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Jensen Beach High School
2875 NW Goldenrod Rd
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
(772) 232-3500
public | 9-12
County: Martin


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2/18/2012studenti'm pround to say that jensen beach high school was my best experience ever since starting a new school system. every of my teachers were devoted. im proud of graduating from an ever rating A school for several years now. Go falcons!!
7/18/2011otherThis school is rated as an "A" school. The faculty must be doing something right. There will always be whiney parents who complains if their child is not doing well...or Mary wasn't elected to the cheerleading team. I would do away with your rating system. How do you know if some of the poor ratings are being submitted by teens who just don't make the grade because they don't want to put sufficient time into their studies?
3/18/2011parentMy children are districted for Martin County HS, but we chose Jensen Beach HS because we consider it a better school. Yes, the facilities are much nicer, but that's just the beginning. The administrators and teachers at JBHS expect, not just hope, that students will excel. The teachers are top notch and really push the students to succeed. My daughter struggled in middle school but now is exceeding our wildest dreams in high school. She has a 4.0 GPA with all honors and AP classes. She's passed two AP exams and did very well on her PSATs. Now she plans to go to an Ivy. Our son will be starting in the Fall. As for the rules, kids who follow them have few problems with them. They like the strictness of the school. It gives them order and prepares them for real life. JBHS is also the safest school in the county.
3/11/2011parentAs a parent with 2 children in this school, I know that this is an "A" school! The teachers, staff and administration are a delight and pleasure on a daily basis. I have personally seen the swim coach tutor a student immediately after swim practice on the pool deck, that's dedication! My son is in Mrs. Dahn's ( teacher of the year '08) class and the dedication and time devoted to her differently-abled students is beyond compare! If any parent has any complaints about this school, they should move to 'The PSizzle' where they will fit right in!
3/4/2011parentAlthough this school consistently has high ratings there are issues. If you student is even upwind of any disciplinary problems by other students expect detention without even the chance to explain yourself. I find administration has zero tolerance and while this may work well for their high ratings it sends a message of injustice and unfairness to those wrongly accused. I also agree with the reviewer about dress code. Although my child has graduated from this school I don't have any warm fuzzy feelings about it.
3/1/2011studentAweome school! I love this school! My brother went to this school, too. He loves it!
9/15/2010parentAlthough a very good school in some ways, administration needs to focus more on education and less on dress code! A child can wear a very appropriate and tasteful shirt to school for 6 months and then suddenly get a dress code violation! When your child has a 4.0 and has never had ANY disciplinary issues but has to stay after school for detention because someone could see their collarbone, there is something very wrong. They get no warnings, just automatically get detention. When there are students that are committing serious discipline infractions and this is how a good student is treated, you realize that there is something very wrong with this picture!
3/8/2010parentEven though the school has a reputation for strict rules, dress codes, etc. Those things seem to work because it consistently schools as one of the top schools in the state! My kids have graduated with the skills necessary to do well at college and were able to get into the colleges of their choices. Love the results and the teachers are great! Administration needs to be more responsive to parental concerns.
2/23/2010parentMy suggestion is for your school DISTRICT to see what the rest of the country is doing and try to advance yourself about 30 years to where the rest of the US is. Four classes a day? Can you honestly say you think the students will be accepted into any university anywhere in the United States?
12/11/2009parentI rate it an' F ' for making rules and regulations more important than students succeding.
11/4/2009parentThe environmental technology program is amazing! Great teachers. Extremely safe. This school changed my life.
8/2/2009studentThis school was the worst school I have ever attended in MY LIFE! Everything about it is bad, I can't say one thing about the school except that it is nice looking!! They do not handle ANYTHING well at all, I can't believe it was in the top schools in the US, because I've been to way better schools than this one! I feel like I wasted a year of my life in this school, I'm so thankful to be attending another school this year!
6/1/2009parentI opted not to send my kids to Martin County High because of all of the problems the school and student body have been having eg. lack of control, loose enforcement of rules, fighting amongst students-to name a few. I am extremely pleased with the education my daughter is getting JBHS, challenging and creative with many unique career path choices. The school is overboard on enforcement of rules and dress code but I think the kids really learn a valuable lesson here; responsibility and accountability for your decisions, which most seem to lack. As a result, they have a much happier student body that molds quite well, making for positive and supportive learning situations; not too mention superior athletics, immaculate campus and school pride. My daughter has complained about not getting homework and tests back timely but thats a teacher situation usually taken care of with one phone call. Go JBHS!
10/4/2008studentAs a student of course it's easy to find things wrong with Jensen, but to be honest I've had many more oppertunities at this school than I would have even dreamed of at any other . It is true that some teachers seem to disappear over the years, but I've managed to have some amazing influential teachers who have truly changed my outlook on education. My only complaints are the discipline, and not just the dress code. I understand that we don't need distractions in the classroom, but I find it even more distracting when administrators come into my class at random times and single out students for dresscode and then proceed to write them up. Other than that, this school truly is above and beyond, If you are a parent deciding which school will be best for your child's future, Jensen is definatly the way to go.
7/10/2008parentThis school is also amazing considering the fact that the students voted an E.S.E student (Craig) their homecoming king! I dont see MCHS or SFHS doing that. JBHS has also won numerous state championships and district titles, in only 4 years! Great school!
