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Calaveras High School - San_Andreas, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Calaveras High School350 High School Street
San Andreas, CA 95249
(209) 754-18118-12CalaveraspublicCalaveras Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
25 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic82.252009
Black, non-Hispanic0.782009
Pacific Islander0.292009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.372009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Ric Stitt2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/1/2009parentBelow average teachers and staff. We pulled our daughter out after one year.
9/15/2009parentMy daughter has been motivated and determined to go to college and have a successful carrier. I m proud of the effort she has demonstrated by getting good grades, going beyond the minimum expected and of her genuine desire to do the absolute best she can in school. I have to give her the majority of the credit, but I also must say that I don t think that desire to be successful would have remained within her without the motivation and inspiration provided by the dedicated teachers at Calaveras High School. Victor Machado.
1/23/2009studentI graduated from chs. Played 4 years of football under the greatest coach in program history. Won 3 straight league championships. 1 at the JV level and two at the varsity level. Calaveras is an all around good school but if you want to excel at this school, fit in, and get good grades you gotta play sports. All in all this is a football/wrestling school. If your kid has talent in either then send them here, Calaveras has better facilities than some private schools. The program has access to a local gym as well as an on campus weight room. The team has a physical therapist that is on the field every friday, even at away games. Kid gets hurt playing ball? He's at the PT's office the next day, or same day...
8/2/2008studentCalaveras is unique in it's rural setting. Many, at first glance, stereotype the learning capacity of the students attending, much as I did as an incoming frehsman. I was proved wrong. Throughout Calaveras I enrolled in 5 AP programs and ended up passing all the tests with no problems. I participated in performing arts programs as well as athletics and graduated as a class valedictorian. I made many great lasting relationships with friends and teachers. Upon graduation I was accedpted to all colleges I applied to (including 3 UC campuses) and I feel aptly prepared to brach out and discover the world. Calaveras offers as much as any other high school could and perhaps more. While I was enrolled I learned so much about myself which is, perhaps, the best part of my time at Calaveras.
5/6/2006parentGood school with descent AP classes. Sports program top notch.
4/6/2006parentThe Special Education Program is the only one I'm acquainted with at CHS. It is so much better that the city programs. The people are caring and seem to really care about teaching children with special needs. Speaking from a parents perspective that has had to go through many people rejecting my child due to her special challenges, I find this school to be above expectations from the world's point of view of SH people. I would recommend this school/Staff/Superintendent/SELPA to any parent struggling to find a non-private school that has non-violent SH teeens. Plus the SH teens are very smart compared to other SH classes throughout California. It almost seemed like we were back in Mass.. Good job CHS!
3/22/2006parentI've had three children go through CHS. Although there is a bit of a slacker culture among the general student body, there are some wonderful teachers who care a lot about the students and urge them to step up to higher expectations. English, math and science departments are pretty solid. If a student challenges him/herself by taking the honors and AP classes, he/she will be well prepared for the UC level of coursework. Other interesting options are in ROP Medical program. My daughter has found it a very valuable program that engages her in a career path she'll persue in college. The independant learning center also is a great program and offers some solid options for students who are self motivated and prefer to get their education outside the mainstream or need a chance to catch up.
11/27/2005parentThis is a great place to find caring Teachers for your child. Pride in the school and strict behavior codes are in place. one of California's Distinguished schools.
6/16/2005former studentGood quality core corriculum for the most part. However, as in most california schools, the elective art and music programs are being cut to the bone as far as funding goes. No home economics department at the school. No wood shop either. Parents are involved in certain activities.
6/5/2005parentI felt calaveras high prepared my child for college better than any other public high school could.
6/1/2005studentTHe sports programs are really good, but the school as a whole is not very good, it doesnt even have a cafeteria, and the bus rides are at least 45 minutes
5/24/2005former studentNice school with good rop classes. Spend the time to get your child into an rop medical class or the class to help out at the elementary school and you will really get a great experience. Be aware that many families are either very liberal or very consiverative. There is not much middle ground. But, in the end, there are many afterschool activities and the enviornment is happy and helpful.
3/25/2004former studentAlthough I am not a parent, I believe my word is better than any parents version of Calaveras High School. I graduated from C.H.S. in 2001 and am now in my third year of college. I have spent many hours reviewing the difference between the best schools vs. the worst schools in the U.S., and was shocked to find that C.H.S. was absolutely comparable to a multi-million dollar High School, just a much smaller version. I believe that there aren't many schools in California like Calaveras, in fact, many refer to it as the last of the 50's era High Schools. This reference is due to the fact that it is the type of high school where everyone is close knit and is based on the principles of having a good community. Calaveras prepared me for the social interactions in college and left me with an amazing High School experience.
9/12/2003parentThis school is an old school, but it is a good school overall. Thanks for having it look better now with the remodeling going on and painting of the school,It will be great when the remodeling part of it is done. It shows that you care to make this a better place and makes the kids feel good. You are able to take the time and money to make the school look better, I think it makes the kids feel better and prouder of their school. The experiences I've had with the teachers and a few of the students have been great! The teachers care and take the time to help the kids when needed, and they are friendly and easy to relate to. The kids also, at least the majority of them, are very friendly and kind also. This is a good school and I am proud to have my daughter attend this school. Thanks staff and kids of Calaveras High School!
4/17/2003 The students in special day classes are required to get a grade check from each of their teachers every week for as long as they are in high school. They are the only students who have to do this every single week with no way to get out of it, and they have to serve lunch or after school detention if they forget or just don't want to publicly label themselves as special ed students. One of the special day teachers uses a baseball bat in his class to get the students' attention. The school seems to put little value on the band and orchestra. When it comes to scheduling, the band always has to rearrange its performances for the benefit of sports or the choir. And then when the quarterly calendar is printed, none of the dates of band performances are on it anyway.

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