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Loughman Oaks Elementary School
4600 US Hwy 17- 92 N
Davenport, FL 33837
(863) 421-3309
public | PK-5
County: Polk


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4/18/2012parentVery unhappy with this school. The teacher has zero communication from me. Will not answer notes in the agenda book, never sends home any work, etc. I would not recommend this school at all and am working hard to get my child out. I will say the principal has been working to make improvements. Unfortunately it's not enough.
3/10/2012teacherAdministrators are tops, however, some staff members (not the majority) insist on maintaining a culture of exclusivity while complaining about the revolving door effect. Can't have your cake and eat it too.
1/21/2012parenti wouldnt enroll a hampster at this school....took 2 years to get a IEP while my child just sat in a room with 17 other children doing nothing as he needed special attention...theres is NO communication with staff at this school your always wrong
12/16/2011parentOur children (5th, 4th and 2nd grades) were moved out of a private school to Loughman's elementary and all I can say about this school is positive. My eldest child (5th grade) comes home talking about the fun he has had learning for the first time in years and the agendas and homework seem far more organized. If we have had any concerns, (ie., our children were taught in cursive and we wanted to ensure they kept this up), the faculty have been very responsive to us. The children don't receive as much homework as they received in their previous school but to us that has taken a lot of pressure off of them - they get to relax rather than having an extra two hours of study. We all look for a work/life balance and I think it's important that is instilled with children too. My children were far too stressed at their previous school with the unreasonable expections demanded of them and they seem incredibly happy at Loughmans. I am looking forward to volunteering as soon as my paperwork is processed as I know my skills can benefit the school and as a parent I would like to be a part of helping this school to be successful.
12/9/2011parentMy Children have attended Loughman Oaks for years ( I have one in 4th and one in 3rd) they have loved going there since the beginning. I have to admit that in the beginning the school was not all it was cracked up to be, but once the principal was changed the school has become a great place for learning. Every year my children have had stellar teachers. and this year I keep in touch with them via email and phone calls. I make the biggest difference in my children's education by being active and interested in what is going on in their educational experience while there. when my spouse volunteered there while out of work, she had an inside view of what goes on with the children. You would not believe how many children's agendas come back unsigned by their parents. Parent teacher meeting requests go unanswered and so much more. YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE PEOPLE. Get involved in your childs education, visit when you can.. An involved parent(s) keeps staff and teachers on their toes; lets them know that what they do will not go un-noticed.
8/8/2011otherMaybe if we start helping our teachers more the children could learn more. Its not fair to expect teacher to do all they do and get paid less. Please think about this.... your children's teachers have gone to college for many years to get a bachelor or masters degree to teach your children and you think they should be paid 32,000 a year. Many people that go to college with the same degree but going into any other field we would think nothing about paying more. Why do we feel that the people that are here molding our children are worth so much less then others in our. community? You expect the teachers to raise, groom, mold and teach your children everything but don't want them to be paid for it.
1/10/2011parentNot happy at all with this school, my children have been in it for awhile and they are not happy in it. I am trying to get them into a charter school or anything that's better than this, and if I could rate it lower I would. All in all, I see little to no homework, books can't be brought home, nothing really written in the agenda's on what's going on, I feel totally in the dark and even more so after speaking with the teachers, thats if they bother to call you back....
11/5/2010parentIf I could only rate them a 1/4 of a star I would because they aren't even worth one full star. It took a month before I was able to get my kids in school because they wouldn't take them in until they got proof of where we were staying at after moving her from California. So I moved elsewhere to get them in a school and it is rated way better then this one. And I didn't have to go through all the stuff this one was having me do.
9/22/2010parentFront office leadership with helpful attitude would be appreciated. Turning parents away without trying to help them out or problem-solve is very distrubing.
5/25/2010parentThe front office because of the rudeness, I think hopes to keep parents away. The school seems they want to keep the parents away so they won't see what the students have to go through.
8/18/2009parentMy daughter spent two years at LOE. It was a great experience and we are very pleased. Dr. Lamb and her staff have done a great job bringing up the standards. I expect that they will keep on doing well.
6/19/2009parentThe school has come a long way with the new principal-I think the teachers are working harder because of the respect they have for her-office staff is really nice and the school loves their volunteers-
6/18/2009parentTeachers do their best. The staff cares for the children. More parents need to be involved in their children's education instead of expecting the school to do it all.
