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Temecula Preparatory School - Winchester, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Temecula Preparatory School35777 Abelia Street
Winchester, CA 92596
(951) 926-6776K-12RiversidecharterTemecula Valley Unified School District

Class SizeGradeYear
20 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic54.12009
Black, non-Hispanic5.412009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Scott Phillips2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/7/2012parentI I am a parent volunteer at TPS and I believe that the PTO is doing a fabulous job. I don't think I have seen a more dedicated group of parents that have nothing but the kids best interest at heart. I believe that that there are people in this world that are doers and there are those that just like to complain about everything, won't lift a finger to constructively help or make the effort to be part of a team. Those folks will never be happy. We are all as involved as we choose to be or for what our time allows. Thankfully our PTO is made up of the doers who are committed, dedicated & have the time. I appreciate them more than they know. Every parent at TPS is part of this fantastic group however, not everyone has the time. But for those of you who do have the time set aside your negative attitude or your micromanaging personality and set an example for your children. Show what them what hard work and being part of a group can do.
10/7/2012other@ I am a parent volunteer. Great to know that you are doing your part, BUT...criticism is defined as follows: crit i cism [krit-uh-siz-uhm] noun 1.the act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything. 2.the act of passing severe judgment; censure; faultfinding. Now let's take a look at virtue: vir tue [vur-choo] noun 1.moral excellence; goodness; righteousness. 2.conformity of one's life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; uprightness; rectitude. 3.chastity; virginity: to lose one's virtue. 4.a particular moral excellence. Compare cardinal virtues, natural virtue, theological virtue. 5.a good or admirable quality or property: the virtue of knowing one's weaknesses. In the future, please be mindful of what constructive criticism is and the virtues that TPS is supposed to stand by. You have made a hurtful comment against a parent's comment that show's that you are no better then they for what they have stated. Time to look within and see that your actions may in fact be prompting others' hurt feelings! After all, this is really for the kids and not self-glorification...right!?
6/15/2012parentTemecula Prep did a superb job in preparing my son for college and the workforce. Finding a job isn't easy nowadays, especially for a young adult. Since our experience at TPS, my son has received compliments regarding his public speaking abilities and resume at almost every job interview. His confidence is high and so are his grades. Temecula Prep does much more than provide a quality education. It provides students with the skills that are necessary to live a confident, virtuous, and happy college life. Thanks to the teachers for their relentless work and the genuine investment made in my son's future.
3/2/2012parentAGAIN as many have already said this school IS NOT for EVERYONE, you attend by CHOICE, if you as a parent made the WRONG choice to send your kid to a school that it not the right fit for your child then its on YOU as the parent. My three children attend TPS, all have different learning styles and they all excel in different areas, they are pushed and expected to seek knowledge not just want for the teacher to give you all the answers...that's college, that's life. If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen!
11/3/2011parentWe LOVE this school! We feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful free school to send our children to. French, Drama, Music and PE are excellent compliments to the high academic standards. Home is a big part of the learning process. My son missed an assignment and recieved an F in the class since it brought down his average. Some parents might feel uneasy about this, but in 4th grade it is a great way for him to learn to be responsible and remember his homework! They also teach kids skills they will use in college and beyond as a part of how they do their work, which we love. I can see how some might think this school is too strict, but my goal is for my children to excel in life and that takes teaching them to think for themselves, learn from their actions and grow as individuals and that is exactly what this school teaches!
10/6/2011parentMy Daughter is absolutely soaring in kindergarten there! She loves her teacher and so do we! Finally we have found a place that is not afraid of academic excellence.
9/30/2011parentI have had my children at TPS for 5 years now and it is a shame that the administration is ruining this school. The lack of respect for students, parents, and teachers is appalling! They over react to any misstep. This school had so much promise. Instead of focusing on tough standards of course material they are imposing strict dress, and behavioral standards most adults could not live up to. My children will be leaving this school despite the great teachers and friends they have made.
9/25/2011parentTPS is a good school that had what other schools lacked. Because of recent changes including a one size fits all approach to the curriculum and the amount of homework they have made themselves look like any other school. My kids are being given homework to learn on their own without it being taught in the classroom. Even regular public schools don't do that! I don't understand why my kids are getting two types of math homework just because it's practice. Their old school didn't do that! What's the point of a handbook when you don't follow it yourselves?! I feel like my kids are being set up for failure instead of being challenged.
9/13/2011otherMy daughter R is a former student. My son 2 years older was top of his class, outgoing, & on 2 sports teams. At any other school R could have easily been able to form her own identity(& did after leaving TPS), but here she was just "J's little sister." Because she lacked the motivation and social integrity her brother had(she has always been shy), she was ridiculed: "Why don't you work hard like J?" "J's grades are so much better than yours" Instead of helping her grow into her own person, R was ridiculed & asked why she wasn't smart or outgoing like others. Receiving this treatment at such a critical age(gr.7-9) caused a lot of damage & she has struggled with depression&self image issues ever since(8yrs). Instead of inspiring her to work hard, the constant comparison to others just added pressure&stress. She was also ignored and teased by students, but no staff ever stepped in to see what was going on. The uniforms, small class size, and curriculum are great, but the treatment R received from staff was always extremely unfair, & she was never taken as seriously as other students. R was actually told, "I'm too busy right now, come talk to me later" by a teacher she asked for help.
9/13/2011otherReading through past reviews, why are there so many posted on May 6? It's weird. My children are former students here and I would not recommend this school to anyone. The staff go out of their way to help the students who are already successful and doing well, but do absolutely nothing to assist those who are struggling. It's almost like they're trying to drive out the less than desirable students and their families to make room for the ones they think will make the school look better and get them more funding.This isn't education, this is insanity and greed.
9/13/2011otherGood schools struggle for that balance between discipline and tolerance. The most destructive thing a parent can do is to just listen to their kids without trying to work hand and hand with a school. Kids are kids and will always try to make things more enjoyable for them. They're not going to go home and tell you that school's just a little too lax and fun. Finally there's a school that's trying to take a stand and make kids respect adults so they can become more teachable. It's obvious that by looking at the reviews that some parents would rather blame the institution for their inability to curtail their child's behavior, than to team up with the school to create a desirable product. If you let kids pit you against the school it just makes teaching them that much harder. Honestly, the parents that can't control their kids and get them to respect their teachers have more growing up to do than their kids. Please, TPS, don't give up the battle. There are parents that value schools that refuse to compromise. There's plenty of other schools that allow a culture of disrespect that others can allow their kids to attend. You're a diamond in the rough.
7/14/2011parentTPS in an excellent school. It is a CHARTER school. You choose to send your children here. They encourage parents to check the school out and see if it's a good fit. In many cases it may not be. Some of the reviews sound like sour grapes.
7/5/2011parentI think that this school is good for k-8th but unless your totally self motivated I dont believe it is a good school for a quality education. i was a firm believer in the school until the quality of teachers has been so poor and the children have really suffered for it. I think my son would have learned more from independent studies. Very sad. He begged to leave and I should have listened. Very dissapointed,
7/5/2011parentThis school is the best! My son was accepted last year for 4th grade. He had a phenominal year. His teacher recognized his potentials within the first two months. My son excell in math and wwas placed accordingly. We did not have to ask for the special assessment. This is a very high achiever school. Eventhough it is a wonderful school, it might not be a perfect fit for everyone.
7/2/2011parentGreat School. Enforces academic discipline. Homework is a must and parents play a big role in helping out and also making sure it's getting done. Missing homework is compensated by saturday or after school detention. TPS offers classical education with every kid doing the same material except in Math where different Grade levels are offered depending on how capable the student is. For instance, a 5th grader can be doing the 1st half of Algebra 1, if there are that smart and TPS has a lot of kids at this level. TPS students are taught in a manner that prepares them for College and beyond from the day they start school there.
6/2/2011parentDo not attend here for high school. Save for a few dedicated teachers who continue to help the students, the faculty is far too personal into the lives of their students. Students are treated like children, as is mentioned on previous reviews of this school. It has the same problems as any other school, with the addition of discipline on a personal level, and less opportunities.
