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Independence Middle School
4001 Greenway Dr
Jupiter, FL 33458
(561) 799-7500
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public | 6-8
County: Palm Beach


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6/23/2012parent What a mistake!! from day one he was being bullied. Started on the school bus, then into the school itself. Contacted the School administration the First day about this via e-mail and never received a response back, the pushing - shoving continued. The only thing that happened is the liason officer came on the Bus and stated the over crowding can't be helped and they are watching everyone on the Bus. In school the kids would make fun of him because of his name. Open his back pack laugh at him when everything fell out on the floor. At lunch no one would let him sit at the lunch tables, stating it's saved and then nobody sits there. How would that make you feel. Finally I went to the School and demanded a meeting with the school counselor. The meeting went well, promises where made to have him matched up with another student, also for someone to sit with him during lunch. Wow, It happened only one time. No improvements to anything. His grades went from A's to F's. Depression set in and as parents saw him slide so bad he did not want to go to School. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL! They have Bully problems and say they care. This is an A rated school REALLY! P.S. we moved back to Wi
12/7/2011otherHello, I am a current 8th grader at independence. This school is a little too strict and kind of treats us like elementary school kids. The food here isn't as great. The education is alright but sometimes the teachers get mad when I don't understand the lesson. What is good about this school is there is hardly ever any fights. But bullying happens quite a lot. The kids here are a little bit mean. They will give you dirty looks or say something mean if they hear a rumor or two. Even though this school can improve on something. I wouldn't go to any other school but this one because I have a lot of middle school memories now.
8/31/2011otherI am a seventh grade student and I came to this school in the middle of the year last year from Cincinnati Ohio. The kids at this school were not very friendly to me and cussed A LOT which is completely different than my schools in Ohio. The teachers were pretty nice but never informed me on what I needed to know about the school or their classrooms. The school also took a long long time to put me into gifted. I was gifted up in Ohio but for some reason they would not except my gifted testing down in Florida, so they told me that I would have to take it again. I was okay with this until I realized that they would not be testing me until 7th grade. Why it would take them so long, I have absolutely no idea. So my mother payed for me to get tested over the summer and I was once again identified as gifted. Now I am a gifted seventh grader and it has become a lot easier. The group of people in gifted are all together nicer in my experience than those in regular, but I have met some really nice regular students that are still my friends to this day. All in all I don't think that there is anything special about this school or that it is bad. It is just plain average.
7/18/2011parentMy son also had a terrible time with the bullying at IMS!!! Nothing, absolutely nothing was done by the school police or the principal. The teachers had another student walk w/him from class to class as much as possilbe. There was NO, ABSOLUTELY NO ZERO TOLERENCE for bullying @ IMS! I pulled him out in the middle of Feb. 2010 because it was so bad! So he did all of 6th and half of 7th - I cried just about every time I dropped him off. He was depressed and had social anxiety. We live in North Palm and I had to drive him because the buses were so overcrowded and the kids from Riviera Beach were so prejudice, they were always picking on the white kids!! We hated IMS! Hate dit!!
6/13/2011parentmy name is Nery, my Sons name is David he is in 7th grade- the reason why I tranferred my son IMS is becuase he was bullied at Howell L Watkins middle twice. since my son started IMS I have not had any telephone calls from his teachers, student counselor or the AP to discuss my son's grade, on the contrary all telephone calls I have received is to inform me that my son had to be picked up because he was given a referrral by Mr. Alli his reading coach (not the teacher to my knowledge before giving referrals there has to be parent/teacher conference. the last day of school I received another call from the school principal i was very irrate went to the school requested to speak with the principal she did not come to talk to me said she would call me as now now I am still waiting for her call. my son will be repeating the 7th grade. I believe that if the teacher would have shown more insterest to my son he would have done excellent. the teacher that constantly gave referral her name is ms. ali, why was she the ony one to give referrals? makes me wonder if she just did not like my son
1/12/2011parentour 1st year at IMS. 7th grade. my child is adhd and the teachers seem to be very receptive to helping my child stay on task and following through with the IEP. i am in constant contact with them about my child. bullying has been an issue and i don't think enough is done to deter it. there needs to be a no tolerance policy!
9/25/2010otherIndependence Middle School is a great school! The teachers are nice and the principal cares. The teachers help you do your best. There is bullying but, this year the principal is stopping it. She is spreading awareness all over the school to help. I reccomend this school to all students if you want a safe and educational school!
4/8/2010studentIMS is ok i came in the middle of the year in 6th grade and took band it hass such a good band teacher even though i hope it stays that way because mr sonntag is leaving this year and i hope we have a good teacher also the dress code is soo riduculis it is crazy there are no good and cute collared shirts for girls unless ur willing to pay 40 for one at the mall the teachers are 2 out of 5 the adcanced classes are barely any different than the regular classes there is alot of cussing in that skool to but overall it is ok
2/19/2010studentBeing a 6th grader at IMS, I was coming into middle school with my head held high.The first day of school, I had my schedule changed to PE. I am NOT an athletic person at all and my mother igned the applicable opt-out-of-gym form and yet I still got gym. The first day I was put in all regular when I was supposed to be in FULL GIFTED!!! Another thing that was kind of annoying is the dress code. I mean collars. I have some adorable tops and they ARE school appropriate and they have sleeves but NO i cant wear the because they dont have a collar attached to them. But the upside is all of my teachers are WONDERFUL!!!!
11/21/2009studentthis school is really good. the teaches are nice and the eighth graders are not mean and there is hardly any fighting going on.
8/6/2009studentlove this school clean and nice and the teachers and students are all great
7/7/2009studentI go 2 IMS (Independence Middle School),7th grade, and i think that IMS is one of the best schools ive been to! The teachers there care about the students and how well they do no matter what! I would reccomend IMS to any student! GO IMS EAGLES!
