she loves it!
4/22/2010parentCCAA is a great school for numerous reasons. The teachers take the time to get to know the children and understand them. If they see an issue they don't just let it go by they try and help. The children get a great education as well.
4/22/2010parentCCAA is a great school! It has a lot of parent involvement, you always feel welcomed and well informed. There are many great opportunities the kids have that they don't have at other schools. I highly recommend it for any child.
4/22/2010parentWhen my child graduated from Creative Connections Arts Academy it prepared her for high school well enough that she is graduating a year early and is excited to continue her education due to the encouragement and positive attitude that CCAA teachers and staff offered her.
4/22/2010parentI love CCAA. The programs promote creativity and independence! Teachers and staff are wonderful and supportive of all students. Students of all grade levels work together in exploratory classes. School has small town feel. Family involvement is required which promotes a strong community. My granddaughter has attended CCAA since its inception.
4/22/2010parentMy son has been at CCAA for 4 years now and considers it the best school he has ever attended. He enjoys the balance of creativity and academics very much, as well as the principal, teachers and administrative staff
4/22/2010parentOur family has been at CCAA for all 5 years of it's existence. It is the perfect school for kids who want to learn in a creative environment with teachers that care and are invested. Does your kid want to learn to: play an instrument, sing, act, draw, paint, dance, llearn to cook, crochet, knit, create digital media, play chess...and more? Then this is the school for them. Not to mention the strong academic standards they hold along with the extra help available to help kids catch up if they need it. I love to spend time in the classroom (parent participation is required every year, in a variety of can even do it at home if you need to) and see the creativity in each the kids come alive. We are fortunate to have CCAA HIGH SCHOOL available beginning with the 2010/2011 school year. It's finally the extension of our wonderful program in a High School. Can't say enough about this excellent charter!
4/22/2010parentMy niece attends this school which has contributed to tremendously to the development of her God given talents.
4/22/2010othermy darling grandchildren attend this school and I want them to have the best of everything, and, also, I have lived long enough to understand the vital importance of a strong school and the people who work there. Go CCAA with love and support from all the concerned and loving grandparents out there!
4/22/2010parentC C A A has caring teachers, to work with parents, to do the best job for the kids.
4/22/2010parentthe school stimulates the interest of students to learn. It provides a positive and inspiring approach to learning and pursuing purpose.
4/22/2010parentI appreciate the programs and activities you provide for the children.
4/22/2010parentMy son has really done great academically at CCAA and enjoys the ART classes. I'm glad that we found CCAA.
4/22/2010parentWow where to start, awesome creative learning enviornment with a staff that cares beyond measure. Teambuilding, problem resolution, high standards and expectations are just the tip of the iceburg as far as the skills that students achieve at CCAA. Want a confident, self assured kid with compassion and a yearn to keep learning? CCAA would be a great fit!
4/22/2010otherMy grandson goes to CCAA and I love that they encourage the ARTS along with the traditional education. Since he has attended CCAA I have noticed he enjoys school more.
4/22/2010parentI think CCAA is a place where students can be empowered to excel academically through innovative teaching pactices.
4/22/2010parentMy kids are getting a well-rounded education there and experiencing things they otherwise wouldn't at a traditional public school.
4/22/2010parentGreat for children who want to express themselves and exercise thier talents.
4/22/2010parentI love CCAA and so does my son! It's the best school!
4/22/2010parentMy son will start his first year at Creative Connections Arts Academy this fall. After being in the public school system for the last 4 years, my son has lost his motivation and feels school is no longer fun. For the first time he is excited about school. We look forward to being a part of a school that really cares it's students and the community we live in.
4/22/2010parentI am a former Homeschooling parent and I looked everywhere for a school that would challenge my children and that would give them the opportunity to excell in areas they are interested in. Our local schools don't offer band or drama anymore. At CCAA my kids can participate in band, drama, choir, textiles, cooking, etc. They become well-rounded individuals who score well on state and federal exams rather than little testing machines. We love the community this school creates. We parents know each other here. We know the staff and we know the kids. We are a family.
4/22/2010otherThe emphasis is on the student and family involvement. As a family therapist I recommend Creative Connection Arts Academy to all my parents. It is a caring learning community that includes the student, their immediate family and their extended family. I am thrilled that this fine school is now adding a highschool!