6/2/2011otherI just recently graduated from TPS and I would like to say that the 5 years that i spent there were the worst in my life. Dont expect your kids to learn much. The sad thing about this school is they don't teach children, they expect your children to already know the material. One thing that really bugged me about this school was the punishment. Ive goten multiple saturday schools and detentions for things like, forgeting homework or tardy to class. Yes, your child will be punished for being a forgetfull person. The campus is also a dump and in the middle of the desert. The only good thing about te school are the students. there all very nice and very different from a lot of kids from larger public school.
5/19/2011parentThis school cares nothing about nurturing and developing the child. No, their MO is to recruit, sift, and weed out the less capable so that TPS can garner academic accolades. Since they get over 1000 on the waiting list every year they have no compunction about giving the slip to any student who struggles or doesn't cut it. Warning to TPS: You are a public school and you can't continue this forever. You're asking for a lawsuit!
4/30/2011otherSince I go to TPS which is a place for Virtue, Wisdom, and Knowledge. I would like to speak my opinion out to all the parents and see what us students get out of this. I'm in the upper school level, and yes i may say there can be problems. We get frustrated or sometimes think this is useless. But hey, were only kids no matter what grade you re in, in the outrun we come to realize, that what the teachers give us and say actually help us for our future. I use to go to Vista Murrieta, i love that school but walking into TPS 3 weeks in was such a relief. I love the way i was getting pushed to do my best and strive for what i believe in. It was already hard to show my parents i could do something, and TPS made it even easier. Though i was the new student, i became one of those students who would go and help others and help the ones who were coming in. A public school, your one of a million, here at TPS you re known as an individual. Show what you can do. And have you ever heard of being known as Varsity of any sport. It s a challenge. This is coming from a student at TPS not a parent. So grow up and stop trashing a school for what they believe in.
4/22/2011otherAs another parent has mentioned, this school pushes to make your child think.... like them. Sure, rhetoric is encouraged, but in the time I have been there it has been clear that any sort of questioning, whether respectful and logical or not, will result in an unfavorable bias from the administration. These biases have led to expulsion in many cases. One student was kicked out at the end of his junior year along with his entire family because his little brother spoke to teachers disrespectfully. That student now goes to Chapperal, where, according to him, "I actually have to do my homework and not just copy off someone now." All in all, I'd recommend you look into this, because unless you love to spend money and are charmed with their narrow-minded definition of virtue (which, based on some of the actions made by the faculty, must allow for blantant dishonesty), TPS may not be worth you or your child's time.
4/8/2011parentTPS is the best School ever. My son was accepted in January for 8th grade. He has been there for few months and we have already seen a huge change in his grades. We are very satisfied about everything!. The Headmistress is great, the teachers and all staff members are great. I like everthing about this school. This is the school to send kids who are dedicated to go to college and be a well rounded professional. I am hoping that my two daughters will be accepted this Fall for 5th and 7th grades this fall. I give this school a 5/5 100%
4/6/2011parentI love this school! My daughter went to a different "public" school last year, and was very unhappy with the freedom and things that were happening underneath staff's noses'! She has done very well here, and for that I am thankful for. You cannot make everyone happy, one school might be better for your child and another for someone does not mean one is better than the other. I think it all depends on the student! I love all of the staff that I have met, all of the parents and all of the students! This school ROCKS in my opinion!
3/16/2011parentWe are so excited about finding a school that's not afraid of academic excellence. So many schools are nothing but a holding tank for socializing and sports, with staff that has low expectations. TPS staff is on one accord, and they clearly state the expectations before a student enrolls. We knew going in to TPS that the academics would be rigorous, the uniforms would cost, and daily attendance and homework would be expected, but we were ready for the challenge. My husband and I have set high expectations from home on academics, virtue, and working hard, so it was easy for my son to transition into TPS. He loves attending middle school there, and he appreciates the rich LEARNING environment his instructors create. He says that not only is the book knowledge great, but the fact that they are required to be polite to staff and peers makes the atmosphere at the school safe and enjoyable. Students help and remind one another to make wise choices. I look forward to my currently enrolled student going all the way through to high school graduation at TPS, and I am anxiously waiting for a call to get my younger son enrolled.
3/13/2011parentIt is okay that not everyone likes TPS. It is not a school for everyone. It is a school that promotes virtue, wisdom & knowledge. There is not much room for parents who want to fight for their middle school aged daughter to be allowed to wear makeup or for the student who does not want to work hard or wants to behave badly. This is not what any school should be for. TPS is a place of learning & as those of us involved parents know... it is also a place where the administration consistently reminds us that TPS is not perfect & that the school continually strives for better for the students. However, that does not mean that if you are a parent or a student who does not have the same goals in mind, which clearly states, that the school is going to change to suit your needs. The big picture is that there are several hundred students that attend TPS that are succeeding & that is the measure of success. Not a few comments from those who it was not a good fit for. Find a school that fits your needs. I encourage anyone who is researching schools to call the school directly, do your own research and think for yourself. That is what TPS is about, teaching students how to think.
2/9/2011parentMy child attended TPS from K-4th grades & we loved it initially due to the curriculum & "family atmosphere" that the previous administration fostered. We had no issues with the academics & homework but the current administration leaves a lot to be desired. I have personally heard a comment on the high turnover of students as a way to keep "riff-raff out". It is disturbing.
12/16/2010parentAt TPS, you sign & hopefully READ the School Compact.Coming from a very popular school in the area to TPS 2 yrs ago, I knew that the curriculum was going to be intense.I realize that after being a room-mom at the previous school & seeing the things, I have an obligation to inform that TPS is TOP NOTCH!The curriculum is tough, but I'd rather have a student who is not sugar-coated through education.At the previous school, the teachers were instructed during state testing to check answers & have students go back & "try" again to a point where they "tried again" until the answers were correct.This school became a "Distinguished School".Is this what you nay-sayers want for your child s education, sugar-coating life, not preparing for their futures?America is falling behind globally in education because of parents who don't take an active role in their child's education. This school is full of fine teachers with students that are governed by their parents.Be a parent and stop allowing your kids to control you with their emotions and inability to have structure and discipline.Maybe you should be looking within your own home to solve your problem!
12/13/2010parentHow can it be a great school when my kids and all of their friends keep asking their parents to get them out of TPS. My oldest come home sad everyday, never done that before. Something is seriously wrong. we are seriously considering going to another school. My kids say it just like that " the teachers are very scarey", "they look at the students in a very mean way". Enough fooling around TPS, you are suppose to be a school, ACT like one and focus on education. You asked us to deal with a new uniform vender, eventhough we did not like the idea we did what you wanted. You asked for money, eventhough times are hard on most people, alot of us gave.If you are doing just 50 % of what you are suppose to as a school, I would've not open my mouth but it sounds like you are pushing everyone out, WHY? What is your purpose? Over the winter break my family will be considering our relationship with TPS.
12/13/2010parentMyself and many other parents are talking the sme language, how would a school favor a few kids in each grade and treat the rest with total disrespect? I am taking my child out as the headmaster suggested. Yelling and intimidating students is not how you do business at any school. I believe the state should spend its money at a REAL school, not at TPS which is run by people who think education is a hobby. We are talking about our kids, not little gold fish in a tank.
11/8/2010parentBuyer beware, I would research this school real good before getting involved. Our children deserve the best (and the best is nowhere in or around TPS). If I had the time, I would really consider legal action against this school. Countless violations of Ed Codes and laws. One thing though I have done is writing to the state board of education notifying them of my family's experience with the administration at this school.
11/8/2010parentOur children deserve the best. TPS admin switched focus from education as a priority to financial profitability. Dollars and Cents is admin's main focus. Class size (which reflects on the quality of education provided) is growing across all grade levels. After weeks of having to spend hours everyday doing homework (even on weekends), I had to ask other parents if they have the same problem, every single parent I talked to said "something is wrong". Many students are not happy with the environment at this school. It saddens me to start considering changing school in the middle of the year, but I guess it is for their best interest. The school's vision seem to be totally different all of the sudden, what is the board doing? Don't they have kids at the school? Don't they care? Maybe I should contact the board of education and file a complaint.
