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Branson School Online - Branson, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Branson School Online101 Saddle Rock Drive
Branson, CO 81027
(719) 946-5531K-12Las AnimaspublicBranson Reorganized 82 School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic80.02009
Black, non-Hispanic1.290322009
Asian/Pacific Islander0.8602152009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.290322009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/29/2012parentWe are having a very good experience at Branson School online this year. It is our first year and all of our interaction with the staff, teachers and administration have been pleasant and productive. Our student is being challenged and any help he needs is readily available. We like the communications from the teachers and feel like we are kept up to date on his progress at all times.
5/27/2012parentWe just wrapped up our sixth year of Branson School Online. We are about to sstart a new journey with the school.... High school! We absolutely love BSO and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a school that TRULY cares about your child & their education path. They base their education on what they themselves are capable of instead of what the rest of the state is performing at. It gives the child the option to excel to their full potential. It gives the parents a chance to b more involved in their childs education, in an incredibly positive way. The student to teacher ratio is very manageable therefore allowing each child an individualized learning plan that focuses on them. The TCAP/CSAP ratings are just an even more proven track record at how much our children grow and show how wonderful our teachers are. My son used to be a in typical brick & mortar public school, but because the learning plan was more designed for a typical child, he wasnt able to reach his own full potential. Now he has learned to see his own potential & has been taught to st & reach goals that lead to success. We cannot say enough good things about the school except to encourage parents to join.
5/25/2012parentWe just finished our ninth year with Bransonschoolonline, and they have been a great fit for our family. In Colorado there are many online programs, however not one of them comes close to Bransonschooonline in class size, support, and education. Online school is not for every family and because of that people often sign up with a online program and then quickly leave due to it not working for their family. However if your children interested in focusing on academics and not all the "fluff" of a bricks and mortar school then Bransonschoolonline is for you!
5/25/2012parentSmall class size, excellent care by teachers and staff. My children have names and are not just a number to the school system. Online schooling is not for everyone, but has worked well for my family. It offers flexibility for working around a student's job or a family that travels heavily. I highly recommend BSO for its great teachers, counselors, and staff.
3/15/2010parentThis is my daughter's first year with BSO. She is a gifted ninth grade student who had previously attended bricks-and-mortar schools. She wanted to bypass the 'drama' of a conventional high school and have the option of taking college courses in conjunction with high school classes. Branson has been wonderful, allowing her the flexibility to begin accruing college credits and working around her schedule. In addition, she is also taking AP English Lit this semester -- normally, a class for juniors and above. Her math curriculum is exceedingly challenging, and she is more focused and enjoying the subject more than she ever has. Her teachers are responsive and sympathetic, yet they have well-defined expectations of her performance. We parents receive progress reports every week and a phone call from the homeroom teacher in order to troubleshoot any academic issues. We are very pleased!!!
1/22/2010otherThe committment to student success and advancing a community of support for choice in education where students, teachers,parents and administrators are a unified team is refreshing.
10/15/2009parentMy daughter has been so richly blessed by Branson School Online. She is challenged in each one of her classes. And I also feel she is being prepared for college. The teachers are absolutely great! They are there to help at the drop of a hat! The support system is also great; secretary, counselor, tech support, etc. Thank you Branson for helping my daughter to be a successful adult.
10/14/2009studentteachers and staff are very helpful and pleasant to deal with
10/13/2009studentI love the teachers. They are great. They take time to answer all my question and explain things.
10/13/2009studentThe teachers are awsome!!!
10/13/2009studentI like learning online at home and the teachers are helpful!
10/13/2009parentMy daughter has less distractions while doing her work. I am able to talk to her teacher on a weekly basis, and I can see what she is learning.
10/12/2009parentThis is a way for my son to get individual attention from his teachers and I can monitor what he is learning. He was falling so far behind and Branson has found the problem and is working to get him caught up. The teachers are very dedicated and the staff works so well together. I Love Branson.
10/12/2009parentThis is our first year with Branson and we couldn't be happier. I get to be closer to my kids and they still have the input of teachers and classmates. Their teachers are world-class committed to our kids really learning and growing!
10/12/2009studentI love it because when i am doing school, i know that I can always count on my teachers, parents, and friends to be there to help me with my work, or just talk to me when I need someone to talk to. BSO is awesome!!!!!!!!!
10/12/2009studentMy teachers are wonderful!
10/11/2009parentThe teachers are fantastic and it allows my daughter who is disabled to get a highschool diploma
10/10/2009parentWe have the best, most caring teachers and staff! The individualized education really makes a difference in my kids' learning experience.
10/10/2009otherit allows for a more flexable schedule of a very busy family
10/10/2009studentIt is a great school for children who do not want to go to public school, or for families whose religion does not allow a conventional school setting. I think it is better than the other virtual schools offered to k-12 students in Colorado.
10/9/2009parentI love being able to see how my child does at school at any point in time. The Teachers are very responsive and helpful when problems arise. The curriculum is challenging and stimulating. Her school environment is perfect since she works from home.
10/9/2009parentThe curriculum is well explained and organized. The teathers are very interactive with the students. The programs are flexible in the test taking processes.
10/9/2009parentWe are given the freedom to be schooled at home but still have all of the help that we could possibly need. We are reimbursed for school expenses and there are so many field trips and events to attend that we get to pick and choose what we want to do most!
10/9/2009parentLess worries than public school-no bullying
5/7/2006parentThis school is not for everybody, but if your child needs to be on their own schedule, working at their own level and pace, free from many of the problems present in the conventional schools, this is an excellent option. They have found many high quality online courses, so they match the student's abilities well. Teachers monitor student progress closely. The school provides a few good extracurricular activities, but mostly you are on your own for that, as you should be. Parental involvement is even more important at BSO than at conventional schools.
1/10/2006parentThe teachers are great but I found that it is easy for the kids to slip behind in the curriculium and quickly become overwhelmed. Huge parental involvement required which leaves little time for much else in our schedule. Very little interaction with other students. Electives are not that great.

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