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California Virtual Academy @ Los Angeles School - Simi_Valley, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
California Virtual Academy @ Los Angeles School2360 Shasta Way
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(866) 339-6787K-12VenturacharterWest Covina Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
22 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic50.12009
Black, non-Hispanic15.762009
Pacific Islander0.882009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.882009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Katrina Abston2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/21/2012parentWe've been in CAVA for years now. We absolutely love it. There has a been a problem with my youngest not being able to read as fast as others at this age (grade 2), we are going to really accelerate over the summer with library materials and incentives. Everything else has been outstanding and we hope to continue in this environment for as long as possible.
5/11/2012parentI like the curriculum and the online model. Unfortunately, though, CAVA represents itself as a college preparatory high school even though the majority of its high school courses are not on the University of California's a-g list of accepted courses. That means that kids graduating from CAVA will not likely be accepted at any UC (or Cal State) College.
2/22/2012parentI LOVE CAVA!!! My son's school closed down at the end of last year, and I was going to be forced (due to availability) to send him to a school I didn't want to. A fellow Mom told me about K12 and the rest is history. The flexibility is fabulous, the curriculum is SO much better, and the mastery-based lessons are great. My son doesn't get bored, he can ask as many questions as occur to him, he loves his teachers, and I know how his day went. He gets P.E. credit for Ballet and Karate (he's not a sports fan) that he was taking anyway, and he can tailor his projects to his interests (and MY standards, not some dumbed-down PC revised version of education!) It's not for everyone, of course, but nothing is, and if you have an only child (like I do) you will probably want to find extra social events and activities to keep your child from getting lonely (I'm going to sign my son up for Cub Scouts.) But the rest more than makes up for a little research into local fun! And I LOVE that we can sleep in every day and save our bus money for fun...usually educational, too!...trips on our own. I'll probably send him back to traditional school for high school...unless he meets a CAVA girl first! =o)
7/19/2011parentWe can not say enough great things about CAVA/K12. I wish i would have put my older 2 kids in it when they needed the one on one help, our 'home teacher' is awesome, if we have any questions, she's there. I've been able to see the damage that PUSD has done to my child and make positive adjustments. So sad that it has to come to this, and feel terrible for those who don't have the option of homeschooling due to work, but we are blessed to have such a wonderful community of parents/teachers who know and care about our children.
8/16/2010parentMy only regret is that I didn't put my oldest son in K12 sooner. He had several miserable years at LAUSD with abusive and unfair teachers. We have had tons of support when we need it from the K12 teachers and staff. The free materials are of the highest quality and the content is vast. I like that I can vary our schedule. We can do just Science one day and just math the next. It is very flexible to adapt to individual student's needs and learning styles. I now have 4 students enrolled in K12.
6/22/2010parentWhat can be better than giving your child the one-on-one attention he or she needs? What can be better than discovering first hand their strengths and weaknesses as they learn? Schooling through CAVA can save a child suffering in traditional schools, where some children fall through the cracks. They support special needs with outside therapy and there are outside events and extra curricular activities offered regularly. The online and offline curriculum is fantastic. We have found our son has a passion for History and Science and our daughter, a confidence with Mathematics. Rather than being bullied at school on the playground, with monitors unwilling to take a moment to teach morals, your child can have lunch with friends like himself after a rec center nature class, because you finally have the freedom to design the day.
6/22/2010parentThis ia an amazing program! We are so happy to be a part of this school. Our family actually had good experiences with traditional schooling socially but our son was always so far ahead of the available course offereings, he was growing bored with the process. Because CAVA is mastery based, he is able to work at an acelerated pace and is doing VERY well! Although we did not plan to homeschool, we are having such a great experience that we have decided to enroll our daughter when she starts kindergarten next year...BRAVO!