10/29/2010parentWake up TPS !!! Recent reviews, made me look deeper into some of the questions raised. Bitter reality comes to heart and the findings are shockingly sad. I found out it is unlawful to hire and allow any person in a classroom at any public school without having credentials. Admin at TPS have done just that, who does this school answer to? I went further back to find out that last year some male employee at TPS was given the title of teacher (faculty), and was allowed to SUB in many grade levels throughout the year. Is that legal? Who is accountable? The answer is : it is against the law here in California. Can anyone do something about it? Please Save Our School. What is it with all these 30 day emergency permits, and internship permits? How many credentialed teachers without jobs do we have in Ca.? SHAME
10/15/2010parentI truly believe the last 3 negative reviews were most likely written by the same person. There is always going to be a huge drop off in students that move from 8th to 9th grade due to the fact that many students and families choose for their children to attend one of the "big" high schools. There are pages & pages of positive reviews for a reason. It's true that TPS is not for everyone; the work load is substantial. However, I believe that the rewards and results are worth the effort that is required. It is a school to choose because you want your children to be pushed beyond the acceptable to be able to achieve the exceptional. I know that I am extremely pleased with our family's experience at TPS, and also know many other families that love our school.
9/29/2010parentAbsolute insanity!! The majority of these reviews feel like they were written by the admin or staff. My kids have attended there for several years now. Watch out middle school! Homework gets piled on. Grades start to fall. They push busy work but there is little retention. There is NOT ONE parent I know that is satisfied with this school! Not ONE! All of them are looking into other schools! I have had teachers and admin lie to my face. It is embarrassing to be associated with this school. I will be finding alternate educational opportunities for my children...a statement that was quoted....we have 1200 students on our waiting list. If you don't like it you are free to leave. And leave they do. There was a 30 percent turnover last year from 8th to 9th grade. What is wrong with this picture?
9/17/2010parentMy son attended this school since K, 4 days into 7th grade I had to pull him out. reason 1- Shocking turn over rate among teachers. 2- School terminate well experienced teachers to bring in none credentialed teachers (a few of those). 3- Cannot trust a LAWYER to oversee my child's education. It doesn't look good TPS. This is my personal opinion.
9/13/2010parentI question the "respect" that the children here are being taught. I am out in the parking lot on a daily basis and the children that I see are careless about thier own and others safety and think nothing of walking through the parking lots expecting the cars to yield to them. The language and disrespect that these children show adults and thier fellow students astounds me. If these are the standards that are being taught and touted as "acceptable behaviour" for our students, I will be rethinking my position on where my child attends school for hte next school year. I fear that there will be an accident or an altercation because of these students lack of concern, safety, and overall respect for others.
9/9/2010parentMy family has had a very positive experience at TPS. I see TPS as a gift- a classically based education in today's world. The teachers and students have a level of respect for one another that is far beyond any public school I have ever seen. The students recieve a strong education, are in an environment where it is respected and even revered by peers to be students of excellence. The administration is leading the school with a vision that my family supports. We are proud to be a TPS family.
9/9/2010parentWe have been at TPS for the past 3 years and are extremely happy. I know that my children are receiving an excellent education, have smaller class sizes, and are able to excel because of the attention they receive. We feel very fortunate to be part of such a unique family. A true gem!!!
5/21/2010parentBecause they teach students to be top students in life. Success in life starts with your school staff and teachers to instill success........
5/21/2010otherFinest school I have seen in 75 yrs. Evaluates students capabilities and addresses them professionally. My 6th grade g'daughter taking 9th grade math and getting A's.
5/21/2010otherThe curriculum is top notch. High school students here get foreign language and latin classes as well as advanced science and math
5/19/2010parentMy children attended TPS when we lived in the area. I liked the smaller class size, uniforms, and the structure. All of my children would have graduated from TPS if we were still living there.
5/19/2010parentSmaller campus, smaller class size for better instruction, manners and respect are stressed! Strong academic base, great teachers.
5/19/2010othergood preparatory school for upper grade levels and some of my grandchildren attend.
5/17/2010otherBack to basics education. Responsibility and accountability.
5/16/2010parentoverall excellence- academics, discipline, safety, community.
5/16/2010parentThey have high expectations and teach a classical curriculum.
5/15/2010parentTPS is a great school. Three of my grandchildren attend TPS and they feel very safe and happy there. I love the type of education they receive. The curriculum they get exposed to is truly giving them a whole rounded education and preparation to move onto the best post-secondary education institution in the United States.
5/15/2010parentGreat curriculum, requires students to put in the effort to pass the courses. Well rounded education.
5/15/2010parentHighly traditional, forward minded school with virtue-centered curriculum that strongly encourages the development of basic skills as well as critical analysis
5/14/2010parentThe school is great because of the teachers and the small size, the principal is also amazing at maintaining the school.
5/14/2010parentTPS teaches the students the love learning.
5/14/2010otherMy grandson is being challenged, respected and educated all in one great environment.
5/14/2010parentI love TPS because of their virtues and the academics.
5/14/2010parentThe Vitures and academics are strong and the kids get all the growth needed in todays world.
5/13/2010parentFinally a school that is proud of America and her histroy. Also, they recognize the importance of respect, virtue and character.
5/13/2010parentProvides great opportunities for its students.
5/13/2010parentTemecula Prep is a great school for students that are interested in higher education. THe teachers and staff are dedicated to helping the student achieve thier goals.
5/13/2010parentThe school turns out well-rounded thinking young people...
5/13/2010parentI am so impressed of my grandchildren's education they have learned so much more than students from other schools. The teachers are so dedicated to teaching that it shows in my grandkids behavior and study habits...
5/13/2010parentThis school is an awsome school. The teachers love teaching there, they set a standard for the kids and encourage them to do their best at all times. There is a lot of praise and positivity. The education that is offered is much more diverse than any of the public schools in the area. They teach to the standards they have chosen not to the state testing requirements so the children have more opportunities to learn a larger variety of things. Most important my daughter loves the environment and enjoys going to school and learning.
5/13/2010parentThis is the best school they not only teach, they educate the kids..
5/13/2010parentgreat uniform, lots of homework & projects
5/13/2010parentTPS provides good discipline which promotes a strong educational environment.
5/13/2010parentThe quality of the teaching, the curriculum and the overall mindset of the school are unlike any other school in the area
5/13/2010parentThisi is an excellant foundation school, please keep it alive!
5/13/2010otherIt's a great school with an empahsis on classical education and teaching the kids critical thinking skills
5/13/2010otherIt is a great place that molds the children of tomorrow.
5/13/2010otherIt is unlike any other school in the area and truely challenges the students to reach their maximum potential.
5/13/2010otherChallenging and learning emphasis that helps our children grow
5/13/2010parentMy children receive quality education with a manageable class size. Kids are encouraged and well supported to succeed both academically and as individuals.
5/13/2010parentI love the environment that TPS provides my child with. A warm, loving, nurturing environment where teachers challenge the students and teach them to strive for their best.
5/13/2010parentwonderful results in my childrens education!
5/13/2010parentThe kids get an amazing education and it teaches them respect.
5/13/2010parentThey focus on education and virtue. The children learn better in the environment set up at Prep and they actually enjoy school!!!
5/13/2010parentGreat school and staff. Acadamia is first.
5/13/2010parentTPS provides a nurturing and simulating environment for learning through the classical curriculum.
5/13/2010parentgreat school for kids to learn in temecula valley, classical and expanded education with amazing teachers!
5/13/2010otherTemecula Prep prepared me for college.
5/13/2010parentThe teachers are so loving and caring and you can tell they take great pride in their academics. Love the parent involvement also.
5/13/2010parentI love this school because it has helped my grandson reach his full potential in a positive learning environment
5/12/2010otherThis school takes the time to teach and care for their students.
