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Norwich Free Academy - Norwich, CT

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Norwich Free Academy305 Brdway
Norwich, CT 06360
(860) 887-25059-12New LondonpublicNorwich Free Academy School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic68.05952009
Black, non-Hispanic13.49942009
Asian/Pacific Islander6.588992009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.446362009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/10/2012parentOur daughter is a freshman at NFA and we love the school! She came to the school from a small town, but has been welcomed and is transitioning well. The art department is exceptional and the faculty is enthusiastic and exemplifies all that teachers should be! If you have school choice, please consider NFA! You will not be sorry!
6/22/2011studentNFA is a wonderful school with opportunities for all students. It's strong sports, arts, and academic program teamed with it's thriving campus and supportive staff makes it an amazing place to go to school everyday.
10/3/2009otherNFA does a wonderful job educating not only students from Norwich, but also several surrounding towns. It offers a broad selection of classes, and maintains a quality education for any student that wants it.
10/3/2009parentOne of the best schools in the country. My fourth child is there now. So many excellent teachers who really care about their students. Because of its lay-out NFA is like a college campus and the kids get a taste of what college is like. The security is very good and discipline is enforced and consistent. The students do very well when they graduate. NFA is also a blue ribbon school.
9/19/2009parentThis palce is amazing! It has a campus full of flowering trees. The students are bused in from all over the region. there is a c eclectic group of students from every walk of life. The arts include, an art school at a college level, the theatre, the music, liberal arts, languages and sports all year long. it even boasts its own museum, The Slater Museum. A classic beauty this school.
9/18/2009parentNFA is a remarkable school offering an amazing array of subjects and life experiences to the students. I have found that they are responsive to the needs of the children, families and communities that they serve - embracing the diversity and addressing the needs. As a parent, I am very pleased with the growth and learning that I have witnessed in my son during his time at NFA, and encourage others to take advantage of the opportunities they make available to us.
9/16/2009parentSince NFA isn't funded by taxes, they have been able to provide classes, activities, and programs far beyond what is available at most area schools. In addition to having their own museum on the campus, the school's marching band has won a national championship within the past decade. Since the emphasis at NFA is on preparation for college, a higher-than-average percentage of the graduates go on to further education.
11/23/2008studentNFA gives you the chance to take college prep courses and explore different clubs. no matter what you're interests are
7/1/2008studentI am going to be a Junior this up coming year at NFA and it is, needless to say, one of the BEST schools I have ever been to. There are many opportunities to try out a different subject and tamper around with things which could ultimately help you decide a major for college. And, like another person stated, the food is amazing! Double underline that. People are kind and generally open to meeting others and if you find you don't like certain people wait a couple weeks and your bound to find someone you do. I could honestly ramble about how much I love going to this school, but that would take up too much room. Seriously, look at most of the reviewers, they're all students and they all love this place. Needless to say, there will NEVER be a dull moment in this place.
5/28/2008studentThis is my sophmore year at Norwich Free Academy, previously I was at Fitch Senior High in Groton. And what a huge difference! The teachers are the most influencial people you will ever meet and my god talk about variety! You can truly shine as who you are with all of the clubs and extra-curricular activities, you will never be faced with being the outcast. The food (pizza) is unutterably ambrosial and come on... how many other high school students outside of NFA can say that? Also cliques at this prestigeous place do not really exist and if they do it's very low key. I don't want to ever leave!
10/5/2007studentim a student at nfa right now and its the best school ive ever been too. its not like most high schools. its set up like a college campus with different buildings and a wide range of classes to choose from. the sports teams are amazing. im looking forward to joining one in the coming months and your given alot more freedom here. you still have to follow the school's rules but you can do so much. its really a great school. their art classes are amazing.
9/11/2004studentTruly amazing, I'm a army brat so i've been to 3 different high schools before this across the country and none of them compare to this. it is an honor to actually get to go here for free. and if you live in preston or lisbon do not take your child to ledyard or griswold high because you think the city of norwich has a drug problem, yes they really do, but NFA has serious crackdowns on anyone who tries to get any in! it's like a $100 bill in the middle of a dump.
8/18/2004former studentI just graduated with the Class of 2004 from NFA. I can't believe I won't be returning next year. I am going to miss the unbelievable teachers and the class selection was great. NFA is such a good school that we are known all over New England, not just in Connecticut. NFA has made me so prepared for college, and I have met a lot of great people in the faculty and students. WE truly were the 'Salad Bowl' of Norwich.
1/5/2004studentI'm not a parent, but a student. I think NFA is an awesome school and deserves the awards it gets. They have great teachers who help you, tons of elective classes, and an overall friendly atmosphere. What more can ya ask for?! You make new friends with all types of races and religions. Teachers respect their students and gain their respect in return. I hope everyone in the area goes to NFA because it's the best high school out there!
8/25/2003otherI'm a current student at NFA! I just wanted to say how good NFA is! It has tradition and innovation!! Its safety and dicipline is top level while still a good school environment! The Teachers help you plan and achieve your goals in life! The have over 50 clubs to choose from including Bowling, Book, and Environmental club! It has also been awarded a blue ribbon school, so if that doesn't tell you how good the school is, I don't know what will!

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