12/19/2008otherThe hard work of the total staff is amazing, the attention to detail for the students is excellent , with all the improvements that have been made will result in the children succeding in the future.
11/18/2008parentMy dauughter's Pre-K teachers are excellent!! She sloves school and does not want to miss even whes shes sick. The whole school staff is caring and compassionate. I can walk in at any time and the children are safe, clean and happy.
6/11/2008parentMy daughter is in 3rd grade, she has had her ups and downs, but over all I can see the change in the teachers and how they are trying very hard to upstand all situations. All I can Suggest is dont give up on the school, or the teachers keep the communication going at all times, and thing will works them self out.
6/9/2008parentI am a parent and I am VERY unhappy with this school. The principal is not friendly and does not respond to notices sent to her. The school bus system really is awlful. The bus is never here when it is supposed to be. Usually shows up to school late. And he doesn't understand that if 2 children can't get along on the bus to separate them. The teacher my son had this year was good and he really liked her, but didn't have great communication skills. I would not reccommend this school if you are moving to the area. The school is too far away and has too many children. I am trying to get my son out into the charter schools instead. I would rate this school a D at best.
3/1/2008teacherThis is the 2nd year I have been a teacher at LOE. I must say, I am in agreement with certain parts of what I've read from past reviews of the last few years from parents at LOE. When I first started working there in Aug. 2006 I was shocked by quite a few things going on (& lack thereof as well)! The administration and office staff was very cold, rude and impersonal. As I've had a chance to get to know them and with the change in administration I can see a new side to this part of our staff. Administration makes all the difference, but we still have a long way to go. Also, with the overpopulation of students who have ESE needs and ESOL needs it's become severly and sadly obvious the lack of sufficient staff and rooms to attend to these students as needed.
1/14/2008parentMy children attend this school and I too am very unhappy with the Staff. Teacher communication is a minimun. The school bus has a scedual however its never on time whether early or late. The Office Staff speaks very little English and to get a returned email or phone call requires atleast 2 requests from my [child's] Teacher. Not happy and looking to for an alternate school and investigating home schooling. 2 stars for this school is a compliment!
10/24/2007parentMy children have been attending for barely over a month now and we as a family are very unhappy with this school so far. First of all, I think they give WAY too much homework to them each night. It can take us about 2 hours to get homework done which eats up family time. My children do not get to wash their hands before lunch, the class just gets up and goes when the teacher says line up. Then there's the bus which isn't any better. Very unhappy!
8/31/2007parentMy child has been attending this school for a year , and I have no complaints. The principal and the teachers are great.
8/23/2007parentI am so unhappy with this school because of the uncaring staff.
7/31/2007parentI think Loughman oaks elementary school is the best. its safe and clean at all times, it has parent involvement The principal cares about all the children and what and how the teachers are teaching the children at all times. Report cards where always sent home in a timely manner and a daily progress report was sent every day home in the daily planner with home work., and if the student did not understand the teachers would take time and explain it one on one., if the student still did not understand a letter for a conference was sent home to help the student in need. my kids love this school and if I could keep my kids in this school I would. but its middle school time. I hope the middle school is as caring and determine as Loughman oaks elementary school is Dawn Morales.
5/7/2007parentMy daughter, a 3rd Grader, is new to this school. So far, she really, really likes it! Her teacher is very nice and very much involved with her class. My daughter comes home in a great mood every day, she looks forward to being there in school, and has had no problems, as yet. I look forward to having her attend Loughman Oaks next year too. I have spoken wtih the Front Office staff and they have been nothing but helpful, and friendly. My daughter and I took a tour before I placed her there, and we were both impressed with the staff and the school environment. We both look forward to a great fourth grade at Loughman Oaks Elementary school.As usual, this involved parent plans to be there for most, if not all, of the way!
3/27/2007parentThis is the worst school I have had to send my children to. They stress to the children of how important it is to attend school but yet the teachers are never there. How can a child be ready for a state test (FCAT) if they are always getting a new teacher or having a substitute every other day. It seems like the staff and the principal don't care much about their students. This school is very dis-organized and need teachers with higher standards and that are going to be there. As soon as I can get my children into a charter school I will pull them out.
8/4/2006parentThis is the worst school that my child has attended. The teacher is not involved or able to assist the students in their work. Also, they are extremely dis organized. I would never allow my children to attend this school ever again. My son was bullied by older students at breakfast and told 2 different teachers and they did nothing about it. I think they should close the doors or try something different. What they are doing is not working.