5/12/2010parentThey teach the kids at a level above their age to keep them progressing throughout the year
5/11/2010parentClassical education. Smaller class size. Personal attention. Uniforms. Patriotism.
5/11/2010parentTPS has been wonderful school for my 3 children.
5/11/2010parentTPS integrates virtues and values into an already rigorous academic-based curriculum, with little to no outside funding. It truly tries to make our already good kids great.
5/11/2010otherI am impressed with the education my granson is getting at this school It is not only great on the education but also character building
5/11/2010parentMy two kids who are 6 years apart are finally going to the same school! I am so grateful for the fact that I feel now, my kids have a voice because the teachers care and kudos to the principals who love the kids. You can see and feel that Classical Education is in the air!
5/10/2010parentIt is a charter school based on the Classical method of education - It is the best private education you can get in the public school system!
5/10/2010parentThe staff and the curriculum. My childs positive attitude when speaking about TPS.
5/10/2010parentMy child is challenged and engaged with his school work.
5/10/2010parentI really like the values they teach and the old way of teaching. My daughter has never before said she wishes the weekend would end so she could go to school. When a 12 year old says this, something is very right with the school.
5/10/2010parentThe best school I have ever been affiliated with-hands down...
5/10/2010parentMy kid loves this school. He leans a lot of this school. His grade stays top.
5/10/2010parentI love the classic educational model.
5/10/2010otherThis school is highly traditional, virtue-centered curriculum that strongly encourages the development of basic skills as well as critical analysis.
5/10/2010parentThe incredibly talented faculty were to me, both brilliant classroom instructors and dear life mentors.
5/10/2010parentThe curriculum is challenging to the student and the self respect along with the discipline is making better leaders for tomorrow.
5/10/2010parentTPS has given my grandchildren an education that is superior to one they would have received in public school. Your required reading material is outstanding. Manners are stressed - another plus. Classes are small enough for individual attention. Your teachers genuinely care about their students. I am pleased my daughter and her husband placed them in you school. JCD
5/10/2010parentI love that Temecula Prep teaches students about virtues and Classical Learning.
5/9/2010parentThe children learn at an amazing rate. The parents all care and get involved
5/7/2010otheran excellent opportunity for learning and personal growth
5/7/2010otherThe do a great work for the kids!
5/7/2010parentIt stresses a traditional education with a focus on reading writing and math.
5/7/2010otherbecause it has been a great school for my granddaughter she is doing great , and you dont have to fear leaving your child as you do at some schools
5/7/2010otherBecause it is a great school filled with great kids. My great nieces go there, too.
5/7/2010other Because my great great nieces attend. They love the school and are doing so well.
5/7/2010otherTPS provides a Great education for the students
5/7/2010parentBecause it's a classical charter school w/ a virtue centered curriculum w/ language and music instruction.
5/7/2010parentMost of the students are extremely bright and will beco0me our leaders of tomorrow.
5/7/2010otherFocuses on the individual as well as the whole
5/7/2010otherThe emphasis upon character development The emphasis upon solid academics
5/7/2010otherGreat teachers, great kids, great philosophy.
5/7/2010otherbecause its a great school., and my grand daughter is in the school.
5/7/2010parentI am a secondary teacher in another district and have been very impressed with the curriculum presented at this charter. My Grand daughter is a student and thrives in this academic atmosphere.
5/7/2010parentMy grandchildren love the school. That says a lot so I am so happy as a grandmother to know my grandchildren enjoy going to school each day. The school is friendly, creative and employ good teachers that really seem to care about the students. I support the school when I can.
5/7/2010otherI am impressed with the curriculum and the special studies that the children undertake. Hands on learning seems to be a Big part of the teaching there.
5/7/2010otherI am impressed with the students that attend TPS.
5/6/2010parentOur children deserve the best education we can give them, and TPS delivers that.
5/6/2010parentGreat teachers and staffs! They are the origin power source of TPS
5/6/2010parentThe school holds virtues and that is very important in this day and age.
5/6/2010parentTeachers are caring and dedicated. I wish they have real administration which is not always MIA. E-mailed him about my kids complaints regarding bad language used in the parking lot 2 weeks ago, still waiting to hear from him. Maybe too busy.
5/6/2010parentI couldn't ask for anything more; the teachers and administrators are top notch individuals always caring about the students education and well being. TPS is a dream school!!!!
5/6/2010parentIt offers an excellent classical education and also stresses the importance of values and virtues. It is easily the best school I've ever been around.
5/6/2010parentTemecula Prep School is doing an excellent job in preparing and helping their students achieve their goals!
5/6/2010otherI think they do a great job of caring for the kids and also of educating them.
5/6/2010parentIt is an excellent school that prepares students for a successful future in whatever their chosen career may be.
5/6/2010parentI appreciate the vision.And what the school tries to instill in the children.
5/6/2010parentBecause the preparation for a 4 yr university is rigorous!
5/6/2010parentWe love Temecula Preparatory School because we feel like we're getting a private education for free. It's a small school atmosphere where the teachers really care about the kids.
5/6/2010parentI loved this school as a parent when we lived in California. I knew that my children were truly receiving the best possible education for our area. I especially appreciate it now that I have moved away and no longer have the opportunity for my children to attend a school of this caliber.
5/6/2010otherThe dedication the teachers have toward educating youth is amazing!
5/6/2010otherTo attain a above average education to prepare the students for their future.
5/6/2010parentI see the abilities they bring out of my daughter, and she is happy while doing great
5/6/2010parentGreat curriculum, effectively implemented by these dedicated and highly knowlegeable teachers!
5/6/2010parentVery good education! Very caring and concerned teachers and staff!
5/6/2010parentIt's a great clean school, has great programs and wonderful teachers.
5/6/2010parentMy children love this school. Their teachers are great and inspiring, they challenge them to learn more!
5/6/2010parentGives my daugther a foundation for her future in this global competitive world.
5/6/2010parentTPS classical style of education keeps my girls focus on their goal to go to college. They are motivated by their peers to strive for excellence!
5/6/2010parentTeachers are fantastic. My daughter is entusiastic about seeing her teacher daily and recieves a proper balance of encouragement and acountability.
5/6/2010parentThe focus on discipline, respect for others, accountability, and the classical education is what separates TPS from other schools.
5/6/2010parentThe classical educational program is outstanding and the faculty take great pride in executing it.
5/6/2010parentMy kids are excelling academically. They are learning materials above their grade level. Thanks to the 'advanced curriculum' of TPS. Uniquely, TPS teaches my kids to be good citizens and individuals with virtues. They write and learn about a famous quote daily in every grade. We'll talk about them and surprisingly, my kindergartener learns lessons from these quotes. TPS is an all-around great school that teaches lessons beyond the academics.
5/6/2010parentI am a very proud parent viewing my sons growth scholastically and as a person after starting at TPS this year. The values instilled at TPS are things we wouldn't find at other schools in the area.
5/6/2010parentClassical education, great curriculum, my sons loves going to school. It doesn't get any better than that. Go TPS!!!
5/6/2010parentMy children are getting a great education in a small campus environment.
5/6/2010parentWe love the teachers! This is one of few schools that teaches children about virtues.
5/6/2010parentThe curriculum and classroom size at TPS are great and far outweigh that of any other school in the district. I know my kids are getting a great education!
5/6/2010parentIt brings back the classical education that has been successfully employed by our east coast brethren. Likewise, it instills the virtues that have almost been vacated from society.
5/6/2010parentThe focus on education and the size of it are my favorite parts! Plus my daughter loves going to school...who can say no to that??
5/6/2010otherMy newphew & neice attend this school and I'm amazed with how much they know at such a young age. This school is doing a great job!
5/6/2010parentMy daughter goes to this school I've been extremely happy with the level of education the school has provided to her!!! I feel this is the best school in CA.
5/6/2010parentClassical education. Strong relationship and sense of community among the school and parents.
5/6/2010parentExcellent teachers And administrators, outstanding classical curriculum; focused on critical thinking and paving the way to college for our children
5/6/2010otherMy grandchildren are happy and receiving a top notch education.
