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Valley View Middle School - Simi_Valley, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Valley View Middle School3347 Tapo Street
Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 520-68206-8VenturapublicSimi Valley Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic65.872009
Black, non-Hispanic1.332009
Pacific Islander0.282009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.632009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Terry Webb2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/26/2012parentMy child was bullied, and the situation was never addressed. Had to transfer to a new school, and very happy with the communication we receive.
6/13/2012parentMy twins just graduated from this school, yesterday. I found that this school was a good and fair school, teaching things that were important later, such as the power point presentation. Kids who aren't doing well were given opportunity to tutoring, and if they didn't take advantage of it, well--there's a reason they probably aren't doing so well. Instruction is different from when I was in school, and I may not agree completely with methods being used, but I will give credit to all the teachers my daughters had over the past 2 years, as well as to my daughters, and to myself, for pushing and striving for greatness. If you don't understand something, seek answers elsewhere. The teachers my daughters dealt with were always welcoming and helpful. And--absolutely LOVED Mrs. Webb. Good job to everyone!
6/5/2012parentVery Dissapointed in this school, they just sat back and watch my daughter fail. There are no programs for kids who are struggling. She even said it. They think all the kids are on the same level. The staff are cold and desencitized. They need a to be more real, less fake.
6/2/2011parentExtremely disappointed in this school. So far we've only seen minimal effort from teachers and no one willing to teach a student how to learn. Information is thrown at them and in one format only (even if clarification is asked for!) Every night I'm teaching my daughter what she should be learning at school (and she's GATE)! The exception is the science program. Furthermore, most of the girls are extremely clicky and mean.
6/1/2011parentVery disappointed with Valley View. A principal that tells parents what they want to hear and doesn't follow through. Poor support for students struggling academically. Mediocre GATE program. How does a 50 slide powerpoint have any value? API scores should be 50 points higher based on the students going in to the school. State standards are often ignored. Good band program and some good teachers.
5/21/2011otherI am currently a student at Valley View and I love this school. It is a great school if your child is willing to learn. And everyone treats you like adults here trying to get you ready for High School. This school has great motivation and teachers are very helpful. Mrs. Webb is a very strict principal which is why students don't like her but parents DO!!! I recommend this school to everyone! It is a great school!
11/17/2010parentmy son is currently in Valley View and it's an awful school! They gave him an hour detention for giving a girl a hug! This school is unfair, STRICT, and most of all they go way over board for the little things! I do NOT suggest this school.
10/12/2010parentThe principle Mrs. Webb takes so much prode in her school. She is strict but that is because she wants kids to be in an environment where they can learn without distractions. It has been a California Distiguished school for the last 4 years.
6/24/2010parentO.K., let's see, the principal means business and does NOT ALLOW any mischief at all! The kids do not like her, parents LOVE her. As the parent of a child with challenges, I have been extremely happy with the aides and peer student program. The teachers need more time to adapt curriculum for their students : (. The campus is wonderful and we had a great experience overall.
5/28/2010otherI am a student at valley view middle school, and I really hope you take what i have to say in consideration for your children. I am very unhappy at valley view middle school. They are very strict and inconsiderate about our problems. It will be very long if i go on and on about all that happens, but to sum it things up, Mrs. Webb is a very inconsiderate, strict, and,if i may, just plain mean to me and my friends. Most of my teachers that i have in my schedule rotation are very understanding and wonderful. There are a few exceptions. The kids around the school are not as wonderful as the teachers, lets just say, but its like that in any school. The yard duties look like honestly, that there just looking for the chance to get us at anything.To sum up, i do not suggest this school.
12/25/2009studentI currently attend valley view and I think its a fantastic school! the school is strick though.. but thats what most schools are like. mrs.webb is a very kind strong principal that keeps this school in line. I love it here the teachers are great and helpful... and they help as much as they can to raise my grade.. I think if our wondering what school in simi valley is rifgt, trust me this school is WONDERFUL
12/9/2009parentI have an 8th grader at V.V., and he is very happy here. He attends V.V. since 7th grade. Mr. Schuster, music teacher is the best. Mrs. Webb, the principal is great, too. My only concern is that there are couple teachers let students to retake their test if the grade is c- or below. This 2nd chance will hurt them more than help them in my opinion. Other than that, this school is a great school.