7/9/2006parentWorst school I have ever had to send my children to. My children's teacher was always off! No homework or information sent home. My children have wasted a full school year.
5/8/2006parentThis is the worst school I have ever had the misfortune of having my child attend. There is no librarian, no recess, very little supervision, no musical programs, no Accelerated Reader program. The principal is nearly impossible to reach and seems to care less about what's going on. They have very little to offer.
5/8/2006parentWe moved here in Dec 05. With a child with Autism, we found that there is absolutely no staff participatation or concerns. Lack of staff (library, no librarian). Although the teach tries her best, there is no staff support, which should start with the principal. The lack of professionalism is the worst I have ever seen in a school. The principal should take a more active approach to students, and parents. Make himself available and stop requiring the understaffed teachers to be accountable for everything.
1/23/2006parentMy daughter has been attending this school since Aug 05. Being from the midwest, it's been hard adjusting to a different way of schooling. My daughter has already had a new teacher this yr because her teacher decided to leave in Oct. Although the process did seem to go ok, I was very worried because there was no notes, nothing letting the parents know what is taking place. This is my biggest grief, the parents are never informed of what is going on. I visit the classroom once a week just to find out what is happening. I am so use to having tons of papers and notes from teachers coming home each night and now I get practically nothing.
1/11/2006parentThis school has not moved up from a D school since my oldest has gone there. Why don't they try and bring in some different educators who aren't first year teachers!I am trying to get my kids out of there as fast as I can!
1/9/2006parentThe quality of academic programs at this school is quite poor. Apparently there is a science lab program, but no teacher for it. Also, there was no library teacher for some time. The faculty turnover is outrageous; teachers are leaving by the handfull, and the school is left with no coverage. They will not do any testing for the Alpha program until the end of the year, so the student suffers of boredom for the remainder. The technological equipment is outdated. There seems to be a lack of structure in the classrooms. On a good note, there is a stress on parental involvement.
8/21/2005parentI find that the teachers at this school try, however the over crowding is becoming an issue. I think the principal's lack of urgency to fill the open teaching spots is disappointing to both myself a parent and my child the student. Three weeks into school my child is on their second class room, third teacher, and official teacher listed as TBA! I also have a second child who attends and is constantly overlooked for any recognition by the administration because my child doesn't have the right last name.
8/8/2005parentMy son has been bounced around for the last 3 years. Last year he came very close to being retained from the FCAT. I finally was able to get him an experienced teacher. The last 2 years he has had a new teacher fresh out of college. This school is very packed. Two years they squished 2 classes in one classroom as they were waiting for more portables to come in.
8/5/2005parentI like the way it makes my daughter safe and happy. The faculty its very good. The principal its very outgoing and gets involved in all those little things others dont. I would like to see more enphasis on the physical education program so they can have more day doing excercise. Other than that Im really happy with it.
7/26/2005parentPrincipal is very outgoing and caring as well as the office staff that I have encountered thus far.
7/30/2004parentFrom my experience, the teachers seem to do an ok job. They take the kids through the motions of school work but they don't attempt to expand their minds. The level of intellectual stimulation in their projects is severly lacking. As far as the administration of the school, the front office staff is incompetent to say the least. They have a very rude demeanor with other adults which makes me question whether I want them interacting with my children. My children were placed on the wrong bus and dropped off at a former address AFTER they had already been notified in writing of a change of residence. There is a lack of accountability that seems to stem from poor leadership from above. The principal is very much a politician - he tells parents what they want to hear while turning around and not doing anything at all. A true hypocrite in my opinion.
5/5/2004parentLoughman has one of the best teachers my son has had. She gives 150% to her students and commands nothing but the best frome each and every student.
3/8/2004parentMy son has attended this school since Kindergarten he is now in the fifth grade. We have found this Elementary school exhausting. They offer no compassion to their students, extremely rude office staff. The only time teachers show any concern of learning is when FCATS draw near. Sad place for children to learn. I would highly suggest you find another place for your child's education.
10/15/2003parentwhen loughman oaks first opened its doors my oldest son was in attendance and this school was rated a 1 all the way around it was a great school. I now have a son attending loughman oaks in the 5th grade and with the exception of his teacher (mr. turner) I have not found anything to like. the office staff is quite rude and uncaring. no wonder loughman oaks has fallen to a c. it's very obvious that the principal and office staff don't really concern themselves with with any type of manners or compassion.

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