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Deltona Lakes Elementary School
2022 Adelia Blvd
Deltona, FL 32725
(386) 789-7015
public | PK-5
County: Volusia


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10/2/2012otherI am a student here... I LOVE THIS SCHOOL. Its awesome! I totally recommend anyone to go here... I love it... Great staff,great principals,great food,VERY NICE TEACHERS! I have been in this school for 6 years I think.. Kindergarten-5th grade. I am now in 5th grade. Miss Vogel is my teacher and she is amazing! Every teacher is super nice! ;) Please if you live in Deltona,make sure you child goes here!!
5/17/2012otherThis school has some great teachers. The principals are no good. They spend more time in the parking lot moving cones than they do being involved in what's going on in the classrooms. We need a new staff at this school.
11/8/2011parentMy third grader is required to be quiet and sit in her seat all day long with little movement. Expectations are not age appropriate, and the teacher points out student weaknesses in front of their classmates, humiliating the student. I've tried working with the school and have gotten no where. It breaks my heart to have a child who comes home crying because her teacher treats her poorly. Add to it homework which asks subjective questions and then demands exact answers, and you've got a sure disaster on your hands. My A/B student has been getting D's and F's because of this.
5/29/2011parentI am very happy to have seen the great improvements on my daughte'rs reading and math skills. I only have DLE to thank! They have helped me with tips on how to work with my daughter's school work, while we work as a team. The teachers and staff at DLE are very nice and helpful. I can't wait to see what develops when my daugther goes onto the 3rd grade.
5/2/2011parentWe recently moved from Jacksonville, fl to Deltona, fl. not knowing anything from this school but I am so thankful that my son attends this school he came from not reading at all to reading a whole entire book all by himself in just 3 months all thanks to Mrs. Lynn. :o) looking forward for his next year there. So far I really like this school :o)
3/17/2011parentAs a former student here, I like it. Great staff, great teachers, the lunch ladies can do a little better, and the special area teachers are amazing. I only had one complaint- the bathrooms. There are broken tiles, clogged sinks, and profanity. I hated it. What are these children doing to this amazing school?
11/1/2010parentWe transfered to this school during this year. The home work is intensive and the curriculum challenging, but the kids learn. The school could do with better front office professional etiquette. They are usually not very polite. As always elementary school teachers don't like email or the phone. I continually suggest they follow middle and high school standards and move into the technology age. "Note" in the backpack is not an effective form of communication, not in the past 20 years any how.
4/24/2010parentMy daughter goes to this school and I think this school needs some extra funding to get these kids the education they need. Especially in this economy!
6/9/2009parentGreat School Wonderful staff all over Everyone is helpful and friendly
7/15/2008parentBoth of my children attend DLE and I could not be any happier with their teachers. Mrs Reynolds and Miss Vogel have been amazing. Also the office staff is very, very helpful. They are always willing to help and I feel welcome every time I am there. Administration is a weak but overall a great school.
5/21/2008parentMy child has attended this school for 2 years and she has learned so much. Most important is that she has been very happy. Keep up the good work!
5/1/2008parentThis is the second year at Deltona Lakes Elementary for both of my children. While my experiences have been mainly positive with their teachers, I have concerns about the administration and front office staff. I believe the principal has her own agenda and is not truly committed to the safety and success of her students. Some of the teachers appear to have their own cliques and are not all responsive to parents' needs and concerns. I am grateful that my son will be moving on to a new school next year and am exploring other options for my daughter at this time.
5/1/2008teacherI have taught in 4 schools and 3 districts in central florida and this is the worst that I have been in. The administrative leadership is completely lacking and most teachers are over confident and care only about test score as opposed to the children themselves. On a postive note, this school can come together as a community like no other in times of need for others! I would not have my children go to this school! I would not have my child go to any Volusia County Public School for that matter!
4/24/2008parentBoth of my Two Princess goes to this School,We moved here from Miami,and what a difference.This is the best School from THE school Principal Ms. Rivera to Their teachers Mrs. Shock wow she is so happy with Ms. Shock the great things that she teach them at class.To Mrs. Pallady, Mrs. Brule...Great Teachers Blessing to all of them.The front Office and their staff their always go above and beyond. I am very gratful for this School if you read my review and not sure ...GO for it,its a great school I am their with them at Breakfast..and I watch the Ms. Rivera and her Assitant with the kids...Wonderful. The School is Excellent from the Principal to the Staff.
4/8/2008parentBoth my kids went to this school. The teachers are great and they are very supportive. The principal they had at that moment was wonderful and I am and was very pleased with my experience there.
2/19/2008parentThis is one of the worst shcool I have ever dealt with in 12 years. The staff is rude. The teachers did not seem to have enough time. Anytime I ask a questions about the class room activites I am told by the teacher I do not have enough time. I would not send my child there again this is our first and last year at this school. I think the School board needs to investigate the issues here.
1/10/2008parentMy daughter is attending Deltona Lakes for the second year now, she is in the special needs Pre-K class. Her teacher Ms. Ree and each and everyone of my daughter's team at school are wonderful!They each opened their arms to her and make her feel loved on a daily basis. The front office staff, Nurse Terri, her therapists all go above and beyond. I am forever grateful for all they do for her and love them all dearly for it. Great Job Ladies, We love you!
12/28/2007parentI am a volunteer in my daughter's kindergarten class. I am very pleased with the academic progress she has made. The teacher is very friendly toward both the parents and students. She makes learning fun for the children so that they want to learn more.
