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Cranberry Elementary School
2775 Shalimar Ter
North Port, FL 34286
(941) 480-3400
public | PK-5
County: Sarasota


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4/30/2012parentThere are two ways to view this school - It's academic results &/or It's child appropriateness. I have 2 children that go to Cranberry and academically - they are thriving. They are doing very well and are held to a decently high standard. That being said - I don't like this school. It has an amazing way of requiring each child to be in the little box they have deemed appropriate. I love the idea of the uniforms (I myself went to a uniform school as a child) and I understand that you need kids to seek out attention and be disruptive by using clothes, hair, etc to get attention. BUT - kids are kids and should be allowed to shine and little individuals. My daughter was reprimanded because she wore character socks one day.....are you kidding me - she's 7. Another thing that really shows how they feel about their school is the lack of any and all holiday parties. I was told by the principle that they "disrupt the learning environment" - SERIOUSLY! I wish I could completely explain why I don't like this school - but it is more just a general feeling. It's principle is cold and it ripples through. But, my kids do like it - but they don't know what is missing and I do....
2/16/2012parentA school where they hire teachers who are "not qualified to teach" so they say they have to break up the classrooms and move students around. Everything is based on the all important FCAT, including the schools grade, (thats not from parents and students liking the school). If your child does not fall into line he or she will be tested for everything under the sun, to try and be pawned off elsewhere. If their grades are not honor roll they will be constantly insinuated to be sent to other schools as to not effect the schools grade by the FCAT grade.This is a school where they think its ok for teachers to tear up drawings and stories students make. And any hint of individualism is to be snuffed out.
11/18/2011parentI love cranberry school. I have seen a couple of comments about the Ass. Principal not saying things to parents. There are a lot of kids that go to that school, and he shows that he knows the kids by name, which means he has taken the time to get to know them. This is about your child, be thankful there is someone there that takes that kind of time with your children. All the staff at that school., shows how much they care. Some people have also written about to much stress on testing. Be thankful there is staff that takes pride in teaching your child, and they take it personally when they want your child to succeed. They also receive a lot of rewards for succeeding. I know some schools do not even acknowledge the effort children put into school.
7/1/2011parentMy son started Cranberry last year in the Pre-K program. I have to say they were wonderful with him. He LOVES going to school and just adores his teacher. For a child who NEVER interacted with children and was around adults the first 3 years of his life he adjusted wonderfully. Now as a mother of 2 I'm looking forward to the coming years with Cranberry. Elementary.
7/9/2010parentBoth principals are wonderful and teacher are to great school to attend in north port
10/3/2009parentThe teachers/staff make sure each child feels special by knowing names, asking questions,expecting respect,readiness. It is an'A' school. My child looks forward to going daily.
5/22/2009parentMy son has attended Cranberry for 2yrs. now. I have been very happy with the way Mrs.Daniels runs her school. Being a block mom I can tell you the children love Mr.Carey. I think the uniforms are great because it teaches our children respect for the way they look, even if it's not what they wear normally. I think that with more parent involvement the school would be if not close to the top in the state. If I had a complaint it would be over lack of parental support aswell as showing respect to the rules and dropping their children off and picking them up properly. What is that teaching our children? As for the teachers,there will always be a bad apple in a bunch but we have been lucky to have had the best.
4/19/2009parentCranberry is one of the best schools I have ever seen. I am very surprised by some negative comments about extra curricular activities and being invited to school. This school goes above and beyond in communication. We get phone calls, newsletters, and invitaions all the time in our child's agenda. The teachers are top notch. Almost all of them have at least a master's degree with many more having higher degrees. There are many who are Nationally certified as well. Yes, there is a focus on FCAT, but it's not crammed down their throat. The administration is the best. I like the high expectations, especially in fourth grade. My children have not only learned many academic things, but problem solving and social issues as well. My kids are better people because of this school. Sometimes it's hard to hear the truth about your child, but these teachers are here to help.
4/21/2008parentok.....we just moved here from Ma and I have to say I am extremely happy with Cranberry so far. Parent involvement? Let me tell you something, I was never invited to have lunch with my child or invited to the book fair in Ma. My daughter who entered first grade 3/4 of the way through is excelling and comes home happy every day. In Ma she was miserable and her teachers were always complaining about her. Here she has been touted for being so polite and well behaved. Her reading has already improved by at least 20%. I have no problems with the uniform as she never has to worry about looking like she is 'poorer' then the other children when she's not wearing $100 pants.
9/21/2007parentI like Cranberry school and I don't think these comments are negative. They are just how some parents feel about certain issues. I do agree somewhat about Mr. Carey in that he speaks when he feels like it and will pass right by a parent and not speak, or say good morning to a student and not the parent. I am pretty much satisfied with everything else about the school.
9/4/2007parentCranberry is so focused on the FCAT. My third grader was scared to death he wasn't going to pass the FCAT. The PTO is nothing but a popularity contest, like I'm back in school. They make these little kids wear uniforms, but the middle and high school get to wear all the clothes they want, doesn't make since. These kids are not enjoying elementary like I did. Just because a class is 'State of the art', doesn't mean it's a great. I don't remember being scared to death about passing a test or being in uniform in third grade. Staff is OK nothing fabulous.