5/6/2010otherI am very proud of the academic excellence of TPS in addition to the educational progress that my nephew is achieving .
5/6/2010parentThey are really making a difference with the kids at Temecula Preparatory School!
5/6/2010parentI'm a teacher at a public elementary, but I love what they're doing there at Temecula Prep! They're really making a difference in the lives of their students.
5/6/2010otherI am the aunt of two of the students that attend TPS. I did the research and recommended the school to my sister because it excels scholastically. The school is a well-rounded institution and continue to acheive excellence. Also, the school is highly focused on preparing its student to apply and attend renowned universities.
5/6/2010otherMy grandchildren have done so well in this school.
5/6/2010parentTPS puts the emphasis back on what't really important: academics, values, character.
5/6/2010otherIt;s great to see children excited about what they learn each day. TPS makes that happen.
5/6/2010parentTPS s classical curriculum focuses on the 3 developmental stages; therefore, it is very vital for our young minds!
5/6/2010parentGreat teachers and administrative staff. Parents who care and want to get involved in their children's education.
5/6/2010parentIt is refreshing to see students excited about their education and future
5/6/2010parentI am a proud 'Tia-Grandma' of a wonderful boy. He is receiving a great education at TPS. The teachers are doing a terriffic job educating this children.... Thank you for your good work !!
5/6/2010parentMy granddaughter attends Temacula Prep and I can see the great results. Both she and her parents love the school.
5/6/2010parentIt has good education value and everyone who works there make sure that the kids do their best at everything they do.
5/6/2010parentIt presents kids with such a positive attitude toward learning.
5/6/2010parentAt the end of this month my third child will graduate from TPS. Pulling my children from public school and sending them to TPS was the best decision we have ever made.
5/6/2010parentThe belief that if we give children the right tools for success...anything is possible. The belief that we are accountable for our success and with self-awareness and self-discipline the world is our oyster. The small school environment and the teaching of virtues...character counts!!
5/5/2010parentI value TPS because all three of my grandaughters attend this school and they are getting a great foundation for their future. They work hard and are being challenged in positive and rewarding ways. Yeah TPS!!
5/5/2010parentdiverse curriculum, meets the needs of all types of learners, parent involvment
5/5/2010parentLove this school, my wife spends so much time there, they should hire her!
5/5/2010otherTPS values the importance of a classical education and greatly challenges its students in all areas of academia. I am currently a sophomore in college studying biomedical engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and I can honestly say that I could not have been more prepared for the academic challenges I now face in college having graduated from TPS. I would highly recommend this school to anyone!
5/4/2010parentThis is a wonderful school that provides, at a lesser cost than public schools, a marvelous education!
5/4/2010parentThe school spirit is the best ever! They are always cheering for the Green Bay Packers!
5/4/2010parentIts a fansatic school. Its small but offers so much to the Temecula community.
5/4/2010parentTemecula Prep is a classical public charter school, modeled after Hillsdale Academy in Michigan, which features a highly traditional, virtue-centered curriculum that strongly encourages the development of basic skills as well as critical analysis.
5/4/2010parentIt has a great educational program for my nephews.
5/4/2010parentWe have been parents of students here since the school opened in 1999. Educational opportunities have been stellar - from such a small school! Get on the list early if you want to enroll - there are always opportunitites for Middle & High School - Just do it!!
5/4/2010parentAmazing school! Am incredibly happy to have my children attending!
5/4/2010parentThis is the best school we could ask for. Strict, but the education they get will help them compete for a good job. The kids are actually talking with me about George Washington!!!
5/4/2010parentMy brothers are getting a great education, and they really love school. I think this school is creating a wonderful opportunity for the young children in a tough economy. Giving them a head start on the competition.
5/3/2010parentThe program enriches the minds of many students and educates them like no other school could.
5/3/2010parentTeachers, Parents and Children are by far the best of the best!!
5/3/2010parentThis school its great!. my girl loves going there and the teachers are outstanding motivators. All Childrens,Parents and community benefit greatly from this school
5/3/2010otherIt's just a school with rigid disciplinary rules and a strong 12-subject curriculum.
5/2/2010parentI love how it has helped change my son into becoming a repectfull teenager.
5/2/2010parentThis is not your regular public school. The quality of the education at Temecula Preparatory School would be hard to find at most private schools.
5/2/2010parentTPS cares about education and the student. I believe this is a place where children can really learn about who they are and what kind of person they want to be, and the bonus of receiving a classical education. As a parent, it is important that my children are in a place that teaches the same values and virtues that I do, especially since they spend so much time in school. Thank you TPS.
5/2/2010otherThey teach history which is sorely lacking in our schools today.
4/30/2010parentExcellent teaching/ academics. You feel like a person at TPS rather than just a last name and a first name... The teachers actually care about your life outside of high school.
4/29/2010otherIt has a great reputation of providing excellent and well rounded education to the children in our community
4/29/2010teacherI have two very exceptional granddaughters at TP, flourishing because the need for advanced classes has been met. THe school helps keep them focused on learning because they are not 'bored'. It also provideds the with extra curricular activities not focus just on 'book learning' but fine arts, sports, and other cultural events
4/29/2010parentI love this school because you are working hard to provide great education to some of my family members.
4/29/2010parentBecause my granddaughter goes there and she loves it.
4/29/2010parentClassical education, virtuous environment, uniforms to unify and attitude, demanding rigourous education, small school encourages deep character development, safe, caring educators and administration that go the extra mile, a true education that teaches critical thinking and focuses on the values of history, literature, writing, math and the sciences. Opportunties for everyone to get involved in clubs, sports and enrichment groups. Strong community service expectations and opportunities. The best school anyone in my family has ever attended.
4/29/2010parentIt provides the logical and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in an ever changing, increasing demanding world. And the discipline sorely lacking in most schools today.
4/29/2010parentThe wonderful staff, classical curriculum, and the requirement of wearing uniforms.
4/29/2010parentThe school has a great classical curriculum and the parents are very involoved.
4/29/2010parentTeachers are organized, motivated, and love to teach. Students have to pass a test in order to be accepted. Thus, no distracting students to slow down those who want to learn. Principal does not play favorites to anyone. It is strictly a learning institute. Not a day care cneter.
4/29/2010otherIt gives all the benefits of a private school without private school fees. Great education, small classrooms, involved and interested teachers. The families who send their kids here make the effort to do so. This means they're actively interested and involved in getting their kids and school to excel. This school cares about the success of all the students.
4/28/2010parentIt's a wonderful school. The discipline, academics and the great learning foundation taught at this school is such a cut above the rest.
4/28/2010parentTemecula Preparatory is by far the BEST school my kids have ever attended. I have 3 children at the school, and feel fortunate each and every day that they are challenged by a rigorous curriculum and surrounded by a supportive and wonderful team of teachers, administrators, and support staff. Beyond the strong academics, they are taught what values truly mean and are honored for applying them in everyday life. This school is simply outstanding.
4/28/2010parentLove it! My kids have been there from the beginning and I would not send them anywhere else.
4/28/2010parentGreat classical education. Love having my children attend a school where respect is taught and expected!
4/28/2010parentTemecula Prep is a unique school with a vision, and works hard to meet that. The staff and students are spectacular. We have a wonderful headmaster who is leading the way to our becoming the best classical school around. I am very proud to be part of TPS.
4/28/2010parentI love temecula preparatory school because of their academics and how well the teachers get to know my kids. I also believe my moral believes are very similar to the schools virtues.
4/28/2010parentThis school is a school has what other schools are missing. A true interest in our kids to suceed.
4/28/2010parentTPS is a wonderful school. The teachers are phenomenal!!! The classical cirriculum is what sets these students far ahead. The discipline of the staff coupled with what is given at home keeps the children focused. The sports are great!! What more can you ask for?
4/28/2010parentChildren get the attention they need to learn and grow into wonderful, well-educated young adults.
4/28/2010parentFor its classical education, uniforms,staff and the way they teach the children to be virtuous citizens,critical thinkers and life long learners.Just can't say enough!!!!
