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42 School(s) in Arvada Colorado

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School NameGradesAddressZipPhoneCountyTypeDistrict Name
Allendale Elementary SchoolK-65900 Oak Street
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-1165JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Arvada High School9-127951 West 65th Avenue
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-0162JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Arvada K-8K-85751 Balsam Street
Arvada, CO
80002(303) 982-1240JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Arvada West High School9-1211595 Allendale Drive
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-1303JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Campbell Elementary SchoolPK-66500 Oak Street
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-1440JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Colorado State Academy4-127506 W 74th Place
Arvada, CO
80003(719) 635-4161Jeffersonprivate 
Drake Junior High School7-812550 West 52nd Avenue
Arvada, CO
80002(303) 982-1510JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Early College High School at Arvada6-124905 West 60th Avenue
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 935-5473JeffersonpublicCharter School Institute
Excel Academy Charter SchoolK-1211500 W. 84th Ave
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 467-2295JeffersoncharterJeffco Public Schools
Faith Christian AcademyK-1212189 W 64th Ave
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 424-7310Jeffersonprivate 
Faith Christian Academy - High School9-124890 Carr Street
Arvada, CO
80002(303) 424-7310Jeffersonprivate 
Faith Christian Academy - Middle School6-86250 Wright Street
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 424-7310Jeffersonprivate 
Fitzmorris Elementary SchoolPK-66250 Independence Street
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-1640JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Foster Elementary SchoolPK-65300 Saulsbury Court
Arvada, CO
80002(303) 982-1680JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Fremont Elementary SchoolK-66420 Urban
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-1699JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Hackberry Hill Elementary SchoolK-67300 West 76th Avenue
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 982-0260JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Lawrence Elementary SchoolPK-65611 Zephyr Street
Arvada, CO
80002(303) 982-1825JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Lincoln Charter AcademyPK-86980 Pierce Street
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 467-5363JeffersoncharterJeffco Public Schools
Little Elementary SchoolK-68448 Otis Drive
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 982-0310JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Maranatha Christian CenterPK-127180 Oak St
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 431-5653Jeffersonprivate 
Meiklejohn Elementary SchoolPK-613405 W 83rd Pl
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 982-5695JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Moore Middle School7-88455 West 88th Ave
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 982-0400JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
North Arvada Middle School7-87285 Pierce Street
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 982-0528JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Oberon Junior High School7-87300 Quail Street
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 982-2020JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Parr Elementary SchoolPK-65800 West 84th Avenue
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 982-9890JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Peck Elementary SchoolK-66495 Carr Street
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-0590JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Pomona High School9-128101 West Pomona Drive
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 982-0710JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Ralston Valley Senior High School9-1213355 West 80th Avenue
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 982-5600JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Secrest Elementary SchoolPK-66875 West 64th Avenue
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 982-0760JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Shrine of St. Anne SchoolK-87320 Grant Pl
Arvada, CO
80002(303) 422-1800Jeffersonprivate 
Sierra Elementary SchoolPK-67751 Oak Street
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 982-0821JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Stott Elementary SchoolPK-66600 Yank Way
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-2638JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Swanson Elementary SchoolPK-66055 West 68th Avenue
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 982-0891JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Tennyson Knolls Elementary SchoolK-56330 Tennyson Street
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 429-4090JeffersonpublicAdams County School District 50
Thomson Elementary SchoolK-67750 Harlan Street
Arvada, CO
80003(303) 982-9933JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Two Roads Charter Schooln/a9255 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO
80002(303) 423-3377JeffersoncharterJeffco Public Schools
Van Arsdale Elementary SchoolK-67535 Alkire Street
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 982-1080JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Vanderhoof Elementary SchoolK-65875 Routt Court
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-2744JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Warder Elementary SchoolK-67840 Carr Drive
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 982-0950JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Warren Tech North10-1211325 Allendale Drive
Arvada, CO
80004(303) 982-9360JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
Weber Elementary SchoolK-68725 West 81st Place
Arvada, CO
80005(303) 982-1012JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools
West Woods Elementary SchoolK-616650 West 72nd Avenue
Arvada, CO
80007(303) 982-5649JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools

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