2/21/2009parentNot all of the teachers take into account if a student has a special need such as ADHD and assist them accordingly; it's a huge school and the kids are basically 'on their own to sink or swim'
1/12/2009parentWhen my son was getting ready to enter the 6th grade I was not sure about IMS. I had heard mixed reviews, but the majority of the negative feedback was related to the then-principal. In the end we elected to have our son attend IMS and I can say 6th grade was a real adjustment, not due to the school, just due to the change from elementary. Now that we have a new principal with an amazing reputation the school has improved remarkably and this year my 7th grader is thriving. The rest of the administration is great, we really like our A.P. and have been lucky with most of the teachers. We did have one teacher we weren't very happy with early in the year, but we nipped it in the bud by speaking to the administration and the problem was resolved. This is a top-notch school. Highly recommend!!
7/25/2008studentThis is my first summer after graduating from Independence MS and after 3 years here I can say this school is going down hill. The administration cannot lead this school effectively. Thier biggest problem is they make so many rules because of not realizing a very simple fact which is... 80% of the people who come here are nice and wouldn't take advantage of a school with normal quatities of rules. The extra 20% would do this. So does one want a school with 80% approval ratings or...Does one want a school with 0% approval ratings just to control the bad? Until the administration realizes this they will continue to make new rules that only affect 20% or less of the population here. Despite this grievance, this school is one of the best in the county. Anyone would benefit from learning here. Come stop by sometime. They'd love to have you!
7/15/2008studenti`m a student at independence i`m going into the seventh grage.Im African American but the only bad part about my school is that it`s not very diverse.
4/28/2008parentI must agree with the statement that the school is behind from the school in NY that we came from. However, I think that is pretty much going to be in all the schools. It's different...no question. My son is doing well, staff/admin is very hard to reach. Middle school is proving to be hard for everyone. I think IMS is safe and if your child is on the right track, they will do fine. Edline can really help you stay on top of what is going on.
4/17/2008parentI love Independence Middle School! They have great staff and faculty who are very kind and helpful to others.
1/27/2008parentThis is our first year at this school. We moved here from another state and found that most of the children here are behind academically. We like the school but if you have a concern of some sort and you want to talk to someone they are not quick to get back with you on the matter. Also if your child takes gym they are graded on the number of push-ups or the number of lapse they can do. So 50 lapse is an A. So it is possible for an honor roll student to fail gym based on these standards. I disagree with the grading. If your child signs up for a group of classes be prepared to take classes you did not sign up for. We sighned up for spanish and some other classes but we were put in French.
1/19/2008studentI love this school, I also love the people in the school and all the activites. I'm a 6th grader who goes to this school and I have to say, this school is the best school i've ever been to! I also love my princeable! If you are looking for a school in this area, try Independance Middle School, home of the Eagles!
1/3/2008studentI am a seventh grader here and I love this school! We have one of the best softball teams in our bracket, and many other great sports teams. The chorus program is great(Mrs.Barnes) as well as the art department(Ms.Cappella). And Mr.Haugh and Mr.Fredericks are the coolest teachers you'll ever meet! Sure there are a couple crazy taechers that should be watched, but thats how it is in every school. Overall its a pretty awsome school. GO EAGLES!!
12/16/2007studentI go to this school and my teachers are awesome. Great sports program. I recomend Mr. Haugh as the best teacher ever!
12/10/2007parentThis school has been disappointing to me. I am concerned with the quality of the gifted program. I have found a few excellent teachers but also staff whom I would not place in that category. I belive the school could do a better job academically and would not recommend it.
8/17/2007studentThe Sports Program is great and the acedimics are good too.
5/13/2007parentThis is a great school! It does has a wonderful music program, but its Math and English teachers are wonderful as well.
8/13/2006former studentI have gone to this school since sixth grade every since the old principal left its been a disaster with the sceduling. I never sees the principal. And the teachers arent the best but I would deffenitly recomend Mr Farrelly.
7/24/2006parentYes, this is a beautiful, new school. Due to out of control developers in the area, too many children are being packed into this school. The band director is incredible. Great music program! Art? Forget it. Essay writing? Forget it. Homework? Forget it. My child rarely has homework and when she does, it's done in under an hour and this is an honors student.
5/26/2006parentMy daughter has been a student at IMS for three years. We have found the school to be academically challenging, the teachers and administartion and staff easily accessable and supportive. Many opportunities have oened up for her that would not have been available in most other schools. She is well prepared for high school. Thanks for a great three years.
8/19/2005parentBeing the 8th day of school, there are still scheduling issues to include cancelling classes, children without schedules for days, schedules switched and no parental information available on the two websites available to the school. Other schools surveyed in the local area all have schedules mailed to their students prior to the initiation of school. Not at IMS. Academically, the majority of the teaching staff is exceptional, beautiful 4 year old campus and a great award winning Band program. Other issues encountered in prior occasions have been met with professionalism and timely resolution.
6/25/2005parentThis is an 'A' rated school, which is a bit misleading. The grade can be attributed more to the elementary schools feeding it and the community it serves. This school is over crowded mostly because people want their kids to go to a new school. The school doesn't have very good communication with parents. If your kids don't talk to you, you will not know what is going on. If your child is into music however, the band director at Indepenedence is the best around. He spends a lot of his personal time helping the kids and coordinating activities.
8/25/2004parentThe school is nice, but way overcrowded. The ability to control the students is not there. Not sure environment is condusive for greater learning. Children use very fowl language and are disobedient.
8/12/2004parentOvercrowded with students, no room on the bus, no lockers for many of the students. Teachers yelling at students in the classroom...

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