5/1/2010parentCAVA@Los Angeles is the best! Our child is only in kindergarten and within 3 months of starting the program she learned how to read independently. She was bored when attending a traditional school. She was not being challenged. Now with CAVA, she gets to choose what subjects to study in any given order. She is more confident and she attends all the field trips. We have a great teacher that we can contact whenever we need help. CAVA is a great choice for homeschooling!
4/6/2010parentMy son was dealing with depression and wouldn't get up to go to school! I found CAVA and it was a blessing! Even though he didn't do all of his work, he got through to the next grade because of the compassionate teachers that guided us along the way. CAVA has an excellent program...if I can do it anyone can! THANK YOU CAVA!
4/4/2010parentBoth of my sons attend this school and are enjoying the most enriching, complete learning experience of their life. They are in middle school. One has a learning disability (high functioning autism) and one does not. I believe the curriculum seems so 'advanced' only because many of our brick and mortar schools today are able to teach so little with the existing state of funding and relatively short daily schedules. In addition, while the API score for this schools is admittedly low, I believe that is a reflection of the widely disparate motivational level of homeschooling families in general with respect to standardized testing. My sons earn very high scores on state standardized tests, but our family is very focused on the goal of higher education, so we spend time --using CAVA's wide variety of test prep resources--making sure that they are prepared to take their tests,
2/21/2010parentWe decided to try CAVA after my daughter was assigned to an abusive third grade teacher in an otherwise excellent LAUSD school. We encouraged her to try to endure the experience, but she was so stressed out that she was losing weight. CAVA accepted us near the end of the first semester, which we greatly appreciated. Before discovering CAVA, I had considered homeschooling. I knew I could handle the teaching but worried about which books to use and how to cover all the state curriculum standards. CAVA handles all that for you. They provide a truly exceptional set of materials and an outstanding system of organization. Still, homeschooling isn't easy. It requires effort, perparation and diligence from the 'learning coach' as well as the student. I agree it is probably not for children with learning disabilities. The curriculum is rigorous and demanding if you follow the plan to the full extent.
2/9/2010parentThere are pros and cons of CAVA. Our son had some emotional and social issues and we used CAVA for all of 5th grade, then he wanted to try Middle School and by the second month of 7th grade we had returned to CAVA. The curriculum *is* advance, which may be good for a gifted student but much more challenging for a child who already has learning issues. The assigned teachers, as well as the day's scheduled lessons, spend about 30% of the time focusing on preparing for state tests (STAR). This, obviously, is for the school's benefit so they can keep their funding. However, it really does nothing to benefit your child. And, despite the many internet ads for K12 virtual schools that say your child can 'work at their own pace'....this really is not true.
9/20/2009parentDeciding to take my two children ages 9 and 16 out of the public school system was my best decision in my life. CAVA has been such a blessing for my children. The curriculum has been outstanding, my children are now being challenged everyday. No more just sitting in class reading a book and having no teacher interaction. My son has excelled and has a better outlook about school. His self esteem and confidence has improved.
9/17/2009parenti love my son's teacher-Mrs. Koboka! all the benefits of homeschooling, with the ease of public school. the materials are shipped right to your door free of cost! it is the best school i have ever heard of :)
8/11/2009parentIt works beautifully for our needs.
7/12/2009parentThis is such a great school! We moved to Los Angeles to pursue my daughter's acting career, and it was the best decision we've ever made. The schools in our area are horrible, so we felt like we were at a dead end. Plus, with all of the auditions she goes on a week, there was no way regular schooling could ever be an option. CAVA allows her to work at her own pace, giving us the hours we need. If we need to go to an audition in the middle of the day, we can because we can pick up were we left off later, instead of losing valuble school time everytime she has an audition. I highly reccomend this school to all students who don't have the best schools in their area, or who are the parents of young actors and want to have your own schedule!