8/22/2007parenti like this school but I do not like the asssistant principal. He has no manners towards some of the parents and seem not to like outspoken parents. i though most schools like parent involvement but he seem to think that parents should not come to him with issues about kids having problem with other kids... i say too bad.
7/28/2007parentI have two boys and one in now in middle school but i love Cranberry the staff is great and when i call to the school Gladis and kim are very quick to know what they are doing and if not they would find out . As for Mrs Daniels and Mr Carry they are great and have the childrens best intrests always first. Kepp up the good work Cranberry!!!!!!!
7/26/2007parentI am really surprised to read any negative comments about Cranberry. Last year was the first year our three children attended, and we were thrilled with the teachers, principal, communication, academics, and family-inclusion as compared with the private school they had attended previously. Cranberry cannot be faulted for the FCAT focus. What I did see this past year was an extremely dedicated staff that worked overtime to help all of the children succeed on this state-mandated test. This school has excellent art and music programs, whereas our old private school devoted no real time for these activities. Additionally, the science lab is unbelievably advanced, and the staff is wonderful. Thank you Sarasota County for this great school!
7/17/2007parentI have 2 children in Cranberry. One going into 1st and the other going into 5th (she's been there since 2nd). The only thing that they have ever complained about is the uniforms, and not even that often. They love the teachers, we haven't had a bad experience yet. They can't wait to start in August. The extracurriculars are decent and they seem be adding new activities for parents to do with their children every year. FCAT is deffinately a big part of their focus, but I think that's because of the pressure put on this and all schools in FL. There is little contact between parents and teachers unless you are a parent who has the time to volunteer. All in all I do like this school and feel that my children are getting a good education.
5/1/2007parentThe academics are far too FCAT driven. Students are expected to be almost robotic as far as behavior is concerned. There is no fun allowed. Students are truly missing out on a real elementary school experience and are lacking important knowledge simply because it is not tested on FCAT. Cranberry is preparing their students for future failure, not success. Teachers are good.
4/24/2007teacherI am disappointed with this school. My son is in Kindergarten and will be repeating next year. It has been made known to the other children, thus making him a target. I am so frustrated that I now am calling him out of school and beginning a home school program. There is nothing being done with school bullying and everything wrong with his school situation has been brought to our attention by our 5 year old and not even his teacher. Very disappointing.
3/14/2007teacherCranberry overall is an excellent school. As with any new school, glitches need to be worked out. Uniforms? If you ask the students, 1/2 of them like it because they don't have to decide what to wear in the morning. The other 1/2 do wish they could wear 'street' clothes. Shirts tucked in just makes them look better & feel better about themselves. FCAT? I think there should be a test to measure the success of Florida students compared to schools across the nation. I do not agree that students miss out on other subject areas because they are not 'tested' yet. It's frustrating but they are only trying to keep up with other schools in the dist and state. The teachers...most of them I see always seem happy and like what they are doing. Extra Curr Activities are coming around (that too comes with an established school).
2/28/2007parentAlthough I like this school, I find that some of the kids there have no manners and don't know how to treat one another. It's sad little ones learn early to be mean and rude.
1/4/2007parentTeacher are fine. It is a uniform school.
11/22/2006parentFantistic school. Plenty of fun activities for the students through out the year. Principal easy to commicate with and goes above and beyond to help students acheive. All students are treated equal, uniforms handed out to those in need. Plenty to do for parent volunteers from carnival, to fundraising. School has Breakfast with santa which is a blast, my child just loved it.The Holiday Shop is wonderful, my children enjoyed shopping for all of us. I found that safety is a high priorty there which I find very comforting. Couldn't ask for a better place to have my child educated.
10/14/2006parentWhile I do think that Cranberry is a great school, I feel that it is a little to strict and a little too focused on F-Cat. It seems that the little ones get pushed to the side and the entire school gets wrapped with the F-Cat. I think a little more time should be spent on teaching the little ones as well.
9/22/2006parentThe complete focus is on FCAT and nothing else. Extracurricular activities? The school is a prison. Parents are shoved away. No parent involvement at all. Very cold and not welcoming. I feel the students at Cranberry are highly cheated. They miss out on many cultures, activities and fun. It cannot be all about FCAT it will make students back off and not want to learn. Learning has to be interesting and fun! The school uniforms are ridiculous. The shirts have to be tucked in and with a belt. Other uniform schools do not make the children tuck in their shirts. This targets overweight children! They do not have their priorities straight! They focus too much on being strict and the children rebel when they get home! All this and it is a B school.
4/21/2005parentQuality of academic program? It's all about FCAT Extracurricular activities? none Art music, etc... taught as a class, it's fine. Parent involvement? no. Other than a few aids, noone else is permitted in the building. Parents are seldom invited to the school. We are never warned of what special interest group shows up to instruct our kids in assembly. Parent teacher involvement is almost nill. Absolutely no parent/teacher conferences at report card time. School has been open one year. Kids go back into trailers next year. Yay, school choice. Other than that, the school looks nice.
6/4/2004parentOur son attended 3rd. Grade here and for the first time we don t have to fight with him to go to school. He gets up in the morning and looks forward to going to school. He is reading on his own, a book a night if he enjoys the book. His Spelling and Math Improved. I am Excited to see what next year will bring.

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