5/16/2008parentI have mixed feelings about this school. Having moved here from another state, my child went from a mediocre student to honor student. That may be good or bad. I wonder if the standards here are lower than where we were before. Yet my child is excelling and seems happy at this point in time. I believe guidance is really on top of things and I appreciate that. Yet I feel sometimes there is an arrogance or hautiness in this school that starts with the administration. Yes it's a beautiful school and rated well but a little humility goes a long way in life. If it's there, I'd like to see more of it.
5/12/2008studentI am a student here,I have always struggled with accademics, and i always thought there was no reason for school, however, during my freshman year at jensen, i was welcomely invited to key club, volley ball, and was encouraged to join Art classes and concert choir. Just finishing my sophmore year now, i am consistant in Art club, helping with E.S.E. and friends, I auditioned for Jubilate', which is an elite group of singers to form the schools honor choir(currently holding gold at heritage festivals and straight superiors for districts and state mpa) i made it, and i have traveled to washington dc with them this year, and i also have straight A's and B's and a 3.50 gpa, i love this school, its shown me a reason to respect and love it, and the extra cericular activities are the key to getting students involved.
2/29/2008studentI love Jensen beach high school.. They have a good academic program and good atheletics.I mean 3 championships in the 4 years the school has been open. No school in Martin county has ever done that.I would definitly choose JBHS over any other school..
1/4/2008parentWhen a school can't keep their best teachers (who seem to voluntarily end up transferring to one of the other high schools in the district) it makes you wonder. The block scheduling means four classes a day and each one is 100 minutes with no breaks and only five minutes to run across campus.
1/4/2008studentThis school has been a great disappointment. Teachers do not return homework in a timely manner, discipline is inconsistent, and moral is low.
1/4/2008parentNot a happy parent. I have twins who had almost identical classes but with different teachers and found what they covered in each class was not the same. Some of the teachers wouldn't return tests or quizzes for weeks. I got both of my children out of there and in to Martin County High School which was so much better.
1/3/2008studentI love Jensen Beach High School. There is an overall positive attitude from administrators teachers and students. At times it seems classes are geared towards FCAT, but doing well on standerdized tests is pushed on the school by the school board and state. Our athletics are excellent, and the school offers many clubs for non-athletes. I look forward to my next few years at Jensen.
11/27/2007studentJensen beach h.s is the best school ever!!
9/13/2007studentJBHS is by far the best school in martin county, our athletics are absolutly incredible. (except football can use some work) The brand new campus is very nice, but there is only 1 down side, dress code, but deep down every knows its to make the school better.
9/8/2007parentWe have not been happy with this school and are trying to transfer our daughter to Martin County High School. They seem more interested in checking students for dress code violations than teaching them to think.
8/30/2007parentAlthough the campus is beautiful the leadership, and educational standards are lacking. I've had numerous problems with the teachers of both of my students (both honors students) in not returning work in a timely manner, breaching rules of student confidentiality, and poor disciplinary techniques. The athletics are very good.
1/9/2007parentJensen Beach is by far the best High School in Martin county (and the only 'A' rated one)and one of the best in the state. Leadership starts from the top and Mrs. Featherstone does a great job and holds the bar high for the faculty and students. There are rules and discipline but it is not overdone in any way. The teachers want the kids to succeed and make themselves available for extra help to that end. The sports program is top notch as currently there are roughly seven different sports that will or have won their District this year. There's also plenty of activities/clubs for non-athletes. I have three children at Jensen and two of them went to Matin County HS freshman year. They are so much more happier at Jensen. If I had three more ... I'd send them to Jensen. I urge you to send yours. JS
12/24/2006parentBeautiful building, nice campus. The quality of the campus is offset by a bumbling administration, and there are almost no teachers left from when my daughter started school there as a freshman two years ago. Sports and other activities have been good, but most of their coaches have turned over. This has damaged the academics, which are entirely FCAT driven. If you have a student with academic talents, send them elsewhere. They have no value to this school once they've passed FCAT. The kids call it Jail Beach High School, and I hate to admit, for fairly good reasons. In some areas, they are needlessly strict.
8/7/2006studentJensen Beach High School is by far the best high school. The first Day I was there they where all very welcoming, students and staff combined!
11/25/2005studentThis is one of the finest schools I have ever seen. In it's first year the school made it to state and district finals in many of their sports programs. This wonderful school also got an 'A' rating on it's first year. There are a multitude of sports and activities to choose from. Band, Drama, Chorus, Bowling Football, Soccer, Red Cross Club, SGA (which won several awards at the state competition), NHS, and so much more. Parents and teachers are graetly involved with the upkeep of this school. This school also has a PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association). The Maritn County School system is the top in the State of Florida. Nothing is second rate at this beautiful new addition the the Martin County School System.
11/10/2005parentJBHS is a newer campus but has a wonderful staff, many of which have worked together at other district campuses. The special education classes at this school are awesome. (Called E.S.E.)They are extremely accepting of special needs students and invite them to most all activities and are welcomed. They have things expected of them and are not 'baby sat', rahter expected to be as independant as possible. Active in Special Olympics Florida.

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