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Arvada, Colorado Reviews

Arvada, CO is a vibrant city located in the Denver Metro area. With its location near the Rocky Mountains, there are plenty of outdoor activities for residents and visitors to take part in. From skiing to hiking to camping, Arvada has plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. But Arvada offers more than just outdoor activities: it's also known for its growing culinary and craft beer scene, as well as its festivals and museums. People who visit Arvada usually comment on the friendly locals, great restaurants, and bustling nightlife. Literature from past visitors declare that they have had a great time exploring all that the city has to offer. As much as people love it here, Arvada's appreciation for local culture and heritage is also praised by tourists and locals alike. With so much going on in this lively city, it's no wonder why Arvada has become such an attractive destination for many people over the years.

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Perfect town between Denver and the mountains. - 4/20/2023
We absolutely love it here. Schools are top notch and being close to the mountains is amazing. Read More

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Too much Growth! - 5/9/2018
I sorely miss the agricultural element that was a big part of Arvada, even up through the 1970s. The climate is beautiful, and Arvada used to have a large population of cattle, and horses. I wish there was less of a push to fill in all of the little spaces of land that make the patchwork--I have a lot of friends here, but I yearn for a population of about 1/3 of what it is now. If you are a millenial you may not care about the new housing projects, or the traffic congestion, or lack of agriculture. You may love the manicured parks, and amenities of a city. Everyone is Read More

Arvada, CO - 1/7/2015
Having lived in Arvada, Colorado for seven years, I will say that it is a nice and safe city to live in. The educational system is very good, as is the crime rate. The cost of living here is very high. More so than some other areas in the Denver Metro area. There are a lot of restaurants, nearby shopping, performing arts theatre, and entertainment centers.

West Arvada is the preferred location, if you are willing to dole out the money. It is closer to the foothills of the mountains, and more upscale. It is definitely a location that I would recommend.  Read More

Great schools - 1/6/2015
I work for Jeffco Schools and really have to say I love the school I work for and the schools my kids have attended. There is a lot going on with our new board but I say the teachers care about the students and my kids are getting a great Read More

Arvada, CO moving question? - 11/7/2014
Thanks Lee for your review. If somebody lived in this area, can you please guide me for,
1) How is this area for youngsters? We are 33, software engineer couple. No drinking, no drugs, vegetarians and peace & nature loving people.
2) How is traffic and commute to Boulder, CO & Denver, CO from this area?
3) How is crime in this area? Is it okay to go for late evening walking, biking?
4) How is cold and snow in this area? I am impressed about sunshine year around in this area. I am relocating from Boston, MA to Arvada, CO shortly.

So far I have lived in Scottsdale-AZ, Boston-MA and Read More

the best Denver suburb - 6/23/2012
I have lived in many areas of the Denver metro area (Aurora, Commerce City, Westminster, Edgewater, Denver proper) and have found that Arvada is the best place to live in the metro area. The neighborhoods are well established, the streets are set up in a grid pattern and the landscaping is mature (Those new developments that have twisty windy streets really irritate me!) Many areas of the metro area are safe but I have found that walking to the store after dark in Arvada is not a problem at all! I'd NEVER go for a walk after dark in Aurora or most of East Read More

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