3/18/2009parentEnrolling my beautiful 8 year old son in CAVA was the best choice I have ever made on anything in my life! If you are at home, or can be, DO IT! It boosts their self esteem if they are a child who has had difficulties in traditional school settings. They can go at their own pace, though, it is important to encourage, motivate and push when necessary. They are kids, right?! It is a fantastic program that is so much more entertaining, with audio History lessons, and hands on Science and Art projects! We LOVE it!! What a blessing! My son struggled with comprehension and being bullied. Not all teacher's are willing to support in the way they need. My son wants to review his progress and I can give him a pat on the back for his efforts. At the day's end, you know what they learned. DO IT! ~CDLTNLA
9/27/2008parentFinally, a school where my highly gifted son can work at his own pace and thrive. The curriculum is excellent, doesn't teach to the test, and is good for all learning styles. Our teacher is very supportive. There are tons of field trips you can attend throughout California, and community day (where we drop off our kids once a week for 'regular' schooling, but they're placed by ability, not age). We are so happy with CAVA.
9/11/2008parentMy daughter has been in CAVA since it started its second year. My son just returned after trying public school for one year. Public school has so much lacking as far as the amount of time spent on any subject. They do a lot of recess and other activities which are good because they need the breaks, but as far as being able to control problem children, they fail to make the grade on that. I find that my children are learning so much more and the materials are more challenging. They also offer so many resources to help your child learn when they are having difficulty with a subject or particular area within that subject. Thank you CAVA!
8/28/2008parentI feel so fortunate to be a parent who can be home to utilize CAVA. I have a daughter in the 8th grade and we ran out of options where we live. The schools are horrible. One school we did try that was supposed to be 'good' turned out to be just another failing public school where kids wore uniforms. CAVA is also a little more advanced. When we sent our daughter to this 'good' school the class was just beginning to study a history lesson that she had completed over a year ago. The same was true in English and Composition. The beauty of CAVA is that your child can go at their own pace. They are never held up by the traditional approach to teaching where everyone stays together and works on the same lessons. We highly recommend CAVA!
7/21/2008parentAfter having been in a private independent study school for 5 years, then attending a 'high end' public magnet school in Camarillo for a short time, we realized we wanted to go back to 'independent study' due to the ridiculous amounts of homework for a 6th grader, extreme disciplinary actions for not finishing 'classwork', i.e. sitting in 'detention', etc. This type of 'socializaiton' was not befitting our extremely bright (Star scored as a senior in high school!) child. Therefore, we discovered CAVA and we enrolled a quarter into the year and love it! The curriculum is about 1-2 years ahead of the local public schools, it is both computer and book based, it offers great flexibility for middle schoolers who are in sports or other activities. CAVA is awesome! The field trips are great and teachers are dedicated and thorough! We will do all of middle school here!
6/26/2008parentMy daughter is in CAVA's VHS. The high school teachers have been excellent. The online explanations are excellent. The expectations for the students are high. I do wish that there were more CAVA-planned field trips/activities for the high school students. There were few ways for students to connect in person that were sponsored by CAVA. Also, CAVA needs to find a way to get their science courses-Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.-accepted by UC and other colleges. Perhaps they could have a once a month lab for students taking Biology, etc. that could be approved by UC schools?
3/2/2008parentThis is a really good school. My son is in his second year here, and it has worked out great for him. He can do many activities during the week that he would never get to do if he were in a brick and mortar school.
1/29/2008parentGreat school if you are lucky enough to be assigned a great teacher and have a great support system
9/26/2007parentI have found CAVA to be an excellent option/solution. We did not set out to homeschool, but with some less than stellar experiences with traditional school settings, this has been a great option. It's the best of both worlds. I like that we can go at our own pace, we can do history all day if my son is into a part of history that interests him. But it is also set up in a traditional school manner from a practical delivery perspective. The program is delivered in a way that allows us to take the best of traditional school structure and replicate that in our day if we want to. Additonally, there is so much support from our homeroom teacher. I can contact him whenever we have difficulty or problems. We are more than prepared for the state tests. We socialize by attending after school programs and CAVA community days.

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