4/22/2010parentCCAA teachers have an open door policy. I can call, go in, or email the teacher if I have a concern or question.
4/22/2010otherI think the school is fabulous. My neice attends, and she has never been so excited to go to school. Keep up the good job at helping the children succeed
4/22/2010parentCreative Connection Arts Academy where have you been all our lives? Is this type of school even possible? Most would say school is boring but our kids don't. This school has so much to offer any type of child, whether they possess artistic abilites or not. They motivate their students to come out of their comfort zones and for that I am thankful. CCAA Rocks!
4/22/2010parentTo date, I have never come accross another school who is so involved with their students, and who truely care.
4/22/2010parentIt offers the opportunity for hands on, active learning in a variety of subjects that youth are no longer exposed to in school and also maintains high academic standards.
4/22/2010otherTwo of my grandkids go to CCAA and the school is wonderful. Like others have said, the teachers are great.
4/22/2010parentI have 5 children attending the CCAA and they love it.
4/22/2010parentwe love the parent involvement. We love all the creativity that the arts brings out in our children. Most of all the curriculum challenges little minds.
4/22/2010parentMy children love going to school each day. The teachers there are all supportive and they all help bring out the childrens personalities by doing creative activities.
4/22/2010parentMy daughter is excelling. she is testing in the top 90% nationally and I know it's because of her school and the wonderful teachers!
4/22/2010otherThis school is doing what every school in the USA should be doing; it has a HUGE amount of teacher/parent/grandparent/family involvement which provides STRONG SUPPORT for it's students, giving them a great foundation, and it is keeping the arts alive!
4/22/2010parentCCAA Welcomes parent participation and our children are exposed to the arts which is embedded in all the curriculum. The staff are talented and able to teach more than just traditional subjects.
4/22/2010parentCCAA is an amazing, nurturing atmosphere for students to thrive. My children are provided with challenge, encouragement and opportunities I have not found at other schools. The staff works at a whole to achieve a higher standard than most school. My kids are becoming even more well rounded with the exposure toi the arts, technology and a higher academic bar. It was very well worth the wait to get in.
4/22/2010otherIt teaches children to concentrate and be all they can be creatively and positively.
4/22/2010parentArt and the creativity of art brings our children a sense of self, appreciation of thought, a love for family, and a place within the community. If voting is what is needed to help this school, I would help as this is a wonderful start for our future. A better place for our future to learn is needed.
4/22/2010parentThis has been a wonderful experience for my children and has exposed them to music, art, dance and many other areas that have been eliminated from traditional schools. CCAA has a staff that cares about the childrens education and are very involved in the progress of each student.
4/22/2010parentIt's a great school with great staff and kids who love to go. The 'art' side is a wonderful addition to the academic side.
4/22/2010parentMy daughter has blossomed ever since she began attending CCAA..
4/22/2010otherMy niece is so happy here! The teachers have been able to differentiate enough to meet her needs, while having the flexibility to focus on her strengths in the arts.
4/22/2010parentIt is a great environment for kids, with programs that you don't get at regular elementary and middle schools. The teachers are consistent, fair and most importantly proffessional to students and their parents. The principal has an open door and will listen to criticism and praise and addresses them immediately. We have had nothing but positive experience with CCAA.
4/22/2010parentOur schools have lost the arts and it is a devastating loss. CCAA allows our children to experience all aspects of learning.
4/22/2010parentHelps my children develop to be more well-rounded people. They are excelling in this school and I'm sure in their future lives.
4/22/2010parentBecause the staff care about the children not just a job.
4/22/2010parentI want everyone to hear our songs of success and satisfaction with CCAA. With hope one day soon every child in our community will be given the opportunity to become a part of such a wonderful system. With a positive attitude, personal and fiscal responsibility let's make a brighter future for all of our children!
4/22/2010parentCCAA is the school to be in. Once you are here you don't want to leave. It's like a huge family reunion that never ends. My girls love this school they learn so much each day is like an adventure that they enjoy being part of and hey if they are happy so am I. Not only do they learn but they have fun doing it.
4/18/2010parentThis is a great school because our kids are involved in all aspects of the arts.
4/3/2010parentI love this school. This is my daughters second year going there. I have like her teachers. I really like that they have the kids participate in many different areas from music to knitting to wax molding. I really have enjoyed volunteering at this school.
10/15/2009parentThe teachers, parents and children all work very hard to make this a great school.