4/28/2010parent'A) They teach my child how to think, not what to think and B) They teach recorded history and not the recently (agenda type) created versions'
4/28/2010otherGreat school that cares about it's students and their productive futures!!!!!!!!!!!
4/28/2010parentI have moved from 3 different cities with deferrent school district. So far, this school is one of the best school I have seen. Their curriculum is very good and makes the kids learn more.
4/28/2010parentThe curriculm. The small size, the charter, the teachers! The uniforms, the lunch program.
4/28/2010parentOur kids are surrounded with other students focused on academic progress which cultivates a wonderful culture of learning and achieving. That's why I love our students!
4/28/2010parentI love TPS because they are all about the students. The commitment and dedication from every teacher, staff member, and the volunteers has increased students to becoming their best. Their is a constant positive vibe that enlights me when I am on campus. This school does prepare our students for a bright future.
4/28/2010parentReminds me of schools from 30 years ago. Firm but fair. Great teachers and the best support staff around.
4/28/2010parentsmall enough to get individual attention,big enough to have the extra curricular fun stuff too
4/28/2010parentMy children are challenged with a more aggressive curriculum and held to higher standards. I believe this will ultimately benefit them as they go to college and beyond.
4/28/2010parentFirst class education, teachers, staff, students, parents, and the headmaster is number one!
4/28/2010parentTemecula Preparatory provides a quality college prep classical public education and every student is provided an equal opportunity to succeed. The academic program emphasizes the three stages of learning: grammar, logic and rhetoric through which students learn the skills of learning: to discover, to reason and to apply their knowledge. Students are taught to learn how to learn in a safe, nurturing environment, surrounded by qualified certificated staff that also support and believe in what they are teaching. Teachers challenge their students and continue to give of their time by providing after school assistance, such as the writing and math labs. We are fully confident that when our child is ready to graduate, he will have acquired all the tools necessary to be a successful college student as well as a productive and contributing member in the community.
4/28/2010parentI have two children at this school both are new to the school, and I love the teachers and the staff. The curriculum fits well with my children, they have been able to adapt to it very quickly. The lower school K-8 is overseen by an amazing Principal who takes the time to greet her students at the door as they walk in, she is on top of things all the time with a wonderful attitude. The teachers are serious about their jobs, their number one priority are the students and their education. The only downfall I see is the pick up and drop off process, but with time I know this will be fix.
4/28/2010otherOur grandchildren love this school! We are so proud of them & the quality education they are receiving!
4/28/2010parentLove the school because here education is the first priority! My daughter excels here where she struggled in public school!
4/28/2010parentvery helpful and kind staff and teachers. great teachers. Curriculum is excellent
4/28/2010parentI love Temecula Preparatory School as it teaches our kids how to think, how to conduct themselves and how valuable an education is. The small school environment means everyone knows everyone and teachers and families can form great relationships. If you are looking for something different than a regular one-size-fits-all education, then TPS is where you should be!
4/28/2010parentMy daughter transferred to Temecula Prep in 8th grade from our standard public school. She has not only had a great education, but she is learning respect, virtue, responsibility and much more. The smaller atmosphere allows her to have a great relationship and raport with her teachers and best of all she herself says that she looks forward to going to school. I never thought that our public schools in the area were bad (still don't) but TPS just has a different approach outside of teaching that has fit well with our family. GREAT SCHOOL.
4/28/2010parentIt's a great school, and the teachers acctually help the students individually when they need the help!
4/28/2010parentThe are an institution with highly dedicated RESULTS oriented teachers. The school environment holds students accountable for their own actions, which promotes accountability for one's life instead of rewarding them for inaction. I am so pleased to find an institution that actually teaches students instead of babysitting them. What a wonderful program, I am proud to say my daughter is a student at Temecula Prep!
4/28/2010parentThey believe in promoting the arts as well as the basics. Creativity is a critical part of education with young minds.
4/28/2010parentVery content to see my two daughters grow with this school since 2002: they are receiving classical education and still preparing them to face the real world once they graduate. This is a K-12 school with a classical curriculum including Latin, French and all the core subject classes necessary to complete the Elementary, Middle & High School programs here in Temecula, California.
4/28/2010otherI have friends that love this school and believe that they care about the students.
4/28/2010parentTPS challenges my kids in all subjects. For instance, in 2nd grade, they read and compare 'Cinderella' stories written from different countries. Kids also learn French & music starting in kindergarten. They also learn about virtues and how to do help others in the community. There are regular service/fundraising projects to help others. The staff truly cares and works hard to encourage and challenges the kids.
4/28/2010parentTPS gives it's students a well rounded education. Most importantly TPS prepares the students for college level classes.
4/28/2010parentDiscipline, academics, student safety, small classrooms and small school
4/28/2010parentI love that it is a virtuous school. The academics, the 'smallness' of the school, the uniforms, the programs, the dicipline and respectfulness
4/28/2010parentI love this school because of the academics and the the respect that they are teaching the children. I love the positive attitude that they give the children so tha they know that they can do anything they put their mind too.
4/28/2010parentExcellent academic curriculum. Caring teachers. Instruction in the virtues.
4/27/2010parentI love the challenging curriculum. I like that the kids have to wear uniforms and most of all the fabulous teachers and staff.
4/26/2010parentMy niece and nephew attend this fabulous school and have received a wonder education, coupled with their exceptional desire to learn- equals 'The skys the limit' outcome
4/26/2010parentIt strives to give a better education than the students can get in public education.
4/26/2010parentTemecula Prep provides a high-quality, classical education that includes a focus on personal excellence in areas of character, discipline and academic achievement.
4/26/2010parentBecause the staff and teachers are amazing. The foundation that this school teaches is awesome
4/26/2010otherThe staff cares about education, training and loves the students.
4/25/2010parentWith 3 sons, my family has had students in every one of Temecula Prep's 13 grades. At each level, teachers challenged students to achieve their best while administrators maintained a positive atmosphere.
4/25/2010parentBest teachers, best classical curriculum and I can go on for many more...
4/25/2010parentOutstanding school, I can't imagine a better education or environment for my children.
4/24/2010otherWe love the qualified and committed faculty and staff. Kait Punzel!
4/23/2010parentIheard great things about this school, very challenging academic ciriculum.
4/23/2010parentWhy I Love Temecula Prep it is a very special school to me it gives hope. Temecula Prep takes everything they have to include every child that comes and wants to learn there. It doesn't matter if they are one of the best students or not in their last school, when they come to Temecula Prep they are given any help needed or wanted.
4/23/2010parentGreat school...caring teachers and staff...challenging curriculum. Temecula Prep is a valuable partner in our child's development.
4/23/2010parentI love the uniforms!! I love the music program. I also love the french.
4/23/2010parentVery focused on great values and academics. Amazing teaching staff!!! My kids come home excited about school every time they learn something new.
4/23/2010parentI love that my Nephew and Niece are so happy and love learning...greay school
4/23/2010parentMy daughter has learned so much in the short amount of time that she has been at TPS. She loves her school as do we!
4/23/2010parentThey stand for what they believe in. What you read about on the school website is exactly what happens at school. Morals and values are taught and ashered to.
4/23/2010parentSmall class size, excellent teachers, classical curriculum, high standards, committment to excellence
4/23/2010parentGreat academics, where morals and ethics are valued!
4/23/2010parentThis is a great School for learnibg. and also a great place to build a Sport program
4/23/2010parentWe like the smaller class sizes compared to regular public schools & that the students have to wear uniforms. For the most part, the teachers are wonderful!
4/23/2010parentIts a great school and the academic programs are outstanding
4/23/2010otherthe small class size allows better one-on-one instruction
4/23/2010parentTPS has provided opportunities that our student would never have had in another High School. They provide an atmosphere of community and education as well as athletics.
4/23/2010parentAwesome staff and curriculum. Private school atmosphere without the price. An education every child deserves!!!
4/23/2010otherI have noticed a marked difference in my grandkids development.
4/23/2010parentMy son enjoys the challenging ciriculum, and the teachers are great!
