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James S. Rickards Middle School
6000 NE 9th Ave
Oakland Park, FL 33334
(754) 322-4400
public | 6-8
County: Broward


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/30/2012otherThis school has the worst staff, especially the 8th grade teachers. Two different teachers were irresponsible and lost their work. One teacher did not acknowledge the fact that she did lose the work and it made my grade drop down an entire letter grade. The school cut an abundance of sports. Also the lunch is terrible. Do not try the macaroni and cheese because when you flip the tray over none of the mac and cheese will fall off. For the children hat reviewed below me, you cannot write a review if the only expierence you've had with the school was one day in an open house.
2/3/2012otherRickards middle school is an awesome school it has no bullying i go to North Andrews Gardens Elementary and i went to open house it was great i loved it if your are in the 5th grade please go to Rickards middle
2/1/2012otherHello! This year this is my last year at Floranada Elementary School! At Rickards Middle, i been to the open house with my aunt! She told more information about helping me catching up! At the school, i was impress what i saw at the school, the school is so clean also no bullying. They have good friends there. The principal gives us some things what they got there, they have clubs and more things that i always wanted! Please TAKE your child here! Its awesome!
12/8/2011otherrickards is amazing because we have free breakfast and free tutoring during lunch and you still have time to eat lunch. Plus our soccer team went undefeated.
11/17/2011otherThis is an amazing school!!!! Don't go to Pine Crest or west minester come HERE!!!!!
11/17/2011otherI think that Rickards Middle School is the best school you could send your child to! This year they started the honors academy which is when you work online and you can go head and earn high school and college credits while your still in middle school! There is so much more I could say about Rickards middle school. If you are a parent send your child to Rickards middle school!
11/17/2011parentThe new Honors Academy is amazing! Students are completing coursework in record time and going on amazing field trips. Definitely more to offer than a magnet, charter, or private school.
5/27/2011other As a former student at James S. Rickards Middle School, I would like to share with everybody about how highly I think of Rickards. I think that James S. Rickards Middle School has a great teaching staff and wonderful extra curricular activities for everyone. Rickards has extraordinary diversity within the schools learning techniques and very diverse students as well. My final thoughts would conclude that Rickards gives the children space to be themselves and also learn in a very fun and interactive way. Go Rickards rockets! -Seaira Class Of 2010
5/19/2010otherthis schoolrocks ive learned soo much love this school i pursade everyone to come to rickads
11/9/2009studentI am in 6th grade this year and i feel the school is an okay school. There are no crossing guards on dixie highway which concerns even me because there are many drivers who choose to run red lights and disobey the traffic signs. When you arrive to the school, the 6th graders are in a seperate area away from the 7th and 8th graders which I think is good because the upper grade seem to have less self disipline and would probably beat up the 6th graders. The clubs are very well organized and fun, but some of the sports have been cut( swimming, softball, and volleyball) due to budget cuts. The administrative staff is bad in my opinoin. The assistant principal blames ALL the children when something goes wrong instead of addressing the issue, they blame it on you and cut privelages.
8/18/2009parentI have been very impressed by the principal and staff at Rickards. my child loves the school and has been very successful thus far. This school goes a long way to recognize the students and I am so happy my child is here.
11/19/2008parentI also feel students need more disipline,and a strickter dress code needs to be followed. I have been on campus and heard some of the talk and seen the behavior between classes.Also I feel that the children should not be allowed to hang out at the little store on the corner,that is just screaming for trouble.My child is a new student to Rickards this year from out of state,I was really shocked that there are no crossing guards at Dixie highway and the railroad tracks,the high school down the road has one,it is very stressful trying to get my child to school,I will not allow him to cross such a busy intersection.All the teachers seem very nice and willing to help solve any problem you may be having.All in all I feel it is an ok school.
5/28/2008parentwell i have to admit in the beginning of the year i was not happy..i stand corrected..my child has excelled to new heights while at this school..honor society all year...national junior honoor society..and all kinds of awards..the downside is the lack of parent involvement here..there is a lot of good members of the faculty a few loose cannons..but overall alot of support..alot of clubbs and tons of opportunities for the kids to be involved in school ann learn leadership skills..but all he families in this community who have there noses in the air about public verses privae education and shielding their children from other elements of society is what brings this school down..these people should put their children here and get more involved come and volunteer..speak up and change the things you don't like..and we woull have an a rated school every year..my child was never hurt or bullied while attending rickards..good school
4/23/2008parentThis school need more discipline , and better behavoir of the students and teachers
7/21/2007studentThis school is the type of school you choose to avoid because of the lack of attention the teachers give to their classes. The same goes for the principal who pays very little attention to his students. But overall the teachers are good epecially teams 6b and 7a for they spare time to help their students.
5/16/2007parentI have been so happy with Rickards Middle School. I was nervous about my child's transition to middle school, but the transition wass great. This school has so many outstanding activities to motivate and recognize students that my child has never been more positive about school. They do an outstanding job in every aspect of the operation and make the parents feel welcome. I am so happy that my child attends Rickards! They set the mark for public education!!!
11/6/2006studentRickards is a fantastic school. Its an A school and its a 5 star. I highly recommend you send your child there.
1/12/2006teacherHigh quality of academic programs. Electives are available. Extracurricular activities are well supported by the school community. Parent involvement in moderate.
2/23/2004former studentLast year the school in so many ways could of changed. But this year when I go to do my service hours I see that they've changed in ways that makes the school look great. Being a former student there the princple could've done things to have gotten the students more involved. But since last year was her last year as mine was also in my opinion she slacked off. Overall the teachers were great there and they made waking up and going to that school each and every morning a pleasant feeling. So if anyone has a say otherwise that school in my opinion deserves an A.
9/9/2003parentThis is a very violent school, it lacks direction from the administration, they're history of fights in this school makes up 1/3 of the whole district. If you can avoid it, do not send your child there!

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