12/1/2009studentthis school is borin and there are lots of bullys. they have good teachers but bad kids
7/9/2009studentI was involved in the 2008-2009 school year and i had an okay time. The teachers at valley view could be more caring and understanding, i understand that they have alot of other students every day but if they just had the patience and the time to understand, my experience at valley view would be much nicer. I was very excited to be going to to this ' wonderful ' school but in the end i was a little dissipointed. Please consider my opinoin when you are chooseing a school for your loved ones
4/4/2009parentI am very displeased with the way thsat this school is run. Mrs. Webb runs the place like a prison and most of the teachers my son has had this year do not conduct themselves in a very adult-like manner. These are children, not convicts and I believe something should be done. Just reading the overall test scores at this'so called' excellent school shows me there need LOTS of improvements! The kids aren't getting the full potential they deserve and something needs to be done. I wouldn't reccomend this school to any newcomers to Simi Valley, there is better out there.
4/2/2009parentI am very pleased with the leadership at Valley View Middle School.
2/8/2009otherEvery morning when i woke up at 5:30, i wasnt looking foward to the day at valley veiw. I'd get on the bus and go to school feeling left out,alone and scared. The teachers there can be extremely hurtful and deep, its not cool.
7/15/2008studentVVMS graduate. Overall, the school was ok. I was enrolled in GATE classes my three years at VV and the teachers were excellent, especially Ms. Barlow and Mrs. Powers. Both of them really helped for the Honors and AP classes of high school. On the other hand, school funding should have gone to more pressing areas of the school. Half of the stalls in the bathrooms would have broken locks or doors, but somehow there would be enough funding to paint a huge mirror on the side of the school. Overall, it was pretty good. Definitely the nicest environment and least violence of the three public middle schools in Simi.
8/20/2007studentWhen I first moved to anthor side of Simi and now going to a new school, I thought that i wasnt going to know anyone. Well I was wrong, I knew alot of people that I already knew. Mrs. Webb, the principal, is very helpful and she is understanding to student's needs. I now will be in 8th grade this year and Im looking foward to it because at Valley View everyone echives more!
11/8/2005parentWe just relocated to California from the Southeast. Valley View Middle School is a wonderful school. The academics are challenging, the teachers take pride in the school, the parental involvement is high and the school is a 'Blue Ribbon' school. We're very happy to send our middle schooler to Valley View.
6/24/2005teacherThis school has and excellent music program run by two very dedicated teachers. They have a large amount of extra curricular activites which try to accomodate the diverse tastes of their large student body. The teachers are of very high quality in general. Some specific ones that are excellent are: Mrs. Powers, Mr. Baxter, Mrs. Barlow, Mr. Taggart, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Pais, Mr. Barr, and Mrs. Crumrine - just to name a few.
2/7/2005studentI am currently a student at Valley View and I love it. Thye have a widre variety of extra curricular activities such as chorus,film-making,tennis,volleyball,band,World Language club,dance and many others. The parent invlvement is great too. The GATE science classes will be dissecting many different animals/animal parts and taking a field trip to the aquarium because of parent donations and progress reports are signed by parents every 5 weeks. Many parents give their time and energy and devote it to PTA,school dances, etc. The academic programs are excellent too. Being a GATE student I realize all the GATE teachers and my other teachers are highly intelligible and all adore their jobs. I have 2 regular classes and I feel the same way with these teachers. P.E. is great and has students running every week and having fun every day. All in all, Valley View is an excellent school, and I commend and recommend it highly.
1/4/2005parentI found the quality of their programs to be exceptional. The teaching staff was enthusiastic and caring. They encouraged parent involvement.
9/9/2003parentI think the principal, Mrs. Webb, is terrific. She sets high standards, but makes it reasonable for the kids to attain them. She's very enthusiastic and sets a great tone for the whole school.

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