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Cleminson Elementary School - Temple_City, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Cleminson Elementary School5213 North Daleview Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780
(626) 575-2327K-6Los AngelespublicEl Monte City Elementary

Class SizeGradeYear
25 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
Black, non-Hispanic0.7633592011
White, non-Hispanic11.19592011

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Erick Hansen2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/11/2011parentI can tell from previous posts that the old principal was very different from the new principal. However, I do not feel just because she is not jumping up and down with excitement does not mean she is not passionate about her job. I very like the current principal and feel she does her job well. As for the comment about her non-presence on campus I do not agree. I would see her on campus very often and if I needed to speak with her I was able t get an appointment with her. I like her being more seasoned and not taking a lot of guff from people or students. My son's teachers so far have been good. I loved his second grade teacher. Her and another teacher formed a group of their students needing some extra reading help and set up extra time to help them. I also hear that the third grade teachers are both great. Getting certain academic issues resolved could be a slight problem but some I suspect take longer because of district issues. There is a very active PTA, so plenty of opportunities are available to participate as parents. Way more PTA presence then at my son's previous school.
7/17/2011parentContrary to other posts, I like the current principal of the school. She is more seasoned and knows all about the methods that teach our children discipline, respect, and the importance of education. Although parents think that the previous principal was more engaging, I did not like the fact that he was too engaging. The kids don't need "a pal" and he only encouraged their bad behavior by not disciplining appropriately. Their were a few instances of grafitti that laced the campus during his time. That has never happened since he left. Knock on wood it never returns. I love Cleminson the way it is.
6/7/2011otherI went to this school from third grade to the sixth grade and now about ten years later I can still go there and find familiar faces. They have a good amount of their old staff but i do agree that the principal isn't what the school needs. Mr. Hanson was the perfect principal for the job, he had been there for years, he was my fifth grade teacher. Even before Mr. Hanson they has Mr. Dunn, he was very energetic and caring toward the students, I just wish this school could be what it used to be.
2/11/2011parentFor this 4 years, I only find good teachers/staff and very happy with them. They are very positive and helpful. I agreed the current principal is very different to the last one because the last one has a lot more communication with the parents; especially we got use to receive voice mail update very often.... Hope there will be a balance on it.
6/20/2010parentI agree with the comment about the principal for the school year 09 - 10. She is not as energetic, engaged with the kids, or parents, and hardly ever has a presence on campus, unless it is a planned event. She may be an excellent principal, but the prior principal was excited about his job, it was very evident in all his actions. We were Very sad to hear that he wasn't returning.
6/20/2010otherI don't like the principle for the year 2009 - 2010. She's not that energetic and encouraging. I like the principle prior the current one. The other parts of the school are fine.
10/3/2009otherHighest scores in its district; caring, informed and prepared staff; involved parents
10/19/2008otherI am a grandparent and very proud to say my grandkids go to Cleminson. The Principal and Staff are Great!
10/18/2008studentMy school is awsome. Mr.hanson is soo nice. I don't even want to leave Cleminson. Cleminson is: Clean The Best In the World Awsome Fun Friendly ~A Sixth Grader C.S
6/6/2007parentThis school is incredible. I can't believe how hard this staff works for our children. They just had an incredible Open House and every room looked fantastic. I am proud to have my children at this school. Even teachers who've never had my kids offer help and have a friendly smile. They have great enrichment and music programs now. The principal seems to really know how to rally his staff. It is a fun, positive place to be. It really is like a private school without the tuition. No wonder they have the highest test scores in the district. Parents work so hard at this school. The PTA is very active. The academic excellence and curriculum can be seen in every classroom. I saw first graders' writing! Blew me away! Love this school!
5/21/2007parentI posted a comment here over 4 years ago..and my thoughts are the same. I love this school. Mr. Hansen who is the current principal use to teach my oldest child. He was a wonderful Cleminson teacher then and is an outstanding principal now. The principal describes his school as a family and that's exactly what it is. Those teachers have my child more awake hours I day than I do. My child loves going to school and learning. That I credit the teachers and staff for. The teachers there are the best around. It's my last year as a parent there..but my heart will always remains filled with Panther Pride. M.R.H.
2/12/2007parentCleminson is a very good elementary school. The previous principal, Mr. Dunn, did a very good job of establishing a solid foundation. The current principal, Mr. Hansen, is continuing the tradition of keeping parents involved with their children's education. Teachers are good at keeping parents informed about homework and upcoming tests, etc. The curriculum is challenging but not overwhelming. The school tries to provide extra activities to make learning fun. It provides the some of the qualities of a private school without the cost of tuition!
11/30/2006parentCleminson is one of the best elementary schools in Los Angeles.The teachers work hard to educate their students.
4/6/2006parentCleminson School has changed. The cirriculum is ridiculous and liberal based, the teachers are unaware of how certain disabilities affect a child. The staff is just there to get a paycheck, not to teach.
8/31/2005parentThis school has made great strides to improve its CAT scores. It has consistently met its target under the leadership of Mr. Dunn, the principal. Unfortunately, Mr. Dunn retired this past year. But the remainder of the staff has longevity at this location with 10+ years of service. The new principal has taught at this scholl in the past and has 20+ years with El Monte School District. Overall, this school has the best academic performance of any elementary in this district. Extracurriculars are offered through the the City of Temple City. Music and Art are basic. The school heavily relies on parent involvement for shortfalls from the district.
1/3/2005parentThis is a very parent/child/school team kind of school. The principal knows everyone by name and can tell you how to hone into your child's strengths and weaknesses. The teachers are very involved and zealous. No child remains unchallenged here!
1/27/2004parentCleminson school is a great school. I went there as a child and I knew as soon as my child was old enough to go that Cleminson school would be where I would send her. The teachers are great and I love the fact that it is a small school and that it is a very family orinated school. The current principal is outstanding and he brings a lot of possitive things to Cleminson. I would recommend Cleminson School to anyone with a child ages K-6
9/10/2003parentTeachers are caring and love what they do!
8/26/2003parentI have 2 children that attend Cleminson. The school really excels in getting our children ready for what the future has to offer.

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