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Brooksville Elementary School - Brooksville, FL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Brooksville Elementary School885 N Broad St
Brooksville, FL 34601
(352) 797-7014PK-5HernandopublicHernando

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12/17/2009parentThe atmosphere at this school is very cold. The staff seem very unhappy. Both the principal and assistant principal are not easily accessible or caring.
9/18/2009teacherWe have the best and most dedicated teachers, kids, families and community in the state. We are the DEFINITION of what is means to be a community. WE ROCK!
9/16/2009otherI used to work at this school. It was a wonderful school then and it still is today. The teachers are great and the special ed dept. is the best. I was honored to work there.
3/21/2009parentI believe that Brooksville Elementary School is an outstanding Institution. My two childern both attend and I'm amazed at what they learn every day. They have grown in confidence and knowledge far above what I expected of the school system. I Have personally met with 5 of my childerns teachers, and have nothing bad to say about any of them. I believe that Micheal and Sarah are in good hands.
12/29/2007parentBES is so unfriendly, the front office is rude.We as some parents put it, we are nothing compared to them.Worked for Santa Shop for 4 days, not once did you get a thank you,hello are anything else. This office stuff needs a complete make over. I can say this,the prison graud we have at the front desk needs to just retire!My kids teachers are GREAT!! I won't do any more work up at the school. But like i said a GREAT THANK YOU TO MY TEACHERS : Mrs Wilson 1st & Mrs Ferraro 4th
3/27/2007parentI am very happy with the school. The front desk, back office and teaching staff are all good and helpful at all times. Sure they get busy but then you have to understand! My son has excelled there and the homework is taxing and keeps him on his toes.I rate this school highly and recommend it.
12/1/2006parentMy son has been going to BES for one year now. He has really excelled since coming to BES from a PASCO school. The teacher he had for Kindergarten was outstanding. His first grade teacher is also good. He's learning a lot and I think the teachers love teaching our kids. Keep up the good work. I will have to agree with the previous mom's comments about the office staff. It does seem more often than not, when you come in, they seem to busy, or that you are bothering them at times. This is not the way it should be. It's all about customer service. This area needs some work. Overall a great school.
10/23/2006parentI never feel welcome when I come into the front office. I get very bad attitudes every time I go there. The office staff needs a lot of work on their people skills. The teachers are ok from what I have seen so far. My kids have been going there for 2 years now. I am happy with the way that they are treated in the classroom, but if the office staff treats adults the way that they do, It makes me wonder how our children are being treated. I'm not happy at all with them. I could understand if it was just one or two times, but to be treated like dirt every time, there is something wrong there! It needs to be fixed!
7/23/2006parentI think this school is a terrible place. They seem to pick out the less than rich families! they ignored me anytime I called or came to have a meeting with the principal they would tell me that I had no app. When i called a week before to sechule? This is a very low quality school. And I am very glad my children won'tbe back therre this school year!if you are just putting your children in school I would think twice about this one! If there is one promise you can get from me it is that this school lacks in every department.
10/9/2005parentBES is a very good school. The teachers really care for our kids. The pick up was a little crazy at the beginning of the year, but they now have a new system in place and it is very secure and safe. The best indicator is my two children that attend are growing and learning and they love it! Great Job BES!
1/19/2005parentThis school is older, the school is crowded, the office staff is stressed, and the pickup system for the students who don't ride the bus is far from secure. Beware, anyone can pick up your child here if they know your childs name. Scary stuff.
9/7/2004parentOutstanding school with great leadership from staff. The staff members care about students and education. Children that attend Brooksville love all aspects of the school from the staff to the parents involvement at the school.

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