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Blanche Reynolds Elementary School - Ventura, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Blanche Reynolds Elementary School450 Valmore Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 289-1817K-8VenturapublicVentura Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
21 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic48.592009
Black, non-Hispanic1.292009
Pacific Islander0.772009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.542009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Paul Jablonowski2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/19/2012parentI went to Blanche Reynolds from K-5th grade myself and i wouldnt have my child go anywhere else. The community in that area is my favorite and i just love all the neighbors as well. My daughter has struggled with some early trama in her life and with therapy and the help of the teachers and other Blanche Reynolds staff she is now doing great. I am a single mom that works and goes to school full time and i made an effort to volunteer every week i was rather discouraged that not all parents were making the same commitments. The teachers are amazing with my daughter providing extra help when she needs it and keeping me fully informed. I wish there were more teachers out there like them because they made such a difference in my life as well as my daughters. The new principle is great as well...she means buisness and is taking everything head on and i LOVE that. I have great hopes, memories, and beliefs about this school and would never send any of my kids anywhere else. We are lifers!!!
9/10/2012parentThis school is fantastic! At another school I was being pushed to have my son labled ADD by his teacher when I knew that wasn't true - he was just a normal, active little boy who was smart and didn't want to do busywork at his desk when he was done with an assignment - he wanted action! At Blanche Reynolds Open Classroom, he wasn't made to sit still all of the time and yet he still learned a lot, but in his own way. I put my younger son in as well, and his individual needs were also taken care of. I saw the comment from the parent who felt that not all parents participated as much as they should, and my own comment is that people get out of a program like this what they put into it. Life isn't always "equal." (I teach my children that as well.) It's not a parent's place to worry about what other people are doing and trying to make it "fair". People who enjoy working with the kids put in more than their "fair share" and it benefits all of the kids and the parents who like to volunteer as well. If you are only going to "count the minutes" you have to volunteer there, then you and the children are probably not gaining as much from the program anyway.
3/24/2012parentThis school is great. My child is in the "open classroom". It's one of the only K-8 in the area without a waiting list. The teachers are friendly and helpful. Each family donates 2 to 4 hours of their time helping in or around the classroom. The students get variety and small group time with their teacher. Wow!! They make learning fun and go on many field trips.
7/27/2011parentPulled my kids out after 2 months. I participated like expected however found that other parents did not live up to their participation required to keep their kids there. In my opinion after spending a lot of time with the kids, they were behind.
3/10/2010parentSome good teachers, but not much attention paid to the 'whole child' and their individual issues at home. It seems mostly about the numbers and not about how the child gets along on a daily basis.
5/21/2009parentJust completing our first year in Open Classroom at Blanche Reynolds (a school-within-a-school) and love it! Great parent involvement, my child is learning AND having fun (and excited about school work for the first time in a long time). Teachers give above and beyond!
3/26/2008parentBoth of my sons have gone to this in their entire life. Their teachers provided great feedback on their works. My younger son needed extra help, so the school did provide help for him. He has been improving getting more 3s(max) and 2+s. It has been a great experience for my two sons.
12/9/2007parentTeachers care about their students. Good mix of learning and fun. My daughter attended and I recommend this school. Love everything about it.
3/31/2006parentThis school has come a long way,with a great new principle leading the school some new and great things are taking place .I have three daughters and they all are going or have gone to this school ,and I would not send them anywhere else .It is a great school with great teachers and that is what makes the school ,it may need some work on the outside ,but what counts is in the class room.
1/13/2006parentThe Open Classroom at Blanche Reynolds has been wonderful.
1/13/2006parentThis is our first year at Blanche Reynolds,and my first experience with a public school.My son loves it there and so do I(he is in K).There is a fairly new principal there, and he has made a huge difference in all aspects especially the way it looks.He is very involved and available to talk to anytime.The teachers, parents, and students are all great people.I had a bad impression of the school by the way it looked (what a dump!),and even tried to send my son to another school but didn't get in. Now I am very pleased with everything and will keep him there happily.Another mom and I were talking about it, and we both agreed its a great school that's getting even better!

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