10/10/2009parentCCAA is a great education. They offer music, dance, and lots of great stuff. Kids need it!!!!!!!!!!!
10/6/2009parentThis is a great school because it gives the children a chance to explore their creative side and it opens up new idea's for them to grow with. My son is a visual artist and this is a good opportunity for him.
9/29/2009otherMy niece and nephew have so much fun while learning. The sheer array of extracurriculars is much to chose from that any particular interest can be explored. Also great is that this school does not attempt to force conformity on the students which allows all to find and develop their own individual talents.
9/22/2009parentI love how Creative Connections values using the arts to enhance learning and how the school values physical fitness for the children.
9/21/2009parentMaintains high expectations of students while providing support so they can achieve. CCAA modifies curriculum to meet students' needs, nurtures talents and encourages individualism instead of trying to fit kids into arbitrary, bureaucrat created 'pigeon hole'.
9/20/2009otherI spent K through 8th at Holmes which became CCAA. It has prepared me for an easy transition into high school. I really loved the teachers and the experiences I received in the Drama classes. Mr. Pham always kept me on my toes, prepared for anything to happen in life.
9/19/2009parentOpportunites for the children to learn through the arts increases their abilities and experiences. Great concept, great school.
9/19/2009studentI am a former student at CCAA. This school prepared me to be sucessful in high school, and able to excel in challenging classes as well as media production and music.
9/19/2009parentThis school is a wonderful school and its cirriculum is advanced for every grade and they have music, plays, dance and many other things the teachers put in extra effort all time to make sure no child is left behind! We need the money to help us excell in the positve manner that we do and keep up with the constant changes.
9/19/2009parentThe teachers really WANT to be here and it shows! The zeal and sincere interest in the kids creates a wonderful environment in the classroom. I love this school!
9/18/2009parentThis really is an excellent school. They have various classes for the kids to choose from for exploratory.
9/18/2009parentthis is by far the best school my children have ever attended. Very family oriented! Great teachers and staff. I highly recommend this school
9/18/2009parentIt's a great school for education as well as the opportunity for the arts
9/18/2009parentMy son is a brilliant child who has ADHD. He is advanced in every academic area but struggles with behavior. CCAA has been very accomidating to his need for a little 'wiggle room' The teachers are awesome and the fact that he gets to have time to express himself through creative ways has really helped boost his self esteem! They are committed to success and we couldnt be happier.
9/18/2009studentThis school has brought me great joy and happiness. I loved all the classes offered and the school spirit! Go Dragons!
9/18/2009parentmy daughter gets the opprotunity to study her skills and craft while learning the core subjects also. it makes the youth well-rounded and helps them prepare for the entertainment industry if thats what they choose to do
9/18/2009parentThis school is great everyone cares for each other like a great big family that is great for the kids and makes them want to go to school and learn.
9/18/2009parentThey're an awesome school, plus the arts part of it, plus the awesome teachers and a nice school size, so the kids aren't lost in the classroom.
9/18/2009parentI have recieved help above and beyond what the teachers duties are. The staff is happy and fun. The school is very active which helps the students be healthy but also helps them to stay focus when its time to work. This school still has all the great thing that should be in a school!
9/18/2009parentExcellent teachers that making learning fun. Art experience through drama, music, visual arts. Like private school, but free. Lots of parent particpation.
9/18/2009parentMy daughter has gone to CCAA for 3 years. The one thing that I love about this school is that it has made my daughter LOVE school. It has provided so many opportunities for her to grow in her education and in her talents. Thank you so much CCAA!
9/17/2009parentThis school is awesome! Has everything & then some that many public schools took,drama,art,music,band, etc...
9/17/2009parentI love CCAA because they give my child so many opportunities in art, music, and dance on top of a first rate academic program! None of my neighborhood schools even come close!
9/17/2009parentWe feel very fortunate to be able to send our daughter to such an amazing school.
9/17/2009parentWonderful program and many activities for kids that inspires them and keeps them thriving for more.
9/17/2009parentMy daughter has been at this school since its first year. She has grown and thrived at this school which understands that all children are different and that thinking outside the box is a good thing. The students and parents share in the running of the school. The main draw is the arts program, which is second to none. The dedication of the staff and the program they have created has made my daughter enjoy every minute of school. As this is her last year, she and I both will miss all that CCAA has given and provided her during the past 5 years!!