12/20/2007parentMy younger step-daughter has been in Deltona Lakes since Kindergarden, now she's a 5th grader also my older step-daughter was a student here from kindergarden to 5th now is in 8th grade so their father has dealt w/ this school many years and Deltona Lakes has the best teachers & staff, I was told by her father & also from what I've seen so far I can agree w/him on that! I highly commend all their employees for their hard work and great communication they have w/the parents & how great they are w/the kids :) This school in my book gets an A+.
11/29/2007parentMy daughter is attending DLE this year shes in Kindergarten her teacher is amazing,im very involved I do volunter 1x a week.She is learning so much,but I do have to agree with the others that the staff in the office is not friendly at all.They are rude,and they think they know it all,and there always eating for some reason,I think they should eat there lunch in a private area.I also do notice alot of the teachers and especially the lunch ladies are very mean to the younger kids.
9/28/2007parentI think this school is one of the worst I have ever dealt with in my 18 years of being a parent. The staff has an attitude about parents asking questions. The teachers do not want the parents involved. They feel they are the rulers and parents have no say in the childs education.
9/18/2007parentWow!Thank god this school was built.My child is so satisfied with this school.The staff is great,he made tons of friends!
6/30/2007parentI agree. This school lacks communication to parents. I tried all year to make sure my daughter was on track and they tell me 1 week before school ends that she'd be left back. What happened to the caring of our childrens education. They worry more about these FCATS then our kids. The principal doesn't even know what's going on. She gets half the information and doesn't make any effort to help further. What's done is done and she moves on.
6/29/2007parentThis is my child's third year at Deltona Lakes Elementary and I am still not satisfied with the education she receives at this school. A few of the staff by the parent pick up area are very unpleasant.
6/12/2007parentDeltona Lakes Elementary is a very good school. My child loves it here. The teachers are excellent. The class sizes are small. I would recommend this school to others.
5/30/2007parentfor the average student this school is lacking in education. The school prides itself on the special needs students. they do a tremendous job in that department, but it is at the expense of the other children I believe. average teacher classroom is over 24 students. My son's 5th grade teacher was a co-teacher. they did not want parents involved with the student.
2/16/2007parent Dingy school. Administration doesn't seem to take interest in parent complaints. The teacher my child has now doesn't want parent involvement. But, my child is learning!
2/10/2007parentVery dissatisfied with Deltona Lakes Elementary. The campus is very dingy and there is a lack of supervision during school hours for the small children on campus. Also, they are always begging for money and donations. To me, this is tacky. I give this school a thumbs down.
1/2/2007parentFor the person who spoke of too many kids in a class... ALL of the schools around Deltona have about the same number. You can thank Jeb. Deltona Lakes Elementary is an awesome school. Teachers are awesome. Especially the ones in the ESE dept that I deal with a lot as I work in the school system as a related service.
11/27/2006parentI feel disappointed by this school, for year # 2. I guess it's time to change schools.
9/7/2006parentI write this as a former student and present parent of a child at this school. My child has special needs and is very much at home at Deltona Lakes. I have had great support most of the way around. My childs and the pre-k teacher didn't really 'click' well (didn't do anything wrong at all) - but all teachers after that have gone above and beyond and have really become part of our family.
7/30/2006parentI did not like the teachers attitudes toward our children. There were no attempts to help our child in any way. The school we transferred to immediately got them into tutoring programs. The new school also motivate the children with praise not punishment. We are buying a new house and specifically looking for houses NOT in Deltona Lakes District. I would suggest looking into other schools as well. The school itself was beautiful and the campus is wonderful. Office staff was amazing, But as far as the education staff they left a bad taste in my mouth. I regret putting my children through that and am thankful they still look forward to learning.
6/14/2006parentI had a good experience with this school. The staff was caring and professional. They went out of their way to have after-school activities. There was a good sense of community.
10/25/2005parentAs parent and former pre-school Teacher, I understand that it takes the envolvement of everyone to help the students, teachers and school administration to be successful. And a parent I have witness the Deltona Lakes Elementary Staff soars to excellent by preparing the students and help them to achieve the greatest in academic success. I look forward to more exciting projects from Deltona Lakes Elementary Principal and faculty. Their efforts are 'No Child Left Behind'. The quality of education your child receives depends on well you participant with the PTA, your childs Teacher and well, you communicate with your child daily. Deltona Lakes Elementary strives to achieve these goals everyday by, keeping the campus safe, providing a academic successful curriulum. An excellent Music program, Spanish and Science offered to Kindergartens. And a well respected Coach staff. A creative Art Teacher And awesome Teachers of the ESE, ESOL programs. ~Keeping The Eagles Soaring! 2005
10/14/2005parentMy oldest child went to this school from K-4 and my next child from K-2. We have just moved and see such a huge difference between our old school and new one. The teachers at Deltona Lakes are best teachers I've ever seen. Teachers treat the children with respect and encouragement. There is very good communication between teachers and parents. The children were always excited about learning and the test scores showed it. Deltona Lakes is a safe, clean friendly school where kids can go learn and be happy.
8/5/2005parentI really like this school, my son is reading way above his grade level, the teachers really care about the kids. Parent involvement is really high also...
5/12/2005parentExcellent School! Small campus but Excellent staff! Nothing at all bad to say about this school.
1/30/2005parentToo many kids in a class, teachers not patient enough, lots of problems..
9/8/2004parentThis is a very good school.

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