4/23/2010teacherThe school is always looking to become better. They never settle.
4/23/2010parentThis is my first year at TPS and I love it!!! Great classical education, with a great English Department. Everybody knows everybody, and very acccepting.
4/23/2010otherHas great potential to exceed students beyond expectations and a respectful environment of students and teachers
4/23/2010parentThe best school, staff and administration. An example of what all public schools should be like! K-12, small classes, high standards and strict discipline.
4/23/2010parentMy daughter is a teacher at TPS and my grandchildren attend. It is gratifying to see a school have higher standards for which to aim. Too many schools have allowed the standards to fall so low that our country is no longer the leader it once was.
4/23/2010otherOur children's growth and future is being nurtured at this school
4/22/2010parentI love TPS, because of its scholarly curriculum, innovative programs, high standards, and personal attention to all of the students who attend.
4/22/2010parentClassical Education, parents/teachers/staff who care to keep this a small community feel, piece of mind knowing that your children can count on education as their top priority not fashion or keeping up with the Jones's
4/22/2010otherThey have good faculty and staff and being a preparatory school they will encourage their students to have strong values and be disciplined
4/22/2010parentTPS offers kids a place where they can really shine! They are given opportunities to become great citizens and students with morality and goodness as the basis. The academics are challenging and not found at most schools.
4/22/2010parentit us safe, small setting, great curriculum
4/22/2010parentMy kids have been there since the school opened. They are amazing , character driven individuals in great part due to the teachers, administrators, and curriculum of Tememcula Prep.
4/22/2010parentWe have been at TPS for many years, and make the long drive to be a part of a school that excels in every way. We have loved the teachers and their commitment to our kids, classical education and teaching that vitue and being a good citizen still matters!
4/22/2010parentwe love tps because our teachers and administration know the importance of providing more than just an education for our children, they bring a level of teaching that should be a model to all schools, public, or private.
4/21/2010parentI love TPS for its strong academics and dedication to helping students grow in all areas of their lives.
4/21/2010otherThis is an exemplary school that not only teaches the regular curriculum, but also good values and virtues, citizenship,
4/20/2010parentMy grandson is a very intelligent boy and I can thank this school for making him that way. Parents also have a lot to do with it.
4/20/2010parentTemecula Prepatory is a wonderful school because it fits all the needs for my child. Also, they try to help the environment with healthy meals for the children!
4/20/2010parentTPS is the best school in our area, pubic or private. The classical education, teachers and parents make it so.
4/20/2010parentI love our school because of the happy attitudes everyone has and because I know my daughter is learning so much more at her school.
4/20/2010parentI love the dedication and focus of the staff and administration. The educational philosophy has aided my children in every area of their lives, causing them to be thoughtful people who love to learn.
4/20/2010parentThe back to basic approach to education is fundamental in the development of well rounded children. This is supported by great teachers, nurturing staff and small class sizes.
4/20/2010otherMy nephew Kadin loves going to school! This is a credit to the organization and it's many members.
4/20/2010parentMy 12 twelve year old is much more disciplined when it comes to homework. Very noticeable difference compared to when he used to go to public school.
4/20/2010parentWhere else can you find a quality, classical, virtue based education for free? TPS is an amazing school, my children are lucky be be students there.
4/20/2010parentExcellent, caring school where students are given every opportunity and the tools needed to excel.
4/20/2010parentOutstanding teachers, administration and staff make this school a step above the rest... Virtuous, well-educated students are the result.
4/20/2010parentGreat teachers. Classical style of learning. Good discipline.
4/20/2010teacherTPS offers a great curriculum and a safe environment for the students to learn and grow.
4/20/2010parentStudents receive a excellent education through the use of a solid classical education and the learning of the virtues. Excellent dedicated staff who consistently goes above and beyond. The focus on helping students become life long learners is excellent, students are strongly encouraged to attend college and the curriculum and staff prepare students to become critical thinkers who will be ready to contribute to society in a positive way.
4/20/2010otherI spent eight years at Temecula Prep and could not have gotten a better education. I'm in school at Vanderbilt now and would not be able to survive if TPS had not prepared me so well. The teachers and staff are incredibly caring, and the school is like home to me. I could not recommend it more.
4/19/2010parentIf you are willing to be involved with your children's education and want a challenging school, then TPS is the right fit for you. The uniforms, the emphasis on virtues, and the classical education taught at the school are the main reasons why we continue the long commute to TPS. My children love the school and their dedicated teachers!
4/19/2010parentExcellent academic program coupled with strong moral and ethical expectations. Outstanding teachers and staff. School is small enough for staff to know parents by name, this fosters good working relationships between administrators and parents. All around AWSOME SCHOOL!
4/19/2010parentI think TPS is the best! My top four reasons for my children attending TPS is the education and curriculum, the virtues that are incorporated into the curriculum, the cultural diversity, and a superb staff!
4/19/2010parentI like that it goes from 1st to 12th grade and I like that it is a smaller school. The only problem with that is in the highschool level they do not offer the selection of classes they would in a bigger high school.
4/19/2010parentTPS has a wonderful team of staff and teachers who are 100% vested in their students education. The classical style of education is enriching and challenging. As a parent I appreciate the emphasis on virtuous behavior. I would recommend TPS to anyone who is looking for an academically challenging education for their student.
4/19/2010parentTemecula Preparatory School has an Outstanding Staff and a classical style curriculum that is challenging to all students. This builds the foundation for developing successful students and people. It teaches student accountability/responsibility for classwork, homework and behavior. Students virtuous behavior starts at the beginning of school by greeting and shaking hands with a staff member at the entrance to school and continues throughout the day. As a parent I see the positive development of my two children on a daily basis. A K-12 school, what else can you ask for!!
4/19/2010parentSets the academic bar high - - and the kids reach it every time! Parents sacrifice a lot to have their kids attend here (far drive for many, buy school uniforms, and endlessly trying to raise money since charter schools receive less money than others!)...all this means that the parents and families who go here generally are really involved, supoportive, and want thier children to achive.
4/19/2010parentA wonderful school! I cannot say enough good things about it. It holds us all to a higher academic and virtuous standard. My children are challenged and happy.
4/19/2010parentThe classical education and manners taught at this school establish a permanent foundation in our children for decent, honest, and caring human beings that will last them a lifetime. I am very grateful for the curriculum that surpasses any school in the area and for the traditions and vitrues that are taught at this school.
4/19/2010parentGreat school. Demands that students ask the most of themselves; doesn't get bogged down by political correctness and isn't strangled by teachers' unions. Focuses only on education and critical thinking.
4/19/2010parentI love TPS because the teachers and staff are phenomenal! The students are constantly being challenged & only the best is expected from them.
4/19/2010parentTPS uses a proven classical education curriculum. They teach French starting in Kindergarten, have a challenging academic program, require the kids to respect the teachers (e.g. shaking hands, standing while answering, walking with hands behind backs, boys open doors for girls), and the kids wear uniforms. It is a K-12 public charter school open to all students in the community who get picked through a lottery system. My kids have been going here for 6 years, and it is a great school!
4/19/2010parentTPS is an amazing school for their present and future education. Everything about the school, from the teachers, to the values, to the uniforms, to how they are going to be more than ready for college, makes this a top flight institution of learning. We consider ourselves very lucky that our kids will enter the college world with such an outstanding head start.
4/18/2010parentTPS pays attention to the details...manners, virtue and classical education.
4/18/2010parentWe love the rigorous accelerated curriculum, the classical charter and the school community. TPS rocks!!!!
4/18/2010parentTemecula Preparatory School is a private school education without the expensive price tag. We love the wonderful, dedicated teachers, as well as the challenging curriculum!
4/18/2010parentSolid curriculum. Teachers & administration who love to teach and care about their students' success. Uniforms. Focus on Virtues. Strong sense of community.
4/18/2010parentClassical education and very dedicated faculty staff.
4/18/2010parentUniforms, curriculum, great teachers, virtues. This school is well rounded.
4/18/2010parentChallenging, consistent and caring teacehrs and staff.
