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Crystal River High School
1205 NE 8th Ave
Crystal River, FL 34428
(352) 795-4641
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public | 9-12
County: Citrus


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/5/2010otherThey work wonders with these kids -- my grandson is in band and they played at the Sugar Bowl last yera in New Orleans. They care about the kids
10/3/2010othercaring teachers,great marching band!!
10/3/2010parentTeachers and administrators work to meet the needs of all students and to promote respect and responsibility.
10/3/2010parentBecause they have an awesome band program
10/2/2010parentFirstly, I was born & raised in Citrus County & I was a graduate of Crystal River High School. I loved my years there. My brothers also graduated from CRHS. The youngest played Trumpet & drums in the Pirate Band & my older brother was a quarterback for all 4 years. My oldest son graduated from CRHS & was in ROTC for all 4 years & now my youngest son has been in band since a freshmen in the Percussion Ensemble. It is difficult to put into words the very special meaning that band has meant to my son & this family, except to simply say - "Outstanding! And our lives would not be the same without having this experience." Thank You, Proud Alumni & parent - Sue Howard
10/1/2010otherAmazing teachers, talented students, dedicated administration.
10/1/2010parentThis school has given my grandchildren a purpose in life. I have had 2 students in the band program it has shown team work, competitive attitude and inspiration for a better future.
10/1/2010parentGreat teachers, awsome child care, band and nursing courses give kids practical experience and credentials for the working world before leaving high school.
9/30/2010parentBecause my child has been very successful there !
9/30/2010otherI really like the Crystal River Golden Pirate band, and the N.JR.O.T.C program.
9/29/2010parentI believe the school is heading in the right direction, especially with the "AVID" program, which supports students who have the will and desire to be college-bound, but otherwise would not have the opportunities. Unfortunately, there are a few teachers who do not feel a commitment to their students, and that is openly apparent. The principal has done wonders in the last 1 1/2 years - keep up the great work! More parents need to be involved, too.
5/12/2009studentI can say, as a student of Crystal River High School, that this is a very caring high school, and allows students to break free and let everyone know who they are, and to just be themselves. I am part of the Health Academy here at CRHS, and I love it. Everyday we learn so much, and the teachers are the best thing at CRHS. I love it here.
5/12/2009studentThis school has many atheltic advantages and it's great! I can say that the activities, sports, and the eduational programs are amazing. If you are a major in Foreign Language this school is right for you. :D
2/24/2009parentThis school has the best counselor and office staff out there! They are friendly, caring, and so helpful. CRHS students could use an extra dance or something like it to help the students learn to socialize and interact more.
11/18/2008parentMy son graduated in June, 2008 and has gone off to college very well prepared. He was able to take and succeed in honors, A.P. and dual enrollment classes. He was involved in sports and activities that provided him with wonderful role models and experiences outside the classroom. He loved school and his teachers and I was very pleased with the education and life experiences that he received while at CRHS.
10/24/2008parenti love it! Crystal River High is an amazing school.
7/22/2008parentMy son has attended CRHS for one year in the health academy. The Health Academy is absolutely wonderful, with a great curriculum and caring teachers. The principal is also caring and makes a point of calling parents personally to let them know about their childrens FCAT scores. It would be nice if the school had additional extracurricular activities and 1 or 2 more dances. There is room for improvement at CRHS but I believe the principal, teachers and students are on the right track.
5/7/2008studentI'm a student here at crhs. I'm a sophomore and I'm just learning the ropes of highschool. This school is a basic highschool that just needs to improve a little bit more. During the time that I'm writing this there is a state wide budget cut for schools. Teachers are quiting and class sizes are monsterous. If you want to know when I'm writing this, the date is 5/7/08. Still,I don't think that the school is to blame. No, it is the location. The majority of kids in this school just don't have the heart to learn. The reason being is because of parents are neglecting their kids. The teachers job is to respect this and try to pull the kids out of this hole. I do have a lot of respect for this school and it has helped me through the years of hardship and provided me a home.
3/5/2008studentI attend this school as a senior and well more than half the teachers dont even care about their students education they just go to work because its their job
1/29/2008parentBoth of my children have attended this school. And both love being in this school. My oldest has even gone full circle enough to finish college and become a teacher and coach now with Crystal River High. I don't know if a higher compliment can be given.
6/23/2007parentMy son and daughter and now my grandson and granddaughter all attend(ed) Crystal River HS. I have always found the quality of teachers above average. They picked up on all of their high academic prowess and put them in the REACH program where they could excel and not get bored and disruptive. Kudos for Crystal River High School and staff. Keep up the good work. Keep the students motivated and their behavior in check and there will be an upswing in our education.
1/11/2006parentCrystal River High is a basically friendly school, but lacks many of the even minimal number of classes and technology that are needed in today's society. It has a 4X4 block schedule that doesn't allow time for many of the classes like art, music, and computer/technology classes to be taken. I have been consistently surprised at the lack of stability of teachers and guidance counselors(my son has had 3 in 4 years, which has hurt my son's progress). A tremendous amount of area growth has caused the high schools much trouble in keeping pace, and the emphasis on passing the statewide FCAT harms the learning curve and amount of real learning of most students. A new principal has brought an energy and positiveness much needed, but too late for it to be of any help to my graduating son.
3/30/2005parentI have found the same reluctance by the school when it comes to parental involvement; they talk a good game, but in reality it is quite different. There have been dramatic cutbacks in chorus and band, and they have nowhere near the computer/technology classes and teachers as Lecanto High School; another Citrus Co. school. They must upgrade that immediately, as technology are the jobs that will be available, and all the county high schools should be equipped equally. There should be more emphasis on academics in general, but specifically, to the majority of students who are average to above average grade-wise. These kids fall between the cracks, as they do well enough scholastically to not have a lot of attention paid to them, while the poorer-performing students and the accelerated students get the lion's share of the attention.
2/25/2005parentMy child has attended CRHS for 3 years. The school says they want parent involvement however the several times I have attempted to volunteer or get involved with the school I have been given the run around. I now volunteer with specific teachers that I have met over the years. Several years ago the school had an excellent music program but in the last few years they have deleted a number of classes so that now there is only one chorus/band teacher. There is no eveidence of them hiring a band director in the future. The drama department looks likeit is growing however most of the students are students that use to take band or chorus and can't get into that class. The academic program lacks in the upper level courses offered. Many children have to go to the local Community college because the school does not offer classes for them.
6/9/2004parentA small comfortable school with excellent teachers devoted to students and their learning. Small town/rural setting provides for an excellent demographic mix in the student body as little exists nearby to siphon off any significant number of students. Foreign language program needs expansion and there is a need for a viable vocational program in-house. Extra curricular activities are abundant and the athletics program is excellent. While there is no IB program, there is an active AP program and many students are dual-enrolled at the nearby community college.
5/8/2003 Please lets get this schhol rating to an AAA+++. Our childrens life is in your hands.. Dedicate yourselves to showing them the way and also help them find there way. Did you notice overall crime has increased in crystal river, citrus county by 8 percent for violent crimes..What does the future hold for us as well as them? Do we want this county, our cities going down in value and morality. Please we all have to commit, it's our responsibility.

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