9/17/2009parentThis school is a great school my daughter has had the oppertunity to do things she loves to do such Drama,Dance,Choir and learn other things such as Arts/Knitting etc. And most of all because my daughter does great in school with the help of her teachers. AT CCAA everyone is very Friendly,Nice and Happy.
9/17/2009parentThe teachers and staff go above and beyond what I've experienced at other schools to help and know the students. Having a base in the arts really helps the students remain interested in the subjects and learning.
9/17/2009parentCCAA is a wonderful community learning environment. Parents, kids, teachers, friends, everyone feels like they are part of the CCAA family. The education is top notch, and teachers go above and beyond to provide students with super extracurricular activities every day. I would recommend the school to any parent and would encourage community members with or without children to stop in and see what CCAA is all about.
9/17/2009otherThe teacher, parent involvement at the school site. Teachers are open to parents being in their classrooms and on the campus. The family nights that parents attend through-out the school year. It's unbelievable in the attendance. Each grade level performs too. Integration of all grade levels. My grandson says he likes to finish his school work and the big park that he can play in which is connected to the school.
9/17/2009parent CCAA focuses on their talents, which helps give the children confidence in their abilities and dreams.
9/17/2009parentThis school is truly a welcoming community. The teachers and staff always go the extra mile to make sure students have the best experience. Families are encouraged to participate, and are treated as valuable tools for making the school a better place. I would not send my child anywhere else.
9/17/2009parentIt has been the best for my foster gandson:His teacher is just the best and h eloves her very much
9/17/2009parentIts a great school. Amazing staff that really cares about their students and their education. I feel fortunate tht my son is a part of a great school.
9/17/2009parentI love that all of students seem to get along with each other regardless of age differences. I also love that the students are exposed to a variety of art forms.
9/17/2009parentCCAA has a great mix of academics and arts! The 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, is awesome! She challenges the kids and they are motivated to do their best. My daughter is getting the challenge she needs and she LOVES school!
9/17/2009parentThe Absolute best school around.they have so many activities going on ,high testscore .My 2 kids that have been there absolute love it.
9/17/2009parentIts a great place for kids to learn....
9/17/2009parentWhat's not to luv!! The dedication the teachers demonstrate is amazing!! These children are geting hands on real life education that not only builds character but also prepares them for life. CCAA goes out of thier way to incorporate all the talents and skills the children, staff, and community have...I feel as though we are all one big family. My children are growing to be amazing individuals and I will look back and thank CCAA for being a huge part of it!!
9/16/2009parentI have recently become guardian for my 6th grade niece. She has had quite a history in her academic career with 8 schools attended so far, and disliked all of them. Yet the 2nd day of school at CCAA she came to me and said, ' CCAA is very different - everyone is nice to everyone' in a confused tone. I took it as the best compliment ever. She also said that Mr. Pham is the first teacher that was NOT her enemy. Go Mr. Pham!
9/16/2009parentWe love CCAA. My daughter is in 1st grade and is so excited to participate in the exploratory classes which include 3D art animation, puppetry, knitting, radio drama and so much more. She also gets music and dance as part of the weekly curriculum. This is a VERY active school with something going on almost every week, so if you don't want to be too involved in your child's school this may not fit for you. The staff is so friendly and talented and it shows that they love their jobs. The best part is its FREE since its a charter school.
8/21/2009parentMy child has attended CCAA from the beginning of the charter in kindergarten. He is now in 4th grade. The school has tripled in size, but it still has a small school atmosphere. I love the teachers, staff and principal. They all have an art or talent to add and share with the students and have been especially selected for the arts infused curicullum. I especially like the exploritory classes where the kids (1st to 8th grade) mix and select subjects like dancing, drama, photography, sewing, video production, or cartooning. The school however is not for everybody. The parents must volunteer a minimum of 30 hours, kids must complete community service hours and it is very busy. This is the best free education in my area. It provides a well rounded experience for my child.
8/7/2009otherThis is a fantastic school for the entire community of learners. The children learn, dance, sing, act and draw every day! the staff is high qualified and teach academics through the arts. It is truly a remarkable story that needs to be seen to be believed.
7/28/2009parentI have seen my children blossom and grow tremendously during this last year at CCAA. The staff promotes an environment that stimulates both their creative and academic growth, a balance of educating the whole child!

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