4/18/2010parentsmall environment and wonderful and dedicated teachers!!!!
11/30/2009studentI attended this school from 8th till i graduated in '05. I loved the smaller classes and how involved the teachers were with each student learning. When I attended they were just beginning to expand the sports offered but there are still few. This is a small price to pay for the quality of education. I am currently at CSUSM and my general Ed. classes were very similar to my classes at TPS. At TPS students have a better chance to be involved in school. I was on the yearbook, the newspaper, helped organize my graduation, and was a TA to many of my teachers. I am able to contact the school still and get letters of recommendation and help with essays i write on charter schools. TPS inspired me even more to be a teacher and when I graduate college I hope to be able to teach there.
10/30/2009studentI attended Temecula Preparatory School for eight years, from the day it opened to the day I graduated high school. Not only is curriculum rigorous and stimulating, it is lightyears ahead of regular public schools. The TPS environment is close knit and friendly, and I'm so grateful that I was able to attend the school. I am now at Vanderbilt University. Though my college is in the top 20, the level of work is about the same as the work at TPS, and TPS has more than prepared me for my classes here.
9/18/2009parentSmall class sizes. Strong curriculum. Focus on doing good works and being involved in the community.
4/28/2009teacherThe teachers all have state credentials as they would at other public schools. Your teacher will actually know your name, and the smaller class sizes are something I've never seen in another high school. Kids are very well behaved; our problem is their leaving their lockers open and backpacks in the halls, because they don't expect to have things stolen.
8/19/2008parentI was truly surprised to read the review of August 12, 2008. Our view of TPS is exactly the opposite. The school provides students with a quality education that prepares them for a life time of learning and achievement. The classical method of education has decades of success behind it. The school is small and there are not as many choices in the curriculum as there are at a larger school but students are taught at a much higher level than at other schools in the area. AP classes have been approved by the college board and are taught at that level. The focus is not on test results but on learning....isn't that what education is supposed to be about? TPS provides the best possible education for our students.
8/16/2008parentOutstanding: strong curriculum; dedicated teachers; Bronze Star High School; API s are solid with no preparation; TPS is strict and focused on academics; and we love the protected and simple life afforded our daughter whose academic life is focused and not distracted by large classes, inappropriate fashion agendas, and The Weak: teacher turnover is high; student turnover is high because transfer parents fail to understand that TPS success is built on the backs of dedicated students, teachers, and parents who commit serious time to serious work loads to produce these results: if one has a nagging suspicion that most public schools assign too much homework then one must run not walk from this school. Our daughter started in elementary school, is currently in middle school, and we intend to keep her through high school show she will get the full benefit of what another parent reviewed as classical fluff .
8/15/2008studentI am about to begin my senior year in high school and couldn't have asked for a more successful experience. A fantastic staff from the teachers to the front office made our school a great place to learn and grow. Within our district I know for a fact that our school has had the highest SAT scores and that is a direct reflection of the staff.
8/13/2008parentThis school is the best kept secret in the Temecula Valley! Small, private school feel without the burden of tuition. My kids are getting a great education and they are safe and cared for.
8/12/2008parentNot impressed with this school at all. The high school A.P. classes are not separate from other courses. Children get A.P. credit for passing an A.P. test. The teachers do not communicate well with parents or at all. It is hard to check up on your child's grade if you are unable to get in touch with the teacher. The much bigger and local high schools have more qualified teachers with more students and are able to communicate and keep parents informed. Classical education should not mean stone age. I volunteered many hours here and that was a good thing to do, because I got an inside view or the disorganization.
7/17/2008parentAgree w ith previous parent. School is good to a point but no better than local schools. Locals schools have higher API and offer more. Cafeteria, Computer, Advance tech where our world is obviously heading and oral/written skills concentration not as priority as adjacent public schools. From 5th and above reconsider your options look around and dont be fooled by uniforms and Classical fluff.
7/11/2008parentAll I can say is buyer beware. There is a huge turnover in families and staff. I hope that with the new administration of next year that there will be some improvement. Children deserve consistency, and as of now TPS does not provide this. Not a lot of electives or variety. All surrounding schools are just as good.
11/29/2007parentI am very pleased with the school and feel that it is the best thing I have done for my son. He seems to enjoy learning again-he'll come home and start talking about his day and asking questions about topics he discussed in class-something he hasn't done for years. He is actually challenged and loves it. However, he did have to adjust to the population size-no more hiding in the cracks and not being noticed, great I say, it has made him more outgoing. The only pitfall is you can't volunteer in the classrooms and you can't come and go to freely. But the staff appear to be responsive and friendly. Over all great school. Thank you TPS
10/17/2007parentIf you want your child to learn to respect self and others, learn to be responsible, learn to be a solid, productive, caring, virtuous citizen, this is the place. Of course, some students will try to push the rules; that's what teens do. But they are taught that there is a time to tuck in the shirt and act your best. The high school kids know that they set the example for the younger kids, and most of them seem to take that responsibility seriously. It's a pleasure to walk in the office and have a student helper greet you. As for the sports program, it has really grown and there are many opportunities for my children to participate: soccer, football, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball. We love the new multipurpose room. Bottom line...caring teachers, dedicated leadership, unsurpassed curriculum, sweet kids and great school! Good job TPS!
7/5/2007parentHard to find a school as good as this. Very strict. Requires uniforms. Small student to teacher ratio. Probably not for lazy or below average students. Only cons I see is that is lacks good sports programs and a cafeteria. But if parent cooperate more, it can be done.
2/14/2007parentMy child has been a student here for several years and I cannot recommend this school highly enough. The curriculum is excellent, the teachers superior (in my opinion!) and are very good to my son, and the administration is excellent. I looked long and hard before I found a place like this where I felt my son would receive a superior education as well as good character development. It is a special school, very different from most, and they are doing incredible things. My son learns about academics, responsibility, and virtues and they are applied. Students study French and then Latin. They are preparing for my child for college and also for being a good citizen and productive adult. I am so pleased with what I see and so glad to have found this school. It isn't perfect, of course, but it is a great place with great people.
1/28/2007parentThis school has an excellent academic program designed to prepare children for higher learning. My child is only on the first grade and it's only been 4 months since the beginning of the school year yet she has almost memorized her multiplication table, she's starting to read chapter books and is able to converse in simple french conversations.
11/11/2006parentThe school has a fantastic curriculum, but severely lacks activities that do not pertain to books. Additionally, homework is excessive. The uniform requirements are fine, but the faculty are only strict with some students and not others. While this school does offer an academic program far superior to other public schools, it does have it's downfalls--the buildings are modular, but there are plans for a permanent multi-purpose room in the future, there are no trees planted, except for the ones at the front of the school, so there is very little shade during those hot days. Parents don't get to get involved as many would like. The inability for parents to volunteer in their child's class is a big downfall too.
9/8/2006parentIt's a very good school, academically. The teachers are excerllent. However it lacks many extracurrricular events. Parents can volunteer, but are not allowed to do so in their chold's classroom, which is strange because it would seem to discourage parent involvement. It's athletic program is trying to progress, but remains poor. It must have a good athletic program or older students will transfer to other schools that do. That would be a shame because it is a good school to prepare a child for college.
5/5/2006parentWow, what a great school! Solid cirriculum, great staff, motivated students! We're selling our house in lake elsinore and moving closer to this school - it's really that good. I would strongly advise that those parents with *problem* children not think that the school will correct the problem - that stuff starts at home...
1/11/2005teacherI believe the quality of academic programs is excellent and i enjoy going to the games the students compete in.
7/11/2004parentGreat school - kids are respectful and acedemically advanced - parents are very involved - uniforms are nice - This school is a great place for kids to start and continue their education until they graduate - In this kind of environment the parents are able to really get to know each other and all the kids. I'm very satisfied with this school and very proud that my children go there.
7/11/2004parentMy daughter just completed her kindergarten. She loved this school and so did I. They teach values such as generosity and kindness. The children are well disciplined and excel academically. At 6 years old, my daughter can sing and say a poem in French! I totally recommend this school to anyone!

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